Chapter Two

Veigar could be such a spoilsport, but deep down Lulu didn't really mind. Despite his harsh way of speaking, the mage was one of the few who was always willing, (with some encouragement) to play with her. Never once off the League's battlefields had the yordle come anywhere near truly damaging her. He could if he chose to. But he didn't. To her, that spoke volumes.

Every Tuesday at one-thirty, just as the time was starting to taste like celery and peanut butter, Veigar passed by her favorite log in the woods. He often did this on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and all sorts of days as well, but… Tuesdays were blue and that matched Veigar's robes. Naturally, that was the day she made plans to play with him.

The fallen tree was beautiful, with all sorts of knobbly twists and turns and colorful shelf fungi. Lulu added to its whimsical nature, magicking all sorts of flowers. When sunlight dappling through the foliage the image was perfect. The bright array of colors, tastes, and smells almost made her feel like she was back in the Glade.

Today was Wednesday, a brilliant shade of orange. As it was, there was no need to play with her friend. Lulu wasn't dense enough to believe that he would, even should she make herself visible. Yesterday had been quite the event, and there was no doubt Veigar still needed to cool down from what had happened. She smiled softly as she heard him approaching, peaking through the leaves of a bush beside the path. The yordle appeared to be in deep concentration, unaware as he usually was that he was being spied upon. For someone who claimed to be so evil, she knew he really needed to work on that. Villains weren't supposed to be surprised when ambushed on a regular basis.

Lulu sighed, imagining the possible expressions Veigar might be making. Of course the one time she had been lucky enough to see under his hat he refused to show anything but his grumpy face. All except for that one blessed moment when he had laughed in his pride of climbing up the hill. That smile… … Lulu shook herself out of the daze, realizing as Pix questioningly poked her cheek that Veigar had passed by and out of sight. Depending on if this were to be a simple walk or a secret trip to Bandle City, it could be a mere half hour to hours until he came back this way. It was unfortunate that his return schedule wasn't nearly as predictable as his departure.

Not that this really mattered. Today was a Wednesday, and orange was not a color to be dampened by grumpiness.

"Let's play!" she cheers to Pix, skipping off with her staff to begin one of her many fairy games.

As the hours wore on, Lulu paid little attention to the time. Time was a funny thing like that, having little use aside from admiring its flavors when there was nothing to look forward too. Only when she felt the teleportation crystal in her pocket begin to warm up did she stop to realize how late it had gotten. Casting a quick spell as she took hold of the crystal, the smell of apples and brown sugar overwhelmed her. Three thirty-five. Delicious. Moments later the crystal's spell took effect, transporting her to the red side platform of Summoner 's Rift.

The sweet taste of chocolate was stronger than usual. A quick check confirmed its actual presence in cupcake form; Caitlyn would be her marksman. Also present were Vi, Singed, and Veigar. The latter seemed none-too-happy to have been summoned as he grumbled to himself in his usual shrieking tones.

"Veeeigar~!" she cheered, grinning as his head snapped her way. He smelled particularly good this game, wearing his white and red robes. "I'll be in the bottom lane this game. Good luck mid!" Lulu took off on her staff, the usual trail of flowers left behind as she headed into the jungle.

Throughout the game, the purple yordle's mood was eerily good. Explosive bouts of giggles came and went and the strangest at times. Caitlyn did not seem to mind too much… their laning opponents were largely incompetent anyway. Even when Blitzcrank finally did manage to land a grab, Lulu easily turned Lucian into a squirrel and made a clean getaway. Truly, nothing of note happened until after the enemy tower had gone down and she and Caitlyn began to roam.

The two reached the middle lane just in time watch an overenthusiastic Katarina attack Veigar under his tower. He had been biding his time, growing his power minion by minion. A stun and a primordial burst later, he turned to see Lulu and Caitlyn step out of the brush. "Yaaay!" Lulu squealed, clapping enthusiastically at his success. She could imagine it now, that amazing grin of his beneath the hat. Veigar was laughing as beautifully as ever. Lulu giggled softly, hurrying over to where he stood.

His laugh stopped abruptly, sensing his teammate beside him. "… Why are you in my lane?" he asked coldly.

"To help you get mid tower, of course~" she stated in her sing-songy voice.

Caitlyn went straight to farming after dropping her trinket ward on the opposite side of the river.

"My farm!" he snarled, just missing at hit that went to Caitlyn on a cannon minion. "That one was worth double the power. Out!"

Caitlyn rolled her eyes, turning away after stealing one more blessed minion. "Come on, Lulu. It's time to fight the Dragon anyway."

"But um… um, tower… oh fine," she left Veigar's side to help secure the buff.

The game was an overall steal, Veigar and Lulu's team out damaging the helpless enemy from an early point and snowballing from there. It was after the match, as everybody prepared to teleport themselves off the field that Lulu finally pulled through on her unspoken promise to annoy Veigar.

"That was such a great game!" Lulu cheered, twirling circles around her friend. "Our lane went so well and the one time Blitz was all, 'exterminate!' and actually made a grab I just, poof! Squirrel," she giggles, slowing to look Veigar over. … he did not look impressed. "And you fought Katarina so well! I don't know why everyone's so afraid of her, with your abilities it must have been easy to stop her."

The shape of his eye changed just slightly, and Lulu imagined there to be more of a smile hidden beneath. "She was rather clumsy, wasn't she? Though the others fear her because they lack my raw power!" an evil chuckle.

Lulu just smiled. "And my polymorph!"

"… yes, I suppose that too," he admitted, recalling one of the final teamfights.

"Hey. Hey, Veigar, I wanted to ask if you were able to finish your secret plan after last time when I saw your-"

A short growl later, he moved towards her. Amber eyes attempting to be threatening. "I told you to never speak of that again!"

"Oh. Oh, right. Uh, is it going to be a problem if I already told someone that-"

"Who?!" Veigar demanded, beside himself. "I should have known you'd never-"

"Pix, silly," Lulu rolled her eyes, twirling around. "Of course I didn't tell anyone." Leaning out on her staff for support, the girl stuck out her tongue. On top of her head, Pix does the same. "Though," the cheerful demeanor is dropped as she pauses to add a thought. Veigar began marching away to the platform, taking out his teleportation crystal. "I don't still see why you hide," she finishes.

A glare backwards is all he gives.

"Really! I think you're handsome, even with all those sca-" Lulu found the large gauntlet over her mouth before she could finish. She hadn't been aware he could even move that fast. "Mwrt?" Eyes wide, her question is muffled.

"Never. Mention. Those. Again," he hisses, still holding his hand in her way.

"Ut meh ach oo ugh ool."

Even under the hat's enchantment, Veigar was clearly confused. Lulu waited patiently while Pix leapt from her hat to Veigar's. Flittering around and yanking on the feathers, Pix got his attention. Veigar's hand shot up to swat the fairy away, but Pix dodged.

"I said," she haughtily stated now that she was free to talk, "that they make you look cool." That much was obvious. Besides, didn't he want to look evil? Scars had a habit of making people look tough.

"Tch," he hisses, moving away to the platform again. "You know nothing."

"Neither do you!" she shouts back, pouting still.

"Girl, just-"


A brief pause. Then,"… Lulu. Would you kindly leave me alone?" he asked in what was clearly meant to be his most polite attempt at shutting her down. "Your compliments are unwanted."

As the teleport began to overtake him, Veigar's final view of the Rift would of a surprisingly threatening green-eyed glare.

"… He's starting to upset me, Pix," she pouted once they were alone.

Said fairy landed on her staff, looking to her with pity. "I don't know why you try."

For a moment, Lulu wasn't sure why she did either. Were all her attempts to make him smile really worth the verbal abuse? Had even a moment of their time together been appreciated? Perhaps not, but… "Because we're the same," she finally responded, watching Pix from the corner of her eye. He seemed to understand, knowing when none others could not. Her crystal was retrieved and her eyes closed, willing it to bring her home.