This was inspired from a conversation with Kimberly on Fanforum about Ralph asking Walter if he would go with him to an event at his school. We both imagined it going in different directions and decided to each write our own version of the scenario.

When Paige got Ralph from school, he was smiling. "They put our pictures from the Halloween party on the bulletin board finally," he said. "The one of me and Sloan and Owen is right in the center."

"That's great," Paige said, opening the car door. "I'll have to come in and see it before they replace it with paper turkey feathers and all the third graders in their pilgrim outfits."

"They should do a play about the real way the white settlers treated the Native Americans," Ralph said.

"Maybe in middle school," Paige said. "Remember, your knowledge of the world is often a little much for kids your age."

"Not Dana," Ralph said. "Her mom works in a museum. She knows about that." There was a silence, then, "Mom?"

"Yeah, Ralph?" Paige looked into the rear view mirror at his hopeful face.

"Next Friday is this thing at school where people's dads come in and talk about their jobs."


"And then the Friday after that people's moms come in. And we are keeping track of what jobs everyone has, I think it's supposed to show the diversity in occupations and show that moms and dads do a lot of the same jobs."

"That sounds great," Paige said. "So I need to tell Walter I can't work on the 20th, then."


She sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment or two, then took a deep breath, choosing her words carefully. "Ralph, you know that Drew being 3000 miles away means as much as he'd want to come…"

"Can I ask Walter?"

Paige blinked in surprise. "Walter?"

"Yeah. There's already three kids with sports dads. And Mimi is bringing her grandpa because her dad is dead. Can I ask Walter to come talk about Scorpion? And then the next week, you can talk about your role in the team. No one in my class has a job like Scorpion. And my classmates loved the stories he told at the Halloween party last year, plus you two with the plane? You're like, action heroes to them."

Paige smiled. "Yeah. Yeah, you can ask him. I'm sure he'd like that. Ask nicely, okay?"

Ralph nodded briskly.

"He-e-ey, Ralph!" Happy greeted the boy. "Come over here and let me show you this new dart gun I fashioned out of Sylvester's Super Fun Guy poster tube."

"One second," Ralph said. "I have to talk to Walter."

Paige smiled at Ralph and Walter's matching grins when they noticed each other. "Hey buddy!" Walter said, hunkering down in front of him. "How was school?"

"Boring. But Owen and I rigged the P.A. system to play the Warehouse 13 theme instead of the bell. No one has figured out how to change it back."

"Ralph!" Paige chided. She cleared her throat. "Ralph, you needed to talk to Walter?"

"What's up, Ralph?" Walter asked, looking slightly concerned. "Is something wrong?"

"No." Ralph frowned, shifting his weight. "Will you be my dad?"


Happy and Walter jumped at Paige's shriek, then both stared at her and her unhinged jaw until Walter's eyes fell on Ralph again. "I'm sorry bud…what?"

Toby walked into the room as Paige put her hands over her face to hide her red cheeks as Ralph explained to Walter about his school's parent days. "My dad is in Maine. And your job is so cool! Can you come?"

Walter grinned, putting his hands on Ralph's arms. "Yeah. Yeah, I can come."

"G rated work discussion please," Paige said, her eyebrows raised.

Toby folded his arms. "Maybe you can explain to Ralph's class mates the reason why people blush as red as a tomato and use Paige right now as evidence of the end result."