*Hey all- here's the last chapter. Hope you enjoy! Fair warning there's smut ahead.*

After eating his weight in fried rice, Noah only makes it halfway through the movie before falling asleep sprawled across Barba and Liv's laps. Liv scoops the toddler up and heads back to his room, while Barba begins clearing the remnants of their takeout back to the kitchen.

When she returns, he's rinsing dishes in the sink. "Leave it" she says softly, "I'll get it in the morning."

Barba shuts off the water and turns to her, unsure. What now? He smiles, draws in a breath, "Guess I should-". He motions to the door.

She looks at him confused, disappointed, "You're leaving?"

He steps towards her, stuttering his response, "I mean, not if you don't-" He breaks off his thought chuckling to himself. Jesus, he's never been this nervous. Had he suddenly become 14 again? He reaches out for her hand, meeting her eyes, "We really suck at this."

She chuckles and pulls him closer with his hand, "I think we both need to relax."

Barba leans into her, skeptical, "Have you met me, Lieutenant?"

She smiles and leans in, planting a soft kiss on his lips before drawing back slightly, "No pressure, but-" Another quick peck, "I thought we might at the very least, watch a grown-up movie-" This time he leans in to kiss her, "And at the most, maybe you'd stay? Maybe?"

Liv shrugs- making a show of her inquiry. Barba smiles and leans in to kiss her again. This time he lingers, pulling her close before once again meeting her eyes, "You sure?"

"If it's too fast, that's OK- but never in my life have I been more sure of anything."

Barba grins- pulling her into a more suggestive kiss. Olivia runs her tongue along the seams of his lips- begging entrance, which he grants her. After several moments of their tongues tangling, Barba trails kisses along her jawline to her ear.

"Maybe we skip the grown-up movie?" he suggests.

She leans her head back- enjoying his mouth- which is now making it's way down the side of her neck to her collarbone. "God, yes" she replies.

She can feel his arousal pressed against her hip as he pins her to the counter. Her hands trail down his back and around to the front of his pants- grabbing for his belt. He immediately stops his ministrations and grabs her wrists- taking a small step back.

Her eyes come back to his- once again confused as he attempts to catch his breath. "As hot as this is, I'd rather my first time with you not be on your kitchen counter" he manages. "All the other times can be, just not this one."

They both grin and he steps back- giving her room to move. She takes his hand and leads him back to her bedroom.

The moment they are through the door, they find themselves entangled once more. Their kisses now desperate as they divest one another of their clothing. If there was space for any other thought in their passion-clouded brains, neither would be able to remember being so wrapped up in another person. Once they're both naked- Barba eases Olivia back onto the bed then joins her laying slightly to her side, over her.

It's only then that Barba raises himself up on one elbow to take her in, "Jesus- I'm such an idiot" he whispers before leaning in to kiss her, reverently.

She arches into him as he kisses her, listlessly. His hand wanders down her side to her breasts, massaging them before administering special attention to her already peaked nipples. He takes his time- learning her body with his hands. His fingertips brush over scars from a horror story they once thought they may never wake up from. Unlike Cassidy who avoided them or Tucker who felt the need to give them special attention, Barba simply accepts them as he moves his hands along her body.

She reaches between them, stroking him as their kisses become more passionate. Her contact is lost, however, when he breaks away to further explore her body with his mouth. He slowly makes his way down until his mouth replaces the hand on one of her nipples. She moans her approval as his tongue flattens over it. His hands continue their decent. His palm brushes up the inside of her thigh before he allows his fingers to find her seam. He finds her already wet and slips a single digit into her as she arches into his mouth once again.

His tongue continues it's teasing of her nipples as he slowly fingers her- finding all the spots that make her hum with pleasure.

Olivia's not sure what she expected but never could she have imagined this. He was patient and attentive- determined to bring her pleasure with no regard for himself.

Desperate to learn his body like he's learning hers, Olivia pulls his head back to hers, kissing him deeply. She rolls them, until she's on top- takes his cock in one hand and begins stroking him once again. Olivia parts from his mouth to start a similar trajectory down his body but he's quick to stop her- tugging at her shoulders.

He takes ragged breaths attempting to explain himself, "I- it's been quite a while for me-" it's impossible to think with this little blood in his brain "and I've dreamt about this more times than I'd like to admit. But if you do that- we won't get the my favorite part of the dream."

Olivia grins up at him, stroking him a couple more times before making her way back up his body.

She straddles him- as he positions himself at her entrance. He looks up at her as she lowers herself onto him slowly. Both are overwhelmed with sensation. Her head rolls back in pure bliss as he squeezes his eyes shut- determined not to let himself wake up if this is just another dream. Once he's fully inside her, she meets his eyes- as if asking permission to move. He sits up, cradling her in his lap so he can kiss her.

Olivia buries her head in Barba's shoulder as she begins to rock back and forth. He holds her tight- thrusting up to meet her- whispering softly to her in Spanish everything he's wanted to say for nearly 4 years. It's passionate and powerful, yet tender and loving. They move slowly- in an attempt to draw out every moment. Years of wanting has them both on the edge in no time, however.

Desperate not to be the first one over, Barba rolls them so that he is on top. He props himself on one elbow as he thrusts into her and reaches between them to find her clit. He angles his hips in an attempt to find that perfect spot inside her as well but the change in angle is all it takes to send Olivia careening over the edge. She arches into him- biting her lips in an attempt to not let her screams of pleasure wake Noah.

Barba feels her muscles clench around him as he does his best to draw out her pleasure with a few more thrusts before following her over the edge.

He stays propped on his elbow above her as he attempts to catch his breath. Barba leans in for a gentle kiss before collapsing on the bed beside her. Olivia- still breathless- rolls on her side to snuggle into his bare chest. "We're both idiots. I can't believe I've missed out on four years of that."

Barba chuckles and pulls her tight to his side. His hand drifts softly up and down her back. "Te quiero" he whispers into her hair.

They lie there- completely sated. Sex with Tucker had been good. Effective. It scratched the itch. But this- Olivia wasn't sure she'd ever experienced anything so incredible with a partner. They fit perfectly, knew each other inside and out, wanted each other completely. This was home. They'd both finally found it.