Back on the Isle of the lost, the original five VK's were back to pick up the newest crop. Just beyond the barrier Jay drove Mal's purple limo to the pickup location. Smee was kissing his twin sons goodbye being one of the few villain parents to openly show affection to their children.

"All right, boys," Jay said as he took one twin by the shoulders. "Let's hit the road."

"You're gonna see him soon, okay?" Carlos smiled, consoling the other twin since they both looked so sad to be leaving their father behind.

The boys ushered the twins into the limo then Dizzy came swinging hands with Evie and tossing her bag into the trunk of the limo. And from behind them came an intimidating older women, the evil step-mother herself.

"Do you have everything?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"Yes, I have everything." Dizzy smiled still so giddy at the thought of going to Auradon.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, Granny."

"Oh, really?" Lady Tremaine prompted, bringing out something from within her robes, and presenting it to her granddaughter.

"My glue gun!" Dizzy beamed once she saw that before taking it.

"I don't know what you're going to do without me." Her grandmother sighed looking off to pretend she didn't care. Dizzy looked back at Evie and she winked giving her a little nudge.

"I'll miss you." Dizzy smiled to her grandmother before hugging her tight around the waist.

The evil step-mother froze but softened slightly patting her granddaughter on the back, then she pretended to harden up again. "Go on, go on." Lady Tremaine then gestured for her granddaughter to leave. Then she and Evie grinned giggling their way into the limo to join the boys.

Then there was the final two kids left. Celia and Freddie approached the limo on unison.

"Here, let me help get this off of you," Mal said to Celia moving to assist her before the girl ignored her tossing her bag into the trunk herself, also ignoring Ben when he spoke to her and sauntering to the limo. Mal giggled because she knew Celia was putting on an act and followed her into the limo. That left Ben and Ruby with the other twin and the last kid.

"What about you?" He asked as Freddie threw his bag in the trunk as well, "I have a feeling we're gonna be great friends."

"Sorry chump, my only friends are my sister, my daddy and of course," he slid back to stand at Ruby's side placing his hand on her shoulder. "My ladies." He smirked.

Ruby blinked at him before sharing a glance with Ben and pushing his hand off her shoulder, grabbing his head turning him around and nudging him to the limo in one move. Ben shook his head and closed the trunk climbing into the limo behind them. Jay drove off as the other people of the Isle waved them away happily.

"So, as soon as we get to Auradon, you have to try ice cream." Evie smiled to Dizzy.

"And go swimming?" Dizzy asked hopefully almost bouncing with excitement.

"I can take you to the Enchanted Lake!" Evie beamed. Then the two squealed loudly.

"I can't believe I get to live with you in your very own castle."

"It's just a little starter castle." The blue haired princess smiled bashfully.

In the front seat Jay felt one of the twins' grip on his arm as he drove. "Great grip." He said before smiling and asking, "You play sports?" The twin didn't say anything as he stared out at the road fearfully.

"Here. Try this," Carlos smiled to the other twin, giving him some peanut butter chocolate cups. "Trust me on this." The twin bit into the chocolate and he seemed to like it looking down at the chocolate in shock before looking at Carlos. "I know," Carlos smiled throwing his arm over the back of the twins seat. "Dig in, dig in."

Celia showed Ben her cards for him to choose one of them. Ben looked at her nervously and picked one from the deck, Celia folded up the cards before holding out her hand for his to read. Ben gave the card back and Celia paused with her hands folded over it.

"You're going to be a wise and brave king." Celia predicted with a smile, she said revealing the card which showed the prediction of the Past, Present and Future.

"He already is." Mal smirked, hugging Ben's arm.

"See? The cards never lie." Celia smirked innocently, holding out her hand.

Ben took out his wallet and gave Celia a dollar bill the girl beamed as she accepted the money gleefully.

"So Red," Freddie smirked trying very hard to wrap his arm around Ruby's shoulder and failing miserably, "How about you and me ditch the kids," he said nodding his head around the limo, "And the hair." He added nodding to Jay, "And go some place private when we get to Auradon?"

"How about we don't?" Ruby smirked.

"The only reason they should be opening that barrier is for putting Uma back in, not letting more villains out." Queen Leah huffed as she watched on the big screen with the other people of Auradon, who unlike her were thrilled over what was going on.

Evie smiled back to the Isle as the barrier began to close as they left, but a blue-haired person ran from the crowd to make it to the barrier before it closed up completely, succeeding in punching his hand out.

"It's Hades!" Evie shouted pointing out the back window.

Everyone looked out the back window to see Hades with his arms and head poking out from the barrier, his ember in hand.

"Stop the car, he's trying to escape!" Ruby shouted to her boyfriend and the car immediately stopped just beyond the barrier and everyone jumped out.

Hades continued trying to break out, glaring as his hair lit up. "I am a God!" he snapped. "I don't belong here!"

The guys immediately jumped in front of everyone, but Hades only laughed wickedly blasting them down with his ember. Mal's eyes glowed green before she began to transform into her dragon form. Flying high above the limo and staring down at Hades, Mal roared at the evil of the Underworld. Hades grinned darkly then he looked surprised to see the purple dragon, she lunged for Hades but he once again lashed out with his ember blasting her backwards some.

"Do not panic, okay?" the Fairy Godmother said calmly into her microphone to the people of Auradon. "Nobody needs to panic!"

"It's Mal." Belle gasped gripping onto Adam's arm.

"There's your precious Queen," Audrey yelled incredulously pointing up at the screen. "She can't even protect us!"

"Okay. We're panicking," Fairy Godmother amended running off the stage. "Bippity-boppity run!"

Hades blasted Mal again, and she roared out in pain this time.

"Come on, Mal! Blast him!" Jay encouraged.

Mal let out a roar strong enough to send Hades back into the barrier, making the god tumble backwards and people scrambled out of his way.

Evie helped Carlos up checking on him and Ruby picked up Ben's crown as he and Jay stood dusting themselves off handing it to him.

"You guys okay?" she asked anxiously and they both nodded Ben accepting his crown, Mal then began to come down, as Hades stood glaring at them from the other side of the barrier. Mal changed back into her human form and Jay and Ben helped her down from the top of the limo

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked her sister, not only referring to what just happened with Hades but also her dragon form.

"No," Mal responded weakly as she caught her breath. "He was draining all of my magic with the ember, and I felt all of my powers slipping away."

"You're safe," Ruby told her rubbing her arm, "He's back where he belongs." They watched Hades glare one more time before he stormed off as the other people of the Isle quickly got out of his way.

"Yeah, for now." Mal said softly.

"We should go." Jay suggested.

"Okay." Mal nodded still breathing hard as they all filed back into the limo.

That night Ruby was walking back through the halls of the dormitories of Auradon Prep, having been asked by her sister to pick up some important files that she needed for her meeting tomorrow. When she bumped into someone.

"Audrey?" she gasped in shock adjusting the files in her arms, "It's late what are you doing up?"

"You know just re-familiarizing myself with everything." She shrugged a strange glint in her eye, "It's been a while you know?"

"I know."

"What are you doing here? Since you and your little friends moved out to that castle we hardly see you around here."

"Just picking up some things for Mal, she's had a rough day you know?"

Audrey scoffed, "All this time and Mal still has you running errands for her?"

"Excuse me?" Ruby gasped.

"I just think it's a little strange. I know we all didn't get off to the best start, but you and Mal were like two peas in a pod. And now she's about to be queen, and you're what? Her errand-rat?" she pouted.

"I don't what you're trying to do-" Ruby started to defend but Audrey cut her off.

"And then she made you guys separate knowing how much weaker you'd be without her. Don't you see, she just wants all the power for herself?" Audrey looked sympathetic reaching out to take Ruby's unoccupied hand as she started to look doubtful, "All I know is, if you were my sister I would never treat you like that. We would be equals." She smirked squeezing her hand, "Well goodnight." She strolled off humming and unfamiliar tune, while Ruby stood there thoughts running wild.

After giving Mal the files she requested, and not saying a word to her seen as she had so much on her mind, Ruby got ready for bed, happy that Jay was already asleep so he wouldn't question her unease.

That night Audrey's words rang throughout her mind like a broken record. She also had visions of an unfamiliar land.


Her Godmother's scepter.

Their calling me the Queen.

A white rabbit.

Ruby they're yours.

The Queen's Crown.

The Queen of Mean.

Broken glass and a hand reaching out to claim both the scepter and the crown.

Come to me.

A red dress.

The next morning Ruby jolted, waking up alone with only one thought on her mind.

"Mom?" she questioned aloud.

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