Leo's P.O.V

It tonight I since saw Karai and that's when I got my first girlfriend. We had kissed on a rooftop after going to the docks to watch nature fly by, it was magical it was like a Space Heroes episode but better. If only I hadn't lost my temper with Raph then the night would have been so much better (I might have lost my temper too much) But I did get angry, and ended up punching him in front of my brothers.

Now I wonder through the sewers on my way home back to the lair...

No ones P.O.V

The hour grows later the sun rises at 7:00 and it's now 6:45. The brothers sit in the pit waiting for Leo to turn up. The 3 younger turtles had to already explain to Splinter why Leo was not with them and where he was. However they didn't know where he was, only who he was with...

Earlier Raphs P.O.V

"We don't know where he is Sensei but I know he is with Karai" I said without holding back.

"Raphael can you explain further who is this Karai?" Splinter asked confused.

I told him everything that Leo met her a while ago and that Donnie and Mikey only just met her after the alien incident which on her behalf she did help defeat it.

"Wait up until your brother comes home" Sensei says in a stern way he is obviously very mad at Leo...

No-ones P.O.V

Leo finally comes in and sees his brothers in the pit. "Master Splinter wants to see you now Leo" Donnie says

Leo just nods and heads to the dojo.

"Where have you been Leonardo?"Sensei asks

"Out Sensei" Leo replies

"With Whom Leonardo?"

"A girl called Karai who Raph has probably told you all about"

"Yes he has, Leonardo the Kunoichi is trained well in deception, She is not what this she seems"

"No, I can sense good in her"

"Silence Leonardo you are hereby forbidden to see her ever again and you shall be punished for getting in late"

"Forbidden no please sensei she means a lot to me you can't..." Leo was cut off by Splinter

"Not another word Leonardo! Now Randoli"

Splinter grabbed the training sword out of his sensei's hand and snaps it in two.


Leo doesn't say anything he just glares at his sensei

"Give me your katanas you will not be needing them" Splinter says sternly Leo however was still hurt from being forbidden to see and through one katana into the wall and left the other one in the floor and went straight to his room.

The next Day

Donnie's P.O.V

It was morning and Sensei had left for a training exercise with April. But Leo still hadn't got out of bed.

"Breakfast!" Mikey shouted taking me out of my mind we sitted at the table. We all stopped when we heard a door creak open and there Leo came out

No-Ones P.O.V

Leo slumped out of his room like a slug and immediately turned his eyes to the kitchen where Mikey and Donnie were sitting while Raph was on the couch in the pit.

"Waterworks stopped yet Leo?" Raph said mockingly, Leo just glared and carried on walking.

"Get over it already she is just another foot soldier!" Raph shouted at the top of his lungs. Leo then smashed a glass in his hand and got some in his skin he only replayed Raphs words in his head. That's when Leo's eyes turned from relaxing Azure to Angry Red he walked down to the pit and glared at Raph.

"What do you know you don't care about anyone apart from stupid Spike!" Leo shouted loudly

"Don't bring him into this just because you made friends with the enemy!"


"Make me!"

Raph just made a big jumped on Raph and pinned him down eventually he started punching raph. Raph managed to pull free and when they were both standing Leo sent a kick to Raph's stomach he then punched him more

Donnie had ran to his lab as his older brothers fought each other by now everything that was in the pit had been moved around, the wooden table had even been cracked in 2 pieces. Also Donnie had sent Mikey to his room so he didn't see this kind of fighting. Donnie then ran out and stuck a needle in Leo's neck sedating him. Donnie caught his Brother and lay his head in his lap.

Splinter arrived back with April about a minute later

"Donatello, Raphael what happened!" Splinter yelled his sons didn't answer instead they just starred.

April moved into a better viewing point and saw Leo on the ground.

"Leo!" April yelled

"He is fine April I had to sedate him" Donnie said with a frown

"What?" April was confused "Then where's Mikey?" She asked.

"I sent him to his room so he didn't have to see them fight"

"You did well my son explain later now you need to bandage Raphael while me and April bandage Leonardo in separate Places, Michelangelo can see whom he wants" Splinter said in his calm but cautious voice.

Leo was carried to the Dojo by Donnie and Splinter while April helped Raph to Donnie's lab.

Aprils P.O.V

what Leo sedated? no surely not he knew the guys had found out about Karai but she didn't expect this reaction she helped Splinter bandage Leo's arms and Leg which had scrapes all down one side. Master Splinter was carefully taking the glass out of Leo's hand and bandaging it up. I didn't know what sent calm Leo over the edge and im not sure I want to...