Rhysha fiction setup o_o

The motionless body of the once energetic Sasha haunted Rhys' vision. He hoped and prayed that this wasn't a reality.
He wanted to believe the story that just unfolded upon his very own eyes never happened. He picked up the body of the woman that he still hid his true feelings for and struggled to his feet. The blood dripping down his back would have normally made him freeze stiff, but for some reason it felt like Death himself was chasing him and his not-so-secret crush to the hospital, located about 7 blocks over. If it weren't for his robot arm, Rhys feared he wouldn't have made it himself to the what seemed to be Oasis in an endless desert, needless to say the injured and bleeding badly girl he was nearly killing himself to save. The revolving door felt like a drink of water as he took his final breaths,
before realizing he himself was strained. "She needs... help.." Rhys' last words before passing out from exhaustion barely escaped his throat.

"What are your intentions with my sister?" "Oh uh, you know. I just like her, a lot. I mean it's just she's the one,
I feel like." Rhys and Fiona's conversation wasn't easy to forget. He manipulated his way through other thoughts as he was struggling to find something. He didn't know what, but he was so determined to find it he didn't ask much questions.
"I'm just letting you know, if you break her heart. I'm gonna break your face." This felt like an insult, not even the break his face part. "I promise. But you know we aren't even together." Fiona's emotion told Rhys that he indirectly just guilt tripped Fiona. "She's fond of you. She's talked with me before about it- about you." Rhys was surprised. Not much worked out for a Hyperion scumlord. "Are you comforting me or are you being serious? Because I would like that to not be just for comfort" "I know she's- not-so-you-..." The words faded off, like his distance from reality. Whatever he was, Rhys stopped dead in his tracks. Bent over, and picked up a ring. Engraved on it was "Pinky Promise"

Rhys arose with a gasp. He was in a hospital bed, with a single IV in his arm. He didn't want to pluck it out, so he decided to wait for a doctor or nurse to come. He covered his eyes with one of his arms as a car passed by the window,
reflecting sunlight into the room. The car parked so he decided to just look to his left. There was another bed next to him. He didn't expect anybody else than his beloved. Her heartbeat was slow, but stable. He wanted to forget it. But the image couldn't erase from his head. "Rhys, where do you think Fiona and Vaughn went?" Sasha's voice began to echo in head. Before he knew it, he was practically living in this memory. (No, not again...) Rhys thought as he and Sasha were off to investigate where the other half of their group went. "Rhys, you're being quiet. Is everything alright?" she asked, concerned with his unusual silence. (No I'm not. We should stop here..) "Yeah, er. I'm fine." (W-wait no! I didn't say that!) He soon realized he couldn't control this. He had to witniss it unfold again. He attempted several times to escape, but it was of no use. "Well if you're not..." her voice trailed off as she looked under an abandoned boardwalk. The pegs holding it up dug into the sand. She started towards it, reaching for her Assault Rifle on the way.

"Hello. You're the Hyperion that brought the girl in?" a voice interrupted the memory. "Wh-what?" Rhys asked to clarify he was in the real world. "Hyperion. Bring. Girl." He must have confused him for someone who's challenged. "I'm sorry,
okay when I'm stuck in a room with a needle digging halfway through my arm there's not much to do." the man looked at him skeptically. "She's in critical condition" the voice was beginning to distort. "She's what?!" Rhys panicked and felt his heart drop. "She's lost a lot of blood, but her condition is stable for now. It took all night to stop the blood.
She's a fighter..." "Well what about me? I feel like my throat has a cactus in it." He was only now aware of his dehydration. "We don't have licence to treat you. We can offer a few glasses of water but be lucky we 'wasted' an IV on a Hyperion company man." (so everybody hates Hyperion on this planet) Rhys thought passive agressively. He wasn't in the state to get angry. "Can you take it out? I hate needles. Unless it's saving my life, you know." The believed to be doctor removed the IV from his arm. "You're the doctor?" "Well a white robe and all this equipment on me surely means I'm not some random citizen. You can thank me for treating that nasty concussion. It took 5 doctors to stabilize her condition, so we couldn't waste much time on you. To put it in perspective, she went from near death to now in a coma for an unknown period of time." The now to be confirmed doctor stated. Rhys, at this time, felt like he was hacking up a cactus, maybe the one in his throat. "I can get you some water, I'll return. Stay here." Not like he planned on going anywhere... The visions slowly entered his mind again.

"Rhys I think I saw something move. Fiona! Vaughn!" Sasha passive aggressively whispered. She moved towards the motion,
and he quietly followed, reluctantly. "What do you see?" Rhys line repeated as he felt cold. He tried looking away but he had to witniss the whole thing again. Sasha moved in with her gun handy, being the recon. The sound of glass breaking triggered the memory's atmosphere. "My shiny liquid holder!" a familiar voice rang out. "Psycho!" Rhys screamed. Sasha was blantly aware of the psycho. She pulled the trigger but she had forgotten to load her gun since it has no safety mechanism. The knife was pulled. Rhys bolted towards the Psycho, but it was too late. "Eternal slumber!" the words haunted him, as he witnissed the knife enter her rib cage. "Rhys..! Help..." she screamed as she fell to the sand.
Immediately after, he tackled the Psycho while screaming angrily. Rhys stabbed him with the knife that now had his desired to be girlfriend's blood on. He didn't stop after he was clearly dead. He foolishly unleashed his rage, as an unfamiliar feeling fell over him. He never had power, which he now had over the Psycho. It almost distracted him from the heavily injured girl a few feet from him. The only reason he would've stopped was the blood loss...

The vision seemed to have concluded. He never wanted to see it again, so he focused his mind off of it. He stood up,
dizzily, and approached Sasha. He examined her condition, he concluded the doctor was lying to him. Her face was almost unrecognizable. It looked like she was a human gaming system, all the wires and etc. plugged into her body. A tear fell down Rhys' eye. He hated this sight of her. This may have been the only time he truly did not want to see her. Possibly the only moment in his lifetime he looked away. He sat on his bed to escape his dizziness. The dehydration was getting to him. Eventually, the doctor showed up. He took the decent sized glass and gulped it down. "Thanks, I mean if you aren't allowed to give me this of course. Well you know either way.." Rhys realized he should stop talking. "So you can stay with her if you want. We don't usually kick people out unless they start to freak out, so don't do that..." The doctor said as he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Since he was still exhausted, he concluded he should probably go to sleep. So he pulled a chair next to Sasha, and rested his head on her midsection and his arms on her side.