Written For:

- Drabble Game Challenge, Lucius/Andromeda (prompt #12) for Bex

Pairing: Lucius/Andromeda

Word Count: 299

The Proposal

Andromeda sighed loudly and deliberately as her mother pushed a leaf of parchment across the dining table towards her. She saw the Malfoy crest heading the letter immediately, and she folded her arms. "I already told Mister Malfoy that I wasn't going to court his son."

"Andromeda, you're being petulant," her mother snapped, narrowing her dark eyes.

"And you're being unfair!" she hissed back. "I told you I am marrying for love, not for convenience."

"You grow to love your husband in time. Do you think I loved your father at the start?" Druella rolled her eyes expressively and took a long drag from the cigarette she was holding. "Of course not. But I did what was best for my family name."

"I am only sixteen!" yelled Andromeda.

"Yes, and Bellatrix is younger than you, and she has already accepted the Lestrange's proposal! Now stop being such a child and write back to the Malfoys. All he wants is your hand in marriage."

"Oh, is that all?" scoffed Andromeda, glaring across the table. Her thoughts wandered to the oldest Malfoy son, with his angled, pale features and slick, white-blonde hair. He had light blue eyes that shot icy daggers through anyone he looked at, and he always made Andromeda shudder.

She tried to imagine herself cuddling up to Lucius on an evening in front of the fire, or pouring wine for the pair of them. She thought about what it would be like to kiss his stone-cool lips, to be led up to bed by him. To have him slipping between her sheets like an ice sculpture. To give birth to a blonde son, wearing the same expressionless sneer as he was born.

No, she thought to herself, shaking her head firmly. It just couldn't work out.