Rynn- for all you Naomi fans!!! And, of course, brad! Dark secrets, love, and death. But whose? Dummm dummm dah dummm.

Naomi Flugle sat idly stirring her coffee and humming, her eyes unfocused. Almost oblivious to the other patrons of the coffee shop who were hooting and booing at the tactics of the Lightning team, who were, at the moment battling the Buffalo's, she resided alone in a corner. The table shook, blurring her view of the tabletop, she muttered to no one in particular, "Now they're rioting, all over another stupid battle, with no exciting outcome." A deep, masculine voice answered, "Actually, the conclusion was okay."

Her head shot up, eyes blazing at being caught in such an uncharacteristic pose. Cool, serene eyes stared back, as if they expected that. It was Brad, Blitz team mercenary and pilot of the Shadowfox. He spoke calmly, "The Lightning team lost, they shouldn't have accepted another battle so soon after their humiliating defeat by the Gold team." Naomi looked on mutely for a few seconds and then shrugged, unaffected by any of the news, she had stopped piloting almost a year ago, after the conclusion of the royal cup and Leon leaving for even more pointless travel. Brad eyed her warily, knowing her to be excited and spontaneous, this wasn't like her at all, adrenaline junky that she was. She went back to humming her song and stirring slowly. Brad looked on and questioned, "You know that you are sloshing coffee all over the table right?"


"Well, the table is sopping, your coffee cup is almost empty, and you haven't taken a sip since you ordered."

"Have you been watching me since you got here?"

"No, I watched the battle, and then I noticed that you look like you really need a shot of caffeine. Anyway did you know, since Jamie was blabbing about this all last night, that a convict escaped from prison yesterday? Some guy who is even more ruthless than Vega and even crazier than Layon"

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This captured Naomi's attention enough for her to stop stirring her almost empty cup, as she lifted it to her lips she quizzed him, "name?"

"Commander Evhert."

This new information sent a jolt through her, her garnet eyes dilated quickly and her hand fell loose, her cup dropping. She was out the door before the crash of porcelain echoed through the shop, making all quiet.