zelnick was bowling. the yehat never understood bowling though

"What are Ye doing?"


"Why are ye bowling?"

Geep-eep asked.

zelnick stoped for a moment.

"It passes time."

Zelnick started again.

"Oh. I never under stood the game my self."

"What do the yehat do on your world then to pass the time?

Geep-eep sat down to watch zelnick bowl.

"Ta pass the time?"

Zelnick dint know what yehat did to pass the time.

"Yes pass the time."

Geep-eep ponderd for a moment.

"mostly we kind of watch space fer most of the yehat. its realaxing"

Geep-eep said wile pondering If he should play.

"You can paly along if you whant!"

"How do ye play?"

Zelnick put his bowling ball down and help geep-eep get into a bowling shirt.

"Now grab a blowing ball that you like but make sure you can pick it up."

Geep-eep looked for a wile to find an orange or yellow ball.

"I like orange"

He picked it up and walked over to zelnick to figure out how to play.

"Now put your... Ummmm what do you call your fingers?"


"Put your talons into the holes"

Geep-eep put his talons into the holes.

"Ok i did that"

Zelnick showed him how to bowl.

"Wen you get passed the line let the bowling ball go and Voila! your bowling."

"Thank ye zelnick!"

Geep-eep and zelnick bowled for a little.