Briar: Yes, I got permission to continue this fict. To be honest I have no idea where the fuck I'm going with this but please be gentle. I tried to get this similar to the original by hollow ichigo ichigo. Enjoy ^_^

Fear: it's something I'd never believed I was capable of feeling. I'm a hollow; a soulless, hungry monster in the eyes of the Soul Society. Yet, here I am, afraid. It's the worst emotion to feel. Angry and despair have nothing to what fear is. It's like a bad train wreck that I'm forced to watch. It all started when he invaded King's soul. I wasn't fully awakened at the time and he took advantage of that. I was trapped; unable to move and stare at both his eyes and his sword. When he spoke he said I was disposable and easily replaced; my existence was meaningless.

I'd never thought of myself as disposable before. If King died, so did I. Was it the same if I died? Why did I fear such an idea had plagued my mind? Was I afraid of dying? King and I were polar opposites. He was afraid of letting others die. Then, a slightly disturbing question came to my mind. You could say it made my "heart" choke up: Would he care? Would I be absorbed into his soul like other hollows and lose both my consciousness and existence? Would King even miss me, remember me? Would that be death, being forgotten? Even as the horse it seemed my existence weighed on his shoulders. Except, he didn't care about his horse, leaving me trapped with him.

What am I? rang through my mind.

An inner hollow. According to the Soul Society. All part of King being a vizard. Yet, to him I am nothing. Nameless. Nothing but a parasite. It didn't help that I told him I have no name. Why didn't I have a name? Do I get one? Do I deserve one or am I simply called Hollow? Or even an arrancar from what I've seen in King's eyes and memories. I couldn't be. Not without a mask or hollow hole. Each question protruding from my mind was fruitless…or so I had believed before. After working with my king….It was nice. He didn't hate me. It made me realize how little I, as an individual, know about myself. In the end it only took one pathetic, powerful emotion to start this disaster of a train wreck: Fear. Now let me spin you a sad tale, one that may or may not have a happy ending.