Chapter 3

A week later Harry returned to Gringotts to meet with Griphook again. He was bouncing up and down on his toes and was trying his best to contain his excitement but not really managing at all.

"Sir! It says my parents lived in the West Country can I live there please please please?" Harry babbled as soon as he had seen the goblin.

"A very good morning to you as well Mr Potter" Griphook replied, the corner of his mouth just creeping up. "I see you have decided where you want to live. If I may offer some advice?"

"Of course, please go on."

"Godric's Hollow, where the late Lord and Lady Potter lived is very well known. You are famous because of an attack there where your parents were murdered. Everyone around there would know you and that would likely create problems for you living there. You would be, at best, mothered over by every witch there each trying to take you in, or at worst sent back to your relatives. There are a lot of wizarding towns and villages in the West Country and news travels fast between them. If I were to recommend somewhere it would be one of the cottages in the non magical world. Lady Potter's favourite house was one she purchased before her marriage. You have seen the property file, you know the size and wealth of Potter Manor and some of the others, yet to her, a little cottage in Anglesey was her favourite."

"I'm... I'm famous?"

"Yes Mr Potter. Very famous to the Wizarding World. You defeated the greatest Dark Wizard for centuries when you were just fifteen months old. You are known as the Boy-Who-Lived."

"The Boy... Who... Lived." Harry looked at the goblin as if he had suddenly grown an extra head.

"Yes. Non magical people are unaware of our world and thus of you. If you stay there, you can live your life as you wish to. Gringotts will support you in any way it can, should the funds permit."

"Let me get this straight Mr Griphook. I'm famous for doing something which killed my parents and I can't remember but only wizards know about it? Normal people don't know that?"

"That is correct Mr Potter, yes."

"Can goblins do magic?"

"Yes. For the right fee goblins can do a lot of things."

"Thanks. So I can live in Mum's house and be only known as Harry. When can I move in?"

"Well that house is in quite a bad shape. The spells on it slowly lost their power since Lady Potter's death and whilst the outside is still intact, the inside will need attention. You'll need to-"

"Hang on a minute Mr Griphook. Do I have enough money to leave you in charge of it? I'd like to move in as soon as I can."

If Griphook had not been seated, he would have taken a step back. A wizard leaving a goblin in charge of a job? That was unthinkable! It took a lot to fluster a goblin, but Griphook hoped that his client had not seen his momentary shock.

"Have I done something wrong?" Harry asked. "I'm always doing things wrong according to Aunt Petunia."

Griphook sighed, trust the boy to have picked up on it. "No Mr Potter, quite the contrary. I have never been given such a big job before. Wizards like to ask wizards."

"But you can do it? I have enough money?"

"You have plenty. I shall see that the house is repaired, furnished and ready to move into in three days time."

"Thankyou. You said last time something about a letter?"

"Yes, to let your aunt know. Is there anything you would particularly like it to say?" Goblins wouldn't normally ask, and certainly never held favours, but Griphook just felt like he owed something to the young man stood in front of him for the respect he had shown to a "being".

"Ummmm tell them that they'll never have to see me again, they'll like that. Can it be delivered after I'm gone please?"

"Of course, Mr Potter. Was there anything else?"

"Just one thing sir. Could I have one of these portkey thingies to each of my properties? I'd like to see them."

"How about a custom one then? You say where you want to go and tap the top with your wand or finger. It costs a hundred galleons."

"Thankyou. Umm... I'm spending a lot of money and I remember Uncle Vernon talking about inve-inves-investigating or something and it making him money. Could you do that?"

"Investing. Yes you can. You can do it daily on the stock market, buy things to sell on, invest in a business, there's all sorts."

"Could I - could you do that? You're a banker I think and I've not had money before so I don't know anything. I could pay you to make all my money decisions. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work." Harry shrugged to emphasise his point. "I might be a bit more interested when I'm older in working with you but for now I just want to go to school, make friends and be normal."

"Mr Potter are you sure?" Griphook managed to ask through his shock.

"Yes. I don't need money, but since I've got it I may as well do something useful with it. You're the only person I've met who's treated me kindly, sir."

"Very well. Sign the bottom of this parchment please."

Harry quickly scanned the page and added his best writing on the line.

"Thankyou. Pleasure doing business with you." He giggled as he finished. "I've always wanted to say that!"

"May your fortunes increase and your opponents quake at your footsteps" Griphook replied. "I shall let you know when your house is ready. Here is your custom portkey."

"Thankyou Mr Griphook" Harry said. "I look forward to meeting you again."

He activated his portkey and landed back in 4 Privet Drive which was, fortunately, still empty. He started to clean the kitchen, when he suddenly had a thought.

"I wonder if that imagining thing works here like it did in Gringotts?" he muttered to himself. Imagining the pan he was cleaning clean he waited but nothing happened. "Damn."

He continued trying to clean the pan but was struggling to get anywhere. "If they had decent pans I wouldn't be in this mess!" he growled. Suddenly he felt a whoosh of... something and the pan was sparkling clean. "How did I do that?" Harry wondered.

The day after he realised that it was when he got angry that things happened and the day after that he worked out that he had to imagine the action occurring rather than just the result. He had to imagine every little detail of what was happening intensely and his magic would do the same. By the time Griphook's note came on the third day, Harry could clean pretty much anything by magic.