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Chapter thirteen

Hit and Run

"Hn..." Kagome mumbled and turned over in her sleep. It was early, birds were chirping, nice and cozy warm- wait where was she? Kagome squeezed her eyes in confusion and blinked slowly, un-blurring the world around her.

Hut. She was in a hut. That was all it took to jog most of her memory. "I'm in," she started. 'The past.' she thought not finishing out loud as she looked around slightly remembering the night before. She'd found Inuyasha. Of all the things that had happened that was the most impactful. She allowed a smile to graze her lips. Suddenly there was a stumbling noise. She was brought out of her thoughts.

She sat up and looked to the corner to find none but Inuyasha himself. He was getting up, but it looked like he'd been there all night. He froze. "Hi." she said, at a lose for what exactly to say. "Hi." he repeated and a long silence settled over. But then suddenly, Kagome laughed.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow looking down at her. 'Did I miss something?' but smiled. It was good to hear her laugh. "Articulate aren't we?" she giggled. He looked aside, hiding a grin. "Feh," Kagome smiled. He always used to do that when he had nothing else to say. But there was so much different about him other than that.

"Inuyasha," He turned swiftly to her. She took a short breath. "How are you?" 'A dumb question,' she thought. 'But...how else could I say it?' He didn't say anything at first, but then walked over and sat down right in front of her. It surprised her a little. "You were gone for twenty-eight years."

No matter how many times someone told her this, she would still always be a little surprised. Her expression softened and she nodded tilting her head down in almost shame. "I'm not upset," he added as if reading her thoughts. She looked up. "Then how do you feel?"

Something flashed in his eyes as she watched him; some strong emotion, though she couldn't tell because it vanished in an instant, but then he looked at her strait in the eye and truthfully answered. "I missed you. I...really did." It seemed like it was so hard for him to admit that, and knowing him, it probably still was. There was still a lot about his personality that was still like it had been so long ago, but along with his features, there was something else that changed. Something deep.

As he looked at her intently his eyebrows drew together and he gained a look of absolute confusion and distress. "Why did you go?" He was so very concerned. A huge wave of guilt washed over Kagome. Here was another question that brought back that problem of her lies. But this one was easier, she could answer it truthfully. "I didn't want to." she looked into her lap. "I never wanted to." The truth; every word.

Thankfully he seemed satisfied with that. He startled her as he abruptly got up. She stood with him. "Wh-" "I want to take you somewhere." he answered her unasked question. "I want to show you things. Things you missed while you were gone." She looked up to him wordlessly. He held out his hand. "Will you come?"

'That was a stupid question.' she thought. But none the less, she answered with a nod and smile. "Of course." she took his hand. 'I want to learn' she thought. 'I want to know you, Inuyasha.' He smiled and led her out of the hut, stopping just outside where he let go and asked her something else. "It's pretty far, It'd probably be faster if I carried you." It was an implied question.

Kagome smirked. "Okay." He crouched down and she climbed on his back, getting a firm grip on his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her calves. She blushed. "Right." he announced shortly before springing off. She'd forgotten this feeling.

The feeling of weightlessness, and bounding throughout the air. It was like flying, but almost better, because she was with Inuyasha; and that was something she hadn't forgotten and somehow, had never stopped missing.


A while later they landed in a grove. It was dimly lit because of the dense overgrowth, but that gave it a certain feel and mystery. It was nice, and somewhat familiar.

Kagome climbed off Inuyasha's back and looked around. The air was very fresh, a deep pinny scent that gave the hint of recent rain. Something that reminded her of Inuyasha. It was quiet except for the obvious sound of a brook or source of running water near by, and the atmosphere all together was natural and very soothing.

She breathed deep. "Recognise anything?" She was brought out of her trance by the soft tone of Inuyasha's voice. She turned lightly to face him. Come to think of it, this place was very familiar. Just in what way exactly she couldn't remember.

She opened her mouth to guess, but he beat her to it. "This was where we first met. Back then." Kagome let out a breath. It was. Where she'd first caught sight of him and yelled for him through the clearing. Suposadly saved his life? Or at least what she'd thought back then.

...Back then.

She blinked. This wasn't the time to be pencive. Focusing her gaze back to Inuyasha, she noticed he was watching her. Heat rose to her cheeks. Ah, stop it! Why am I blushing? She scolded herself mentally. "Sorry," she apologized. His brow fussed together.

She shrugged. "Lost in thought," A smiled adorned her gentle features. She looked dreamy, or tiered. It made her glow. Inuyasha gave one of his characteristic smirks and laughed. Now it was Kagome who looked confused. "What? Did I say something funny?" Though she had to admit, it was wonderful hearing him laugh.

He walked up to her with that grin plastered on his face until they were nearly an inch apart. Kagome's eyes widened as she smiled nervously. "Inuyasha?" She debated whether or not to back up. Suddenly his eye's flashed mischievously and Kagome frowned for the whole of a second, before she was plunged backward off a ledge.

She gasped audibly but before she could yell she hit water. "Huhh!!" She yelped as she broke the surface. Taking a quick look around with still wide eyes, she deducted that she was in a spring of some sort. A COLD spring, if she guessed correctly.

She flipped her gaze immediately to the top of the ledge, four feet up and glared intently at a soon-to-be-very-injured hanyou. "Inuyasha!" He was sitting calmly at the top, leaning his head forward to see her. "Yes?" Kagome coughed. What was WRONG with him!? He was suddenly being very strange and acting like a mental case.

She was flustered. "WHAT was that for!!?" His plain facade broke into another grin. "Nothing. Just like old times, Kagome." Kagome blinked repeatedly. A memory flashed as she suddenly remembered an event from so long ago. He always pushed her in. So funny wasn't it. Well, old times is it?

She sighed and took a discreetly large breath, and disappeared below the surface. Inuyasha blinked. "Oh don't try that Kagome, you never could hold your breath long enough." He stated knowingly, waiting for her to re-surface....Waiting...and waiting.

His brow creased downward. "Kagome?" the water remained unbroken. He began to panic. "Kagome! Its not funny anymore, come on!" His eyes widened. 'Oh God,' he dove off the ledge into icy water, which was a bit magnified for him with his low cold resistance.

Being utterly shocked by the temperature and after losing the majority of his breath, he came back up with a large breath and nearly dove back under before he heard a clear audible laugh from behind him. Standing on the shore a few feet away was Kagome, in a fit of giggles and smiling madly.

He frowned but she smirked. "Ah, but I make up for lung capacity in wit." She beamed. swimming far enough under the water so that he couldn't see, then coming up around the corner was pure brilliance in her opinion. But Inuyasha glared shortly and then dove back under. Kagome raised an eyebrow. How dumb did he think she was.

"Oh come on! Try and trick me with my own gag, right after I pulled it? I know you're better than that Inuyasha." she scoffed and waited for him to come back up....."I'm not coming in after you I hope you know!" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Grow up. Come on..." She kept waiting. "...geez." she leaned slightly over the water peering in. "Inuy-" cutting her off someone grabbed her from behind and plunged them both into the water once more.

Shocked for the second time, Kagome gasped for breath with wide eyes upon a wet and trigger happy Inuyasha, laughing his head off. "Yep, you're right. I am better than that." Kagome glared. "You...." And surprised him with an unseen attack from under the water, where she kicked him. And then dunked him under.

Ah the form of distraction. "Drown you stupid sadist!" She laughed manically as he periodically came up and was dunked under again. "Ah, stop!" "Haha! Take that!" "Alright suit yourself" He grabbed her ankle from under water and dunked her down. That surprised look of hers was always priceless. He laughed.

She looked at him boredly. "Oh, i have tasted my own medicine, and it is bitter." He smiled. "Exactly." and he turned to swim back out as Kagome followed. When they reached the point of water reaching two feet Kagome turned to him with a soft expression and he looked at her. "Just like old times, huh?" He took a breath in a savoring gesture. "Yeah," she smiled with a nod. "Right." and walked forward leaving him with a small baffled look.

But as she passed him she flung back her arm and pushed him back. Inuyasha landed with a small splash "Wha?" Kagome turned on him with a large grin and giggled. "Tag." and with that she ran in the opposite direction at full speed. Inuyasha blinked rapidly before it finally registered upon him.

'Ahhh, tag now was it.' He smirked. 'Well we'll just see about that.' And he raced off as well.

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