13: Letting Go Of Friends
The next morning Kagome and Inu Yasha were up early. Both were packing all their belongings. Soon Shippo slowly opened his eyes to see the two leaving the room, as they left he ran into Miroku and Sango's room.

They all ran outside to see Inu Yasha and Kagome leaving the village. Both turned to see them running after them.

"Kagome why are you leaving?" Shippo asked

"We'll be back someday, but I promised Inu Yasha that I'd take him to the future with me for a couple of days." She got down on one knee.

"We understand and hope you come back." Sango smiled.

Soon they waved to their friends and headed down the bone eaters well. And climbed out in Kagome's time period. Inu Yasha's eyes became wide as he looked all around at the new surroundings.

"You were right Kagome things have changed. Though there is so much to see here." he began

"Don't worry, I'll show you all the places that I know you'll like, but let's just go inside and I'll put our stuff away."

When they came inside, no one was home and Kagome lead Inu Yasha into her room. There she changed out of her school uniform and with that they went back out again. Hours passed and they went all over town, stopping at restaurants, shops, and historical land marks. By the late evening they arrived back home, Inu Yasha had a smiled on his face as they went inside.

"Everything you showed me today was amazing, but is there more?" he asked

"No, that's about it and just be thankful we didn't run into any of my friends from school. Man that would of been so embarrassing, don't ask." she replied with a sigh

"I'll be in the bathroom, be right back."

She walked out of the room and into the bathroom. As she brushed her teeth her hand began to feel her stomach. Something didn't feel right and she suddenly became scared and went back into her room.

Inu Yasha was already laying on her bed as she laid down beside him. She kissed his soft lips and fell asleep. Early the next morning she went out to the local drug store and came back with a small brown paper bag.

"Kagome everything ok in there?" Inu Yasha called

Kagome came out with a smile on her face and she lead him into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. He sat down on her bed and smiled up at her, but then her smile faded and she had a shocked look on her face.

"Something is wrong in your time period. We must go back." she began

"Let's go!" he replied.

As they jumped through the well again Kagome held onto Inu Yasha's hand tightly. She seemed so happy, but afraid of what was happening back in feudal Japan. Soon they climbed out of the well to see Sango and Miroku running toward them.

"What happened? Where is the jewel?" Kagome asked

"It's still in the shrine, but Kaede is dying." Sango replied

Inu Yasha and Kagome soon went to her hut and saw that she lay in her bed breathing heavily as sweat poured down her forehead. She smiled as they sat down beside her, while Sango and Miroku stood outside.

"Yee have done so many good deeds for me and this village... I know my sister would of been proud to see someone is looking after the jewel." she whispered

"Kaede thank you for always believing we'd triumph when things got bad. Don't worry we'll stay to protect the jewel for you."

"Whose we? Like that munk will ever help us and Sango? Shippo?" Inu Yasha groaned

"Besides them, you and me plus our baby." Kagome smiled; " I wanted to tell you earlier, but I'm pregnant Inu Yasha."

"Kagome." he hugged her tightly.

Suddenly Kaede's eyes rolled to the back of her head. She took her last breath and her eyes closed. She laid there lifeless and Kagome had tears in her eyes and she hugged Inu Yasha. Soon the sun began to set and the villagers held a ceremony for Kaeda, while her only friends stood and said good bye.

The End