Hey everyone. I decided to post this story here. I mainly post on tumblr but I decided to share this one. It's going to have relatively short chapters. I don't have a schedule of posting. Just whenever I seem to be inspired to write. Hope you enjoy! Plaese R&R :)

Meredith walked out of the OR, glancing at her blaring pager, she saw Owen heading towards her. "You get paged 911 to the ER too?" Owen nodded as they took the elevator down to the emergency room floor.

"Bailey what do we have?" Owen asked, grabbing a gown and walked out of the hospital, into the ambulance bay.

"30 year old female, crush injuries from a car accident. ID unknown." Bailey informed.

Meredith breathed. "Prepare for disaster." She told them. The ambulance pulling up into the bay. The back doors flew open, an EMT hopped out, handing Meredith the chart.

"Her blood pressure is 86 over 49 and dropping. Her pulse is weak. She isn't doing well, Docs." Another EMT informed.

They unloaded the stretcher onto a gurney, an oxygen mask covering the woman's face. Pumping her with air to breathe.

Dark hair, matted with blood, covered the woman's face and shoulders. Owen pushed the hair back, holding his light to check her pupils. He opened her eyes, stepping back after getting a good look at her.

"This-" he paused, trying to swallow back the bile in his throat.

"What?" Meredith asked before looking at the woman. She stepped back, shaking her head in denial. "No. No. Bailey, take her. Save her now." Meredith yelled.

Both EMT's looked on in confusion. "This is Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Her sister in law and his girlfriend." Bailey told the two before pushing the gurney into the ER. "I NEES SOME HELP OVER HERE." She yelled.