A/N: This is a new story I'm writing since I have no finally finished the second Mummy story, I will do a one shot that where it's a few years in the future with marriage and obviously smut, because who doesn't like a bit of smut?! This is an Ahkmenrah x OC story and I'm basing it in 2015 and not in 2006 when the first film came out because I was 9/10 years old and don't have a lot of memories from that time, so it's taking place in the present day.

I'm also changing how the tablet works, yes the exhibits will still come alive and the three old security guards we loathe but find funny will still age, but my character...well, I'll let the story explain for me...

What did you think about when you were younger and went to museums? When I mean younger, I mean a child, where your imagination runs away and your parents try to rein it in. The exhibits? The history of the exhibitions? A sense of...power radiating through your small body? My parents never tried to control my imagination, they always said 'Logic will always get you from A to Z. But imagination will get you everywhere.'

I soon found out that Albert Einstein said that, but from my parents, it strengthened my mind more. I always thought about what happened when museums close. The exhibitions that sit in the dark and wait patiently till morning for a new crowd of people to read the information about them and look in awe of the place. I guess my imagination took me so far that, I saw what happens inside museums after sunset.

I'm going to tell you my story, don't worry, it's far from boring. It's actually quite funny, serious and exciting...and entirely out of this world.


It was in the middle of summer when I decided to visit the Natural History Museum. I was sipping on a strawberry milkshake and sitting on a bench, staring at the huge building before me. My blonde long hair was done up in curls and out of my face and off my neck, keeping me slightly cooler which I was thankful for. I was also thankful for picking out my light purple blouse and black pencil skirt with black and white spats shoes. I stared at the building, thinking how the last time I came to the museum I was 12 years old. My parents took me and we had so much fun, even though it was only a year after the Second World War ended we made the best of that day.

Then three years later, my father died. The wars caught up with him and with his shell shock, he committed suicide. I don't blame him, not only did he lose his mental stability, he lost his right leg from the knee down. He tried to be happy around me and my mother, but he caved in one day and ended it all. Like I said, I don't blame him, because in the end, all he wanted was peace and that's what he achieved.

Then when I was 18, my mother was hit by a lorry whose driver wasn't paying attention. Driving a reasonable speed and was smacked from the side. Instantaneous I want to think it was. Quick. Painless. Never saw it happen, that's how I want to think of my mother's last moment, peace just like my father. At 18 I'm left on my own, their will stating I get everything, money, house, all of it. No problem as I'm an only child.

At the age of 20, I sell the house, too many ghosts and memories. To quiet when you're in a big house on your own with no one else there to talk to and entertain with. I move into a decent size flat for one, taking the possessions I most cherish. Photos, my mother's jewellery, and my father's collection of smoking art print cards he spent ages collecting. Some of the chairs, tables, lamps, my bed. I got a job as a typist for a small magazine company.

Sorry, rambling about myself, back to the story.

At 24 I finally decided one day I would go and visit the museum. It was near closing time I decided to visit, just have quick look then leave when need be, silently saying goodbye to the exhibits of the Teddy Roosevelt, the miniature dioramas of cowboys and Romans, a tiny but cheeky looking monkey. The perfect plan.

I was so wrong.

Dumping my empty milkshake in the bin I stood and entered, grabbing a map from the reception desk and thanking the woman who was sitting there, who complimented my British accent. Walking past the exhibit of Neanderthals and reading about Attila the Hun, I heard the call of five minutes till closing time. Deciding I had enough time to powder my nose, I slipped into the bathroom.

I guess I spent more than five minutes because when I left the bathroom, it was empty. "Hello?" I called out, hoping someone was around. I walked down the corridor slightly and saw the entrance now closed and locked. "Anyone? I'm locked in!" I tried again but no reply. Sighing, I walked around the museum more, wondering who doesn't check bathrooms before closing the place. Then, my imagination got the best of me.

Walking past the Egyptian exhibit when I paused and stared in awe, the tablet I read about when I was 12 and wondered about the mystery magic it held was glowing. "Oh my goodness." I whispered, about to walk forward when I saw the huge Anubis statues move. No, they couldn't possibly move. What was I thinking? Am I going mad? "This isn't real." I whispered again as the Anubis statues moved and stared at me, I was about to run away from the statues when I heard voices echo all around the corridor, not knowing where they were coming from.

Finally getting control of my legs, I ran through the Egyptian exhibit, ignoring the stares of the Anubis statues and I hid behind one of the pillars, the voices becoming clearer. "We've hit the jackpot! I can't believe this place and that a tablet makes everything come alive!" A man's voice shouted out. I frowned to myself. Alive? Did they mean everything? The Anubis statues...Teddy Roosevelt...even the giant T-Rex skeleton by the entrance? Everything?

I took a peek from my hiding spot and looked, seeing three men in security guard uniform. One was tall and lean, one was small and tanned and the other one was also tall and dark skinned. "Quieten down Gus. Once we're trusted more and work here for a bit longer, then we can celebrate." The tall lean man said to the smaller man named Gus.

"I don't care! We can take what we have to at times from this place! No one will know, we can be forever rich!" Gus shouted. At first, I thought about revealing myself and asking to get out, but now, I didn't trust these guys to even hold my leaflet. "We can work here till we retire and when that happens we can take whatever we want and blame it on the next poor sucker!" He continued screaming.

"That sounds just dandy, but for now we look innocent, do our jobs and control these things. We'll deal with the future when we have to." The dark skinned man commented.

"I like the sound of that Reginald." The tall lean man replied and then a scream near me made me jump and hide back behind the pillar. "Ah, excuse me while I sort out Sleeping Beauty." He spoke again and I peeked out once more to see the Anubis statues move and block his way with their giant spears.

"Ah leave the thing Cecil to scream in his final resting place. They certainly won't let you in and he won't listen to you." Gus said. Cecil simply nodded and the three walked away, continuing their convocation as I moved from my hiding place to watch the Anubis figures take guard and stare at me. "Please don't point those at me." I said to them, hoping they would understand. They made no move to say yes or no, but I took it as a good sign as they made no move to skewer me.

I looked behind me to see the sarcophagus lid shake against the glass cabinet, the content I guessed was an Egyptian screaming inside to be released. I started walking forward and once I reached the small room inside the exhibit room, I looked back to see the guards still not moving, but still staring. Swallowing I looked back in front of me to see the glass cabinet was locked up with a giant lock. I knelt beside the cabinet and spoke, "I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, please stop screaming, I don't want the guards to come back."

I was listened to, and the person inside slowly stopped screaming and became still, but held the lid open slightly, I guess to hear me. "I'm just a visitor locked in for the night. I'm not meant to be here but I guess fate has plans for me. I know you're a part of the exhibit here and I'm guessing you're an actual...mummy." I paused, then continued on. "I don't know if I'm dreaming, or going mad, but the security guards…I don't like the sound of them and I certainly don't trust them. Here's what I'm going to do. At sunrise when the museum opens again, I'm going to go home and think all this through. I need to think up a plan and I know for certain I'm not letting the guards control this place at night.

"Please have trust in me. I wish to set you free but I don't have the key and no way of getting you out without getting caught. But I will think of something, I promise you this." I don't know why I promised a mummy, but I don't like how the person inside was left locked up in a small space. "I'll think of something. I'll be back soon." I finished talking and the person inside guessed I had as they closed their lid and stayed quiet. I looked behind me at the staring Anubis statues and back in front of me.

Seeing a dark corner nearby, I crept into it and huddled up, staying fully in the shadows and praying I wouldn't be found, I closed my eyes and managed to fall asleep.

When I opened them, I saw that the room was brighter and the tablet wasn't glowing, standing and stretching, I hid behind a pillar and waited for the chatter of numerous groups of curious minds and happy families to fill the air. After half an hour of finally hearing visitors entering the room, I slipped out from my hiding place and walked through the crowd, walking out and squinting at the sun. Looking round I couldn't help but frown. Looking back I knew I had to help the exhibits inside and determination bubbling inside me, I walked back to my flat and started to think up a plan.

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