Title: Finding a Family

Author: Crimson Rosary

Summary: All is good after Voldemort's demise, but then comes Harry's magical and creature inheritance. Now he has to do what in order to accomplish what?! Manipulative!Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny Bashing!

Pairing: HPxHarem

Rating: M

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Chapter 15

~ Alfheim ~

"Why were we invited, Harry?"

The Gryffindor turned and smiled, "Because, it would be a perfect way to prove that we've really changed and I wanted to share something like this, with you guys."

The Slytherins standing there looked awkward, but with a haughty mightier-than-thou expression on their face. Theo, Blaise, and Draco were invited to Harry's elven wedding ceremony in Alfheim. Severus was already a decided guest because the dour man had helped Harry with his inheritance; plus, Harry had decided that Severus would become an elf. Harry didn't think his grandfather would mind if someone of Severus's caliber would become an immortal.

"So, this is just to prove something?" Theo asked. Even if they were a bit suspicious, who wouldn't have wanted to be invited to an elven ceremony in an elven world? This would surely rocket their popularity and status back in the Wizarding World when they've returned. Not to mention, they'd also accepted an invitation to the Potter-Granger wedding and the upcoming weddings.

"You Slytherins think too much on benefits and consequences," Harry rolled his eyes, "Think of this as just a vacation or a holiday – or even just to celebrate a friend's wedding."

Severus gave Harry a hard look, wondering why he was invited. He'd bullied the poor boy for many years, yet the Gryffindor took no offense and was quite amiable with him this year.

"You deserve it, Severus. You've helped me through my inheritance and you were my mum's best friend. My father apologized for bullying you all those years, and I really hope that you can see you deserve more than the past you've had. I'll make sure of it."

Severus was still a bit suspicious.

Harry sighed good-naturedly, "Honestly, Severus, think of all the herbs you can find in Alfheim or the ointments and cures that elves use. Think of this like an excursion with an invitation to a wedding as a side-event."

The potions master's eyes widened at the numerous possibilities to expand his potions repertoire with that sentence. However, it wasn't until Fawkes had settled onto the newly deemed Headmaster's shoulder did Severus give Harry a long look and nodded his head, "Thank you, Harry."

Fawkes trilled with pleasure as if it had been his idea the entire time.

"Is everyone ready?" Elder Elenshaer asked. His blue eyes overlooked all the mortals standing in the foyer.

"How long exactly, are we staying there?" Hermione fretted. "We need to get back to confirm all details for our wedding in two weeks."

The fair-haired elf merely smiled. "Have no fear. You will return in time for your wedding. Besides, are your winged friends not of use?"

The fair-haired elf gestured to Hedwig and Fawkes. Both of them puffed out their chests as if given the highest honor.

"I suppose we could send Hedwig and Fawkes on deliveries, though I wouldn't understand how that would work between realms…"

"Does your fiery phoenix familiar not travel through realms?" The question was asked with such an incredulous tone that had Hermione grasping for knowledge of all things phoenix.

"Do they?" Remus inquired, his mind already whirling with information.

"But of course," Elder Elenshaer looked insulted at the thought. "Perhaps, it is because your phoenix friend had been long chained to that hideous creature, which incurred his inability to inter-dimension travel. Now that he has chosen his bonder freely, his powers should have been restored."

The look on Elenshaer's face when everyone else's was blank with shock nearly had the elf reeling with laughter. But he couldn't do that; not in front of his Highness, certainly not while he was an Elder.

"Highness, phoenixes are known to be mystical and powerful creatures. Surely inter-dimensional travelling would have crossed your mind as one of their skills?"

"This is brilliant!" Hermione beamed, "I hope the library has more information about phoenixes. I'd love to learn more about them." Even the rest of their entourage looked eager to learn more.

"But of course," The elf reassured. "Unlike that dratted mortal, we elves pride ourselves in knowledge and wisdom through all ages. No knowledge is withheld should the need to know or learn arise."

"You wouldn't mind if we made preparations as this ceremony takes place?" Harry quickly cut in, raising an eyebrow. He loved Hermione very much; however, Harry also knew how Hermione would get once she clung onto something she wanted to know more about. There was no way they would get to Alfheim within the day should they continue on this way.

"Correct. Your wedding in the mortal world is just as important to you as this wedding ceremony is for us."

"Oh! That's perfect!" Hermione beamed. "We have so much to do and so little time to do them."

"Perhaps that would be for the best," the elf advised. He knew what the witch was referring to.

"Yes…" Hermione bit her lip nervously, eyeing the two Gryffindors in mind.

"Now, none of that." Sirius spoke up. "We will still have a birthday that will make both Harry's and Neville's day."


Everyone watched as the reality around them disappeared in ripples and a new scene took its place.

And Harry knew he would always lose his breath whenever his eyes lay upon its great image. Though the ride through the forests and countryside were a bit monotonous, its vast lands were rich with nature and crops; the tall and glistening castle in the foggy distance as a backdrop. It was a peaceful scene, and Harry hoped he would love his kingdom and home.

While there were little cottages built along the way, far in the distance, there weren't many. And when Harry asked about them, Elder Elenshaer reported that many elves lived outside of the kingdom's protective walls, but the reason for that was because they were elves with a lower status. Nevertheless, the elder assured them that the kingdom's patrols helped to protect its citizens, whether they live within or beyond the kingdom's walls.

The ride went by quickly after that, and soon, they were within the walls of a vast city. The way towards the palace was filled with girlish squeals and giggles, admiration for the structural builds of the elven homes around the land. Elves themselves were trying to peer into their carriages, but the drapes prevented anyone from peeking in.

There were several instances that the girls realized a trend, which Elder Elenshaer explained that, while elves were immortal, there weren't many children born, given their status as immortals. Immortality did not beget children; and for that, elves born were often celebrated throughout the kingdom, whether or not the elves were of a low or high status. But that was because of the war that occurred; some elves were still a bit too traumatized and that trauma affected how safe they felt in their own homes, which affected their lives as well.

Elder Elenshaer also told them that with the heir now present in the kingdom, its people would rejoice and hopefully, a larger generation will present itself in time. Harry and his girls flushed with embarrassment. Their ride soon stopped and one by one, they departed from their vehicle.

Whereas there were thick walls that encircled the large kingdom, the palace walls were shorter. Twelve bastions armed with arrows and other projectiles, stood with overwhelming power, each filled with a handful of armed soldiers ready and alert for battle. Crystal stonewalls embedded with diamonds, glistened from the rush of coursing waters, its delicate architecture belying the barrier's impenetrable fortitude, as a result of years of carefully thought-out floor plans for construction after the war. Heavy vines wrapped around the base of the walls, were lined with thorns for unlucky victims.

At the very center of the palace, the large party could see the three translucent domes placed grandly upon the three prominent buildings within the snow-white citadel. The one of the left was where the king's army and men stayed, explained Elder Elenshaer. The one on the right was where the king's administration occupied. And the middle building was where the king resided, corridors upon corridors linking the main structure to branches where his family and trusted inhabited – or so, that was what Elder Elenshaer had told them on the way to the kingdom.

"Harry, please follow me." The elf said, after they entered the palace. When the girls made to follow, the elf acknowledged their presence and led them down several corridors. "The other attendants will lead you to your rooms for the stay of this trip." The elder reported, relieving the other witches and wizards from their confusion.

The palace workers bowed as they passed, but did nothing to interrupt their own jobs.

"In here," Elder Elenshaer motioned to the pair of golden doors with branch and floral pattern and an arch made of mosaic glass.

"My King."

Before them was an elf with long flowing silver hair with a few locks plaited and tied at the back of his head; face devoid of any blemish or wrinkles and jaw sharp and chiseled. Though, the most distinct feature was the bright green eyes, similar to that of Harry's own emerald eyes. His aura was quite overwhelming, and his clothes depicted his royal status.


"Elenshaer, is this –" Green eyes roved over the near mirror image of his son-in-law. Harry was definitely his father's son as far as Orelon could see. Oh, but his eyes; yes, Harry definitely had his beloved daughter's eyes.

"Yes, your majesty. This is your grandson and his mates bar one. Harry, this is High King Orelon."

"Grandfather is fine," The royal spoke up, walking around his table. "Or grandpa, whichever one is fine with me. No need for formalities around family."

Harry shifted on his feet, "It's nice to meet you grandfather."

The bright smile Harry received in return was more than enough to settle his nerves.

"Come, won't you introduce me to your mates?"

"Of course. This is Hermione Granger, Susan Bones, Daphne Greengrass, Luna Lovegood, Fleur Delacour and Nymphadora Tonks – but she'd prefer Tonks."

"Why, Nymphadora is a beautiful name," The king complimented, amusement in his voice when the witch thanked him with a small scowl on her face. "And your last mate..?"

"I-" Harry coughed uncomfortably into a closed fist, "I have yet to choose one more."

"Now, now." King Orelon motioned them to his sitting area, "Do not make it sound as if you are drawing from a lottery. Each of your mates have feelings, and I'm sure they'd be grateful that you didn't treat them like cattle when choosing them."

A servant came in, placing small teacups onto the table before filling them up and putting out a tower of finger foods. He bowed and walked out of the room.

"Come, I'm sure you're all peckish from your journey."

Harry easily filled his small plate up and began to eat. The girls soon followed and in that comfortable silence, Hermione gathered up her courage and began to throw out questions about the elven race.

Harry watched as High Ki – his grandfather – smiled and eyes sparkling, answered Hermione's questions. The elf knew his mîn-chev would never run out of questions; her entire repertoire was filled with inquisitive inquiries.

"Hermione, it's better to let grandfather breathe." Harry gently chastised, but Orelon waved away his worries.

"Nonsense, if Miss Granger,"

"Hermione, please, Your Majesty." She blushed when he chuckled.

"If Hermione wishes to learn, she may do so." His green eyes turned to glance at Elenshaer, and the elf huffed in mock displeasure, knowing what the king will say. "If she had been an elf, she would have grown up a Scholar."

"Oh! Elves have trades?" Hermione asked, eagerly soaking up the information.

Orelon nodded his head, "Each elf, around 5 summers gone, will have already known what profession they wish to enter. It is possible that they will get training and change their minds, but other than that, most of them will stay in their line of work."

"Your Majesty," Elder Elenshaer interrupted, "While I regret to inform you, there are many preparations to arrange and you have your paperwork to finish."

"Quite right," The King moved from his seat to stand. The fluid motion belied his age, and Harry had a true picture of immortality. "I apologize to you all, but Elenshaer is correct. I will meet you all for dinner tonight. Please do pardon my absence."

"That's all right, grandfather." Harry said. "We shouldn't have interrupted your work. We'll see you at dinner then?"

"Yes, my dear." Orelon wrapped Harry in the first familial hug he'd ever gotten. "I shall see you in a couple of hours time."

"Your Highness, we must leave."

Harry turned to the Elder and nodded his head, giving his grandfather a hug before departing. Orelon stared at Elenshaer with a particular look, and the Elder nodded his head.

Protect the heir at all cost.

Protect his family.


"Which color would you like for the ceremony?"

Harry winced as color swatches were brought out and practically shoved at his face. He barely kept from holding his hands out in an act of defense; he knew Draco would laugh, as would the rest of his friends and family. As if those small colorful squares could injure him.

"I liked the color of your dress back in fourth year, Hermione. You know, the one you wore during the Yule ball?" Harry offered.

Hermione's eyes brightened and everyone was nodding their heads in unison. The gown had brought out Hermione's hidden beauty, and the color had matched her perfectly! Not to mention, it matched the color of the Yule ball decorations – periwinkle blue indeed.

"We could use that as the main color," Daphne suggested, sifting through the rest of the swatches. "And this one would do wonderfully for the decorations," She was holding onto a baby blue color swatch; it was so pale, it was nearly white. Yet, when it was held up in the light, they could see the tint of blue on it.

"Brilliant! I'll just leave the colors to you girls," Harry chuckled relieved.

Draco rolled his eyes. "I'll help too, but you better learn, Potter." He teased, "How are you going to run the kingdom with horrible fashion sense?"

"I've got my mates." Harry insisted. He knew nothing about fashion; why couldn't people just throw on whatever was easy, simple and comfortable?! That had worked for him for years.

Fleur rolled her eyes, "You're lucky we're here for you, 'Arry." She plucked another color swatch from the pile and held it up for Hermione's scrutinizing. The blond placed it into the 'acceptable' pile before looking through the rest. Most of the 'acceptable' pile was filled with soft pastel swatches, but the Veela thought they needed a darker, bolder color.

"Oh, I love this color!" Susan sighed, "But it doesn't go with periwinkle blue."

"You can have it," Hermione smiled, "For your wedding."

The thought of having her own wedding sent a violent flush rushing onto Susan's face. Tonks had to conjure a fan and fan the embarrassed Hufflepuff until the blood drained from her cheeks.

"Come now, Harry. It is yours and Hermione's wedding. The least you can do is prepare for it. The woman in the relationship is not supposed to do everything."

"But I thought weddings were a girl's dream moment." Harry frowned, "Isn't it their moment to shine?"

"It's both yours, to show the world – your friends and family – that you're at your most happiest, most fortuitous moment in life." Severus explained.

"I thought having a baby also fell into that category."

"It does, pup." Sirius looked at the dumbfounded look on Harry's face and burst into laughter, "Oh, you have so much to learn."

"And we're here to help you along the way," Remus interrupted, jamming an elbow into his mate's ribs. He smiled innocently in Harry's direction when his cub turned to look at him. Teddy easily toddled over to his godfather and took his attention away.

"Very well then," Harry replied. Teddy cooed in his lap and clapped his hands. Harry reached around Teddy and slowly grabbed a fierce red color swatch and held it up, "How about this one?"

The girls narrowed their eyes at him and he swallowed the uncomfortable lump in his throat.

"Look at the acceptable pile, Harry." Susan tsked, "Honestly, men."

"I don't fall into his category," Draco sniffed, pulling out a perfectly good match to the periwinkle blue they've already found. "Thank Merlin I have some fashion sense."

"You've got enough snootiness to go around," Harry laughed playfully, ignoring Draco's baleful glare. Teddy turned to look at his godfather and laughed along with him, not knowing what exactly it was he was laughing at, but squealed even louder when everyone else joined in on the fun. "Honestly, I can't tell what's what. Forgive me ladies, but I'd rather taste test the food."

"I second!" Neville and the rest of the males exclaimed, earning a round of laughter from their tight knit group.


"May I present, His Royal Majesty, High King Orelon."

The large doors opened up to reveal the King of Alfheim. He wore resplendent robes fashioned from calienth, an ocean blue with grey trim that matched the silvery strands of his hair. His boots were made from orethan, so clean and so white that not even a speckle of dust dared to tarnish its material. Atop his plaited hair was his sparkling bejeweled crown of golden twined vines and delicate silvery leaves.

Once he made it onto the ground floor, the Herald spoke once more.

"May I present, His Royal Highness, Hadrian James Black, and his mates, Lady Hermione Jean Granger, Lady Susan Amelia Bones, Lady Daphne Celeste Greengrass, Lady Luna Pandora Lovegood, Lady Fleur Aurore Delacour, and Lady Nymphadora Drusilla Tonks."

One by one, the seven of them entered through the doors. As Harry's betrothed and soon-to-be first wife, Hermione had the honor of being escorted down to the ballroom. The rest of his mates walked down by themselves in the order they were named, met by Harry at the very bottom of the steps, laying a kiss upon the back of their hand as he escorted each of them towards his grandfather's side.

Once Harry had his ladies with him, Orelon spoke up.

"Thank you all, for coming to my grandson's inheritance ball. It is a momentous occasion when the members of our race have come into their adulthood. This party is also to commemorate my heir's return to Alfheim as he has been lost to us for some time now. Let this feast be the start of a new beginning, for Alfheim, for our kingdom, for our prince, and for our future."

There was polite applause in some places, while others lifted their goblets in agreement. Most of the ones that applauded were the magicals from Wizarding Britain; the others who lifted their goblets were the elves of Alfheim, as was tradition for most speeches during meals.

"You look handsome, Hadrian." Orelon said, leading Harry away from his party to greet the guests.

"Thank you," Harry beamed. "I wasn't quite used to the robes here, but I'm surprised it's even softer than Acromantula silk. It's even lighter than cotton."

"Our attire is designed with the mindset of mobility. Anyone and everyone should be combat ready."

"I thought this only fell into the category of war – have we not established peace in Alfheim?"

"A majority of our elves are warriors, though they have not chosen to become such as their trade." Orelon explained. He smiled at a nearby group of guests, holding a hand up in greeting before walking off. "Every child is trained in the art of combat, and while they are in other trades, each elf is devoted in becoming the best warrior for our kingdom. Everyone remembers the time when our kingdom had fallen to war. There had been enough warriors, but there was always need for more."

"Your Majesty, Your Highness."

"Mennor," Orelon smiled. "Harry, this is Elder Mennor. Mennor, this is my grandson Hadrian. Harry, Mennor has been my best friend since we were children."

Elder Mennor was a tall and broad shouldered elf, about six feet seven in height. He was at equal height with the King, but his coloring was completely different. His clear aquamarine eyes and startling pink hair clashed with his mocha chocolate skin.

"Come now, Your Majesty. It is befitting of the king to perform some sort of formality even if it is with his best friend."

"Nonsense!" Orelon chuckled. "Mennor has always been the straight laced sort of elf ever since we were kids. He'd grown as the Commander's son, but changed to politics once his own son had become a great soldier. Now, he's an Elder for the new elves that have come into their inheritance. Mind you, he also dabbles in a bit of politics. Mennor can give a mean argument when he needs to."

"You're making me blush," Mennor said.

Harry did not see any sort of redness to the elf's cheeks. Mennor was just as stoic as his grandfather portrayed him to be. His muscles showed Harry that the elf indeed was, or had been, a soldier. Mennor's thick muscles were nearly twice the size of Harry's own arm. The muscles were slightly larger than his own grandfather's, but Harry couldn't tell with the robes Orelon wore. Yet, he couldn't help but be impressed that while elves were immortal and have been quite ancient for a while now, they still refused to fall behind in their personal training.

Harry was certain that many enemies had been felled by such strength. Taking a peek around the hall, Harry could see that even the most feminine of the female elves were still muscular.

"I'll not hold you here any longer," Mennor stated. "I know you have other guests to greet. It was nice meeting you, Your Highness. My King, I shall see you soon."

Orelon grumbled halfheartedly, but allowed his friend to leave the vicinity. He led Harry away and towards another group of elves, introducing his grandson to them before repeating the process for a half hour.

Once Orelon reached the dais with Harry, music started up and soon, couples were dancing away in the middle of the ballroom.

"Grandfather, how was your work?" Harry asked politely.

Orelon shook his head, "There will come a time where I do not need to do any paperwork. A ruler's weakness, Harry, is always, always their paperwork."

Harry chuckled good-naturedly, easily absorbed in conversation with the last of his blood. His friends and family saw how finding the King had made Harry more lighthearted. His shoulders were less tense and he no longer furrowed his eyebrows as much. Additionally, the king's most trusted friends and advisor had never seen him more relaxed than he currently was. The king had spent years worrying over his daughter, then to receive the news of her death and subsequent revelations of his grandson being alive; well, they were glad that Hadrian had returned to them.

"Enough about me. I think you should pay your lovely mates some attention," Orelon advised.

Harry looked out into the hall filled with dancing couples. "I'm not sure I can handle dancing in public." He chuckled self deprecatingly, "I've been told I have two left feet."

"Have you not been having dancing lessons?" Orelon asked curiously.

Harry nodded his head, "I have, but I'm afraid to embarrass myself and, in turn, you. I'm certain there are many people here who have their expectations set for the heir to the throne."

Orelon shook his head, "Expectations from others are not what you should strive for, Hadrian. You must think of yourself and what you wish to accomplish. Others should be there to support your decisions, to give assistance when you need help, and to advice you when you are wrong. How can you fulfill every single person's expectations of you? Do not burden yourself with unneeded stress."

"Good advice from one with such experience," Elenshaer said sagely.

The King laughed boisterously, "Did you not teach me such things when I was but a child?"

The Elder smiled, "Then I have taught you well."

Harry blinked and looked between the two, "You were his student? And you were his teacher?!"

"Do not be so surprised, young one." Elenshaer said. "Most Elders that have derived from the Scholar trade have been deemed acceptable tutors to the most wealthy of elves. It just so happens that when it came my turn, I was given the task of teaching your grandfather and molding him to become the perfect king."

Then the Elder bent down and whispered into Harry's ear, "Now that I have taught your grandfather well, I think now is the time for you to ask for your mates' hand to dance." He straightened from his bent position and nodded when Harry looked warily towards the dance floor.

Gathering up his Gryffindor courage, Harry stood up and walked towards his first mate. "Hermione, may I have the honor to dance with you?"

The brunette smiled sheepishly, turning amused eyes towards her soon to be sister wives, "We actually had a bet going on as to how long it would take for you to ask one of us to dance –"

" – And whom you would ask first," Daphne completed.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "And?"

The question didn't nearly have enough time to dangle in the air as galleons traded hands and Hermione stood up and offered up her own hand into Harry's waiting one.

The couples on the dance floor made way for Harry and Hermione, bowing and curtsying when the royal couple arrived. Only when the engaged couple start dancing did the others continue.


"It's not what I'd imagine a ball in the elven world to be," Daphne noted. Though the races were different and the culture and society were different, there were similarities between both worlds.

"I'm glad we're here to experience it," Luna exclaimed, in her robes of pure white.

"My Lady, will you honor me with a dance?"

The women turned as one, blistering arctic looks eyeing up the elf that had been courageous enough to ask one of their own to dance – one of the Crown Prince's mates to dance with him.

"And which one did you think you'd be able to accompany?" Fleur asked, her midnight blue robes swishing around her ankles as she turned to face the new comer.

The elf stood, not at all afraid of their sharp gazes nor the curious looks from neighboring individuals.

"I stand by my offer," He answered Fleur before turning to look at Luna. "My Lady, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?"

Luna smiled up at him and placed her hand in his, gripping it with monstrous strength, shocking the elf at her small stature but inhuman strength. "Of course, I'd love to have this dance."

He bowed at the waist and led her to the dance floor, eyes catching his Crown Prince's piercing emerald green eyes, silently asking for permission. He hoped that it meant 'yes' when Hadrian had turned away to look at the lovely witch in his arms.

As if it were their cue, other elves soon walked up to the rest of Harry's mates to ask for their hand. Most were nicely rejected and none of the elves felt bad about it. There were a couple of young ones who were furious, because they had hoped to get an in with the Crown Prince. Daphne, Tonks and Fleur had recognized those select few, fending them off for their younger sister-wives.

"My Lady, would you dance with me?"

Fleur turned quick as a flash, but calmed when it was Harry whom had asked for her hand. Draco was dancing with Luna right now and Theodore was with Susan. Blaise was with an elf, as Severus stood by Elder Elenshaer firing away with questions about the elven healing culture. Tonks was currently dancing with Remus; Daphne was with young Teddy whom was squealing and more bending at his knees than moving around the dance floor, but having no less fun doing so, leaving Fleur alone to watch her fellow sister-wives. Hermione had gotten caught up in Sirius's gentlemanly mood, leaving Harry to come looking for her.

"I was wondering when you'd come and ask for my 'and." Fleur said smiling.

"Better late than never, my dear," Harry replied, taking her to the dance floor and twirling her around.

"How are you feeling about all of this?" Harry asked in a solemn tone. "I apologize that all this had been thrown on you before any one of you had gotten a notification about it."

"Non, 'Arry," Fleur denied. "Though I had not expected marriage so soon, I am glad it would be with you. Not all veelas get to have their 'appy ever after with so many people falling for their allure than for themselves as individuals."

"Yeah.. I'm not quite certain I've felt an allure before." Harry admitted.

"Were you not at the Quidditch World Cup two years ago?"

"Yes, but I wanted the Veela cheerleaders to get off the pitch so the game could begin."

Fleur's tinkling laughter broke out and she shook her head fondly, "Only you, 'Arry. Only you."

Harry didn't know if he should've felt insulted, but if Fleur was happy that he wasn't as affected by a veela's allure like others were, then he was glad. Fleur had even planted a kiss on his cheek, eyes willed with fond affection.

The Crown Prince looked around the hall and saw each of his mates having the time of their lives. He was glad his family and friends joined in on his journey, and he wouldn't have had it any other way.


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