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One with the story!

Romantic Chaos – Part 1

This is so stupid…I mean really what's the point…He has no sense of style and wears basically the same thing every day. Outside of our Nakama his only real interests are meat and adventure! And outside of the absolute most important moments, he has the attention span of a squirrel, without any of the observational skills!

Nami forcefully sat on the edge of her bed with a huff, her eye twitching in slight anger as she surveyed the warzone that was once her pristine room.

So, would somebody please tell me…WHY AM I DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY WITH WHAT TO WEAR?!

"Need any help Nami-san?" Robin's soft voice broke through Nami's thoughts, followed by a small giggle.

"Robin!" Nami yelped with surprise and a light blush, before leaning back on her hands and quickly plastering on an amused smirk, trying her best to play the whole moment off as nothing special. "No, no just reorganizing my wardrobe. I figured I had some time to kill."

"You know," Robin began with an amused smile, carefully and elegantly weaving amidst the tornado of clothing, as she moved to sit beside Nami. "I may not have the most experience in this field, but I do know what it looks like to be a woman nervous about her first date."

"What are you talking about?" Nami asked incredulously with a small chuckle and a raised eyebrow as she crossed her arms, her face a perfect mask, giving nothing away of the nerves she was feeling right then. "I am many things Robin. Beautiful, smart, adaptable, cunning, level headed, adorable, enchanting even…just to name a few. However, trust me when I say nervous is not one of them. Especially not over a 'date' with Luffy, if you can even call it that. Just because we're having dinner together in town doesn't mean he's going to be acting any differently. The rubber idiot is probably just going to talk about meat the whole way there, then he'll stuff his face full of said meat, and then run all over the place asking for more meat. Same as always. Nothing's changed really. What could I possibly be nervous about?"

"Nami," Robin said softly but with complete understanding, giving Nami a reassuring smile, before placing a hand on the surprised navigator's shoulder, "Let's be honest, woman to woman, we both know how you're really feeling right now, but you know there's nothing wrong with being nervous. You're worried about how this will go and it's understandable. Especially since things have in fact changed, and it's not a bad thing. This is a new stage in your life as a whole. This is the beginning of something brand new, something that could be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you. For both of you really."

"I know," Nami muttered softly, much more subdued and a little unsure, before she finally just jolted up and began to pace back and forth, pouring out all her frantic feelings to Robin's listening ear. "It's just…I'm not in control of anything right now. Luffy knew how I felt before I even had the courage to admit it to myself, let alone the whole crew. All of whom seemed to also suspect my feeling, even Sanji-kun seemed to have already known. Technically we're together now, but it was all because of him and I have no idea what's happening or what's going to change or even what the dynamic of the whole crew is going to be now!"

"I'm used to being in control," Nami continued with a huff, anger beginning to build, "Or at least that's what I'm comfortable with. During my many years under that horrible fish face of a tyrant I pretended to be in control, but it was always Arlong that had true control over me and what I would or wouldn't do. Now that I've been free for some years, it's hard to give up that control all over again."

"Nami-san, I want you to stop and think about what you just said." Robin stated quietly as she stood to look Nami in the eye, her voice even but filled with purpose. "You suffered under Arlong for many years as he took control of your whole world. He was a monster, a tyrant without mercy. So yes it's understandable that the loss of control would bring up painful memories."

"But there's one thing you're forgetting," Robin continued with a slightly softer tone as she moved some stray strands of Nami's hair behind her ear in a comforting gesture, resting her hand slightly on her cheek in an encouraging sisterly way for a quick moment to convey her understanding. "Luffy hasn't taken anything from you, only given, asking nothing in return. He cares about you deeply, in his own unique way. Any control he has is only what you have given to him because you trust him whole heartedly. And as someone that wasn't used to trusting anyone until just recently, trust me when I say it makes ALL the difference in the world, when it's your choice."

For the first time in the last few hours, Nami smiled a genuine happy smile, grateful for her surrogate big sister. Letting out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, she looked around her room and began to laugh in slight embarrassment at the mess before her.

Robin's right, Nami couldn't help but think with a smile as her laughing fit died down. I mean, this is Luffy we're talking about, not Arlong. He may be an idiot at times, but I know I can trust him with anything, especially my heart.

"Now," Robin continued with a smirk as Nami turned her way again, "What do you say we find you something that will make Luffy-san speechless?"

"Well I could do that in just about anything," Nami replied with a smirk, back to being her old self again. "But I mean, Luffy is still a guy and all, but do you really think he'll even notice the difference? He doesn't even seem like the type of guy that would even think about dressing up himself for a date."

"Oh I wouldn't say that," Robin returned off handedly with a knowing look, as she moved towards Nami's bed to start looking for the right outfit, "Luffy-san is many things, but predictable is not one of them. I think you'll find he'll surprise you."

*****1 hour later*****

As she stepped out into the cool crisp night air, Nami let out a content sigh as she found her eyes drifting to the lights of the fall island they were currently docked at. It was a smaller island, but a pretty advanced one, and the weather was just perfect. Taking in a cleansing breath, she allowed all her nerves to be washed away.

"Wow, you look really pretty Nami!"

Luffy's voice tore Nami from her moment of solitude, and she couldn't help but smile. She had ultimately decided to keep it simple and cute, but also somewhat warm, with a pair of black leggings and a muted light pink sweater dress. Her hair was up in a loose ponytail, with some strands loose to frame her face, and she carried a tan jacket, just in case it got chilly later.

Turning to acknowledge him Nami felt her breath catch in her throat, only one thought crossing her mind: Oh, my Oda!

In spite of what she had assumed, Luffy had in fact had the presence of mind to dress up a bit. He wore a purple button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone until just below his chest and a pair of loose fitting grey cargo pants. He wore his normal sandals and he had his iconic straw hat, but it hung from a string behind him allowing the wind to whip his hair lightly in the breeze.

"You ready to go eat?" Luffy asked with his iconic grin, unaware of the state he had put Nami in.

"Huh?" Nami mumble out as she shook herself out of her stupor, trying to regain control of her mouth. "Oh, H-Hai, I'm ready."

"Suge!" Luffy cried out as he quickly picked Nami up bridal style, causing her to cry out in surprise, and leapt down the stairs and finally over the railing, to the dock below. Landing surprisingly gently, Luffy placed Nami back onto her feet and stretched out his arm to indicate she could go first.

Shaking her head to regain herself, Nami smirked as she flicked Luffy on the forehead for surprising her like that, muttering "Baka" at him as she moved forward. Luffy for his part just laughed as he moved at an even pace with Nami, and for the first time that night the two Strawhat's were finally feeling comfortable with the situation.

"Ah to be young and in love! I shall begin work on a song for their wedding at once!" Brook sang out with a content sigh as he headed back inside the kitchen to get some tea, "It brings back so many memories. I can feel my heart swelling with joy for our dear captain and his navigator! But I have no heart. Skull Joke! Yohohoho!"

"So, do you think this will end in disaster or what?" Zoro questioned with a smirk as he moved away from the railing to lean against the mast.

"No, not a disaster," Robin returned with a chuckle as she continued watching Luffy and Nami heading into town, "I'd imagine it won't be a conventional date, though I have no doubt it will work out for them in the end. By the way, how are the others keeping Sanji-san occupied?"

"They wouldn't go with my idea of just tying him to a boulder and tossing it into the sea, so I stopped caring after that." Zoro returned off handedly with an irritated frown and a shrug, "All I know is they are all keeping him on the far side of the island from the restaurant those two are going to, and Brook volunteered to watch over the ship tonight."

"Is that so," Robin muttered with a chuckle and a devious smirk as an idea for a fun evening came to her, "And may I ask what will you be doing tonight?"

"I'll probably just do some training," Zoro answered with a suspicious frown at the look on Robin's face, "Maybe grab a few bottles of Sake in the kitchen later. Why?"

"Oh no reason, Zoro-san," Robin all but purred out and as she approached him with a bit more sway to her hips then needed, head slightly cocked to the side in an alluring pose, "I was just thinking of heading into town myself. I just heard rumors that near the town square there's a small wine bar that has the world's best Sake. I thought I might see if the rumors were true, and perhaps you'd like to join me if you're feeling up to it tonight?"

Zoro was wide eyed for a moment at the implications of what Robin was saying, but he refused to let himself blush. Standing abruptly with a growl, he quickly moved passed Robin towards the railing, his pride forcing him to accept the unspoken challenge of sorts the lovely archeologist had issued.

If she thinks she can wind me up and that I'm going to act like an idiot, Zoro growled in his head. Then she better think again!

"Uh, Zoro-san," Robin called out with a chuckle and an amused knowing smirk, "The town and the docks are on this side of the ship."

*****In Town*****

"So this is a pretty cool island," Luffy said with his usual grin, his arms folded behind his head in a relaxed pose as they walked slowly down the paved road towards the restaurant, the street lamps casting a beautiful golden glow on the scattered trees with their orange leaves, creating a very romantic atmosphere. "All the leaves are really cool colors and all the food smells awesome! So what do you think is the coolest thing about the island Nami?"

Nami for her part was surprised to say the least, this was still Luffy, but he was being quite a bit more subdued then she was used to. And while the subject matter was simple, they were having a real conversation that didn't involve meat.

Like a couple, Nami couldn't help but think with a small smile.

"Nami, are you okay?" Luffy's concerned voice broke Nami from her musings as the both came to a halt on the sidewalk, before a look of understanding dawned on Luffy's face. "Oh, I know! You must be really focused on getting something to eat right? I can understand that. Wait right here!"

Before she could say anything, Luffy ran back down the street about six stores down and stopped in front of what had looked like a small café as they were passing it moments ago, before disappearing inside. Confused, Nami made her way towards the shop only for Luffy to come right back out a few moments later with a hand behind his back.

"This should help!" Luffy beamed as he pulled out a small bag and handed it to Nami, his grin never leaving his face.

Surprised at his thoughtfulness, as well as where he got the money to buy the item she now held, Nami took the bag and opened it to revel a small round pastry with a fruit filling in the middle. It smelled wonderful, and as she took a small bite of it the pastry basically melted in her mouth.

"I discovered it this morning!" Luffy stated proudly, pulling Nami's attention back to the man that had gotten it for her. "I was going to see if you wanted to head there tomorrow and try one. It's some kind of dough thingie with a fruit filling. Did you know they even have one filled with meat?! I had one of those earlier, it was good! …Maybe I can get another one after dinner."

"Thank you Luffy," Nami said as she finished laughing.

With that Luffy beamed at her as they continued on towards the restaurant, but then he stopped abruptly with wide eyes as he called out, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"

Quickly reaching into one of the pockets on the side of his pants Luffy pulled out a small, but longish, box and handed it to Nami expectantly. Nami was stunned once more, but dutifully she opened the small box with a gasp. Inside was a beautiful small bright orange quill ink pen.

"Brook and Usopp said a true man gets his date a gift on a first date." Luffy told her with a slightly confused look, before shrugging and continuing with a big smile. "I was going to get you some meat, but they said to get you flowers. But all the flowers seemed kind of boring. So, as I was exploring the island I found that really cool feather that was the exact shade of orange as your hair! When I asked Robin if that could be a gift for you she said yes and that she could make it into a quill for you to use on your maps. So, is it cool or what?"

For a moment Nami was speechless. It was so touching, and yet so Luffy all at the same time. And just like that she couldn't help but think,

Luffy will always be Luffy, but he always is just what you need, right when you need it. No matter the situation. No wonder why I lo-

Shaking her head quickly, not yet ready to complete that thought, let alone face it, she looked at Luffy's bubbly grin, his excitement over the feather rolling off him in waves, and found herself matching it with one of her own.

"I love it!" Nami replied softly, taking Luffy's hand in her own, marveling at how right it felt, "It's an amazing gift captain."

Satisfied, Luffy merely nodded and smiled down at Nami, before continuing on the remaining distance to the restaurant, swinging their joint hands back and forth with excitement as he went on about other cool things that he found. As they walked, it was unclear who initiated it, but somewhere along the lines the two found their fingers laced together, and both found it was a perfect fit.

*****Town Square*****

The only good thing about all this, Zoro thought with a small grunt and an irritated frown, as he followed Robin to the stools by the bar counter, is going to be the look on ero-cook's face when he finds out about this.

The journey there had been irritating and embarrassing, for Zoro at least. Robin had immediately latched onto his arm the whole way there, stating she was just making sure he didn't wonder off. Added to that was the fact that she made a point of leaning just a little too close to Zoro's ear for any little thing she had to say; always blowing lightly at it and making him jump. And while she was good at hiding any outward signs of it, Zoro could tell she was enjoying torturing him. Oh, was she enjoying this!

"I'm glad you felt like accompanying me here tonight Zoro-san. It was very sweet of you to volunteer." Robin stated lightly with a hint of amusement in her voice and a devious sparkle to her eye, before returning to examining the menu the bartender had handed the 'lovely couple', as she had put it.

And here I thought Nami was the devil's spawn! Zoro seethed internally, but merely grunted with a bored expression, refusing to give her the satisfaction.

Robin smiled sweetly at him, succeeding in rubbing salt in Zoro's wounded pride, before turning to signal the bartender with their order.

Zoro didn't bother to listen, but merely turned his highly attuned senses outward to get a feel for the room around him. It was a little over half full, with a live band playing some weird kind of smooth music in the corner that at once made Zoro want to hurl a chair, but at the same time he found it a little intoxicating. Reserving judgment for the time being, Zoro moved onto the people around him. A few were just drinking and enjoying the music, but a few were having some scattered casual conversation here and there.

He was about to turn his attention back to the infuriating woman beside him, when Zoro's keen hearing picked up the conversation of the three men two tables over from them.

"You guys get a load of the raven haired babe with moss head over there?" Idiot# 1 stated with a predatory smirk.

"How could we not, with all that and then some walking past us?" Idiot# 2 returned with a perverted smirk of his own and a chuckle, his large belly rumbling in his mirth "Cyclops over there is lucky, if nothing else. I'd even be willing to stare at that hideous face in the mirror each day, if it meant I could get some of that."

"I-I don't think you should be talking so loud guys," Mr. Lone Survivor muttered in a lower tone, "That guy seems pretty dangerous if you ask me. Besides, I don't think either one of them would like it if they heard wh-"

"Oh, quit being a pansy!" Idiot# 2 muttered, taking a long swig of his beer.

"I know," Idiot# 1 supplied annoyed, "We're merely appreciating the finer qualities of that hot piece of-"

"You know," A velvety sweet voice interrupted there private conversation, causing all three to jump and turn quickly to her. "If you really wanted me to come closer all you had to do was say so."

The music never missed a beat, nor did anyone so much as turn their heads as the sound of two little girls screaming out were quickly silenced. Turning to Mr. Lone Survivor, his jaw still hanging loose in shock, Robin smiled sweetly and said,

"Sorry, but I think your friends are looking flat broke. So, I'm afraid you'll be stuck with the bill tonight. It's a shame really, but if you want my advice, I'd get better friends next time."

As the flower petals fell lightly to the floor, Zoro smirked as he picked up his mug and turned to the lovely archeologist at his side, still sipping slowly at her wine, and said,

"You know, I could've dealt with them if you wanted me to."

"I know," Robin replied with a smirk, immediately picking up on what he meant, turning slightly to look at him, "But I didn't feel like letting you be merciful with them."

Turning back to his mug, Zoro took a small taste, and smirked again. The Sake was some of the best he had had in a long time, and he decided the music wasn't half bad either.

I guess Ero-cook's expression later on, won't be the only good thing about all this.

*****The Restaurant*****

Luffy just sat there confused, hand resting lightly on his stinging cheek, as he stared the direction a fuming Nami had stomped out a few moments before. Nami's fist and his head were very well acquainted, but this was something new for him. The worst part though was the dull ache in his chest. In between the ranting of 'idiot' and 'I should've known better' on her way to the entrance, Luffy hadn't missed the tear that had fallen. It was a sight he had hoped to never see again. As time seemed to start moving again, only one thing was truly clear to Luffy.

I have no idea what just happened.

So, love it, hate it, or confine it to the friend zone? Again I tried my best to make them seem true to who they are, but also reacting honestly to brand new situations. Hope I did well. Please Review!