First and foremost I must warn all of you lovely readers that I will not only be messing with the universe of Harry Potter, but with the universe as a whole. Meaning not just things in Harry Potter will be odd, out of place, or different. There will also be changes in muggle laws, wizard laws, and perhaps a few laws of physics. Most people reading the original version of this fictional piece did not understand that concept and repeatedly brought it to my attention throughout the course of the later chapters. Secondly, while this will be similar to the original, I am rewriting it with the intent on changing a few things. With that out of the way let us begin.

Chapter 1: This'll be fun.

Little Whinging.

17 August 1987.

Number 4 Privet Drive.

The Cupboard under the stairs.

Harry James Potter was lamenting his life, as odd as that sounds for a seven year old to be doing at four in the evening on a Monday. However this young man was rather distraught, he had been locked in his 'Room' for the past two hours. This had been done to ensure that he had not ruined his 'relatives' big dinner party, where his Uncle Vernon was attempting to seal a rather large deal. You see, Vernon was a manager in a large electronics company that produced radios, computer parts, and did repairs. He was in the middle of trying to sell a large amount of parts to a newer company trying to make better, faster computers for consumer use. The man he was discussing this with was also a longtime member of the Royal Marines and had only recently retired. The man had connections in a recently opened military academy, and had mentioned so to Vernon earlier in the evening.

Since then, the cogs in Vernon's little mind had been working overtime, eyes occasionally straying over to the place the freak slept. He knew he wanted that freakish boy out of his house sooner rather than later, and had lost the chance to drop him at an orphanage once the boy learned the address. He brought it up to his client. "So Mr. Free, this academy your friend runs, what's the age range?" Vernon asked, refilling his Cognac.

"As I explained earlier they teach most of the normal subjects that you would find in a school to the younger kids, mainly six to ten or so. Then there begins a focus on tactics, critical thinking, small arms proficiency, and close quarters combat from the ages of ten to twelve." He paused for a breath, taking a sip of his drink. "Then from twelve to eighteen the school focuses on particular subjects based on the students interests, which at the moment offers combat, flying, psychology, intelligence, linguistics, and medicine. From the time students leave the school they can either join Her Majesty's military, go to a university or onto civilian life." He finished, rubbing his small moustache.

"I have a nephew who has been enamored with military life for quite some time, and has expressed interest in joining when he becomes older. Do you think it would be possible to join?" Vernon asked, his eyes filled with a malicious joy.

Free glanced around, searching for the man's nephew. "And where is the young lad, I would have to meet him to be sure before I made any promises." He said, still glancing around as if assuming Harry would appear from thin air.

"He's up in his room at the moment, he's rather shy of strangers you see. Petunia if you could?" Vernon motioned for her to go and get the boy. Thankfully for the Dursley's their sitting room door blocked the cupboard when it was closed so the retired Major didn't watch Petunia walk over and pull Harry from his 'bedroom', wait a moment and head back into the sitting room.

"Ah hello young Mr…" Free trailed off looking to Vernon.

"Potter, Harry Potter" Vernon supplemented, taking another gulp of his drink. A brief flash of surprise flickered across Frees face but luckily no one caught it.

"Well met Mr. Potter, now your uncle here has told me you might be looking at joining the military one day, yes?" Free asked the young boy. The child glanced at his uncle who was nodding to him with a slight glare. He nodded to the man. "Good, I know some people that have begun an experimental school, something similar to the United States West Point, but for the younger generations. I'll let your Uncle fill you in, but I am afraid I must depart." Free said standing and shaking Vernon's hand "If you are interested, have your Uncle give me a call and I'll get you a spot on the roster." The former Major said, taking his coat from Petunia and departing.

Vernon turned to his young nephew and grinned almost maniacally. "I'll let you know now boy that you will be out of this house as soon as they will let you go to that school, and if you utter one complaint I'll make you wish you were dead." His uncle said, motioning to the boy to head back into his cupboard, and ponder his future.

Little Whinging.

24 August 1987

Number Four Privet Drive

Sitting Room

Mr. Free had come through on his promise and a week later Harry had been awoken with the news that he would be shipped out to a boarding school north of Thetford, near the Thetford Forest. Harry had looked it up the Dursleys had and saw it was near the train station. He supposed that was good for moving soldiers around or whatever it was this school did. Mr. Free had said that there would be a Lieutenant coming to pick him up from his home and that he would be expected to be ready to leave at 0700 hours on the twenty fourth. As the day dawned Harry grabbed his meager belongings from his cupboard and was brought into the sitting room to await the man coming to get him.

Vernon had glared at him as he left for work, but had a skip in his step as he thought of getting rid of his hated nephew. Petunia and Dudley had also departed for the moment, to take Dudley to the dentist. So Harry was sitting alone in the continually brightening room, slowly but surely becoming more and more nervous as time ticked by. A few minutes before 0700 there came a knock at the door, Harry peeped out of the curtain before opening the door to allow the uniformed man into the house. "Hello Mr. Potter" The lieutenant shook his hand, "I'm Lieutenant O'Connell, I don't suppose your relatives are around then?" He asked, glancing around the empty house. Harry shook his head, "Oh well, then best be off, bit of a trip." The officer said gesturing to the black Land Rover Defender parked outside, Harry followed him and hopped in the back, dropping his pack at his feet and looking to the officer. "It's a long ride, so if you feel like catching up on some sleep then feel free to, I'm not one for conversation anyway." O'Connell said with a smirk. With this Harry looked back at Privet Drive for the last time in a long time.

Thetford, Norfolk

24, August 1987

Junior Royal Thetford Academy


Harry was jolted awake at the honk of a horn, apparently O'Connell was trying to get the gate guard to let them in. He stayed silent as they sped up the path, a very large, very old building coming into view. He was startled again as O'Connell addressed him directly. "You'll get a tour of the area later, for now grab your gear and follow me, we'll get you kitted out in the standard uniform and see you to your dorms." The Lieutenant parked and hopped out, quickly addressing an older boy that had run up. "Cadet Johnson, drive that round to the motor pool and get it checked out, I think the headlights need fluid." He said, saluting the boy and walking off.

"Sir, there isn't such a thing as headlight fluid is there?" Harry asked doubtfully. O'Connell smirked at him.

"There isn't, but in his haste I'm sure the cadet forgot that fact as well." He said opening the door to a smaller building to the right of the main building. "This is the Quartermaster's Stores, and in here you'll find clothes, blankets, most of the food, and most training weapons. Here, go see the Corporal over there - tell him you need the standard set and he'll get you fixed up. Afterwards report to the main offices in the large building, follow the signs." With a nod O'Connell left the building. Thankfully for Harry, Corporal Shepard was amiable enough and the process took no more than twelve minutes. Afterwards he went to the office where he was assigned a bunk room and given his class schedule, before being told he had the rest of the day off.

Harry made his way up to the room he'd be sharing with four others, two girls and two other boy's. He stowed his gear and laid back on the bed, contemplating how this new chapter of his life would be written.

So that was the new chapter, how'd you like it? There's a few references in the chapter I'm hoping a few of you will catch, anyway that's all I have for now. Nothing major will change muggle universe wise for a few more chapters, and I'll alert you before and after the fact so no one bites my head off. Lastly big thanks to Pixel and Stephanie Forever for the message last week that got me to follow through on my idea of rewriting this, as well as helping out.