Harry and Charlie were not surprised by the reaction when they told the family. Hermione had permission to tell Ginny on their honeymoon. Molly was a mix of crying and fretting over her son Charlie had been her first child to come out and she had always worried about his future. She had never imagined him pregnant but it suited him well. Ginny and Hermione arrived back two days before George's wedding, with a gift for the baby. George and Draco were the last to wed, married on the quidditch pitch at Malfoy Manor. Though Narcissa had gone overboard, worse than Harry, the boys both enjoyed it. It seems they had good timing as they arrived home the day before Lavender went into labor. The whole family had been together to welcome little Lindon Ronald Weasley into the world. The couple had started looking at homes near the Burrow, Lavender offered a promotion to assistant manager after maternity leave, knowing money would stretch further. She was doing seamstress work and some designing from home with the baby, making extra money. Her designs selling in the store were making a deposit for her and Ron. Ron had received a raise and already been told his boss planned to retire in a year and leave him to run the store. He'd inherit when the man died.

Narcissa was given an early Christmas gift when her son and son in law announced George was pregnant. They were due early August, a few weeks before their first anniversary, around the girl's. Hermione and Ginny started IVF in the New Years and were pregnant, due late October. The boys found out they were expecting a boy days before Charlie gave birth. He and Harry had told no one the sex of their baby. Their son came into the world a few days early, the day before their first wedding anniversary in fact. They had chosen to have him at school.

Harry lay in bed with his husband watching. "I can't believe he is here."

Charlie looked up from his son who nursed. "He is so beautiful."

Harry looked at the door. "You know they will rush in soon."

"Not until he is ready for company at least." Charlie said.

"And you think they can be patient?"

Severus laughed as he came from Poppy's office. "Grandpa Moony is guarding the door."

Harry smiled at the man. "You may need to rescue your husband."

Severus smirked. "May be a risk to my life."

Charlie smirked. "Leave your husband to fend for himself? They don't seem to be rampaging."

Severus shrugged. "They tend to favor him more."

Harry reminded him. "Too many cauldrons."

"There is that."

Charlie let Harry take the baby when he was ready to burp. "The twins are likely at more risk."

Harry laughed. "If you're mom and my dad knew they knew."

The twins had been at the ultrasound as had Remus and Charlie's parents. The couple were the only ones told but Harry could not keep secrets from the twins. And Charlie had agreed. But if they told one grandparent they'd have to tell all so none of the grandparents knew .Victoire and Dominique were definitely outnumbered now, 2 girls and 5 boys. With Evan and baby Malfoy on the way, that was only increasing. Hermione and Ginny didn't know yet but they were hoping for a little girl. But like Harry and Charlie had been, were happy either way.

Finally Remus was saved when the others were allowed to come in. Remus though was leading the charge. He as a bit jealous his husband was a nurse and got to be in. If Harry had been the pregnant one he may have been in the room but Charlie was different.

Molly was in tears. "A little boy?"

Harry nodded. "A new grandson."

Arthur shook his head when Harry went to hand them the baby. "Let the first time Grandpa hold him."

Remus didn't have to be asked twice. "He is beautiful."

Fred looked down at him. "What kind of Weasley is this?"

George agreed. "No red hair or freckles in sight."

Charlie smirked. "Keep that up little brother."

Harry smiled. "Just proving he should be Lord Potter. But he does have Charlie's nose and mouth."

Remus smiled. "But your hair and your mum's eyes."

Hermione touched his face when Molly was holding him. "What name have you chosen?"

Charlie did the honors. "Your little godson is Evan Prewett Lupin-Potter."

Harry explained. "Decided to name him for both of our mothers."

Remus smiled. "A dad may have been more traditional, but both your parents would be so proud."

Arthur agreed. "The Prewett name lives on."

They had known Remus was right, a grandfather was more traditional, but decided not to be traditional. Besides Percy already had Artie and Harry had two dads. They chose to honor their moms instead, by choosing their maiden names. Evan was a Welsh form of John, so Harry thought it also honored Remus through his dad. Hermione and Bill had been chosen to serve as godparents to the baby. It was one tradition they did follow, using their witnesses. The twins had pouted a bit but were right in assuming they likely would be used next child.

In the morning Harry got to take Charlie and Evan home to their apartments. It would be a few weeks before Evan could travel except by bus, and they had opted to have him at school. By the end of the school year, he would be ready to take home to the manor or Grimmauld.

Charlie was surprised by the bow on the door. "What is this?"

Harry smiled. "A surprise."

"We already did the room here and at our home."

Harry shook his head. "I had Luna help with something."

Charlie was amazed when the door opened. "Harry?"

Harry smiled. "Our anniversary today after all. Do you approve?"

Charlie kissed him. "This is amazing. I have no gift for…."

Harry reminded Charlie as he sunk into the rocking chair. "You are holding the best gift you could give me."

Charlie smiled as his son nursed. "I thought we agreed he was both our gift."

Harry shrugged. "I guess muggles have something called a push gift."

Charlie looked at the murals. "I will have to thank Luna. This must have taken forever."

Harry nodded. "Duplicates in all his nurseries. She insisted."

"Maybe shouldn't take credit, really her gift."

Harry pouted. "Is that the thanks I get?"

Charlie reached across his son to kiss his husband. Harry did have another gift he gave his husband when the baby was down. It was a family ring, with their stones and Evan's. But while the nursery had been ready for the baby, Harry had wanted it extra special. The once blue walls above the chair rail, on three walls, were now a mural. The pictures were from Winnie the Pooh, a book Evan's proud godmother gave them. Charlie smiled at the Winnie the Pooh and his honey that was above the crib. The room was perfect, especially the quidditch mobile added.

Harry showed him the first family photo sitting next to the chair. "The first of many."

Evan was soon the little prince of most of the adults in his life. He often accompanied his dads to their office hours. Molly took him at times. She was already taking care of Lindon. Lavender and Ron had bought a four bedroom house in town and Lavender recently returned to work. She had been promoted to assistant manager and was able to sell her designs in shop. Ron's boss would retire next year and leave him to run the shop. He already told Ron he would leave Ron the shop when he died, he had no family. Molly was so thrilled to have grandkids to take care of. And that increased mid-August with the arrival of her third blonde grandchild, first male one. Fleur and Bill's daughters were strawberry blonde. Little Luca Arcturo Malfoy was the image of Draco but George's eyes. Narcissa was as delighted as Molly in her new little grandson.

Baby Granger decided to take his or her sweet time. Ginny had her reserve seeker playing, having made started that year, to be with her wife. By Halloween weekend the healers were considering induction as Hermione was six days late. It seemed the baby just wanted a special date.

Harry was with Evan in their sitting room when there was a knock. "Trick or treaters?"

Charlie had come into the room. "May be popular in our world now but not in school."

Harry smiled when he found Luna. "Should have brought Frankie. The boys could have a Halloween party."

Luna kissed his cheek. "Your godson would have liked it. But we have to get to the hospital."

Charlie grinned. "Our new niece or nephew is on the way."

Harry smiled. "Feeling it's a little girl."

Luna agreed. "Little date for Frankie."

Harry and Charlie came with her. "Definitely no competition, Evan's cousin."

Neville met them at the bus with his son "Good thing the school has other chaperones."

"You and Charlie could stay for the dance." Harry laughed.

Charlie smirked. "My niece or nephew even if not godfather.'

Neville motioned to the kids. "Someone will have to hold these two as you two gush over a baby."

Luna smiled. "Never been a godmother before."

Hermione and Ginny were following in the path of Harry and Charlie, using their witnesses. Draco and George had as well, using Fred and Blaise. Harry and Ginny were godparents to little Frankie Longbottom. Percy and George were the only ones who hadn't chosen Harry, Penny was pregnant again, but Harry would be shocked to be chosen. He would be for a second Malfoy though. He and Charlie served together for Victoire, and he served with Pavarti for Lindon.. There was no surprise a full waiting room when they got to the hospital.

About a half hour later they were ushered into the room. The two girls seemed to have their wish as they were holding a little pink bundle. Jean claimed her little granddaughter. Like her wedding, Ginny was so happy her Mum was there and happy for them.

Molly kissed her daughter. "Congratulations."

Ginny smiled. "Wil have to use a color spell."

"The quilt I made is already pink."

Hermione looked at her mother in law. "How?"

Ginny saw her wife's look. 'I didn't tell her.'

Molly laughed. "Grandma's intuition."

Jean was so pleased. "I admit I had a few little dressed tucked away just in case."

Hermione looked at her dad. "Not disappointed, still pink."

Michael kissed his daughter. "Disappointed? How could any man be, surrounded by such beautiful women? Especially this new one."

Harry asked. "And my newest goddaughter?"

Ginny did the honors. "Cora Devon Granger."

Hermione smiled as Harry held her. "Named for two places close to our hearts."

The girls had chosen not to directly name her for family. Cora was a name for Persephone, the goddess of spring. The girls had visited a temple that had belonged to Persephone on Mykonos on their honeymoon. She was also considered a goddess of fertility. They had thrown a coin into the well and the temple, a wizarding custom, though knowing they would wait till Christmas to try. Devon was in honor of the Burrow, where their romance had started, and a place as special to Hermione as Ginny. Unlike Evan and Luca, Cora had not escaped the Weasley coloring. Though she had the freckles, her hair was a darker auburn shade that some of the Weasleys had been blessed with. She promised to be a little stunner.

Molly looked at Evan when they went to leave. "Why don't you let me take him for the night?'

Charlie was surprised. "Kreacher can retrieve some bottles I have in case, but….."

"You boys should enjoy a night off. You will be in London tomorrow anyways."

Arthur saw the look. "Harry will want to show Cora her nursery."

Harry laughingly agreed. "But the whole night…."

Molly assured them. "I haven't forgotten how to take care of a baby."

Arthur thought. "You boys could likely enjoy a baby free night."

Harry kissed his husband. "Has been a while."

Charlie reluctantly handed over his son. "Call if you need…."

Molly assured them. "Go enjoy a night. He will be fine."

Harry called the elf. "Bring some bottles and the rest for Molly."

Arthur laughed as the boys left. "You have baby-sat him before."

Molly reminded him. "Leaving a baby over night for the first time is never easy. Remember when your mother took Bill?"

Arthur did. "Practically had to pry him from your arms."

It got easier with Bill and other babies. Technically it was not the first sleepover. Remus had taken his grandson one night. But Charlie and Harry had still been in the school. They were both reluctant but they headed out for a late dinner and by the time they went to a movie, were relaxed. By the time they got to Grimmauld, and Charlie pressed his husband up against a wall in a hungry kiss, any concerns slipped away for now.

Charlie whispered in his husband's ear as he drove into him from behind. "Plan to keep you up all night for other reasons."

AN: As promised, babies to round out the story. Hope you approve of the ending. I am looking for a PLOT CHALLENGE for a new story.

Evan Prewett Lupin-Potter: Evan (Gaelic) little warrior. In honor of Lily Evans, his grandmother. Prewett (Welsh) means little brave one. For Molly Prewett, his other grandmother.

Luca Arcturo Malfoy: Luca (Latin) light. Variation of Lucius, for Grandpa Malfoy. Arcturo (Latin) bear. Variation of Arthur for Grandpa Weasley.

Cora Devon Granger: Cora (Greek) form of Persephone/Kora, goddess of spring and fertility. There was a temple to her on Mykonos where the couple honeymooned. Devon (English) the county in England where the Burrow is located.