Barba's surprised to find Olivia sitting in the bar when he walks in around 8pm for a bite to eat.

She's sitting alone with a glass of wine- unusual for her. Because of Noah, she rarely went for a drink after work anymore- and when she did she usually invited Barba. Their current case wasn't particularly rough- at least no more than others. Barba'd been a little worried about their key witness's testimony but she hadn't seemed to be.

He makes his way over to her to check on her. As he approaches, he gestures to the bartender for a drink. "Hey, thought you'd have gone home."

Olivia turns to him, surprised. She gives him an almost uncomfortable smile. "Thought I'd stop in for a quick drink before heading that way."

He eyes her skeptically as the bartender sets down his drink, "Everything OK?"

She takes a sip of her wine and nods at him.

Did he do something wrong?

"How's Noah's cough?"

She takes another sip of wine and shifts in her seat as she nods again. "Good, good, seems to be getting better."

Barba smiles trying to get her to lighten up, "Good. Prep a your place is no fun if he doesn't feel up to singing me his latest rendition of—what's that song?"

Olivia finally smiles genuinely at him, "Let It Go?"

"That's the one."

For some reason, after all that happened with Johnny D- Barba and Liv had started to prep cases more often at her apartment. It gave her a chance to at least spend some time with Noah when they were stuck pulling late nights. Noah had warmed up to Barba. Barba was still awkwardly unsure of how to handle a 2 year old but he was learning. He had started to enjoy having Noah around to distract from the onslaught of horrible details he and Olivia had to wade through.

Barba and Olivia share a chuckle and Barba's just about to sit on the bar stool beside her when a man walks up behind her. Barba doesn't even notice the man until he places a hand on Olivia's shoulder. He looks up to see Tucker.

"Trying to cut in on my date, Counselor?" Tucker says, good-naturedly.

Barba is blindsided. He can't help the shocked "Wow" that escapes under his breath. He looks to Olivia, "Sorry, I didn't realize—" He manages to compose himself. "I didn't realize you were here with someone."

He scoots out from what he now realizes is Tucker's seat as Tucker reclaims it. Barba leaves some cash on the bar and then looks between Olivia and Tucker. "I should go finish looking over these depositions." He turns to Tucker, "Nice seeing you, Lieutenant." Tucker nods back politely.

Barba gives a quick glance to Olivia, "Liv, see you in court."

Liv gives him a tight, almost apologetic, smile and nods. Barba retreats without ever ordering the dinner he came for.

Tucker turns to Liv with a smirk and raises an eyebrow. "He's a weird guy, hmm?"

Liv keeps her eyes on the door Barba's just retreated through. Why did she feel like she'd just been caught in the act? Why not just tell him why she was there when he came in? She felt terrible. But then again- it really wasn't his business. It wasn't like she and Barba were involved.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knows she's lying to herself. She tells him everything. He was the only one that knew exactly what happened with Lewis, she'd told him about Harris, her mom, all of it. And she knew all his secrets- his childhood, his dad, the summer he came home to find Alex and Yelina engaged. Why not just tell him?

She turns back to Tucker with a smile- determined to put it out of her mind. Tucker notices her momentary hesitation and continues, "Hear he's a real pain in the ass."

Olivia smirks, "He really wants to get the bad guys. Sometimes what he's willing to do to get there rubs people the wrong way."

Tucker looks surprised at her insightfulness.

Olivia decides a subject change is in order. "So Tucker, dinner?"

He smiles at her, "You know, Liv, I do have a first name. I was kind of hoping, at least tonight, that you might use it."

Olivia smiles, "I think I can do that."