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A few days had passed since the three old ex-security guards were arrested and found guilty of stealing from one of the most famous museums. All the gang knew was that they would be going to prison, but Larry said how because of their ages, they won't get a long sentence. It was a few hours till dawn and the museum was having a break from their parties to have a quiet night for a change. The exhibits were free to now walk around and converse with each other, some beginning to go back to their exhibits.

I was at the reception desk, not participating in the conversation with Jed, Octavius and Ahkmenrah when I felt a jab on my hand, yelping in surprise and looking on the desk to see Jed with a pencil. "Welcome back to reality Daryl."

"Har, har, very funny Jed." I mumbled, rubbing my hand.

"Are you okay?" Ahkmenrah asked, "Since stopping the old security guards you've become…distant."

I looked from the Egyptian to the two small men, then let out a sigh, "Sorry, I don't mean to be. Just that, something has been bothering me. I can't figure…" I trailed off once I saw Larry and his son Nick approach, "Larry!"

The three men looked confused to my sudden interest in the man, but said nothing as once he approached leant on the reception desk with Nick jumping up to sit beside him. "How can I help?"

"When we met, you said my name and I never told you. How did you know it?" I asked.

Larry said nothing, simply walking round to the reception computer and once it was on, the group gave him a moment to load up a screen. Once he was done, he moved the screen to my view, who read the main headline.


Larry opened up another screen with another headline on.


"What is this?" I whispered, scrolling down the images to see my photo on the first one alone, remembering the moment when it was taken by Cindy. The same photo was on the second one, but surround by seven other photos of women.

"You." Larry answered. "When you disappeared, a missing report was filed in your name, but at the same time was when there was other women disappearing. Police thought there were connections were there were none, and vice versa. You were never found, never seen again. You became a cold case."

I stared at the screen, "Who reported me missing?"

"A woman named Cindy…" Larry trailed off, forgetting her surname.

"Cindy Moore." I whispered, smiling at the rush of memories. "She was my first friend when I came here. Me and my family, we moved to America from England just after the war. It was a hard process, but we did it. I started school and Cindy was four years younger than me, but her brother was my age. We clicked instantly, sticking together through everything. Graduation, jobs, relationships, my parent's deaths." A tear slipped out of my left eye and slowly down my cheek. "I never told her about any of this. I just…left her." I looked to Larry, "Can you find her?"

Larry turned to Nick and they both nodded. I didn't move, but watched as Nick turned the screen to him and typed, while feeling an arm wrap gently round my shoulders, knowing the warmth coming from Ahkmenrah. After what seemed like hours but minutes, Nick spoke, "I think we found her." I looked to the father and son looking at the screen. "She had children. From social media, they seem to love her deeply, but they've mentioned that they put her in a care home. It's quite near." Nick continued.

I stood and approached Larry, grabbing his hands, "Can you take me to her? Tomorrow…please." I whispered. Larry looked into my eyes and nodded, seeing how emotional I was as I closed them while embracing him. Releasing him, I felt Ahkmenrah beside me who gently grasped my arm and saying goodbye, we walked silently back to his exhibit. We remained silent as I put some of the bandages around him and some along the bottom of his burial tomb, to soften the hardness of it that he usually complained about.

I was midway of his right arm when he put his left hand on mine to stop, "Are you okay?" He whispered.

"I don't mean to be sad and distant, but, I need to see her. Just once at least." I whispered.

Ahkmenrah took his left hand and cupped my cheek, "I wasn't planning on stopping you. Just know that when you go I will be with you in spirit. When you return, I will still be with you." I smiled to him and he couldn't help but return it. She had given up so much for him, for the museum, so Ahkmenrah knew that in his heart this was the best thing for Daryl to do. She needed this. "I will be awake when you return." Ahkmenrah whispered and without waiting, gently kissed my lips, parted, and stepped into his final resting place.

With help, I sealed and locked it up and walked out the Egyptian exhibition as the Anubis statues became still, seeing Larry and Nick waiting for me. "Do you wanna grab anything before we go?" Larry asked softly. I simply shook her head, suddenly my nerves beginning to build at the simple observation of seeing my old friend after all these years. Without a word, we walked out of the museum as the day security came in to take over before the people would come in.

Once on the steps Larry quickly said, "I have to drop Nicky off at school first. Then we'll get something to eat and then go. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good." I replied with a smile. Setting off, I walked behind the two, taking in the sights. It had been some months since I had stepped outside, but always felt overwhelmed by seeing the immense changes since the 50's. I couldn't help but smile to myself, seeing like that superhero Nicky showed me a couple of days ago. A man with a shield and in a white, blue and red suit, not understanding all the changes to the world around them.

Captain America. That was it.

I was lost in my thoughts that I didn't realise we were at Nicky's school. Waving goodbye, the two adults walked about and soon found an open 24/7 diner. Taking our seats, we quickly ordered our drinks and meals and once the waitress walked away, Larry asked, "So your aging, it won't happening will it?"

I shook her head, "No. When I first left the museum in the morning I was so caught up by the changes and new…everything, that when I returned it was well into the night. This was before you arrived, so I had to sneak my way in, but luckily some of the exhibits were looking for me so tried everything to not get locked up to help me. I only caught up with my age a bit. It's hard to explain, I used to age day by day like you, but now with the tablet, when I'm away from it I catch up to my age about three times as much in a day, depending on how long I'm out or, just depending on the power of the tablet. So far, I've only reached 26, but it will change after today."

"So how do you know which age you've gotten to?"

"Like I said, hard to explain. I don't know, but once I'm back in the museum, I feel the pause on my aging, but it's almost like I know what age I've reached. This must sound so confusing." I ended with a short laugh.

Larry joined in, "A little, but at the same time, it makes sense. So basically, if you never step too far away from the tablet again, you're a bit like a vampire."

I laughed, "Yeah, a vampire who doesn't need any blood."

"Thank God for that, wasn't up to the idea of lending you my blood." Larry joked and we laughed, enjoying the light hearted moment. Once our food and drinks arrived, we began eating in a moment of silence till Larry spoke up, "You nervous?"

I paused in mid-cutting my pancakes, then continued, "A little. I don't know what she will look like, how she will be. Will she remember me? So many questions are racing through my head."

"I'll be there for you." Larry said softly, making me look up to him and smile. The conversation ended and we ate and drank. Once finished and paid for, we left the diner and walked, Larry taking reins of the conversation and doing most of the talking, not minding one bit and I being mentally grateful for his efforts. We soon arrived at the building and looked up at it. Larry turned to me, "Nervous?"

I took a shaky breath, "Is it showing?" Larry smiled softly to me and arms entwined, we walked up the steps and through the entrance, the reception desk close by. I looked round to see so many elderly people about, some were asleep, some walking about with others or employees, some were watching TV and others were with family. I thought that if I had never been locked in the museum, never saw the tablet, never met Ahkmenrah, this is where I would be.

Oh how it upset me.

"Can I help?" A smiling woman asked behind the desk.

"Hi," I began, "Um…my grandmother recently passed but she spoke of a close friend, a person named Cindy Moore."

"I can have a look." The woman smiled and we waited as she typed into the computer, "We have a Cindy Wright. What was your grandmother's name?"

"Daryl Williams."

The woman's smile grew, "Yes this is the Cindy you're after, always speaks of her friend Daryl. I'm sorry by the way for your lose."

"Thank you. Would it be possible to see her?"

The woman's smile changed, became softer, "Of course. Follow me." The woman stood and exited behind the desk, leaving me and Larry to follow. Taking a few turns we stopped outside one of the rooms closed doors. "I wanted to say in private that, she has the beginning on set of dementia." I began to feel numb, feeling Larry take my hand in support. "She still remembers moments from her past, but forgets things like her family and our nurse's names. That's why she was brought here to live, she left her house one day and got lost, once her family found her she was saying she was trying to find Daryl."

I felt the tears beginning to form as the nurse opened the door, showing a woman sitting by the window with knitting needles and thread in her hands, but paused as if she had a sudden thought. "You can only see her for ten minutes max, she gets tired easily." The nurse told me. I simply nodded and walked in, Larry following behind and closing the door and staying beside it.

I walked slowly forward and saw Cindy's face, her beauty never leaving her. "Cindy Moore?" I whispered.

She slowly turned her head to me, stared at me for a moment and smiled, "Hello dear, oh you look so much like…oh her name."

I took a seat in the other chair beside her, "My…my grandmother was could Daryl Williams. You remember her?"

"That's her! Oh a beautiful woman, so full of life. She was like a sister to me. My brother was infatuated with her." Cindy cooed, taking one of my hands and patting it, "I remember not seeing her one day."

"She left suddenly, went back to England. She met a man, he was…he was from Egypt he was called Ahk and they loved each other dearly." I told her, tears forming and the story coming to me so easily, "They had children and I'm their only grandchild. They died recently, I'm so sorry." Tears fell out as I choked on the end of the sentence, the apology for the fact of me leaving her.

"Oh…its not your fault my dear." Cindy said, patting my hand. "I'm sure….oh her name escapes me." She began to tap her leg, if it would help her.

"Daryl." I said patiently with a smile.

Cindy smiled back, "Yes, my beautiful sister. You look so much like her." Cindy whispered, taking her head to stroke my tear ridden face. "What did you say your name was?"

"It's Daryl, after my grandmother." I said through tears.

"Why are you crying Daryl?" Cindy asked concerned.

"Because I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Cindy, for leaving you and never telling I was going." I said, dropping my lie of a story. "You must have been so worried and I didn't stop to think." Cindy looked confused and sad but never replied. "You were my sister. You are my sister, and I love you so much."

Cindy wiped my tears away and with a smile stood and went to her draws, grabbing something and coming back. She sat beside me again and opened the book to reveal it was a photo album. "This is your grandmother…" She trailed off, forgetting the name and not realising I was her. I simply smiled and allowed her to speak the next ten minutes, telling me all of her career, briefly becoming a model, meeting her husband, having children. "I named my youngest child after your grandmother." Cindy commented with a smile. She got to the last page, I was expecting to see a most recent photo of her with her whole family, children, grandchildren and her husband. But it was when she graduated from college, I attended and it was us to back in the 50's smiling side by side.

Cindy gently slipped the photo out of its holding and handed it to me. I shakily took it and looked to her, "I wish you so much happiness…" Another pause. This time, it was longer and she looked round before looking at me again, "I'm sorry, when did you arrive dear?" I simply smiled and cried, at that moment the door opening to reveal the nurse from earlier.

"I have to go now. It was lovely meeting you, and from Daryl, I love you so much." I said slowly, watching her expression change from confusion to love. Quietly, I left the room and the care home with Larry. We stayed quiet all the way back, clutching the photo in my hand and once we reached the museum, I made a beeline to my room, staying there for hours on end till the door opened to reveal Ahkmenrah, who, without a word, sat behind me on the bed and allowed me to lean against him while holding the photo and letting out the long needed cry.

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