Chapter 5

Alexia found it difficult to get time with Loki to help her with her training. She also found it hard to describe how the power felt in her. It was almost a fortnight before the tower was empty enough for them to really practise again, but she had gotten better and the incidences were getting less frequent, but both she and Loki realised the more she tried to control it, the greater is seemed to grow.

"I can feel it most of the time now, I feel like it is flooding me." She stated as she tried to express herself to him as she paced the common area floor.

"Sit, you are making me dizzy." He ordered as he ceased looking at her.

"What am I to do if it becomes stronger, I will have to hide, but there is no way to hide, Pepper would have SHIELD look for me. There is nothing I can do." She was not speaking to Loki in particular as she paced faster, causing the light bulbs to flicker.

"Stop!" Loki ordered getting to his feet suddenly. It gave the desired effect and Alexia got sidetracked enough for him to calm her. "There is nothing to be gained by worrying about that, you are only causing it to show more."

"I cannot hide this forever."

"I think if it is growing as you think it is, I fear you may be right, but you still need to try."

"What if I cannot?"

"Then we get JARVIS to explain to Thor what your fate would be, he has a fondness for you, he will protect you."

"He cannot protect me. Not from them."

"We have fought against the most dangerous creatures in the Nine Realms, a few SHIELD mortals is nothing. He will take you to Asgard no doubt."

"I…" Alexia was about to say she did not want to go, but Loki seemed to realise what it was she was going to say and raised a brow, as though telling her to rethink her predicament. "I guess."

"Just keep on top of it and you will be fine for now. Remember, when you feel the pulses, excuse yourself and deal with getting it under control. Try and focus on crushing it in to ensure it does not grow." Alexia nodded.

"Forgive my interrupting the lesson, however one Doctor Selvig is on his way up now with Agent Coulson."

Alexia's face paled. "I think we best be leaving." Loki walked out the door and towards the stairwell.

"They are aware of your presence Mr Loki, from what I have gathered it is you they wish to see regarding that sceptre from your previous time on Earth."

Loki swore. "Go down the stairs, the last thing we need is the Coulson interfering." Loki instructed.

"You have no idea." Alexia added, going down the stairwell as fast as she could go.

She rounded the corner when Loki heard the elevator door ping to state it was opening. He quickly stood in front of it, looking as though he was to go somewhere. When the doors opened, he looked boredly at the two men staring at him. "None of them are here." He stated in an uninterested tone. "Excuse me." His manner was not a polite one.

"Actually it is you we are here to see." Coulson stated nonchalantly, as though the man in front of him was not the same one that stabbed the sceptre through his chest, almost killing him.

"I am not interested in anything you have to say."

"Considering neither of us could ever be accused of being fans of one another, how about I ask you what I am required to ask, you answer accordingly and hopefully we never see one another again?" The agent suggested.

"I would not be so lucky." Loki hissed back.

"Nor I, but let's try, just on the off chance."

"Dr Selvig, so good to see you again." Loki smiled menacingly.

The scientist looked anywhere but at the God. "I thought you dead."

"So many did, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not tend to die easily."

"We figured." Coulson retorted. "Shall we?" he indicated to the common room again. When they entered, he noted a second mug and a scarf, but said nothing.

Alexia was snowed under with work as Stark Industries began a buy out of another firm. She and Pepper were pulling all nighters for near a week, though that was nothing new to them. Exhausted, she was relieved when finally the takeover was completed and she was permitted an afternoon and night to catch up on some lost sleep.

"You sure you can finish without me?" She smiled as she grabbed her jacket.

"I think I will manage. I got two nights sleep in the last week, you got how many?"

"What is this sleep you speak of?" She laughed as she walked out the door. "See you in the morning Pepper." Pepper waved and got back to collecting her own things together so that she could join Tony for dinner.

With her head stuck in her phone to see what to order for a quick dinner before crashing on her bed to sleep, Alexia collided with a wall of muscle. "Lady Alex, my apologies." Thor smiled down at her. "I actually was in search of you."

"Really?" As tired as she was, Alexia was intrigued as to why Thor was looking for her.

"Yes, Loki stated I should speak with you with regards a matter he stated was quite urgent. I was not aware you and my brother were even on speaking terms." He looked to Alexia for an explanation after clearly being told nothing by Loki.

"We have spoken less than a handful of times in the past month, I am not sure if I even know what this is supposed to be with regards to."

"He mentioned you having to hide something, and that it was imperative that I knew about it for your safety. Is everything alright? Lady Alex, you are beginning to look pale."

"I'm fine, I just…I need some rest. Business takeovers. I have not slept for the bones of a week." She rambled dismissively.

"So, what is the urgent matter with regards your safety?" Thor queried.

Alexia's eyes darted side to side in panic. "I…uh-Thor."

"It is of a sensitive nature; very well, we can go somewhere more private and discuss it."

"There is nothing to discuss." Alexia stated bluntly.

Thor frowned. "You reactions beg to differ. Lady Alex, please, if Loki stated that your life is at risk, I am very much insistent that you tell me. I want to help you." Thor pleaded.

Alexia turned to walk off, scared of anyone hearing their conversation. "I can't."

Thor walked behind her and went to take hold of her arm. "Please…"

Alexia was about to retort again when she felt something on her arm and became scared. She turned to face Thor, only for him to be shot across the hallway into the opposite wall with a loud thud. "Shit. I'm sorry."

Thor stared up for a moment in shock at the force he hit the wall. "I can see what Loki was implying. Though I am confused as to how this is life threatening." He stated as he rose to his feet once more.

"Midgardians don't tend to have such…let's call them abilities." She explained. Thor continued to look at her blankly, waiting for her to expand further. "From what Loki and I could find, any other Midgardians to have such abilities were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and experimented on, resulting in their deaths, or indeed killed as S.H.I.E.L.D. attempted to capture them." She explained nervously.

Thor took a moment to process what she was saying. "So how does Loki know of this?"

"I may have been the reason for the elevator malfunctioning that time we were in it. He also noticed another time before that too."

"And he has been aiding you?" She nodded. "I wonder why? He is not one to care for Midgardian's."

"I think the whole being tied to a metal table and used as a lab rat thing struck a chord with him."

"Well that is one for the books, Loki showing empathy. Who else knows?"

"You and JARVIS."

"JARVIS?" He looked up to the ceiling.

"He's been doing research for us, keeping an eye out for people who may interrupt my training, deleting video evidence, everything."

"And S.H.I.E.L.D. do these things to people like you?" Alexia nodded. "Your father will not allow it."

"He may not have a choice."

"Do not fret Lady Alex; I will assist in protecting you."

"Thank you Thor." She smiled weakly. "I better go; I am so tired I don't know if I can control it fully. I need to rest."

"Then go rest. I shall arrange to speak with both you and Loki with regards the matter again when we are all in New York once more."

With a nod and a wave, Alexia walked off in search of a place to rest her head.


"You told Thor!" Alexia snapped when she finally was able to speak with Loki alone again.

"No, technically I only told him to speak with you."

"You as good as told him."

"But I did not." The trickster grinned.

Alexia groaned in frustration. "Why am I even bothering?"

"That is a common utterance for me I can assure you." The prince stated.

"Ms Alex, I'm so sorry." JARVIS apologised.


"He overrode my system."

Alexia felt her stomach drop. "Who did JARVIS?"

"I did." A man stepped into the room from the outside lobby.

"Dad, I…I…" Alex shook in fear.

Loki stared between the two Midgardians. "Odd, I though with your fashion sense, you closeness to Ms Potts and other almost similarities that Stark was your father."

"How did you…?" She asked.

"When I came with Selvig, you had left your scarf on the couch." Coulson pulled out the evidentiary garment and let it dangle from a finger. "There is a car outside, get into it. You are being reassigned, I hear from Pepper that you like London."

"What, no, I don't work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

"You do now, effective immediately. Pepper has been notified and everything."

"No, it's a trap." Alexia shook her head frantically from side to side.

"Lexi, don't, you have to calm yourself." Loki warned, keeping his eye on the confusion on Coulson's face as he looked at his daughter.

"Don't you dare call her that." Coulson began to become infuriated. "Alexia, you know what he did here in New York, what he did to Hawkeye, to me!" He shouted, losing his cool, something he was renowned for not doing, regardless of the situation. "And here you are acting like B.F.F.'s with an inter realm scumbag."

"Dad please." Alexia begged, her hands wrapped tight around her torso as she slumped to the ground and curled up as small as she could make herself.

"Is this some sort of revenge for not being there when you were a child, I apologised for that before."

"Please stop." She pleaded. Her hands going to her ears to block them.

"Listen to her." Loki stated firmly, realising that Alexia was on the verge of losing control.

"I should have you locked up for this, poisoning her." Coulson pulled out a weapon that caused Loki to take a step back.

"No, no, no, no, no, please." Alexia implored as she did everything she could to try and control her now growing power.

Her eyes were firmly shut as the lights around the room began to glow brightly. The water in the water cooler began to bubble and the glass in the large windows began to crack.

"What are you doing? Thor stated you have no power." Coulson focused on Loki.

"Stop, please STOP!" Alexia screamed as the glass shattered, the electrics blew and both Coulson and Loki were blasted to opposite sides of the room.

As Coulson rose from the ground to try and right himself, he stared at the shattered glass in the floor, Loki just as stunned on the far side of the room, and in the middle, Alexia looking at him with terror in her eyes. "Lexi, no."

"I'm sorry dad."