Hey y'all! So here is another installment of Save My Life. I kinda have an idea for where I want it to head...but not really if you know what I mean. I'm just kinda winging this as I go... But let me know how you're liking it so far. Do you like it? Hate it? Want something specific to happen? Please leave a review and let me know! -CiCi

Addison stared at Amelia. She had no idea what to do. "Amelia, he loves you." She told her friend. Amelia just looked at her with broken eyes.

"Obviously, Addie. But I have no idea who he is. I have no idea who I am anymore! For god sake, I woke up and part of my life was gone. I had a baby that died. My brother, died. What are you gonna tell me next? Mark Sloan died?" She barked out. Addison swallowed the lump in her throat.

Amelia's mouth dropped open in shock. "He-He died? Addie? Addie, everyone is dying." She said, crying. Addison hugged the smaller brunette. "I just want to go home. I want to be me."

Addison thought for a moment, "Amelia, come back to LA. You know people there, it was your home. You can regain your memories there. Then you can come back here." Addison suggested. Amelia looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

"Are you sure?" She asked. Addison nodded.

"Just because you moved here doesn't mean you aren't my sister anymore. You're always welcome at my home." She told Amelia. Amelia laid her head against Addison's shoulder.

There they sat, for hours in silence, just in each other's presence like they used to on Addison's deck in LA. The only noise was the dull beeping of Amelia's heart rate monitor.

Owen paced in the basement, rubbing his calloused hands over his face, once...twice... Trying to come up with some solution or explanation. How could something like this happen?

One second he's on the phone with his girlfriend as she drives into work. He hangs up with her. And the next moment she's being wheeled into the ER on a gurney. Then she wakes up without a memory of the last few years of her life?

The moments play over and over in his head. Time after time. Stupid universe. Nothing could ever go right.

He sat against a pipe, letting out a loud scream and banging his fist against the metal. He could feel the tears drip down his face. That's how Meredith had found him hours later. Leaning against the metal pipe, crying.

"Owen." She spoke quietly as to not startle him. He looked up with bloodshot, puffy eyes. Wiping under his nose with the back of his hand.

"Hmm?" He hummed, barely audible.

"Amelia was asking for you. She asked me to come find you. I figured you would be down here. Cristina said you come here to think." He only nodded in response and headed toward the door, the blonde trailing behind him.

He went up the flight of stairs, rode the elevator up to recovery floor and walked down the hallway to Amelia's room in silence. Meredith's presence behind him comforted him enough.

He tapped on the door lightly until he heard her quiet reply to enter. The door creaked open and Addison walked out, heading to speak with Meredith to give the two their privacy.

"You wanted to see me?" He asked.

She nodded, motioning to the chair across from her if he wanted to sit. He took the invitation and sat down in the chair as she spoke. "I'm going back to LA." She started and Owen inhaled a sharp breath. He should've seen this coming.

"I'm going to stay with Addison until I regain my memories," she said, "if I ever do." She mumbled quietly. Owen looked up at her, his blue eyes locking with hers.

"You will." He whispered. "You have to."

"See? This is why I'm going back to LA. Everyone here expects me to regain my memory. What if I don't? What if a never remember who I've been the last four years? What if I never remember you?" She spoke, the last question slipping out as a surprise to both herself and Owen.

"You won't forget me, you've met me now. I'll always be here for you." He told her genuinely. Amelia looked away from him. Blinking back tears.

"But I don't know you. You apparently know me so well, and I don't know you at all! I know LA. I know Addison. I know my life there." She stated, a bit defensively.

Owen simply nodded, not knowing what else to say. "I guess this is goodbye then. I love you, Amelia." He spoke, standing up to leave.

"Goodbye, Owen." She spoke quietly, watching him leave.

This man she didn't know, apparently affected her deeply. Why was she crying over him? She didn't know him. She didn't love him. So why was she so upset?

She laid her head back against the pillows, letting the tears fall down her cheeks, letting out harsh sobs. The universe hated her. It was official.