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Summery: What if a horrible tragedy brought Kagome and Inuyasha together at an earlier age? AU Kag/Inu


chapter one


By : SNOW...........................

"Mama," That was all the sound that amounted from the small child's lips at the sight before her. Her grasp became tighter on the small teady-bear in her arm and her ebony hair shifted as she trembled. So many thoughts swam through her mind as she starred with glassy eyes upon the figure on the floor. Her lower lip began to tremble. "Mama?" Her voice was slightly louder this time but still soft, as though she were afraid anything louder might cause the moment to brake.

A baby began to cry in the next room as the young girl who's name was Kagome stepped forward. fsh; fsh. The carpet shuffled lightly under her bare feet as she moved ever closer. She held her small bear gingerly to her chest as she reached forward to stir the woman lying before her. The sound of the crying baby, the cackling radio and wind drowned out as Kagome reached slowly forward and became aware of nothing but the strangely loud pattern off her breath.

She reached forward but paused and stepped back as she noticed something horribly familiar creep out from under the immobile figure. Crimson; A dark crimson liquid slowly seeped out onto the pure carpet, and the breath caught in Kagome's throat. There was no need for her to ask what this was, and now that she had seen it she began to become aware of the dilapidated state of her surroundings. Everything around her was in pieces; The windows were shattered, the chairs were reduced to splinters and an unsettling wind blew the slashed and tainted curtains.

She choked. Breath stumbled through her parched lips as her legs gave way and she crumbled to her knee's. She dropped her hand to support her hunched body and didn't flinch when a sharp pain shot up through it and she lifted her palm to see the windows shattered shards pierced into her skin and bringing forth more red, hot liquid.

Her head swam and began to ache as she felt nauseous. She shuffled slowly to her feet and moved toward the phone, which lay off it's cradle on the floor. Still holding her bear securely she picked up the receiver and punched in the numbers. 9-1-1. She held it to her ear and listened as it rang one, twice, " Hello, Nine-one-one emergency."

Kagome moved her lips but nothing came out. "Hello?" She swallowed and a small whimper came out. "Hello? Are you all right?" The person on the other line continued. Kagome could still only manage one word. "Mama..."

"Excuse me are you all right?" the faceless voice asked again. "Mama . . . hurt . . . no," her voice cracked a little as her breathing changed again. "I'm sending someone over now." The voice said sounding frightened and inexperienced. Kagome slowly started to sob as tears streamed down her face and fell seeping silently into the rug. She stood where she was for at least five minutes before she heard doors slamming outside and looked up to see two men in blue uniforms holding boxes of medical equipment run in.

She stared at them silently as they noticed the woman behind her and ran to her side. Kagome let go of the phone and watched it fall to the ground with a thud she couldn't hear. The handle was draped in a small fist print of blood and she opened her hand to stare at the wound. Kagome couldn't understand what was happening and with a hope that it would bring enlightenment, she turned back to woman being tended by the men.

They had turned her over and for the first time since she had become so confused Kagome lay her eyes upon the face. It was the face of a woman who had lost everything and left the only things worth living for behind; The face of someone so full of pain and resentment; The face of an unfortunate mother. Kagome stepped quickly forward going unnoticed by the busy paramedic men as she kneeled in front on her mothers face. She moved her bear to the other hand and touched the clean one to her mothers cheek; It was cold.

"Mama?" she whispered. She patted the cheek gently. "Mama?" she whispered a little louder. By now the paramedics had stoped and she heard one mutter an incoherent curse and some other things but she paid no head. "Mama, wake up,"

One of the paramedics knelt down next to her and started to speak, but she didn't want to hear it. She shut him out and retreated into her mind back to a good memory when everyone had been together and before they had been forced to move to this God forsaken dangerous place. The memories were warm, but she couldn't hold on to them tight enough and was forced to fall back to reality. she could hear everything fine again. The baby was still crying but the other man had gone to get him, and the first man was still talking.

"What's your name?" he asked very softly. Kagome didn't bother to look towards him and kept her eyes on her 'sleeping' mother; Yes, that's what she was; sleeping. "Ka...gome..." she spoke out. Her own voice sounded foreign to her. "Kagome, is this woman your mother?" Kagome nodded to him but dared not to look. She could here the man sigh. "Kagome, I'm afraid," 'No, what he says,' Kagome squeezed her eyes shut tight. "That your mother," the man continued. 'Must not be true,' Kagome covered her palms over her ears. "Is," Not TRUE!' "Dead."

In that instant, Kagome's whole world was destroyed. She was all alone. She had to protect her brother on her own. Her family was now gone; The world had taken them from her, and now she was left to face life alone. Kagome's legs gave way beneath her and cried and sobbed to no end as more back up was called in and Kagome's future was decided.

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