1. Haunted

If one were to take a glimpse of 4 Privet Drive of Surrey England, they would say that everything was normal as normal can be. The most exceptionally family in the neighborhood was the Dursleys. They were successful and normal. But there was one flaw, which they went to great lengths to stamp out.

Their nephew Harry James Potter.

A lanky black haired child sat quietly on a thin tree in the backyard. It was a twisted little thing. His family had been unable to root out the tree or even nurture it to health. His aunt Petunia found the tree to be freakish. Even his brutish cousin Dudley found the tree frightening. It was a precarious affair as the branch sunk underneath his weight. Despite his uncle and aunt's rather forceful commands to stay away from the tree, they were ignored as per usual.

Young Harry adored this tree. It made it so much easier to see her. It was the pale lady. He often found her at odd locations. Like when an elderly got sick or such. But he liked her company and attention. Unlike his family, school mates, librarians, or most others, she smiled fondly at him when he would call out to her.

She was an older lady with silky black hair. The pale lady also liked wearing a lot of black clothing. He thought it made her look really pretty. That was why he was in this tree, the higher he went up, the more likely he was to see her.

From the corner of his eyes he saw her. Around her neck, she had that weird cross necklace with the loop on top. She smiled that smile that always made him feel warm and fuzzy.

Harry had long decided that he rather liked the feeling.

He waved at her and she waved back. Blinking, he could no longer see her.

"How many times do I have to tell you not do such hazardous things?" Her voice was smooth and soothing.

It always surprised him how she could appear from one place to another. "It's fine. I'm used to sitting here, it's nice."

"I don't know what to do with you." Her smile was shining and she tussled his black locks. "Boys and their little adventures."

Her tender fingers on his scalp caused his face to flush a bright red as he ducked his head. "It's nice seeing you."

"Just be careful. It's a little too early for you to join me."

And like that she was gone and little Harry was just a little less happy. Harry leaned to the bark of the tree and sighed sadly. One of these days, he would get her to like him.


Author's Note:

New drabble story! This time it for the pairing of Death the Endless and Harry Potter. It came to me after reading a bunch of Master of Death stories. Please leave lots of reviews. Feedback is always appreciated.