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Hermione tried to clear her head as jets of light shot by her head and all around her. There was just too much going on around her, but if she could just focus for a minute, she would figure something out. But instead the thoughts kept coming faster than the curses. So much had happened in the past hours.

They had been caught sneaking into Umbridge's office to use her floo. She had allowed the centaurs to drag Umbridge off screaming only to do Merlin knows what to her. She was bothered by the fact that she didn't feel even a little bit sorry about it. Harry had seen Sirius being hurt in the Ministry of Magic - tortured. It was the same as when Harry had seen Mr. Weasley attacked over Christmas. But they had gotten to the Ministry only to see that it had been a trap.

Circe, she had flown on a thestral!

Hermione had been worrying ever since Harry told them about the vision. She was worrying about if Snape would call the Order, which he had, thankfully. Even Hermione could admit that dueling with Death Eaters was a little out of their depth. They were nothing like the troll that she, Harry and Ron had fought in First Year, which was, admittedly, out of their depth as well. These adults were ruthless and evil and new all manner of curses they were perfectly happy to use on children. They weren't going to bow and follow the rules of a proper wizards duel.

She was worrying about if Dumbledore would show up. He had been rather absent this school year, ignoring Harry, being secretive that summer. He still hadn't explained why she and Ron couldn't write to Harry, their best friend. Plus, having to deal with Umbridge and the Ministry's delusions, being forced from Hogwarts itself, Dumbledore certainly had a lot on his plate. But surely he would show up now, when they - when Harry - so desperately needed his help.

She thought about the lovely gold locket Harry had given her the past Christmas, with a wizarding picture of her, Harry and Ronald and the Quidditch World Cup. It seemed so long ago now, and remembering their three big smiles, it caused her heart to clench. She hoped the locket wouldn't get ruined in the fighting.

Oh yes, the fighting. She wasn't sure how it had happened, but she was running away from the Death Eaters that had appeared, and she had gotten separated from the rest of them. Dolohov was the only one chasing after her and he was releasing a deluge of curses at her. He meant to kill her, she realized, fear clenching in the pit of her stomach.

And she really didn't want to die. And she could think of a way out of this situation if she could only just have a minute to clear her head.

She turned and entered into a room and was momentarily stunned. A cacophony of ticking filled the room and was maddening in its volume. It was some kind of time room? There seemed to be millions of clocks and timepieces all following their own unique time, all seeming to tick at different times, but at the same time. Huge grandfather clocks and pocket watches and cuckoo clocks all adding their insistent ticking, reminding her that time was running out, and that she'd better think of something, fast.

Shaking her head, Hermione finally saw something that could help. There was some shelving with rows and rows of time turners on them. Her body sagged in relief at the sight of the familiar object that was so useful and so destructive for her in her Third Year. She had, of course, been very responsible with her time turner, using it only for class, aside from when she saved Sirius and Buckbeak. But, the device had also left her run down, and she had managed to add an entire year to her life simply by going back and taking extra classes.

But now...now, she could buy them more time. Running over to the shelf, she didn't hear Dolohov enter the room or his purposeful strides towards her. She picked up the first time turner she saw, the golden sand encased in a delicate glass. Her hands were shaking so much with nervousness and adrenaline that she promptly dropped it, the delicate glass shattering around her feet. "Fuck." She whispered to herself.

She picked up another device, only to feel Dolohov's arms wrap around her waist. "You are coming with me, little mudblood." He whispered dangerously in her ear. His hot breath on her ear made her feel disgusting, and sent shivers up her spine. She wanted him as far away as possible.

Knowing she had to do anything to get away from him, Hermione immediately shoved back against him trying to propel herself away as far away as possible. She grabbed onto the shelving that housed the time turners as he was tugging her by the waist towards the door. She tightened her hands around the bar, not willing to let go, until she heard the sickening crunch of broken glass.

Gasping, Hermione let go of the shelving. At the sudden loss of force, Dolohov tumbled backwards on his back, bringing the girl with him. He watched as the witch scrambled away from him and opened her hand in shock. It was dripping bright red blood and tiny golden flecks of sand were slipping between her fingers.

And then she was gone.

"I am telling you, Sirius, this is going to be the year that I finally get Evans to go out with me." James smiled at his friend. James Potter was nothing if not a very confident young man.

Sirius glanced at his friend, groaning. "And just how do you plan on doing it this year, Prongs?" Had James grown this summer, Sirius wondered? He was nearly as tall as Sirius was now, although neither was as tall as Remus. He must have grown at least a little bit. The two friends had different builds, though. James was lanky and thin, with wild black hair that stood up in the back; he was constantly mussing it about, thinking that girls - specifically Lily - would like it better that way. Sirius liked to think of himself as much more elegant, he was a tall, strapping young man with hair as black as his family name and piercing gray eyes.

And he left trails of ogling girls in his wake, he thought with a smirk.

"Well, as your know Evans and I are Head students this year, so we will be spending a lot of time together. I will just show her what a great guy I can be. That's why I asked her to meet me here in Diagon Alley today, so we can discuss our duties before the train ride up to school." James replied, a smirk on his face.

"How responsible of you, James. Did Remus help you out with this plan?" Sirius deduced, before continuing with a sigh. "I suppose it doesn't hurt that we got to pick up our supplies either." Sirius always enjoyed returning to Diagon Alley before the start of school to get fresh quills and parchment, to browse Quality Quidditch Supplies, and stock up on sweets. One would think that a candy store would loose it's appeal when one was sixteen going on seventeen, but Sirius still had a sweet tooth.

"I wonder if she'll be wearing that cream colored sweater. I love when Lily wears the cream colored sweater." James got that far away look in his eye that indicated that he was thinking inappropriate thoughts about the redheaded girl, and Sirius wasn't willing to engage him today.

Sirius snorted. "I doubt it, it's August." Summer was still hanging on, and it was hot, but not unbearably so. In just a few short weeks it would be sweater weather, but for now he was still enjoying tshirts.

Both of the boys were startled from their conversation when they heard a great clattering behind them. It seemed to be coming from down the alleyway they had just passed.

Nodding at each other, the boys drew their wands and started creeping down the alley. They knew that they technically shouldn't be performing magic out of school, but a wizard has to protect himself. Especially when he goes looking for trouble. When they got further down, they noticed a cluster of garbage cans that had been upended and a girl with bushy brown hair clutching a newspaper between her hands. She was covered in garbage and she was cut up and bleeding, but she didn't look like she was any trouble. She was much too tiny to be any trouble.

"It can't be." They heard her repeating while looking over the paper. She flipped from page to page, glancing for only a second at the top right corner, before furiously flipping the page again with a huff. "Oh, no no no no no!"

"Uh, Miss, do you need any help?" James asked tentatively, announcing their presence to her.

The woman's face snapped up to look at them, startled. She looked between the paper and their faces several times before her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped over to the side, noisily falling amongst the trash cans again. James winced, thinking that that probably hurt more than the first time she fell.

"I think she fainted. Probably was overwhelmed by my good looks." Sirius said with a smirk.

"Be serious, Padfoot." James hissed back, annoyed that his friend was making jokes at a time like this. Sirius smiled and opened his mouth before James groaned. "Don't even think about saying it, Padfoot." James had heard that pun enough times to last a lifetime. Sirius looked a little put out about not getting to say his pun...what was the point of having a name like Sirius if you couldn't make a joke about it now and again?

"Well, what should we do with her? We can't just leave her here. Anyone could...take advantage of her." Sirius said, his first serious comment of the afternoon. He didn't want an innocent girl getting hurt because he just left her there. After all, things with the war were starting to get serious. The Death Eaters were becoming more and more brash.

James frowned. He couldn't stomach leaving her here amongst the trash either. "Come on, let's take her home. Mother will know what to do." James picked her up in his arms and the pair walked to the apparition point, before heading back to Potter Manor.