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Sam and Liliana continued walking inside the cave where they ended up climbing to, they went up some wooden stairs and the Portuguese girl scrunched her nose at the squeaking that the boards made every time they walked. It wasn't until they paced by the stairs bridge when Liliana was almost hit by heavy rocks that suddenly fell through the ceiling, fortunately Sam pulled her friend to herself in time.

"Ahh! Jesus!" Sam exclaimed as she looked back.

"Oh my god…" Liliana gasped as she clung to her friend.

They both looked down at the giant hole caused by the unstable rocks; there was no going back now.

Shaking the scare, they continued ahead. This time Liliana was closer to Sam, just in case. When they were reaching towards the other set of stairs, a loud boom shook the whole underground around them.

"What was that?!" Liliana squealed while looking up with widened eyes.

"An explosion somewhere…" Sam muttered while shaking her head.

There was two paths, one was a bridge that led them left but another was straight ahead that led them up the stairs into a room. They went for the room and while Liliana looked around. Sam grabbed yet another totem; this one seemed to be the head of one of the collections.

+ Death Totem +

"Did you see something?" Liliana asked.

Sam seemed pale, but she shook her head quickly. "N-No, let's just continue…"

"Wait, look at this… there's a skull and a creepy drawing." The brunette pointed off, "I need your flashlight."

Sam approached her friend and narrowed her eyes at the unhuman or unanimal skull. "What the…"

Liliana shivered and continued walking ahead, Sam quickly followed as the two descended a set of wooden stairs, being the only path out of that creepy area. When they turned right to continue ahead, the cave's top suddenly shook causing some rocks to fall on the bridge ahead of them. They yelped and held on to the rails before they could fall down.

But Sam noticed that the rocks that fell were causing a massive hole to open ahead, if they didn't jump while the hole was short they could not possible continue on their path and meet with Mike.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Lily jump with me! NOW!" she yelled at the Portuguese girl.

Full on adrenaline, Liliana quickly complied her friend's desperate orders and used all the muscle strength she had left on her legs to follow Sam into a leap of faith to the other side of the now fallen bridge.

As they got to the other side, there was no time to celebrate when a phantasmagorical screech echoed around them. Liliana screamed and clinged to Sam's arm while the blonde looked around with fear clear in her eyes.

"What the hell was that?" Liliana asked with a shaken up voice.

Sam was looked behind them as if she had a feeling something was watching from her back, "I don't know… let's just keep walking." She turned to continue walking as Liliana nodded, letting go of her arm. Sam however noticed something with her sharp eyes, a lonely pipe.

"Uh…" she mumbled curiously as she grabbed it and inspected it.

"You think we're gonna need that?" The brunette sighed as she eyed the object turned possible weapon fearfully.

Sam sighed, "Let's just go… That quake might have been related to Mike."

And so they proceeded to walk on another bridge, this time Liliana looked up with paranoia, afraid that more rocks would collapse on them.-Fortunately nothing happened as they continued.

Both leaped down to another floor on the mine, it wasn't a big jump but Liliana had to smile when she felt her left ankle burn. It reminded her when she first arrived to the mountain with Sam, her smile suddenly vanished when she remember the situation everyone was in.

This was all a big nightmare.

The two girls walked straight ahead towards a giant, metallic door when Mike suddenly bursted from the other side yelling, scaring Liliana and Sam as they jumped back like scared cats.

"Stay out there!" Mike growled as he shoved the door on what it seemed a demon being engulfed by flames.

"What the fuck!" Liliana covered her eyes as Sam approached Mike quickly.

Unfortunately Mike wasn't strong enough and the thing—the Wendigo on fire was able to +overpower him when it broke the door open and leaped on him. It was a horrible sight to see and for a second both girls didn't move.

"Mike! Holy shit!" Sam screamed horrified. She took action quickly, Liliana watched her friend raise the heavy looking pipe up, aiming at the burning Wendigo's head, "Hey! FATTY! OVER HERE!" she barked at him bravely, and when she got the monster's attention she swung the pipe at its head strongly, shoving it away from Mike's grasp. But it wasn't enough so Sam, full with adrenaline, aimed the pipe at the Wendigo again and hit it when it suddenly approached her for the kill.

Amazingly so, when Sam swung at its head again, it projected itself out of its spider-like body, disappearing on the other side of the door.

"Holy shit Sam! That's a homerun!" Liliana awed. First her blonde friend threw a vase at a possible psychopath and now this?

Mike wasted no time, he got up even though he was weak and hurt and closed the metallic door; then he leaned over it to catch his breath. Liliana thought that he was having an asthma attack for a second.

As he looked at the girls, a sudden and screeching red mist passed through the door above him, floating upwards and disappearing in the darkness.

"Was that the Wendigo spirit?" Liliana asked innocently.

"Whoa… you two alright?" Mike asked as he leaned over his knees for some support.

Sam and Liliana approached him.

"Uh… define 'alright'." Sam sassed him.

He shrugged, "Alive, for a start." He retorted with a shit eating grin.

Liliana rolled her eyes and hugged him, "We're so glad you're okay…"

"Yeah…" Mike breathed as he pulled away from the hug, he gave her a soft smile before he looked at Sam, "What the hell are you two doing here anyway?" he asked with a scolding tone.

"We were going to warn you about the Wendigos." Sam replied as she gripped onto her pipe.

"I think I got it." he deadpanned.

"Yeah..." Sam chuckled weakly.

"Have you seen Joshua?" Liliana suddenly asked him hopefully.

Mike gave her a sad smile and shook his head, "No but let's find a way down where this fucker lives. Maybe then we'll find Josh there." he nodded at Sam, who nodded back.

Liliana however, hugged herself and imagined the worse. She had seen a Wendigo, and if Mike couldn't hold it back then how could Joshua?

"Hey don't worry. We find a way down and Josh will be there. I promise." Sam told her comfortingly.

And Mike cringed at her choice of words, Sam should be aware of what she was promising, what if they found Josh all mutilated and dead? Now he really hoped to see that crazy idiot again… especially now that he knew that he wasn't the one that killed Jessica. Michael at least wanted to apologize before anything fatal could happen.



"I was not prepared for how ugly that thing would be up close." Same admitted to Mike and Liliana.

"Tell me about it… I almost puked if I hadn't closed my eyes in time." The brunette sighed.

"Yeah…" Mike agreed, "…so I noticed something kind of weird about it…" he started.

Sam walked a little further than him as Liliana stayed to his side; both of them looked at him expectantly.

"Uh… what?" Sam deadpanned with a tired tone. How more fucked up could this night be?

"The Wendigo," he continued as the trio walked, "it had a scar."

"So?" Liliana asked this time.

"I've seen it before." Mike stated.

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked confusedly as Liliana scrunched her eyebrows.

"I saw these old pictures of some guy with that same scar – and he was transforming into a Wendigo." He explained further.

"You're kidding." The blonde said.

"It was one of the miners who'd been trapped back in the fifties… in the cave-in. Which means that thing in eighty years old. At least." he added grimly.

Sam shook her head in disbelief, even though she trusted Mike's words, "Spunky for an old timer." She joked sarcastically.

"Does this means that these bastards are immortal?" Liliana asked as she followed Sam.

"Maybe, I don't know…" Mike sighed, "They cleaned the place out… killed a lot of people."

"They? You mean there's more of them?" Sam asked him.

"Oh yeah," Mike nodded with a sour look on his face.

"How many?" Liliana asked fearfully.

Mike paused for a second, "Too many." He told her before walking away.

Sam and Liliana shared a worried look before following him.

"I think we're close to the lair." Sam told them as they faced a narrow path that lead them further into the darkness of the cave.

"How can you tell?" Mike asked her curiously.

"I don't know… I just…"

"I have a bad feeling, so we must be pretty close." Liliana helped.

"Exactly, I feel really terrible all of a sudden." Sam mumbled dejectedly.

"Ditto." Mike said.

"I really don't want to go in there…" Sam admitted as they approached a giant wheel surrounded by water.

"We have to, I feel like Joshua is on the other side." Liliana insisted.

"There's no other way through." Mike sighed as Sam kneeled down to pick something she had spotted.

Another totem? Liliana was starting to worry about why those where spread all over the mountain.

+ Fortune Totem +

As they jumped over a log, Sam noticed something else and approached it quickly.

"Mike, Lily, is that what I think it is?" Sam asked.

"Shit. It looks like a grave." Mike announced sadly.

Liliana shook her head and stood behind Sam as the blonde inspected something she had picked up.

+ Clue Found: Beth's Watch +

"Oh my God…" Liliana took a step back with a grim look on her face. "This is…"

Sam backed away from the grave quickly and turned to the two of her friends, "Oh God… guys… this is Beth's! This is her watch!" she sobbed dryly as she showed the signature of Liliana's best friend.

"What?" Mike asked perplexed, "Let me see." He held the watch higher on her hands and read the inscription.

"It is… I recognize it…" Liliana mumbled as tears started to form on her eyes.

Sam grabbed her hand and turned back to the grave, "Look… t-there was a cross here!" she told mostly to Mike, Sam realized that Liliana needed to calm down because of her asthma.

"So this is where she was buried." Mike concluded.

"Oh God…" Liliana whimpered.

Sam sighed, "But… who dug her up?"

Mike looked at her and turned around; pointing his flashlight around him to make sure the three were alone. He looked at Liliana and Sam sadly, "Let's keep moving." He decided.

Sam pocketed Beth's watch on her blue yoga pants and stared at the grave with Liliana; both mourned the loss of their friend for a second before following Mike.

Liliana however stayed behind a little more, she contemplated on the hole where Beth's lifeless body had previously been on. She didn't need to be smart to realize that Hannah was the one that probably buried her, if not her then who else? The flamethrower guy? She doubted. All she needed was something that could prove her theory… something, even a small detail that they could not miss.

She inhaled through her nostrils and exhaled slowly through her mouth to calm her breathing down; her asthma could not slow her down at the moment. It was time to shake up the fear and stay attentive to her surroundings.

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