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"Welcome back to the Slateport City Pokemon Contest! I'm Vivian Meridian and if you've been with us today you'll know that the we're in our final rounds here in the Slateport City Contest Hall. On my left we have Allegra from Sinnoh and on my right we have Sapphire from Johto! Who will walk away with the prestigious Slateport Ribbon? Let's get this battle started!"

Sapphire onto the stage, a Pokeball clutched in her hand. Across from her, a young red haired woman did the same. The made eye contact before summoning their Pokemon.

"Taillow take the stage!"

"Infernape, battle time!"

Sapphire frowned, sure she had the type advantage, but this was a Contest, not just any normal battle. She couldn't always get away with knockouts for victory, but she had to try.

*With the Slateport City Contest in its final stages, Sapphire faces off to try to earn her fourth Hoenn Ribbon.*

"Excuse me, I'm trying to concentrate here and where have you been during the rest of the contest?"


"Go figure."


"We made it Calem, finally we've made it to Slateport City!" The red haired girl cried for joy.

Calem rolled his eyes. "Yes Sapphire we made it. It only took two weeks you know."

The girl huffed and crossed her arms. "It was two whole weeks you know! That's a long time to have to deal with your grumpiness. Don't you agree Flare?" She gestured to her faithful starter.

The fox, true to its nature, gave the girl a look before moving away from her trainer and began nuzzling against the boy's leg. Sapphire gasped in astonishment. "You...traitor!"

Calem fought the urge to grin. "I don't know, I am pretty good with Pokemon and since I'm the one cooking for us, maybe that's why I'm the more mature one here."

"Well..." Sapphire stuttered, before throwing her hands in the air in defeat. "Oh come on! Alright I give. Why do you always have to beat me in these thinking games?"

"Maybe because I'm just smarter."

The girl glared at her traveling companion turned traitor. "Well at least I can still beat you in a battle."

The boy raised his hand in protest. "Technically we haven't battled since Rustboro and now I know your trump card so maybe..."

He froze at the flames leaping from the girl's eyes. "Never mind, yeah, you always win the battles."

"Flareon!" The fox nodded in agreement.

The girl's fiery demeanor disappeared instantly as she smiled. "Good, then let's find that Contest Hall." She said before marching off.

Calem gave the Eeveelution a raised eyebrow. "Should we tell her that the Hall is just behind her?"

Flare played with the idea for a moment before shaking her head. "Flare, flareon."

Calem seemed to get the gist. "Yeah, she'll figure it out sooner or later. Let's follow her and see how many wrong turns she'll make before she asks for help."

After twelve wrong turns and a near collision with an angry Tauros, the trio reached the Contest Hall, another indoor stadium like its Rustboro counterpart.

"I'm telling you, that Tauros was asking for it."

"Sapphire, you weren't looking where you were going, so the Tauros is completely innocent in this."

"Why in the world are you taking the Tauros's side in this? I thought you were my friend."

"I'm just trying to point out the facts."

"Excuse me."

The duo spun around to find the receptionist calling out to them. "What?"

"If you're going to keep bickering, would you please take your quarrel outside please? People are trying to prepare and you're ruining their concentration."

The pair froze and glanced around to see the entire crowd staring at them. "Fine," she resolved, "I'll stop, but don't think this is over Mr. Look where you're going!"

The boy frowned. "Sure, whatever. It's not like I care." He pouted.

"Flareon," The fox paw palmed before a thought hit the fox. "Flare, flareon. Eon!"

Upon hearing the Flare's jibe, Sapphire froze, her cheeks reddening. But before Calem could ask her what the fox had said, she stormed off towards the receptionist desk, leaving the two of them behind. Calem gave the fire type yet another raised eyebrow. "What was that all about?"

Flare rolled her eyes, "Flare, flareon."

"I see, none of my business."

Sapphire now faced off against her final opponent, Allegra a veteran Coordinator from Sinnoh. Taillow versus Infernape. Sapphire gritted her teeth, she had learned so much this past few weeks. Calem had been mentoring her on good techniques and ideas that she could use in Contests while she helped him with Gym Battles. It was time to put it all to good use.

"And the clock has started! Battle Begin!" Vivian called.

"Infernape, let's start this with Mach Punch!"

"Taillow use Quick Attack to dodge, then come in with Wing Attack!"

The ape charged into the air, its fist glowing brightly as he attempted to hit the bird only to find empty space as the Taillow escaped and struck the monkey from behind, knocking it back into the ground.

"With a quick counter attack, Sapphire takes the lead." Vivian announced as Allegra's points dropped slightly.

Sapphire sweatdropped when she saw the points. "I hoped it would do more," she muttered. "Anyways, now loopdiloop into another Wing Attack!"

The bird flew back into the air and began to fly in a complicated figure eight pattern, gaining speed as it went as its wings began glowing for a Wing Attack.

"Now Taillow shows its amazing flight skills in a stunning loopdiloop all while gaining speed for another attack."

Allegra grinned. "Sure that's pretty fast, but we're faster. Infernape, Mach Punch once more!"

"Taillow strike now!" Sapphire ordered. The two Pokemon clashed, glowing fist versus glowing wings...unfortunately, the fist got the win. Taillow flew back from the impact as Sapphire's points greatly dropped.

"It seems that even with the figure eight boost, Infernape's Mach Punch was too great for the small bird."

Sapphire groaned. "Taillow, stay up high while I figure something out." She quickly went through her bird's inventory of moves. "Hmm...Quick Attack, might be helpful but it's nowhere near Mach Punch's strength. Focus Energy takes too much time. Quick...that's it!" She cried.

"Taillow, use Focus Energy!"

The bird obeyed as a faint blue glow began to outline the bird. Allegra frowned, what where they up to? "Infernape, shoot him down with tri-Flamethrowers!"

The ape nodded, unleashing several beams of pure flames into the air. Sapphire watched in horror as her points went down, not because they hit, but because of the beauty of the attacks. She needed to go all in before the point gap became too great. "Taillow, loopdiloop one more time and then use Quick Attack!"

"This again?" Allegra taunted, "I thought we're already over this! Infernape, Mach Punch."

The bird and ape flew towards each other with intense speed. But just before they hit, Sapphire grinned. "Alright Taillow, Quick Guard!"

Allegra's eyes widened. "What?"

The bird shared his trainer's feral grin as he spread his wings back, slowing him down significantly while summoning a purple shield.

The attack slammed into the shield doing null damage to the bird, instead the shield exploded into a shimmer of sparkles. Sapphire smiled as Allegra's points greatly fell. With the Focus Energy in place, she should be able to wrap it up right then and there. "Alright then Taillow, Loopdiloop one more time and use Quick Attack!"

The bird obeyed, flying even faster before diving down. But as the bird reached terminal velocity, the bird's entire figure glowed golden. "Huh! That's..."

"It appears that Taillow has gone where few birds have gone before. That ladies and gentlemen is Sky Attack!"

Allegra gasped as the super effective move smashed headlong into the stunned Infernape, knocking out the money right then and there.

The three judges' boxes flashed X as Vivian concluded. "Infernape is unable to battle, thus Sapphire is the winner."

Sapphire couldn't contain her excitement. "Yes, we did it Taillow! We got our fourth ribbon! I'm so proud of you!"

"Tai, Taillow!"

She hugged the bird tightly. "Plus you learned Sky Attack, the greatest of the Flying type attacks! Oh I'm so proud of you."

Calem grinned, this had been a good day indeed. Sapphire had been truly spectacular on the stage. She definitely exhibited a lot more confidence than last time and her contest appeal was as Mr. Sukizo would say, truly remarkable. He rubbed the back of Electrike's head affectionately. "You think Sapphire did a good job?"

"Trike!" The electrike hound yipped as he licked the boy's cheek.

Calem chuckled. "Thanks boy, I thought so too."

"I'm glad as well." The two turned to see Sapphire leaving the coordinator's lounge, Flare at her side and Taillow perched on her shoulder. "I think they did a good job as well. You're such an amazing bird Taillow."

"Tay!" The bird cawed in agreement, trying to flex its wing muscles.

Sapphire giggled as she petted the bird on its head. "Oh Taillow you're so funny."

She redirected her attention to the two boys. "So where to next?"

The teenage boy pulled out a Pokenav from his pack. "Hmm...according to the map, there's a contest in Verdanturf Town and my next gym battle is in Lavaridge Town with Flannery. So I suggest we head to Mauville City then we can figure out which way to go from there."

The girl pouted slightly. "Aww...I wanted to check out the beaches here. I hear Slateport City has the best beaches in all of Hoenn. Can we take a break, please?"

Calem shook his head. "Well, the next contest is in a two weeks so we don't want to miss it."

"But I really want to go surfing!" The girl complained. "We've been training for the last two weeks. Can't we take a break please?"

Riding a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when you're with someone

Calem tried, but couldn't avoid the girl's large emerald eyes pleading with his soul. The boy broke instantly. "Fine, we can go to the beach."

Someone that you love who takes your breath away,

"Yeah!" The girl cheered as she grabbed the boy by his hand and pulled him out of the hall at high speeds. "Let's go!"

We're wild and we're young, we're living for today!

Leaving a fox, a bird, and a hound behind. The bird glanced at the duo and squawked in curiosity. "Taillow?"

The fox nodded. "Flare, flareon."

Electrike, having no clue what the two meant by "Neither realizing that this was practically a date", yipped while running in circles, excited to go to the water. "Trike, Trike, Trike!"

Tell me where you come from, you look like your hope's gone. I can tell you need someone today,

The red haired girl had finally stopped dragging him as she reached the white sandy beaches. "Let's go change and met back here in a few minutes, ok?" She winked before running towards the changing rooms. Calem raised a hand to protest but the girl was already gone. "Damn." He muttered. He wasn't one for beaches but then again, he should relax from time to time.

Get into the rhythm, forget all your problems, Why not let the waves wash them all away

"Maybe she's right." The boy muttered as he exited the men's changing room sporting a blue pair of swim trunks. He looked out into the afternoon sun, squinting his eyes. It was quite a nice day anyways. "Trike!" "Flare!" "Taillow!"

The boy turned around to see three Pokemon. "Oh there you are. Sorry about forgetting you guys." He apologized.

"Trike!" The hound yipped, happy to see his trainer again.

"So that's where you guys went." Calem turned around and froze.

I know you came for the weekend, but girl there's no way you're leaving, this is where it begins.

Sapphire was...gorgeous. Her normal light red blouse had been replaced by a black one piece swimsuit with a white and red lily design that seemed to match her emerald eyes. She wore a pair of green goggles with red tints over her head and well...sure it was a one piece swimsuit, but Calem's thirteen year old eyes couldn't help but notice the girl already had cute curves. She wasn't overly curvy, that would be uncomfortable, but just a small curve, barely giving her an hourglass figure. She practically screamed cute.

Feels like we're stars in a movie, I'm Romeo you're my Julie.

The girl stared at Calem's growing blush. "Um Calem are you okay?"

Calem snapped out of his revelry. "Oh, yeah, I just was um...noticing."

"Ok...noticing what?"

"Umm..." Dang why was it suddenly so hard to talk to her. "I was just noticing how the swimsuit really...umm...makes you look...er um...cute."

Sapphire froze. "Oh...really?" She blushed softly at the compliment. "Thanks," she clasped her hands shyly as she looked over the shirtless boy. "You look...good as well."

"Oh," Calem froze as well still blushing. "Thanks."

Just stop and take it all in.

The two shared a moment of awkwardness before Sapphire took control. "You know, this really isn't our forte. How about we just move on? I'm cute, you're handsome and we're enjoying a day at the beach alright?"

Wow, that really put in reality. Calem nodded. "Yeah, I'm good with that.

That's when it hit him. "You really think I'm handsome? Wowoah!"

"Come on!" Sapphire dragged the boy towards the rental booth in mid sentence, not wanting him to notice her intense blush. The Pokemon shared a look before chasing after their trainers.

Riding a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when you're with someone

Sapphire and Calem had rented sailboards using their winnings and soon enough were out on the waves. Calem had never windsurfed before, but it was exhilarating. The waves roaring around him, the wind whipping through his hair, the Wingull flapping around him, Taillow and Hawlucha gliding overhead.

Someone that you love who takes your breath away,

He managed a glance at the red and white haired girl across from him. Her grin and smiling eyes seemed to warm his heart. He couldn't really describe it, only that he was left...well breathless.

We're wild and we're young, we're living for today. The World Is Ours

"Yeah!" He screamed as loud as he could, the excitement overcoming his normal stoic personality. This was living!

Drive up to the canyon, check out all the mansions, pretend we're in a phantom that'd be cool

With the sun beginning to set, Sapphire had led the two towards a cliffside. To his surprise, several summer parties seemed to be starting near a large summer house. Sapphire gave the boy a mischievous look. "Say Calem, what do you say we got check it out?" Calem gulped.

A few minutes later

"I knew this was a bad idea!"

The two dashed back towards the ocean, several security guards chasing after them. Apparently the party was an exclusive party for rich socialite kids and sneaking in via the cliffside was illegal.

"I know it was!" The girl laughed with glee, "But it sure was fun!"

"You're crazy!"

"That's right!"

Then back down to the ocean, swim out to the dolphins, we can have it all just me and you.

The two eventually escaped the guards and resumed windsurfing. Calem was still catching his breath when Sapphire cried. "Look over there!"

Sapphire had been pointing at a pod of Wailmer heading out into the open sea. Their snouts spewed water as they hummed happily. "Isn't that amazing?"

I know you came for the weekend, but girl there's no way you're leaving, this is where it begins, feels like we're stars in a movie, I'm Romeo you're my Julie, Just stop and take it all in.

"Yeah, you're amazing too." The boy muttered softly, his voice covered by the rolling waves.

Riding a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when you're with someone
Someone that you love who takes your breath away,
we're wild and we're young, we're living for today
The World Is Ours

For a long second, Calem pondered his feelings and thoughts. There was something special about Sapphire. He always knew that. At first, it was just weird things about her. She was from some odd place called Altomare. She had an Eevee starter. She had a Steel Ground type Eevelution. She seemed to understand and talk to Pokemon. But now she was different for other reasons. Her hair smelled like flowers. Her smile seemed to warm his heart. Her eyes sparkled like emeralds whenever she was excited. Whenever she was angry her eyes would light up like fire.

Lets get lost in the fire light, there's only us tonight, we can talk from dusk till dawn. Swim free in a starlit sea, we will always be, forever young.

The two now sat on an abandoned pier, watching the sunset into the horizon. Calem sighed. He really needed to get this out of the way now rather than later. "Sapphire?"

Riding a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when you're with someone

The girl's emerald eyes met his brown ones. "Yes?"

Someone that you love who takes your breath away,

"I need to tell you something." Calem managed.

The girl hopped off the railing she was sitting on as she slowly approached him. "Sure, what's up?"

There's no going back now. Calem approached the girl slowly. "Sapphire, ever since I met you a month ago, you've been nothing but a..."

"A what?"

A nuisance, an annoyance, a troublesome girl, a girl, a cute girl, a smiling girl, a pleasure, a blessing, an angel in disguise.

"A special friend. I've enjoyed our time together and I want to ask you. Well...I think I need to do something."

We're wild and we're young, we're living for today.

They were now directly facing each other. Calem could reach and touch the girl's soft cheeks. Their eyes reflected in the setting sun. It was time. He reached forwards and...

"Aww, how touching! But unfortunately, your cute romantic moment with that creature will have to end."

The two broke away to face a pair of young women wearing black tube tops and tactical pants. "So then, are you going to come quietly or risk harm to your little boyfriend, Latias?" Annie dared as the two trainers found themselves cornered by a bloodthirsty Espeon and Ariados.

*Our romantic heroes have found themselves cornered by treacherous women and their Pokemon. What will happen next? Stay tuned!*

"Who's that?" The blonde woman turned to her sister.

"No clue, but let's catch ourselves a Dragon!"

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