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Calem stood before the small stadium. It looked tall enough for maybe five hundred people at most. Hanging from the top, a banner with the Pokémon Contest emblem flapped lightly in the breeze. So this was the Rustboro Contest Hall.

He heard a faint panting with as the footsteps came to a stop. "Would you slow down?"

The boy chuckled. "I thought you would have been the first person out the door. You don't want to be late for registration right?"

Sapphire Redding growled, which actually was quite intimidating. "Come on." She muttered as she grabbed the boy's wrist and dragged him into the hall, Flare and Electrike keeping pace behind them.

*After a close victory for Calem, a new day has dawned for our heroes as they prepare for the Rustboro Contest and hopefully, Sapphire's next ribbon. *

"What do you mean hopefully?" The girl yelled. "Of course I'm getting that ribbon you hear me?"

Both companion and Pokémon face/paw palmed in embarrassment.

Inside, the two companions located the registration desk through the bustle of coordinators and fans. The registration lady glanced at the two. "Why hello there, are you two here to enter for the contest? I'm sorry to say, there's only one slot left."

"There's no need. I'm the only one competing." Sapphire explained.

"I'm just along for the ride." Her friend added.

"Alright then, I'll need your contest pass and you'll be all set."

The red haired girl deposited a small card into the machine. The screen then revealed the following:

Name: Sapphire Redding

Birth Town: Altomare

Starting Region: Evo Islands

Regional Professor: Adrian Yvonne

Age: 13

Contests Entered: 5

Ribbons Earned: 2

Calem glanced at Sapphire. "Evo Islands? As in the evolutionary homeland of the Eevee Pokémon?"

Sapphire stared at the boy in surprise. "I'm surprised you even know where that is. It's not a well known subject."

The boy shrugged. "I watch Professor Birch's lectures online. He mentioned it once when talking about the Emerald Knights legend."

The girl froze. "The Emerald Knights?"

"Yeah," he nodded, "You know, Latios and Latias being the personal army of Rayquaza. There being several herds of them all over the world."

"Oh yea, that legend. It's pretty strange. Heh he."

Calem raised an eyebrow. "You alright Sapphire?"

The girl nodded. "Yeah, fine. Just a little jittery before the contest."

"It happens to everyone," The receptionist added, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine. Anyways, you're registered." She handed the girl back her pass.

Sapphire bowed. "Thank you, let's go!"

The receptionist smiled. "No problem. Good luck in the contest."

Sapphire sat in the waiting room. No need to worry right? This was a small contest: only sixteen competitors. She had a one out of four chance to enter the battle round. Once she was there, she was pretty sure she could win it. Flare should be able to clear the competition, and if that wasn't enough, Rocky's Legionnaire battle style would definitely throw off her opponents. She hoped she wouldn't have to resort to her Steel type though. Using out of region Pokémon always attracted unwelcome attention.

But first she had to get through the appeal rounds. She had tried to feed Flare some special Pokéblock the evening before, and some in the morning. But the pre-battle jitters were getting to her. She had lost too many contests like this.


The girl gasped. "Oops, sorry! I didn't realize I was brushing you too hard." The girl apologized as she dropped the brush."

"Flareon! Flare, flareon!"

"Right," the girl adjusted herself, "I need to keep my eye on the prize, that Ribbon needs to become mine."

"Sapphire, you're up!" The manager called.

The girl nodded. "Right, I'll be right there."

She turned to her faithful starter. "You ready?"


"Let's do this!"

Calem found a seat in the lower part of the hall. He genuinely was curious. He had never been to a contest before. Sure he had heard of them…often with a negative connotation given the rivalry between trainers and coordinators.

"Trike!" his loyal hound begged for attention. The boy smiled softly as he patted the hound's head affectionately.

"Hey there buddy, I hear you. You excited for this contest?"

The hound titled its head in confusion. "Trike?"

"Oh, a contest is an event where coordinators show off their Pokémon and make them look good."

"Trike! Electrike!"

"Sorry buddy, maybe another time." The trainer chuckled.

"Is everyone here?" The duo turned to see a young woman walk onto the stage. "Okay every one my name is Lillian Meridian and I'm gonna be the master of ceremonies. That pretty much means that I'll be the speaker who announces everything. Now if all of you don't mind I'm going to need all of you to come out so I can introduce all of you." Lillian told the crowd.

"Okay everyone! Today we have sixteen competitors, with only one will win the Rustboro City Ribbon! Who will it be? First of all, allow me to introduce our spectacular judges."

She turned to the three podiums facing the stage.

"First, we have Mr. Sukizo!"

A short man waved at the audience. "Hello! It's remarkable to be here."

A taller man joined the wave. "Mr. Contesta!"

"Hello there, I can't wait to see all the amazing Pokémon."

"and last but not least, our own Rustboro City Nurse Joy!"

A familiar pink haired nurse smiled and waved. "Oh my, it's great to be here."

The announcer turned back to the audience. "And now, without further ado, let's begin!

"First up, we have an out of region contestant hailing all the way from Johto: Sapphire Redding!"

"Sapphire Redding!"

The redhead dashed onto the stage, pokeball in hand. "Flare, take the stage!"

She hurled the ball underhand into the air, releasing her signature starter. "Start with Quick Attack!"

The fox lunged forward at high speeds around the stage. "Now add Flame Charge with Double Team!"

The fox broke into several afterimages spreading around in a circle, all of whom promptly caught fire and gained more speed, resulting in a flaming ring surrounding the girl. To Calem's surprise, the girl didn't even seem fazed by the heat and flames. Rather she gestured towards the sky. "Now use Substitute!"

Calem gasped as one of the doubles seemed to break off from the group and leaped into the center of the ring. So that's how Sapphire kept defeating him. She used Substitute to avoid damage from Aerial Ace and get into a high vantage position. Sapphire now grinned. "Finish it with Shadow Ball!"

The racing foxes stopped in perfect synchronization and hurled spheres of dark energy towards the center substitute, causing it to burst into a shower of sparkles. The remaining copies vanished, leaving the center fox posing proudly with her trainer.

Calem smiled. "That wasn't bad wasn't it?"


"Let's hope she makes the battle rounds."

"That was a spectacular appeal from Sapphire!" Lillian applauded, "Let's here what our judges think."

"Hmm...She definitely knows her moves. However we didn't see too much of the Flareon herself." Mr. Contesta noted. "I give her a seven."

"Remarkable..." Mr. Suikizo muttered, "Quite remarkable."

"I have to agree with Mr. Contesta," Nurse Joy mused, "while it definitely was beautiful, I feel like it lacks the flare we expect from contestants."

Ultimately Sapphire received a twenty-two for her score. The girl bowed her head in shame and walked off the stage. Calem frowned. He definitely could see what the judges meant, but all it was doing was making Sapphire less confident about her ability rather than encouraging her. He turned to his faithful puppy. "Let's go down and see if we can encourage Sapphire."

Sapphire sat down on her seat silently. She pulled out her Pokeball and released her fox. "Hey there girl, great work." She muttered, tossing a Pokeblock to the fire type.

"Flareon! Flare, Flareon?"

She shook her head. "Sorry, we got a twenty two. Something about me not showing you off enough. I'm..." The girl managed a few tears falling from her eyes, "I'm sorry Flare. I feel like I'm failing you."

"Flareon," the fox placed her paw on the girl's leg. "Flare flareon."

The red haired girl wiped her eyes, patting the fox's head affectionately. "Thanks girl, I needed that."

"Hey, you alright?"

The two turned around to find a familiar black haired boy. "Calem? What are you doing in here?" The girl gasped, "This is a coordinator only area."

"I convinced the receptionist to let me in. Told her you looked like you needed someone to comfort you."

Sapphire quirked her head. "Really? That's surprising." It didn't sound like he was telling the entire truth.

"Trike, Electrike!" The boy's hound shook his head and went on to explain how his trainer told the woman that Sapphire was his girlfriend and needed his support after being degraded like that on stage. Instantly the girl's cheeks blushed. "You referred to me as your girlfriend?"

"What?" The boy's eyes widened. "No I didn't. I don't know what you're talking about?"

Sapphire giggled. "Well Pokemon rarely lie, and your Electrike just told me what happened. That's so nice, but you didn't need to lie like that."

"Well," Calem managed, "You looked like you needed the comfort out there. You were chewed out pretty harshly out there, so I felt like as your friend I needed to show you that you have my support.

I mean, let's face it: you were amazing out there. I was blown away by your performance. The usage of Quick Attack, Flame Charge, and Double Team was so clever. And now you've revealed your trump card Substitute, everything makes sense now. Plus, you were so confident out there. You definitely earned your way into the battle rounds."

The girl gasped in surprise. For the most part, Calem has never shown this nice side to him. He's never complimented her like that before. "You think I was amazing out there?"

The guy nodded. "Yes Sapphire, you and Flare blew me away."

"Wow...umm...thanks Calem, that means a lot coming from you." The girl managed to hide her blush. Wow, this guy definitely knew how to blow a girl away.

"Anyways, whether you win or lose...just know...well...I've decided to keep traveling with you, that is...well...if you're still interested in traveling together. I've got one more badge and you've got two more ribbons to go as well."

The girl managed a sly grin. "Well...I still haven't told you about Altomare, haven't I? So I guess you could still travel with me. But what do you mean by me only needed two more ribbons. I've only got two."

The boy chuckled. "Oh...well I just noticed that you made the battle rounds." He gestured towards the screen in the back of the room. Sure enough, she had just made the fourth slot of the battle rounds.

The girl cried out in glee as she pulled the boy into a tight hug. "Careful!" The boy muttered in shock, his cheeks glowing red.

"You hear that Flare, battle rounds, here we come!"



Calem sat back down in his seat. "Well then, buddy, let's see how Sapphire faires in the battle rounds."


Calem grinned. "This should be a breeze for her."

It was odd. Sapphire definitely was a battler by nature. Unlike him, she fought red hot, full of passion and vigor. She taught her Pokemon unexpected and clever moves and used unorthodox strategies (such as the tree strategy). Her Flareon acted more like a battle Pokemon than a contest one. He could easily imagine her battling gym leaders and entering the Pokemon League. So why didn't she? Why was she a coordinator instead of a battler?

"She definitely is strong." He muttered as he watched the girl destroy her opponent on the field. Her starter fox had not only outmaneuvered the opposing Masquerain, but was able to land several super effective hits on the bug, ultimately knocking out the Pokemon without losing a quarter of her points.

"And Sapphire demonstrates superior skills, taking her to the final round of the contest." Lillian announced.

Sapphire stood on one side, her opponent, a local named Braden, on the other. She patiently waited for the reveal of her opponent's Pokemon.

Braden didn't hesitate. "Go Plusle!"

Sapphire frowned. Electrike Types were always annoying to battle, probably because she only had one Pokemon with resistance to them, and she preferred not to use him whenever possible. But she wasn't left with much of a choice.

"Rocky, let's go!" She called, releasing her Steel Ground type.

The crowd gasped in surprise at the sight of an unknown Pokemon. "Titaneon!" The Legionnaire Eevee roared. The electric bunny shuddered in it's feet. It had never seen a Pokemon like that, with shining steel armor and a wicked looking tail.

"And Sapphire brings out a mysterious Pokemon." The announcer calls out. "What else can we expect from this out of region trainer?"

The opposing trainer frowned. "Well, he looks like a Steel type, so we'll start there. Use Shockwave on that overgrown Aron!"

The Bunny nodded, focusing the electricity in his cheeks before discharging it in a powerful bolt of electricity.

"Use Iron Defense." The girl called back.

Rocky grinned. This should teach that rude trainer for calling him an overgrown Aron. The bolt struck him but rather than damage him, it made his armor shine. Combined with the added effect of Iron Defense, his armor emitted a rather nice glow.

"What?" Braden cried in disbelief. "How did that not stop him?"

The girl sighed. "You see, Rocky here is a Steel Ground type. But where I grew up, he's known as the Legionnaire Pokemon. Let me show you why. Rocky, Atten hutt!"

The Pokemon immediately stood straight, like a soldier. "Now Firing Position!"

Rocky stretched his front paws forward until he was in a pouncing position. "Use Flash Cannon!"

A white beam of energy spat out from the Eeveelution's mouth. Braden's eyes widened. "Quick, get out of there and use Shockwave!"

"Not uh!" The girl countered. "Hail of Arrows!"

"What?" The boy cried out in surprise.

To the shock of the crowd, the dozens of steel arrowheads materialized on the Steel type's tail, who promptly hurled them into the air, resulting in a falling cloud of razor sharp arrows. The Shockwave struck the arrows, resulting in them appearing to be an electrified thundercloud of doom.

"Dodge it Plusle!"

"Plus!" The bunny tried in vain to dodge the raining cloud of arrowheads, but ultimately was pinned down by several.

"Great!" Sapphire called, "Now use Giga Impact!"

Braden's eyes grew wide as the Steel type rushed forward with immense speed. He closed his eyes, not wanting to watch the collision between a powerful Steel type and his poor bunny pinned down by arrows.

However, just before the Legionnaire collided with the rabbit, Sapphire intervened. "Halt!"

The Steel Type immediately dug his paws into the ground, bringing the large Eevee to a halt in front of the terrified rabbit. He gave it a meer tap on the head, and the rabbit fainted whether out of terror or shock.

The crowd watched in silence. "Err...I guess Sapphire wins through fainting." Lillian concluded. "Thus Sapphire is the winner of the Rustboro Contest!"

The crowd burst into applause. Sapphire grinned as she gave the large Eeveelution a hug. "Great job Rocky, we did it!"

"Will you stop staring at that ribbon?"

Sapphire glared at her new traveling companion. "Oh shut up, don't you spend time admiring your Gym badges?"

"Not really, they're nice and all, but I'm not going to stare at them nonstop and not notice the tree you're about to crash into."

"Oh really?" The girl frowned, her eyes still on the shiny new ribbon. "Wait, what tree?"

Cue the crash between girl and tree. Calem wisely chose not to say anything as the girl glared at the tree, then at the black haired teen. "I hate you..." She muttered.

"Well, you chose me to be your traveling companion and so I feel like I should be a responsible friend and point out obstacles for you in advance."

The girl tilted her head in confusion. "Since when did you get all talkative?"

"Since I realized that you weren't blabbering on and on. Someone's gotta do it."



The girl rolled her eyes. "You too Flare. Great, my own Pokemon are betraying me."

"Flare, Flareon!"

"I'm guess that has something to do with you being a klutz."


The boy made a victorious smirk. "Hey, I think I might be getting a hang of understanding your Pokemon."

The girl rolled her eyes. "Come on, let's go!" She muttered as the two began their journey towards Slateport City, the site of Sapphire's next contest.

*With a gym badge and contest ribbon in their possession, our heroic duo resume their journey towards an uncertain future.*

"What's he talking about uncertain?"

"I have no idea."


How's that? I know, I suck at contests, and choreography, and dancing, and other things as well. But I'd like to say I'm decent at writing humor.

Someone felt that breaking the fourth wall and communicating with the narrator seemed a little silly and I agree. It is very silly. The reason behind this was my sister likes watching the kids show Wordgirl and in the show the characters have to deal with a very obnoxious narrator. I liked the idea of people interacting with the narrator, especially one who is pretty bad at hiding spoilers. Also, if you noticed, I've switched all my story genres to Humor. I can't help it. I'm a naturally funny person who gets depressed at all the annoying drama and angst and horror of today's tv and movies. My life is already pretty depressing. I don't want to watch it on TV as well. I want to see fluff and silliness. Oh well, that's not a realistic hope.

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