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Chapter 10 – Flying Lessons

Despite Videl's best effort to understand the enigma of Gohan, she still had many questions unanswered. How does one acquire so much power? What was she missing in her training? Where did Cell come from? Videl was still trying to comprehend that the random awkward boy who had never been in school was the person who defeated Cell, Saiyaman, and knew extremely important people like Bulma Briefs, Master Roshi, Krillin and so on. She knew there was a mystery surrounding her friend, but she was just only beginning to understand the depth of the mystery.

She still had an important goal in her training that needed to be met. She spent the last weekend trying to catch Korin, a talking cat who held the sacred water. According to her understanding, if she caught the sacred water and drank it, her power would go up immensely. She absolutely had to catch the sacred water, but there was one problem she thought. How?

It was Tuesday, the day after she had learned the many secrets of Gohan, and she wanted to get a better understanding of it all. She wanted to approach Gohan about the topic, but she feared that she had learned too much and that Gohan would not be willing to share more. She keenly remembered Bulma telling her to back off from uncovering Gohan's secrets. Despite that warning and her newly acquired information about Gohan, she was going to ask anyways. She felt comfortable enough around him to do so. She wondered if he felt the same.

The school day was ending, and she had to catch Gohan before he left for the day. Just as she was thinking about how to approach the question, the bell rang breaking her from her thoughts. All the students gathered their books and notes into their bags so they could go home.

"I still can't believe Gohan kissed Videl," Sharpner murmured.

Videl heard that and became beat red. How was she to approach Gohan when she was repeatedly reminded of that accidental kiss that happened so long ago? "Sharpner, I told you not to talk about that anymore," Videl said.

"Yeah, but that's not how it was suppose to happen," Sharpner explained.

Videl sighed in annoyance. "I don't know what you are thinking, but there is no way we will ever go out."

"I know, but I can always dream," Sharpner whined. Videl just shook her head.

"Well, I guess I will see you guys later," Gohan added trying to calm his blush.

Gohan also wasn't sure what to say to Videl. Should he just go on like nothing happened? How could he do that after everything that had happened?


Gohan turned around knowing that she wanted to talk. "Yeah Videl?"

"Can we walk together?" Videl asked.

"Sure," said Gohan.

The two began to walk out of the class together.

"No way," Sharpner said as the two left.

"Do you think they are actually like going out or something?" Erasa added.

"How could she? She has always been suspicious of Gohan," Sharpner added.

"Yeah, but Gohan is literally the best person for her," Erasa defended her new friend.

"How? Gohan is weak! Videl needs a fighter," Sharpner said.

"Nope. Gohan is perfect for her," Erasa explained.


"Don't you see? Gohan's brains and Videl's strength? Those two would be unstoppable! Plus, I think Gohan's a bit stronger than he lets on," Erasa explained.

"Gohan strong? Come on," Sharpner mocked.

"I'm just saying…" Erasa said.

While Erasa and Sharpner argued about what was going on between their friends, Gohan and Videl were exiting the school grounds.

"So what's up Videl?" Gohan asked.

"It's a nice day, you don't mind walking home with me?" Videl asked.

"Not at all," said Gohan.


Gohan was wondering if he should break the ice and he decided to do just that.

"So I'm sure you have a lot of questions still," he hinted.

"Yeah, you could say that," Videl agreed.

"Well, ask away."

Videl stopped for a second surprised at how easy it was. She thought Gohan might be reluctant about this subject. It appeared that he was always hiding his secrets, but why would he not hide them now?

"What? That's it? You are willing to tell me stuff?" Videl asked surprised.

"Well, remember when I told you that I would say things when I thought you were ready?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah…" Videl said.

"Well, I was just about ready, but I guess Korin said enough and you figured out the rest," Gohan mentioned.

"I guess I am just having a hard time digesting it all," Videl said.

"Yeah, it's a lot to take in," Gohan agreed. "By the way, how are things with you and your dad?"

"My dad?" Videl asked.

"Yeah, you said that you knew the truth about the Cell Games," Gohan said.

"Yeah… Bulma told me that I had to learn to forgive him and I am trying really hard," Videl explained.

"You should. That is what my dad did. He never held a grudge. Even to Vegeta who held a huge grudge on him," Gohan explained.

"That's Bulma's husband right?" Videl asked.

"Well, I don't think husband is the appropriate term, but yeah, he is the guy you are talking about," Gohan explained.

"How can you be okay with what my dad did?" Videl asked.

"I don't judge people by their mistakes," Gohan explained.

"Well, I guess it will just take a lot of time to come to a full understanding about you Gohan. It's hard to understand that we met under the conditions. I really thought you would have been angrier," Videl explained.

"Nope. I don't get angry very easily… Well Cell got me angry, but that's the last person who really got me mad," Gohan said.

"I just don't understand how you got so strong at such a young age. I can't even understand your power," Videl mentioned.

"Well, I guess there are a few things you don't know about me still," Gohan explained.

Videl raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"I guess where I get all my strength from," Gohan said.

"I thought your dad trained you?" Videl mentioned.

"Well, he did, but there is a lot more to it than just that."

"Like what?"

"I don't know if you are ready. Let me think about this one, Videl."

Videl tensed up a bit. So there was still things she didn't know about her friend. How could she completely trust him without knowing it all? Her tenses relaxed and she realized that she had to trust him after everything that she knew. Videl remembered Bulma saying that Gohan would tell her when he was ready.

"I guess I just want to become as strong as you. I don't even know how to catch Korin to drink the sacred water without gaining a lot of strength and speed," Videl explained.

"I might be able to help you with that," Gohan proposed.


"You catching Korin."


"Why don't you come over after school on Friday and I will teach you a little bit of what I know," Gohan proposed.

"What? Really?" Videl said happily.

"Yeah," Gohan confirmed.

The two continued to walk to Videl's house. She was excited for Friday and wish it would come sooner than later. As the two approached the Satan Mansion, Gohan was awed by its size.

"This is where you live?" Gohan asked staring at the huge house.

"Yup," Videl said. "Pretty ridiculous, huh?"

"Not really," Gohan replied.

"Well, I guess you are used to Capsule Corp.," Videl mentioned.

Gohan laughed. "Well, my house in the mountains where my mom, brother and I live is pretty small"

"So are we going to train there?" Videl proposed.

"I think so," Gohan said.

"Awesome! I can't wait!" Videl said excitedly.

"Alright, well, I guess I will just fly back home now," Gohan said.

Videl smiled. "Yeah, guess I know all about that little secret of yours."

Gohan laughed, "Yup, now I don't have to hide everything from you now."

"Wait! Can you teach ME how to fly?" Videl asked. Please say yes, Please say yes! He smiled.

"Yup, that's what I was planning on doing. Well that and teaching you to use your Ki."


"Yep. Every living being has it. You just have to access it. That's how I fly and do all the things I do," Gohan explained.

"So what you are saying is that I can learn how to fly if I find my Ki?" Videl asked.

"Yep and that's exactly what we are going to do Friday," Gohan explained.

"Awesome! I can't wait," Videl said.

"Yeah, well I better get home, guess I will see you tomorrow at school?" Gohan said.

"Yeah," said Videl. This is just too perfect! I'm so happy!

Several days later, Videl found herself flying over the mountains outside of the Satan City – West City metropolis. She was a bit nervous for her training let alone meeting Gohan's family. She took a deep breath as she continued to press on towards Gohans house. With her coordinates set in her onboard computer, she looked out her window and saw lots of greenery and lakes. Videl remembered Gohan telling her how there were no people for quite some distance from his house.

As she approached the area defined by the coordinates in her onboard computer, she couldn't see any signs of humans. It was very rural with trees, lakes, and mountains. After a few minutes, she saw a clearing and a small abode. Videl landed her copter surprised at how small Gohan's house was considering he was very close with Bulma. She stepped out of her copter and took a breath of fresh air. It was a lot different than what she was used to in the City. It had been an hour flight in her fast copter, so she was ready to stretch out.

Videl took a step toward the door. Well, here goes, Videl thought. She knocked on the door and waited a few minutes. She heard somebody running toward the door. Immediately, the door flung open revealing a child. The two looked at each other for a second.

"Oh yeah! You are that one girl I saw at Bulma's," said an excited Goten.

"Yep, that's me," said Videl.

"You're Gohan's girlfriend, right?" Goten proclaimed.

Videl's face immediately turned red at the suggestion that Gohan and her were together. She had to admit, that she had thought about that topic a few times, but only to herself. Her past self would never consider Gohan as anything more than a friend, but clearly she had been completely wrong about Gohan on many occasions. She realized she had to quickly say something before the boy got any more ideas.

"Of course not!" Videl defiantly said as if it was obvious.

"That's not what mom said," Goten explained.

Videl tried to recollect herself from that unexpected conversation. What has Gohan been telling his mother? She had to change the topic. "Is Gohan here?"

"Umm, I don't know. Mom!" Goten yelled, "Videl's here."

Within a few second, Chi Chi came to the door and examined Videl. "So you are Videl. I have heard so much about you!"

Videl stared at Chi Chi and then gasped, "You were in the World Martial Arts Tournament," Videl said in awe.

"Oh, people still remember that," Chi Chi said passively.

"Of course!" Videl explained. I can't believe Gohan's parents are legends. This is crazy!

"Well dear, Gohan stepped out for a few minutes," Chi Chi explained but as she said that, Gohan landed. "Speak of the devil, he's back."

"Videl!" Gohan said as he landed on the ground.

"I still can't get over the fact that you can just fly like that," Videl explained.

Gohan scratched his head, "Well if we train extra hard today, you might be able to learn how to fly too!"

Goten interjected, "Yeah! Big brother just taught me how to fly yesterday, see?" Goten lifted himself high into the air as if it were nothing. Videl looked above in awe.

"You are saying I can do that today?" Videl asked.

Gohan shook his head. "Well maybe not that high, but we'll see."

"Well, you two better train hard. Dinner will be ready in a few hours. You two behave yourselves," Chi Chi explained.

Videl blushed once again. Gohan waved at her mom. "We will!"

"Can I come?" Goten chirped.

Gohan turned to his brother. "Umm, not right now. Maybe after Dinner?"

"Okay!" Goten said as he ran back into the house.

Gohan turned back to Videl. "Are you ready?"

"I guess so," Videl said. She was still a bit nervous about the whole flying thing. She had hoped she could accomplish what Goten did within the past few days. Surely she could do better than a child considering her experience. The two walked away from the house toward a small hill.

"Say Gohan, what did you mean that I wouldn't get as high as Goten by tomorrow," Videl said.

"Goten has had a lot more experience using his Ki, so he was a natural at it. We have to actually find your ki, which may take some time," Gohan explained.

The two stopped by an opening on the top of the hill by some trees. Gohan and Videl sat down. He cleared his throat.

"Ki is a difficult concept to explain," said Gohan. Videl nodded her head.

"Every living being has Ki but in order to find it, you have to be very calm and search deep within," Gohan explained.

Over the next hour, Gohan did his best to explain the concept of Ki. He had actually never taught someone how to find their Ki before. Goten was just a natural at it so this was a bit of a challenge for him. He had wondered how Krillin or Yamacha managed to find their Ki.

"You are almost there Videl! I can feel it," Gohan said sensing Videl's energy.

Videl could feel her chest become tight. In her immediate vicinity of her body, she felt a little bit of warmth. She took a deep breath and search deep within herself. She pushed out a bit of energy and within a split second, a small sphere of light appeared in front of her.

"I'm doing it!" Videl yelled in excitement.

"You're doing great! Now slowly let out a little bit more energy to continue to build it," Gohan coached.

Videl concentrated to bring out a little bit more energy and within a few seconds, the glowing ball of energy continued to grow.

"Great! Now continue to push it out and there will become a point when you feel it release," Gohan explained.

She continued to push the energy away from her and within a few seconds, the energy left her body. She saw it fly out away from her and hit the ground causing the grass to char a little while kicking up dust.

"Great! You basically just fired your first Ki blast," Gohan said.

"Whew!" Videl said as she put her hands on the ground. "That Ki stuff makes me tired."

"Yep. You have to watch how much you use," Gohan explained.

"So after dinner, you'll teach me how to fly?" Videl proposed.

"Right, as long as you don't feel too tired from the Ki stuff," Gohan said.

"Oh you know I'll be ready," Videl said confidently.

The two went back to the house, which was just a few minutes from where they were training. Chi Chi had prepared quite the dinner. Videl was surprised at how much food there was even for Gohan's appetite. Goten, Gohan, Videl and Chi Chi ate outside because it was such a nice evening.

The food was incredible according to Videl. While she had a plethora of cooks back at her home, there was something about home cooked food that was just incredible. She chuckled at Gohan's and Goten's lack of table manners.

"Gohan! Control yourself," his mother said.

Gohan stopped chewing. "Sorry mom," he said with his mouth full.

"I don't even know why I try. I hope he doesn't do this at school," Chi Chi said staring at Videl.

Videl laughed. "Actually, no he doesn't."

Chi Chi smiled. "Thankfully!"

Videl was still in awe at how much food Gohan and his brother were consuming.

"Where on earth do they get their appetites from?" Videl asked.

"They get it from their father. He was just as bad if not worse," Chi Chi explained rolling her eyes.

Goten stopped chewing and with his mouth still full said, "Gohan says all Saiyan's were like this!"

Videl raised an eyebrow. "Saiyans?"

"Goten! I told you not to say anything about that," he yelled at his brother.

Goten began to tear up. "I'm sorry big brother!"

Gohan sighed. "It's okay… Sorry for yelling." He then looked over to Videl who had a bizarre facial expression. "Umm, I'll tell you later."

"You better Gohan. Remember, no more secrets!" Videl explained.

"I'm surprised Gohan. You haven't told her?" his mother asked.

"Yeah, well I was going to soon… Guess today it is," Gohan explained.

The four finished lunch and Goten helped his mother take in the dishes while Gohan and Videl went back to their training spot. It was just a few minutes walk from their house. Videl thought it was incredibly beautiful and green where Gohan lived. She was really enjoying being in his family's presence.

"So Gohan, you better spill the beans! What did Goten mean, Saiyans?" Videl explained sitting back down in the same spot she was when she was learning how to find her Ki.

Gohan sat down in front of her. "Well, this is a very hard subject for me to talk about to you, so give me a second."

Videl smiled, "relax Gohan, I think I know all the crazy huge secrets you hid from me all this time."

Gohan shook his head. "This one is the biggest."

Videl looked shocked. "No way."

"Yep," was all he said.

"Then tell me already!"

Gohan was quite concerned how she would take the news that he was part alien. This was something that one didn't just tell people. He calmed himself down and took a few deep breaths. He needed to prepare for the worst. She might never want to be around him again for all he knew. This was a pivotal moment for his friendship with Videl.

"Well, I really hope you don't freak out," Gohan explained.

"Relax Gohan. Just tell me," said Videl.

He took one more deep breath. "Umm, my father, Goku, is a Saiyan."

"A Saiyan?" Videl repeated.

"Yes. A Saiyan comes from another planet," Gohan explained.

"Uhh, what?" Videl said disbelievingly. Was Gohan alluding to what she thought?

"A Saiyan comes from the planet Vegeta," Gohan explained. He took a close look at Videl's expression. He wondered if telling her this would end well.

Videl frowned. "Vegeta? Isn't that the maniac Bulma is married to?"

"Correct. He was essentially the prince of the Saiyan race," he explained.

So Gohan is an alien? Videl thought disbelievingly as she felt like she was about to pass out. She didn't want to believe it, but Gohan seemed pretty serious.

"Now, I know this may be a shock to you, but yes my father is a Saiyan and same with Bulma's husband. They are a race that has great strength and that's partially why I am so strong," explained Gohan.

Videl frowned once again. "Let me get this straight, so you are saying you are an alien?"

"Well, half. My mother is a human. My father is a Saiyan," he said.

Videl didn't want to believe Gohan. It was an absurd theory, but for some reason it some of it made sense. The super strength, the incredible speed, the incredible smarts. Was it possible that what he was saying had some truth to it?

"Do you have any proof?" Videl asked.

Gohan thought about this for a second. Guess I could turn super, he thought. He got up from his feet while Videl looked up toward him. Gohan could tell Videl was on edge from the strange news.

"Watch," was all he said.

Gohan searched deep within to find his Saiyan energy. Within a second, he released his power and transformed into a Super Saiyan. The gold aura encompassed his body while his hair turned gold and his eyes turned green.

"Wow," was all she could say. That's insane!

"This is called a Super Saiyan. It's a transformation that only Saiyans can do. Basically it's an incredible release of energy," Gohan explained.

Videl couldn't help but stare at him. It was as if he was a completely different person. Then all of a sudden, she remembered something. The Cell Games. The Gold Fighter. So that's how he was able to change his hair, she thought.

"Is this proof enough?" Gohan asked.

Videl shook her head up and down in agreement. "Wow," she said once more. Suddenly, the gold aura dispersed and his hair turned jet black once more. His eyes turned back to black. Now he's normal Gohan again? Videl thought.

"So there, now you know. I am half Saiyan, half human," he explained.

"I- I don't know what to say," Videl stuttered.

Gohan sighed. "I hope you don't think anything less of me," he mumbled.

Videl's eyes shot back up. Oh crap, I better say something, she thought. "What? Of course not! You are still Son Gohan, the weird kid that showed up out of nowhere at Orange Star High," she explained with a smile.

Truthfully, this was a lot to take in for her. She decided to think about that later and focus on learning how to fly now. Maybe over time, she would be able to accept this crazy secret of his.

"Gohan, it's going to take me a bit to fully understand this, but in the meantime, I want to continue to learn how to fly," she said.

"Of course, let's sit back down," Gohan explained. I hope she didn't freak out too much, he thought.

The two sat back down in the same position as before. Videl took several deep breaths trying to prepare her for this.

"I can see why you didn't want to tell me," she said turning the conversation back to his transformation.

"Well, I'm glad you are able to put yourself in my shoes," he said.

Videl took another deep breath. How can I even begin to concentrate now? "Okay, so this flying thing."

"Right," said Gohan. "First you need to calm your mind just like you did when you learned how to find your Ki. So take a few deep breaths and try to forget about the whole Saiyan thing."

If she is able to do this, then maybe she will be able to accept that I am a Saiyan, he thought.

"Right," she said. After a few long deep breaths, she closed her eyes preparing to find her energy.

"The hard part of finding your Ki is done. This next part should just take a few minutes," Gohan said softly.

She continued to breath deeply listening to Gohan's teaching. She tried to limit her excitement and how confused she was. Now was the time to fly.

"Now, instead of bringing your Ki out from the center of your body, you want to bring your Ki toward the lower part of your body, then release it extremely slowly from your feet. You have to maintain control and release it evenly so you don't fall," Gohan explained.

She slowly started to build up some Ki within her. She felt the warmth of the energy pulsating in her body. With attention to detail, she slowly moved the small amounts of energy toward the lower half of her body. As the energy slowly reached down to her feet, she could feel it almost ready to be released from her body.

"I can sense your energy. Now very slowly, release it form your feet," said Gohan.

She closed her eyes to concentrate and did just what Gohan had explained. She began to feel a push away from the ground as if her weight decreased. The energy slowly left her body creating a little bit of a breeze around her. As she slowly released her energy, her body began to float. She slowly continued to transfer a little bit more energy underneath her it managed to make her body go even higher. She was now a body's length above the ground.

She opened her eyes and saw herself above the ground. She saw Gohan beneath her and smiled. She couldn't believe it! Yes! I can't believe I am doing it! She thought but immediately took another breath to calm her self from her excitement.

"I'm doing it! This will help me so much at getting the sacred water," She yelled, too excited that she was in the air.

"Yeah! You are doing great! Now try to lift a little bit more energy beneath you to get even higher," said Gohan.

She did just that, but her excitement got the best of her. She tried to release more energy, but ended up accidently pushing out too much at one time. She lost her concentration and then immediately came falling back to the surface.

Gohan saw this, and made an effort to try to stop her fall, but there wasn't enough time. However, Gohan was able to make it so she landed on him to break her fall. She fell on top of him, pushing Gohan to the ground on his back. Videl landed on top of him in an interesting position.

Gohan's first gut instinct was to push her off of her, but for some reason, his body wasn't letting him. It was as if something waspreventing it. For some reason, it felt right. Videl on the other hand was in shock she landed on Gohan. She blushed at the embarrassing position she fell into. She was about to immediately get off of him, but she had a déjà vu.

She remembered very intently the similar situation they were in a while back at Capsule Corporation. She remembered Bulma's son crashing into Gohan as a prank. In the process of Trunks' pushing Gohan, she remembered how he fell on top of her and then their lips brushed. At the time, she was incredibly embarrassed and furious. She would never admit it at the time, but something felt right about that moment. She was feeling the same tingling feeling inside of her as she felt then.

Now, once again, this awkward position she was in with Gohan just felt right. She waited a second or two thinking Gohan would push her off, but for some reason, he wasn't making a move. Why is he hesitating? Videl thought. All Gohan did was stare into Videl's eyes. His expression was so intense. Was he surprised? What was going on with him? Videl thought. It was as time had stopped.

Okay, I need to get up now, Videl thought. How was she going to explain her hesitation to get up? She was about to make an effort, but her body wasn't letting her. In fact, the very short distance between the two seemed to get smaller. Videl's face was so close to Gohan's, she could feel the heat coming off of it.

All of a sudden, Gohan made the move and closed the tiny gap that was left between them. Videl couldn't believe it. They were kissing. She immediately kissed back, totally surprised at what was happening. Gohan wrapped his arms around her to intensify the contact. She deepened the kiss, as once again, it just felt right. For the first time in a long time, she felt safe in someone's arms. After a little bit, they both realized they needed to get air. Their lips parted very slowly.

The two just stared in each other's eyes for a minute, not sure what to say or react from such an incident. She had fallen on top of Gohan, and for some reason, their gap between their faces got smaller, and then there was a kiss. How was she supposed to react to this?

"Wow," Gohan whispered breaking the silence.

Videl just continued to stare in his eyes. Part of her wanted to take it all back, the part she had been so accustomed to the past several yes. However, her gut instinct told her a different story. She wanted to do it again.

"I guess this changes things," Videl whipsered.

"Yeah," was all Gohan could say.

She got back up into a sitting position unsure what to say. What do I do? Do I just go on like nothing happened? Videl shook her head slightly at that thought. No, I want this. I never realized how much I wanted this.

"So uumm, uhh, do- do y- you want t- to be my girlfriend?" Gohan stuttered out in embarrassment. He slapped his face and shook his failed suggestion.

I didn't have to do anything! Oh my god! This is actually happening! Videl thought as she looked up to her friend. She made a big smile, as she felt warm feeling inside of her.

"Yes Gohan!"


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