So much has happened in the past few weeks, so much of loss but no gain. Nick has lost so much, his mother, his aunt's trailer and most of all Juliette.

Adalind was lying in her bed staring at the ceiling, "and I have lost my daughter and my power that I worked so hard to get back has been suppressed making me a normal person. Just like Renard said " Just another pretty girl". Adalind felt her face burn, and then hot tears streamed down the side of her face. She gritted her teeth to stop but they kept coming. "Have I become weak?, why do I feel so much towards Nick? What are these feelings, they are not the feeling of needing protection anymore, its sympathy towards the grimm and feelings of guilt!"

She closed her eyes and went to sleep. At 3 am, she felt something at the edge of her bed, something was sitting on her bed. She opened her eyes to see a dark figure sitting and just green eyes staring , no, burning into her. "I told you I would catch you later" Adalind screamed as the darkness engulfed her, she screamed waking up looking around the room, she was alone, only silence filled the room and her ears she looked at the clock, it was 2 50 am. "Did I dream it was 3?"

Adalind got off the bed and walked to her window, looking out rubbing her stomach, "I am going to be a good mom, I am going to get Diana back, and we will be together . I will protect you the best way that I can, but can your father a Grimm love your hexenbiest mother?" The night was so beautiful, she looked up to a clear sky and a full moon. "Blutbaden must be having a goodnight" she said smiling to herself. As she turned away from the window she noticed someone or something with green eyes watching her...