Harry was happy for once to be headed home that summer. It probably had to do with the fact he was not headed to his old home. He no longer had to spend summers with his relatives at Privet drive. The war was over, Voldemort was dead, and Harry was free from the risks. The only free death eaters were spies like Lucius and Severus. Lucius and his son had helped Harry in the end when they were outed after the department of mysteries a year before. Harry wished he was going home with Remus but Remus was in the hospital. He was assured Remus would be home by his birthday and they could be a family. For now Harry would spend the summer with the Weasleys. Hermione was coming as well.

Molly was always happy to have guests and especially happy to have Harry. She had tried every summer but only got him for a few weeks before. She still had it in her mind that Harry would end up with Ginny and that Ron and Hermione would get back together.

Harry was surprised when they arrived. "Charlie?"

Charlie turned. "Hey Harry."

"I thought you returned to Romania."

"I decided to join the vet program at the ministry."

Molly smiled. "Happy to have him back under my roof."

Harry laughed at Charlie's look. "Bit old?"

Charlie shrugged. "Just till I find a place."

Molly shook him off. "It's so nice to have almost all of you home."

Ron groaned. "Even Percy."

Hermione was surprised. "Really?"

Charlie nodded. "Came to his senses after the last battle."

Ron agreed. "Though he lives in town."

The final battle took place in Hogsmeade in the spring time. 20 town's people, 3 aurors, Hestia and Diggle were killed on their side. Fortunately since the battle was in town, only a handful of older students had been involved. Theo and Daphne had been arrested as the only Slytherins involved for that age. Three older students had died in battle and a few had been seriously injured. Remus had been in a coma for the first month. Percy had come with the ministry and had fought alongside his family. He had actually saved George when he had almost been killed. Percy had returned to his old department, international cooperation, and had a flat in town near the Burrow. He was even back together with Penny.

Hermione and Harry were not the only guests as Fleur was staying as they planned the wedding. Fleur was in Percy's old room, as Charlie was using the room he and Bill shared as kids. Hermione opted to share a room with Ginny, and allow Harry to have the twins' old room.

Harry looked around the room. "Odd to be down here."

"Talking to yourself? Not a good sign."

Harry turned to Charlie. "Just odd having a room alone."

"If you get lonely, company is only a floor away."

Harry laughed. "I have shared a room with Ron all year. His snoring is almost as bad as Seamus."

"I was thinking a floor below."

Harry blushed. "Oh."

Charlie smiled. "No need to blush."

Molly could be heard calling. "Come down for dinner."

Harry motioned. "We should…."

Charlie stopped him. "My door is always open."

Harry was still flush as he headed down stairs. He had no idea what had gotten over him. Oh he knew Charlie was gay, and Harry had recently come out to a few people, but still. Really only the twins and Ginny knew from the family. Ginny had assured him she had not wanted back together either. She had hinted she was interested in someone else and they were both happy for each other to move on. Harry had told her and the twins for different reasons. George had recently come out and had his own crush. His was on a blonde which would be more of a shock to his mother than her second son being gay. It was common enough in their world and Molly never cared, she just wanted her kids happy. And grandkids. She was busy with wedding plans right now and they hoped it would distract her for a while from them.

Molly was all about the wedding plans already as they sat down for dinner. Fleur's mother was helping from France and came often. Harry would only be here for a few weeks thankfully. But the twins were having him help at the shop so he had a way out of the house some days.

Ron groaned. "Wedding can't happen soon enough."

Arthur looked at his son. "I thought you were planning on a job in town."

Ginny agreed. "Hermione and I are."

Ron grunted. "Guess would be nice to have money for town."

Molly added. "When you graduate."

Arthur was happy. "It's nice to see you guys working."

Ron grumbled. "All but Harry."

Fred reminded him. "He is helping us out."

It was a sore point as usual with Ron, money. Harry had never asked for all he had. He would have given it up to have his parents and Sirius back. He had never touched much other than for his school supplies. He knew his vault was only his trust fund he was told. He didn't care for the money but he knew Ron thought that he was spoiled. He was angry that the twins had hired Harry and not him to work in their shop. The twins pointed out they didn't need to pay Harry and he was just helping out. They were saving to buy a second shop, in Hogsmeade they hoped. Harry of course was a silent partner which is why they didn't have to pay him. But Ron and the others didn't know that.

Before bed Charlie stopped Harry on the stairs. "The offer is always open. If your bed seems lonely."

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