Changing Season

Disclaimer: Disney's, not mine. Well, except for Kristi and her family, of course lol

Summary: Something's going on…

A/N: This is my take on what the clan's experiences throughout the breeding season would be like. So, the usual warnings with this sort of material apply, I suppose…even though I'm not really going to go into explicit detail.


The sound of the phone ringing broke Kimbra Johnson's concentration.

She glared at it.

"Kimmy? Could you get that please?"

'Yes, Mom." Sighing resignedly, the 11 year old got up. How did her parents expect her to finish all her homework in time if she kept getting interrupted?

She missed Kristi. At least her sister always answered the phone.


"Kimbra, I need to speak to your mother, now."

She sighed.

"Mom! Gran's on the phone! Hold on, Gran," she said, already eyeing her homework on the table.

"Thanks, child."

Settling back in her seat, Kimbra resumed her homework, but after a while, little snatches of conversation made their way through.

She really shouldn't eavesdrop, but she'd never heard her mother sound like that before. She kept caping and uncaping her wings, and even her tail kept swishing around.

What could her grandmother be saying that would make her mother behave like that?

Not for the first time, she wished she'd inherited her mother's gargoyle hearing, just like her sister.

With alarm, she wondered if Kristi was all right.

As if reading her mind, her mother glanced in her direction. She gave her daughter a smile that Kimbra was sure was meant to be reassuring, but it had the opposite effect.

Abandoning all pretence at doing her homework, she turned toward her mother anxiously, playing with her curls.

"Is the clan ok?"

Her mother looked startled at the question, which made Kimbra relax slightly, but she still paid attention to the answer.

"Everyone's fine, love. Cora's just going on a little trip, that's all."

The child frowned, long ago used to the fact that her mother's gargoyle upbringing meant that she didn't call Cora 'Mom'.

"Is Gran going to see Kristi?" she thought she could detect the hint of a smile on her mother's face as she nodded.


"The clan's about to have a breeding season, Kimmy. They don't have any older females, so Cora's going to help."

Kimbra just stared at her mother. "How am I supposed to finish my homework now?"


Owen had never been gladder to finish work early. Usually paperwork didn't faze him, but he'd been having problems keeping his thoughts from wandering lately.

It'd be good to get home and see his family. Tori had been in an exceptionally good mood recently and seemed to tire quickly.

Do you think she's ill?

Owen frowned at the worry in Puck's voice even as he entered the elevator.

*We checked, and she's fine. Maybe she's about to have another growth spurt. You know how lethargic she got the last time.*


His phone chose that moment to ring, and he smiled.

"Hello, Mrs. Burnett. Don't worry, I'm on my way home."

"Well, I just got here, actually. Mr. X said he had a surprise for us, and he insisted I visit tonight. Fox has Tori, and she wouldn't tell me what's going on. Do you have any idea what this is about?"

Owen blinked. He knew he'd been distracted recently, but…

"No, I haven't. He hasn't been acting any differently."

Kristi's sigh rattled in his ear. "Well, whatever it is, it better be good. I've been looking forward to you coming home these few nights."

Her voice turned playful and all of a sudden Owen couldn't catch his breath.

Ignoring Puck's laughter in his mind, the blonde man grinned, with no one as a witness but the elevator walls.

"Minx," he growled.

"Hey, don't look at me…you're the instigator. Oh, here comes Mr. X. I'll meet you in the library. Bye, babe."

Owen wiped the smile from his face as the elevator door opened.

Whatever Mr. Xanatos had planned as a surprise had better be worth it.


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