A Norwegian Queen in Future Detroit


They were seven simple words.

But the impact they had were profound to say the least.

The first four were enough to shock the Snow Queen.

"Your sister is dead..."

She almost didn't hear the last three, though, because she was still struggling to comprehend the first four words. Dead just did not fit Anna. She couldn't be dead, she just couldn't. She was always so bubbling over with a passion for life that to think of her being dead seemed tremendously wrong. Elsa's world was broken now but it was the last three words Hans spoke that completely shattered it.

"... because of you."

In that moment Elsa's darkest fear was realized.

She had killed her sister.

The winter storm that had been brewing around Arendelle began to intensify in response to the queen's emotional state.

Elsa heard Hans approach her and draw his sword. She knew what was coming next but she made no attempt to stop him. It was what she deserved. As Hans raised his sword Elsa prayed a silent prayer that wherever she ended up that Anna would also be there so that she could apologize, not just for killing her but for the last thirteen years as well. She was ready to accept her fate.


Elsa heard the voice and then felt a sharp blast of winter cold air behind her. She dared to looked behind and stared at Anna, rendered in solid ice raising a hand to protect her elder sister. Hans' sword had been broken when it met with Anna's icy form but had done some damage. Anna's statue split in two in front of Elsa's eyes and fell to the frozen fjord, breaking into hundreds more pieces.

A pulse of pure ice emanated outwards from Elsa, entombing everything in its path as the grief and anguish overwhelmed her.

The kingdom of Arendelle would not see sunlight again for almost two hundred years.

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