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Wait…What Just Happened?

For once the unpredictable and dangerous Grand Line was calm, and all was at peace on the Thousand Sunny as the sun shone bright and the waves gently lapped against the ships haul…

"Ooooooiiiiii! SABOOOOOOOOO!"

Sabo chuckled to himself as he stepped off the railing and onto the main deck. His smile continued to grow by the second as he watched the familiar rubber man running like a maniac towards him.

"LUFFY!" Sabo called back as his younger brother all but crashed into him.

For a moment both brothers just remained in their embrace, eyes misting slightly with emotion, before the rest of the crew slowly made their way over, offering their own various greetings.

"So what are you doing here? Are you on some kind of secret mission?" Luffy cried out with stars in his eyes and his trade mark grin firmly in place, once the pleasantries were out of the way. "Suge! That would be so cool! Does that mean you have all kinds of cool gadgets and-"

"Baka," Nami growled out as she stood over Luffy's limp form, a fresh bruise on his head thanks to her fist. "What possible secret mission could he be on while aboard our ship?"

"Oi, Nami why did you hit me?!" Luffy whined as he stood up, rubbing his new bruise even as it basically faded.

"Because you were being an idiot," Nami bit back as she rubbed her forehead, "And if I didn't shut you up you'd still be babbling on right now about secret missions and other nonsense!"

"Meany," Luffy whispered with a pout, which earned another three lumps on his head. Sabo for his part just laughed at the whole exchange, before Robin spoke up.

"And if I may ask Sabo-san, to what do we owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit?"

"Huh…what?" Sabo asked as his attention was pulled away from his younger brother and the fuming Navigator. "Oh yes, my apologies. I was just finishing up an assignment on a nearby island when I heard you guys were in the area. Since my pickup point is on the way, I thought I'd make a little side stop to see my little brother and his crew. The last time our paths crossed I didn't have too much time to spend. I don't think I've even gotten a proper tour of your ship yet."

"Alright!" Luffy cheered, bruises forgotten. "I'll show you the whole ship and Usopp and Franky can show you all their cool inventions. Then Sanji can cook up a big meal with lots of meat, while Brook plays music and we'll have a party!"

"Sounds great Luffy," Sabo said with a chuckle as Luffy bounced around in excitement at the thought of meat and party's. "But before I forget, I have a very special surprise for you."

"Suge! What is it?!" Luffy cried out with stars once again in his eyes. "Is it meat? I hope its meat! ...Meat…"

Sabo laughed again, as the rest of the crew groaned and sweet dropped, except for Robin who merely smiled. How he had missed this about his little brother all these years.

As Luffy began to drool at the prospect of meat, Sabo reached up and, lifting his hat off his head slightly, took out a medium sized silk pouch from under it.

"I know it's been a long time in coming Luffy," Sabo began as he handed the pouch to the confused Captain. "But better late than never right? Just like I promised."

Luffy pulled the string and opened the pouch, and immediately his eyes went wide and he all but tackled Sabo in another bone crushing hug as he screamed out, "AWESOME! Sabo you're the best!"

"So, do you think it will do?" Sabo asked relieved, as Luffy pulled away, looking into the silk pouch again before pulling out a beautiful white gold tiara, with blue sapphire stones throughout the light airy design. The sun shone perfectly on the polished stones, making them sparkle beautifully and the whole thing had this amazing glow.

"It's perfect! Now this is a crown" Luffy stated instantly, before turning to everyone else. "Hey guys, what do you think of it! Is it cool or what?"

Nami was floored by the beauty of it, and for once didn't have Beli signs in her eyes in want. The pureness of the beauty spoke to her heart and that meant a lot to her. In fact, it reminded her of a very special necklace she had locked away. It just took her breath away.

"It's absolutely beautiful and stunning Luffy-san!" Robin replied in awe, as the rest of the crew just continued to gape at the unexpected gift. "But I think we're all just wondering what exactly it's for?"

"It's to replace his first treasure." Sabo spoke up with a slightly embarrassed smile, before Luffy could reply, "When we were young, before we set out on our separate journeys, we would often go hunting for treasure. Well, when Luffy first joined Ace and I, he was determined to find his first treasure on his own. For days, he was on the hunt with no luck, but by about the fourth day here comes Luffy. A little banged up and dirty, but with a satisfied smile. He had found a white gold tiara with blue Sapphires that looked very similar to that one."

"It turned out to be just a plastic tiara with fake stones in it." Luffy supplied bluntly with a shrug.

"But it was still his first real treasure," Sabo continued, "We asked him what he was going to do with it and he said he would keep it for a special someone. Well a day or two later I accidently end up breaking it in two when I sat on it. Though Luffy said it was fine, I knew he was sad so I promised to get him a real one to replace it one day. That day being today!"

"Yep!" Luffy said with a huge grin, "And it's perfect! Thank again Sabo!"

"No problem Luffy!" Sabo returned with a smile of his own, before a thoughtful expression came over him, "Though I am curious since you never said before. Who exactly was the special someone you were going to give it too?"

"Oh, it was for my future Pirate Queen!" Luffy replied off handedly as he was cleaning out his ear with his pinky.

"Oh cool, because I was just…WHEN IN THE WORLD WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND!" Sabo roared as the rest of the crew jaw dropped.

"What are you talking about? Man, you must be an idiot." Luffy said thoughtfully, his head tilted in slight confusion. "You do know that Nami and Robin are both girls right? Are you just now noticing?"

"That's not what he means Baka!" Nami, Sanji, and Usopp cried out slapping the air.

"I believe your brother was talking about a girlfriend in the romantic sense, like someone you'd want as a future wife, Luffy-san." Robin interjected with sympathy.

"Sorry," Sabo muttered, while rubbing the back of his head, "You just caught me by surprise with that answer. I guess I forgot how blunt you always were. It's okay Luffy, you'll find yourself the right girl one day! And when you do, I want to be right there watching when you give her that crown!"

"Really?" Luffy asked.

"Of course!" Sabo exclaimed with a huge grin and an enthusiastic nod.

"Okay." Luffy returned with a similar grin before turning towards Nami. "Oi Nami, what do you think of your new crown?"


"I knew it! You did have a girlfriend! How could you not tell your own brother?!"


"Straw Hat's a real man!"

"I can feel the tears of joy falling from my eyes! But I have no eyes! Skull Joke! Yohohoho"

"Does that mean Luffy and Nami will be mating soon? I'd better start researching human birthing techniques."

"Hahahaha…It's about time! Wouldn't you say ero-cook?"

"Oi! Shitty Captain!"

Usopp was just speechless.

And just like that, Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat crew with a bounty of 400,000,000, and one of the eleven Supernova's, had just unknowingly shattered the perception his crew had of their own little world aboard the Thousand Sunny.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Luffy asked unaffected, his head titled to the side in confusion over his crew actions, "Sabo just said he wanted to see me give Nami her crown."

"How dare you ask that to my lovely Nami-swan? I'll ring your rubber neck!" Sanji fumed. Luffy just looked more confused.

"Huh? But why wouldn't I ask her if she likes her own crown? Are you an idiot Sanji?"

Sanji hurled himself towards his still confused captain, black shoe ready to meet rubber face. Only to meet the very familiar steel of a smirking swordsman.

"Leave them alone Dart-brow." Zoro's smirk grew even wider as he continued, "Things were just starting to heat up between our Captain and HIS Navigator."

"My precious Nami-swan would never look at that Rubber idiot like that Marimo!" Sanji fired.

"Did you say something Number 7?" Zoro baited the already enraged cook, determined to give Luffy and Nami the time they needed, along with getting a good warm up to his normal workout.

"You want to fight you directionless half-wit?" Sanji returned flames erupting around him.

"Bring it on Pirate A!" Zoro returned flames erupting from him in turn.

However, for once, as steel met leather, no one paid any mind to the two combatants. Time seemed to stop as a smiling Luffy handed a still gapping Nami HER crown.

"L-Luffy?" Nami squeaked, automatically taking the crown gently in her hands, but still struggling to process any of what just happened. "Why are you giving me this?"

"Sheesh Nami, you're really slow huh?" Luffy responded, grinning from ear to ear.

With the spell broken, Nami once again stood over a limp Luffy, with a still smoking fist extended toward Luffy's head, as he nursed another bruise.

"I don't need to hear that from you Baka!" Nami roared out before calming down a little and putting one fist on her hip, "I was talking about the fact that you just said this crown was for your future Pirate Queen. Since when was I going to be your Pirate Queen?"

"You were always going to be the Pirate Queen Nami." Luffy stated mater-o-factly, "So do you like your crown?"

"Luffy that's not the way this work!" Nami fired back, starting to get annoyed again, "To be your Pirate Queen we'd have to get married first! You've never even asked me if I like you in a romantic way!"

"It doesn't matter. I don't need to ask you that. I already know you're going to be the Pirate Queen." Luffy said while picking his nose uninterested, before Nami's fist slammed once more into his head.

"What do you mean you don't have to ask me that?!" Nami growled out in her fury, "I decide what you need to ask me when it comes to my relationships! It should be my choice whom I'm with! You need to ask me what my feelings are!"

"So do you have a romantic interest in Captain-san?" Robin interjected with a smirk, earning a huge blush from Nami.

"I've already decided," Luffy stated, eyes closed and arms crossed, as Nami geared up to hit him in the head again. "Maniko told me, 'when you're in love, not to waste a single minute being scared, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. You make every moment count!'"

Nami paused, eyes wide as Luffy continued, his eyes locked with hers. "There's no reason to fear the feelings in your heart Nami. So if you love me, you don't need to hide it from yourself or anyone else. We're already on an awesome adventure together, and we don't have to do any of those couple-y things if you don't want to yet."

With that Luffy stepped forward and gently placed his hat on Nami's head with smile.

"We'll just enjoy the adventure we have together right now, and see what happens next." Luffy continued, "Whatever comes, I'm sure it'll be the greatest adventure yet! And the best part is, it's one we'll get to have fun on together! Besides, you don't have to worry, we won't be getting married until I become the Pirate King anyway, so you have plenty of time to find the perfect dress."

And with that, Luffy spun on his heels and took off, dragging a chuckling Sabo along to start their tour of the ship. Looking around, Nami was surprised to see that all the various crew members, save for Robin, had gone back to their normal routine, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for Luffy to have made that kind of declaration.

Actually, it is pretty normal with this crew and our idiotic Captain isn't it? Nami thought with a sigh and a shake of her head.

"Not exactly the most typical love declaration ever," Robin's velvety voice broke Nami out of her thoughts, "But an exotic one like that is more true to who he is as a person, and what your relationship will be. Besides, words aside…it was still a declaration of love all the same. How does it feel to be officially in a relationship with Captain-san?"

"What are you talking about?!" Nami protested weakly, even as futile as she knew it was, pride refusing to let go just yet. "There was no asking or accepting of anything. Luffy just simply stated what it was!"

Robin merely smiled, and with laughter in her eyes said, "Maybe that is the truth of the matter Nami-san. Maybe the truth is, there isn't any need to ask a question when the answer is apparent to all. Luffy-san does have a habit of seeing the truth that we try to hide from, even if we don't realize that we're hiding at all."

"You know what Robin," Nami replied, eyes closed, as she rubbed her temple and started moving towards the women's quarters, "This is crazy, and I've got maps to work on. So, call me out here when the world makes sense again okay?"

Robin only smiled knowingly as Nami closed the door behind her. Moving over to her trunk, to grab some extra ink and her notes from the last few islands they had traveled to, she wound up sitting down on the corner of her bed instead.

Finally alone with her thoughts, she couldn't stop her eyes from straying to the white gold tiara still gently clutched in her left hand. Examining the beautiful treasure more closely, her mind drifted to many a memories, as her free hand lightly clutched the edge of the straw hat she still wore. From a crumbling building, to a snowy vertical mountain, and finally to an intense pair of eyes filled with fear. A pair of eyes she thought she was seeing for the last time, before being whisked away. Eyes that she saw every time she closed her own, for over two years.

Standing abruptly, Nami moved over to her vanity mirror and, placing the beloved straw hat down in front of her, just stared at her reflection, as she slowly placed the tiara onto her head. The weight felt intense, though she knew it was all in her head. Her heart began pounding in her chest, and emotions pooled in the pit of her stomach. But there was also warmth like she had never felt before, save for one time.

Nami! You'll always be my Nakama!

Damn rubber idiot, I'll never figure out how he always knows my answer before I even know I want to give it. Nami thought with a smirk and a laugh, before giving in and giving a huge bright smile. I guess…let the insanity commence!

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