The Goddess of Death

Summary: Calla Potter keeps dreaming of a dark haired man, its been happening ever since defeating Voldemort. Her being the Master of Death is one thing, but there being a god of mischief? Calla/Loki

Disclaimer: I don't own marvel or the avengers.

Chapter One: The Final Battle

"Calla! It's started!" Padma yelled at her as they looked out the window, waiting for the enemy.

"So it's finally time, to end this." She stared determinedly out, as she caught glimpses of black cloaks appearing out of nowhere. She grabbed her staff that had been siting next to her.

It wasn't exactly your typical staff, she'd gotten interested in wand lore after getting her wand, and during her time in Diagon Alley in the summer before third year she'd asked Ollivander to teach her what he knew. He'd been happy to, since his grandchildren didn't seem that interested in the subject. She'd been told that while some people thought the wand in his front window used to belong to Merlin, it was actually the first wand his family had ever created. He'd told her that Merlin had infused his wand into a staff along with his dead wife's. The two wands together had been more powerful than one. She'd immediately taken an interest. And after she'd found her parents wands in her family vault when she turned seventeen she'd started to process of bonding them all together. The wands all worked for her individually, Ollivander had told her it was because in part the family magic and the love they shared for one another.

After Sirius had fallen into the veil and only left his dropped wand behind she'd held onto it. The wands all together made her feel closer than ever to the family she'd never been able to have.

Bonding them had taken time; it was stressful and magically exhausting. But well worth it. The wand woods had formed together, swirly in harmony with each other. She hadn't told anyone at the time what she'd done, but once they we're all-together she'd told Remus and Dora, they'd been expecting Teddy at the time and Remus had cried and said it was like they the marauders were all back together. He'd asked her that if he didn't make it through the war that she'd bond his wand with them. Dora had agreed, even though Calla had seen that it slightly pained her to think of Remus ever dying. But it had happened. About four months after Teddy was born Remus had been killed during a fight in Diagon Alley when he was trying to protect new first years. They'd been in shock, while weeping over his fallen body Dora had reached for his wand and handed it over to her. Dora had told her that it had been Remus' last wish, to be reunited with his friends and that bonding their wands on this plane of existence would achieve that. All together the bonded wands were now nearly as tall as she was.

It had made her cry but she'd clutched the wand like a lifeline, and Dora and grabbed her hand with the wand clutched in it and made her swear that if she died she'd do the same with her wand. That and she would raise Teddy since her father was dead and Andromeda was comatose from magical exhaustion. It had pained her heart to be asked to promise that to Dora, but she'd looked so desperate that Calla had wanted Dora to have something to hold onto.

Luckily Dora hadn't died, as of yet. And hopefully since she was behind the Black and Potter Family wards that had been placed up around Potter Manor she never would. She'd made the adults in the Order of the Phoenix promise not to send a message of help for Dora today; she didn't want Teddy to be motherless as well as fatherless. She of all people knew what that was like.

She ran a hand through her short hair cut. It used to be long in auburn curls that spiralled to the middle of her back. But once she'd started fighting in these battles she'd realized how it could be used against her. Now it looked like her father's messy hair except it was the same auburn red as her mother's had been. She'd been given disapproving looks from some of the older woman when she'd cut it, they'd told her it made her look like a boy. It had hurt but Moody's approving nod had enforced her that it had been the right decision. Especially when she'd seen a girl being dragged by her plait in battle.

"Are we ready?" She asked her fellow Ravenclaw. Padma had taken her advice on cutting her hair a couple on months ago and now it hung in an elegant bob. She rolled her eyes at how her friend could look practically perfect going into battle. Even though Padma wasn't as focused on her looks as her sister she was still one of the prettiest girls in their year.

"Neville says the Gryffindor squad are in position in the Three Broomsticks. Susan just told me that Hufflepuff has direct eyes on the targets from Zonko's and Honeyduckes. And our Ravenclaw squad are all battle ready." Lisa stepped forward. "I haven't heard from the Slytherin squad yet, but I'm sure I will in any minute."

"Right." She nodded, one hand on the Gryffindor sword hanging from her belt. She'd taken to fighting with it about a year ago, after she'd taken some fighting lessons from Professor Flitwick. As he was half goblin he'd been trained from birth to fight with a sword or axe, as was the way of his ancestors.

"Terry, get your group at the back door. I don't want everyone rushing out the front. It gives the Death Eaters to much of a target." She saw him nod as he wordlessly gestured to his group towards the back of the Hogs Head.

"Daphne replied! Slytherin was having some problems but it's been settled. They're ready to go when we are." Lisa smiled as she looked up from the fake galleon in her hand. Her blonde hair in two tight buns.

"That's great." She turned back to the window, watching as more Death Eaters arrived and started to group together. "He'll be here soon." She turned to everyone. "We've gone through much these last three years. I know that many of us have lost people we held dear, and we will lose people today. But I say this, it is going to end today! Today Tom's rein of terror is at an end." She looked at the people in front of her as she looked into their terrified eyes. The adults, the teenagers and the only recently graduated witches and wizards. She gripped her magical staff feeling connected to her family through it. "We are here to today so we can be free tomorrow. So we can live without the constant fighting."

"We're here to see you kick Tom's butt!" Lisa fist bumped the air, a bright smile on her face. The group laughed, lightness appearing in their eyes that hadn't been there a minute ago.

"Yes," She smiled, happy they were enjoying these last few seconds. "But while I'm fighting with him you all are going to have to focus on his minions, top priority on taking them out so they can't fight, whether that's stunning spells, body binds, cutting their hands off or flat out killing them. We don't want those monsters to have a second chance to kill or hurt anyone else or get off scot-free like last time." She saw nods all around, some hesitant and some understanding. "Once we get the Disapparition and portkey wards down it will be hard for them to leave. But we want to make sure none of them get into Hogwarts. While the students should be safe behind the wards and in the House Common rooms we all know there are ways into the castle and we don't need anymore young blood being spilt."

"Professor McGonagall says that the Hogwarts armor is in position, guarding the grounds and the hallways in case of intruders." Padma looked up from her own fake galleon.

"Good, some of the Professors are staying in the school as a last resort. The Unspeakables have put up a safe spot in the shrieking shack in case anyone gets injured. If you are unable to fight or find someone who needs urgent medical attention go there and the Healers will help you." She felt a cold shiver down her spine and knew that Voldemort had arrived at last.

"Calla! Susan says she'd spotted Tom!" Roger Davis yelled from the back. Everyone fidgeted, from the recklessness that began before battle started.

"Padma alert the goblins!" she turned towards her friend. She peered out the window to see the magic take affect as the wards closed down over Hogsmeade.

"Everyone ready? They're won't be a toilet break." She grinned, as everyone took out his or her wands.

"Drinks on me when we survive this!" Anthony shouted.

"Okay. Alert Susan, Neville and Daphne that it's starting." She nodded to Padma, Lisa and Luna who all had their galleons in hand. "Everyone apply Disillusion charms, we're going for surprise remember. Take down as many as you can before they realize what's happening." She watched as they all tapped their wands on themselves and blended into the scenery.

"Message sent." The three girls said and applied their own Disillusions. She tapped her own head with her staff and walked to the door. They'd all applied soundless charms onto their clothes already.

She went to the door first, partly so she could give the others hope, but also so hopefully she could reach Voldemort first and end the fighting before it really started. She didn't want to lose anyone else. They'd lost a couple of student's in their year already. Hermione Granger, Seamus Finigan, Lily Moon, Sally Smith, Wayne Hoplins, Sue Li, Thedore Nott and Emma Vane.

She didn't want to lose any more people. Especially her friends; Padma, Lisa, Terry, Neville, Susan, Hannah, Blaise, Daphne and Tracey. Tracey had already been badly hurt; she'd been permanently scared across her face. Bellatrix had slashed at her face with an unknown spell. Hannah had lost two of her fingers in her left hand. Lisa had been hit with a spell that made her unable to produce children. Padma had lost her parents in a raid. Terry had a fake left leg now, he'd gotten it while trying to defend his younger sister. Daphne had lost her mother and father when Death Eaters attacked St Mungos. Blaise currently didn't know where his mother was. Neville's parents now lay behind the Longbottom wards after the attack on St Mungos with his grandmother defending them. Susan had lost her aunt before sixth year. They'd all been affected.

She didn't want any more children becoming orphans like her. She wanted to finally live a life where she wasn't looking over her shoulder. She wanted to find love like her parents had. To have a family of her own and move on from this.

But that would have to wait.

As they had something else to focus on now. They crept closer to the enemy. She didn't take her eyes off Voldemort or his groupies, determined to finish this. She glanced at the Elder wand in his hand, she felt it's pull. She'd won its allegiance a year ago when she'd disarmed Draco Malfoy in Diagon Alley. She'd been feeling the pull ever since, all three hallows. She had the cloak in her pocket, the stone sat on her right hand index finger where it had been placed into a new setting, and she'd wrapped wire around it and made a ring out of it. It made her giggle when comparing it to the house ring on her right ring finger.

Her staff seemed to shiver in her hand, the magic travelling through her body. She knew that as soon as the staff touched the Elder wand it would become infused with one another. She noticed how Voldemort glanced down at the wand in his hand and tightened his grip around it. It wanted to be with its mistress. And she wanted to be with it. They called to one another.

Calla touched the faded lightning shaped scar on her forehead, remembering the last time she and Voldemort had battled. It had been about two weeks ago. He'd been surprised by the staff in her hands, after all they hadn't seen each other face to face for nearly four years at that point. The last time they had fought had been in the ministry of magic during her fifth year. The year after Draco Malfoy had tried to kill Dumbledore but Snape had interfered and turned his own wand on the headmaster himself. She had shot spell after spell at them and driven them both out of Hogwarts along with the Death Eaters that had gotten in. Dumbledore had told her that the ring horcrux was slowly killing him and he probably won't last many months. She'd told him that he'd better survive at least so she could finish her schooling at Hogwarts. He'd died in January in her seventh year. She'd managed to sit all her exams before Voldemort took over the Ministry. So at least she had her exams over. She'd spent the following two years with her friends training and out finding horcruxes. They'd found them all and destroyed them. Neville had killed Voldemort's snake two weeks ago. And now he was coming after him with vengeance.

They'd been planning these last two weeks after she sort of died. They'd let it slip that she was in Hogsmeade and she was alive. They knew that he couldn't resist trying to kill her again, as it hadn't worked the last couple of times.

She knew it was likely she would face death today. That she might be reunited with her parents, Sirius and Remus. But she didn't want to leave her friends behind. Death didn't frighten her, but she didn't crave it.

She looked at Voldemort's red eyes and saw them look around the seemly empty village. She saw how his body looked fragile, as if losing most of his soul was affecting it. He was a monster, and she was going to stop him.

She weaved her way through the packed Death Eaters as they stared around confused. They clearly had been expecting an immediate attack or villagers walking around. That there was neither was clearly confounding their small brains.

She bent down occasionally and put the little gifts Fred and George Weasley had given out on the ground. The distraction things would set off in about a minute. They'd timed it so that as soon as they were placed on the ground they'd start timing down. They hoped that it would confuse they further as she gifts were disillusioned so they had no idea where the noises would be coming from.

This would give them all time to fire spells when the Death Eaters would have their backs turned. She smirked as she imagined them falling. The less of them fighting the better. She noticed Snape at Voldemort's side, his face not hidden behind a mask, his permanent sneer on his face. Her eyes tightened remembering how he'd fired the spell that had killed Remus. He was the reason Teddy wouldn't know his father. He was the reason this had started in the first place. If it wasn't for him her parents might not have died, she might have had siblings.

She took the vile of Basilisk venom she'd been keeping in her pocket for him. She carefully unscrewed in, bent down and poured a drop onto his shoe. The material would disintegrate from the venom and then it would touch his skin and kill him in seconds. She resealed the unbreakable vile the goblins had given her so she could carry the venom around and not get hurt by it. She didn't feel any regret and she stood and turned away from her old Professor. She knew that she would feel all the emotions of this coming battle later, but she refused to let them affect her now. She had a job to do. She had to fulfill that damn prophecy.

She grabbed her staff with both hands and silently cast a summoning spell on the elder wand. It leapt out of Voldemorts hand and flew into her staff. The shock wave knocked everyone else to the ground. Sparks flew and she became visible, her staff had bonded with the elder wand, and now it was even longer, the elder wand swirled with the others, the magic sparked over it until it clawed its way to the top of the staff and created two claw like hands holding together a green energy mass. It looked like magic, she felt her vision sharpen, and she looked down to see her skin on her arms had taken a golden hue. She felt the air ruffle her hair. She felt a sense of belonging.

And she felt the gaze of someone in another realm. As if their eyes had been suddenly drawn to her.

And there was the shadow behind her. The one that spoke of Death. She felt the acceptance and the otherworldly knowledge fill her. She wouldn't understand it all right then, but she would in time.

Her own soul felt it when the shadow touched her shoulder.

"I have chosen you. Goddess of Death." The words shivered in the air. A cold gust of wind swept through the village and goose bumps littered everyone's arms. They all felt the affect of someone walking across their graves. "You have been chosen."

Calla was filled with light, she felt a golden glow fill her and strengthen her. Her body, soul and mind became more than human.

She felt her soul get marked, twice. The first was of her new role in the universe and the other was a deep soul connection to somebody else. She felt the light touch of a symbol being drawn on the back of her left hand. And now there was a thread connecting her with another. One who currently was feeling his own mark getting drawn onto his own soul and body.

She realized her eyes were closed and opened them. In front of her was the figure of the man who had hunted her, her entire life. And saw his weakness.

"Death awaits you." She told him. She gripped her staff in one hand and tapped it onto the ground. His body shook, as she sent the magic through him. "Nobody can cheat Death." She felt the anger of Death behind her as Death's gaze fell on Tom Riddle. "Tom Marvolo Riddle, you have been judged." The words came out her mouth; through she didn't know why she was saying them.

She swung her staff at him and touched his forehead with the top of the staff. "Death claims the rest of your soul." She said watching as his body fell to the ground and the torn remains of his soul screamed as it was released. Death glided over to it and snatched it up, and then turned towards her and let her see underneath the cloak there was a feminine skull. It seemed to grin at her before vanishing. Silence stretched around her, the toppled groupies stared wide-eyed at their fallen master. Then the Weasley's gifts sounded. And suddenly spell fire. Most of them went down, she noticed Snape reach out for her only to gasp as the venom hit his system.

She waved her staff around; no longer needing the Latin words her professors had taught her on how to use magic. For the magic she was now using was unlike the one she had used before.

This magic felt familiar and wild. Instead of the bright colours that her witch magic had been, it was now swirls of gold and black.

The battle ended sooner than expected. The wounded were taken to the shrieking shack where the healers were waiting. Others hugged their friends and jumped about. She felt detached from it all. No longer did she feel like she belonged, she felt home now belonged at the edge of that thread connected to her soul.

"My King, I have an urgent matter of which I must impart." Heimdall the Asgardian guard of the Bifrost stepped up and then kneeled before his King.

"Then speak of it." The King of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms, Odin All-Father spoke. He sat on his impressive golden throne with his scepter held in his right hand as he looked down upon the Watcher of the Worlds.

"Death has chosen a Goddess for her realm. One who has now become the Asgardian Goddess of Death." Heimdall watched the All-Father's reaction to the surprising news.

"This is indeed urgent, we will make plans to bring them here before us." Odin shifted in his throne. "But the matter must wait. Tomorrow is Thor's coronation. We will speak of this at a later occasion."

"I shall do as you desire, my King."