The demon known as Sweet stared at the town surrounding him. It wasn't that different from its future but if anyone would tell the inhabitants what their future would hold, they'd laugh. 'Me and Spike!?' the blonde slayer would say. 'I'm gay!?' the red witch would say. 'I'm engaged to a man-killing demon!?' the brunette lackey would say. The list could go on and on. So many changes in so little time...Sweet had read their very souls as they sang and he had created scenarios using the readings to find out who was best suited for whom. It was a long involved process but Sweet was a romantic at heart and it was worth it to play a demonic Cupid.

His readings had startled him, the best matches for the humans and vampires were anything but what had turned out. He saw happy endings with his readings but only death and despair in the future. Not a pretty picture and even the demon felt bad about it. He had edited his scenarios to find out when the couples would be better off and he was even more startled when he realized that the best times for the couples to get together was in the past. Five years in the past to be exact.