A Different Choice


Naruto x ?


Story Start


In the ruins of what was once the famed Uzu No Kuni traveled a man. A man with faint tan and long red hair. This man Kazuma Uzumaki took one last look of his home land. The home land of the deceased Uzumaki clan. It was the very clan that was once known and feared for bringing forth powerful seal masters like no other.

The Uzumakis were also known for many things besides seals. They were also known for having massive amounts of chakra and longevity, out living most and seeing many years. They even created seals that were powerful enough to contain Kyuubi, the strongest of the nine Bijuus. In fact, many of the seals the ninjas in Konoha used were designed by the Uzumaki clan.

In fact the Uzumaki were a sibling line to the Senju, sharing ancestry to the Rikudo Sennin himself.

The union of this line was brought forth through the union of Shodaime Hokage, Senju Hashirama and Uzumaki Mito thus uniting the two clans by marriage. In fact the Konoha shinobi wore symbols that represented the Uzumaki clan on their very uniforms.

Even with all their prestige the famed clan had many enemies. The fear of their prowess grew to the point a joint attack occurred and wiped out most of the clan.

The survivors scattered throughout the world. Even the survivors were not always so lucky, one was Uzumaki Kushina who was brought to Konoha before the destruction of her clan to become the next Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi since Mito, the first Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, was reaching the end of her life. Kushina took up residence in that village and became a kunoichi of Konoha. She later found love with Namikaze Minato, the man who later became known as Yondaime Hokage.

Unfortunately their lives would end when an unforeseen attack by a masked stranger saw to it both would lose their lives in protecting the village and the life of their son…Naruto.

The villagers were told by Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime, that Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi by imprisoning and sealing it into a newly born child named Uzumaki Naruto. This proved to be a mistake as over the years the villagers the child's life would be a lonesome one.

Life of a pariah.

Of loneliness.

It even came down to the point that even the children of the villagers were influenced by the grown ups' mistreatment of Naruto and joined in adding to Naruto's grief and loneliness.

Six years. Six years in and a choice had been made. Everyone would make a choice and it would lead to another future.

Another possibility.

In another reality Hiruzen would have not said anything, keeping the identity of Naruto's parents a secret.

He could not. The man, known as grandfather showed that it was not merely an informed title and he truly cared about the boy instead of leaving him with false promises and wondering life cluelessly.

It was that day that Naruto learned of where he came from and who he was.

This knowledge would be both valuable and dangerous.

The Hokage made sure to stress to Naruto just how important it was to make sure he could make use of every advantage he could. It didn't matter whether or not anyone knew who his parents were or that he was an Uzumaki. Such a thing was pointless to hide as the entire village knew he was a Jinchuuriki anyway and that in itself was impossible to keep hidden among the civilian population considering how often spies infiltrated shinobi villages and that Naruto's public status as a Jinchuuriki needed to be retained in order to act as a deterrent from other villages who might attack.

That choice gave Naruto a sense of identity and a legacy to uphold. Without such things he would have been childish and desperate for someone to acknowledge his existence. Now he had something to work for.

A little later down the line another choice had been made. Jiraiya of the Sannin visited his godson. What kind of man would he be if he simply abandoned his godson, the only child of his dead student?

While the visits throughout the years would be limited, those visits had a profound effect no one would have expected.

Jiraiya's stories and status gave Naruto a respect for shinobi he would not have had in another life time. It gave him respect for hard work and that one much put effort and could not rely on determination at all.

Leaving behind the gift of knowledge in the form of his parents techniques set Naruto up for success he would have never known for years.

Choices would be continued to be made. Semblance of a family was born when Naruto made Hatake Kakashi.

The man he would call uncle or even brother. No distinction was made. For bonding with the gifted Shinobi gave Naruto the leg work and potential to become one of the most gifted shinobi Konoha would ever come to see. From Kakashi he gained perspectives and knowledge of his parents.

Those. Those who were connected to his parents. Those who saw them as friends. In this lifetime they had a choice and they made it to respect their sacrifice and give Naruto a better life.

Those small choices would of course lead to what was known as the Butterfly effect. The changes would be seen all over the world.

One of those changes was the Sandaime sending a recovery unit to check Uzu no Kuni for any lingering survivors or recover any lost relics despite their likely being nothing after all these years.

This squad would meet with Kazuma setting forth the biggest change of all.

In this story of what could have been.

Down the streets of Konoha walked a young man. A male with shaggy blond hair that reached his wide shoulders. His build was promising, showing that he was working his way to being muscular. He wore a pair of black of Shinobi modeled pants as well as an orange t-shirt and a black and orange jacket.

The young man was a teenager about the age range of fourteen or fifteen. He was a young man who could be considered handsome thanks to his features.

This young man was making his way through the busy streets of Konohagakure no Sato towards where the academy was. He ignored the way most of the populous sent him weary looks.

He was used to this. Being the scapegoat of their hatred and fear. One day he would show them that their prejudice was unfounded, but for now he would take his journey one step at a time.

Becoming Hokage.

That was his goal. To bring honor to his clan and Uzumaki name and seeking to restore it.

He had finally arrived to his destination, the academy.

It was located just below the administration section of the Hokage Tower and under the Hokage Monument, a somewhat symbolic thing as it was supposed to mean that the Hokage were looking out for the younger generation, who assisted to the Academy in order to prepare themselves to become ninja for the village.

Unfortunately time of peace saw to the effectiveness of the academy wane a great deal. Focusing on the theoretical knowledge of basic subjects like math and history and taught the bear basics of ninja skills. If one wasn't from a clan or blood line they were simply fodder. Sacrifices for the greater good of the village.

Which was why those who didn't already have a name often didn't make name for themselves.

He arrived to his class and gave a quick cursory glance at the attendees. Most of them were going to fail. It was that simple.

That much he had learned from Kazuma. Reading and understanding those around you was one of the most important tools a shinobi could have.

And with that he could already tell who was going to pass.

The first one was Sasuke Uchiha the silent rookie of the year. A boy with black hair in an unfortunate style dressed in all black. He only spoke when necessary and outperformed nearly everyone. There was a coldness to him. The onyx eyed boy, it was hard to tell would he be a friend or foe?

Next were Shikamaru and Chouji. The first being the clan heir to the Nara's. The boy was the epitome of laziness, but there were hints he inherited his father's intellect. The potential for a great strategist was buried under all that laziness.

And there was Chouji. Like his father he also had the potential to be a great shinobi if he didn't have such low self-esteem. The two were childhood friends and nearly inseparable. They were good friends to have, even if Naruto only spent time with them occasionally.

Next was Kiba, the boy in the gray coat and black pants to which Naruto had a rivalry of sorts for the position of Alpha in the class for a while. With him was a puppy, his companion Akamaru. Brash and bold Kiba was a boisterous young man with a lot of spirit. Despite their trash talk and put downs there was a sense of respect among the two. Kiba was Naruto's second closest male friend and the blond could say he was fund of Hana and had much respect for Tsume.

Out of all the potentials or in regards to the male ones Shino was probably the one Naruto hung out with the most. For a quiet and collected individual Shinobi could say a fair bit amount on topics he had knowledge on. He never showed off or made a nuisance of himself. Shino had potential to become something great. As always he was dressed in his long pale olive-grey coat and wore standard shinobi sandals. The only thing that made the youth stand out at an cursory glance was the fact he wore glasses.

Now it was time to move on to the female potentials. His childhood friend Sakura Haruno, one of the brightest of their age. She was the only girl to come from a civilian background and to take her studies seriously, seeing as most of the girls were pining either over him or Sasuke. She was donning an attire consisting of a red top, with black gloves, black, low-heel, calf-high boots, black shorts underneath a short pink apron skirt, and grey elbow protectors.

Their friendship stretched back to about seven years making her the one out of the girls he knew the least, but that did not mean she was not a close friend. This brilliant girl was being apprenticed by Yuuhi Kurenai thanks to her aptitude for Genjutsu.

Sakura was interesting, because of she could be shy and demure one minute then at the drop of a hat loud and feisty. And try as he might he couldn't help but notice her features such as her prominent hips and ass making up for her small bust, a side effect of the biggest influences on his life being massive perverts.

The second of the girls were Ino Yamanaka. The one he knew the longest. The platinum blonde haired girl whose front half of her long ponytail was styled with the front bang hanging over the left side of her face was a clan heiress of the Yamankas, a clan famed for their mind walking and interrogation techniques. Having the most lovely set up blue eyes Ino's figure was a bit more balanced in curves not to mention she was taller than most girls her age.

Her outfit consisted of a short, purple, sleeveless blouse, an open-front purple apron skirt over a shorter black skirt, with short fishnet shorts underneath.

Ino's outgoing personality simply mashed well with the blond's own personality. Like each of his friends Ino's friendship played an influence on the blond. Helping him be more socialable and aware of social cues. Just as Sakura helped him with his work ethic and so on.

The final one was the lavender eyes dark haired beauty Hinata Hyuuga whose destiny was influenced the biggest by these choices. What could have been was not a shy and meek girl.

The action of saving her from bullies was the same, but the outcome that changed was befriending her. And as he learned social skills he was able to help her get the confidence skills she would have lacked later in life.

Hands down Hinata was the most developed of the girls, nearing hourglass figure which she happily showed considering her outfit consisted of an lavender top with the top two buttons undone to show she was wearing a mesh bra which did little to hide the size of her large chest and taught stomach and a pair of blue pants while not skin tight showed off the amazing booty of the indigo haired girl.

Naruto took his usual seat meaning that Ino was on his left, Hinata is right, and Sakura was in front. "Morning girls."

"Morning Naruto-kun." They all chimed, Hinata faintly blushing while doing so. Naruto's influence in the life of Sakura and Ino had showed them both they wanted someone warm and loving as their other halves, slowly waning away the torch they had for Sasuke.

The friendship that would have been lost had been repaired as time passed leading to the two of them to focus on their careers.

In Hinata's case this was a change not to come to past, her feelings for the blond thanks to his constant support only fanned the burning flames of her passion for him even more.

In this case…the case of Naruto not being a failure he would pass the academy test.

The fabled theft of the scroll that was the integral part of so many histories would not come to pass.

So that left but only question.

From this point on how would the story that once was play out?


Chapter End


So I am going with some changes. No need to keep certain dynamics or reasoning because in canon they were never used to their full potential.

Others such as Naruto's friendships playing a key role in him becoming a well-rounded character and that this Naruto had steps and pushes into developing into a much stronger character and not full blown, he's Kage level off screen on his own somehow.

This is a Naruto who has had help from the shinobi populous, mainly those who were supposed to help him and be there for him in the first place.

Meaning he isn't just that Kyuubi kid to a lot of the shinobi clans, but he still someone that much of the civilian and some of the shinobi populous are weary of.

He's more sensible and intelligent than canon Naruto, but he still wishes to be Hokage to honor his clan and to protect those precious to him instead of doing it for acknowledgement.

He still spent his first few years alone so he still knows that loneliness and pain, but the fact that those precious to him found their way to him so much earlier he truly appreciates these bonds in a whole new way.

All and All I hope you guys are going to enjoy this as for a long time I focused on crossovers and neglected my pure Naruto stories.