Lost And Found
(Post RttE)

SUMMARY: A turn of events flips Hiccup's world upside down as he mourns over his father's death and tries to lead his people as the chief of Berk, but what happens when his mother appears out of nowhere. Will he be happy that he is finally not alone in the world or be angry that she abandoned him for 20 years? A head cannon of my own.

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"No!", screamed Hiccup
"Snotlout, don't you dare do that!"
"Ruffnut, Tuffnut will you please stop fighting and hitting each other?!"
"Hiccup, will you stop worrying? You know how they are" said Astrid trying and failing to convince Hiccup to rest.
"I can't, Astrid, not when they are constantly trying to destroy each other" Hiccup sighed, "besides it is my duty as the acting chief to keep peace amongst the people of Berk, at least until dad returns from that yearly meeting of the chiefs" he said as a matter of factly.
Astrid watched him as he spoke, the dark circles beneath his eyes and bony face. Since Stoick left he made Hiccup the acting chief of the village and Hiccup being Hiccup has been working day and night quite literally to fulfill his father's expectations and not paying attention to himself which brings them to this conversation. She was jerked out of her thoughts when Hiccup snapped his fingers in her face. "Astrid, why are you staring at me?
"Hiccup, I know as the chief -" ignoring his question she said, but was cut when he decided to correct her saying "Acting chief" she rolled her eyes then continued, "anyways, I know as the ACTING CHIEF" emphasizing on the last two words, "you have duties but you also have to take care of yourself, you clearly look sleep deprived and when did you eat last time. Hiccup, you look exhausted!".
Hiccup opened his mouth to answer but sound of an explosion with several screams got his attention coming from the village plaza and he turned and bolted in that direction with Astrid following him, Toothless and Stormfly in tow. When they got there, they found Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut trying to set each other on fire with their dragon and while doing this Hookfang lit himself on fire, thus explaining the screams. When Hiccup and Astrid got there they gasped. "Oh for the love of Thor! what are you guys doing!?" Hiccup shouted "Fishlegs go and get the dragon nip" he ordered Fishlegs who was standing nervously trying to hide himself, but as he heard the franticness in his friend's voice he ran as fast as his chubby legs could carry him towards the dragon academy with his dragon, Meatlug. While, Hiccup and Toothless helped Snotlout to calm Hookfang and Astrid and Stormfly helped the twins to get control of their Zippleback but both of them failing in their tasks. In the middle of all of this, a weapon cart which was left by someone in the middle of plaza fell and startled the dragons and made them angrier which caused Hiccup to get hurt by Hookfang's tail. Astrid heard something which sounded like a thud, when she turned she saw Hiccup lying their unconscious. She dropped everything she was doing and before she knew it she was running toward him, when she got there she found out what happened, an axe fell on his head. Fishlegs and Meatlug arrived with the dragon nip and calmed the dragons with a little struggle.
Astrid was trying to wake Hiccup by shaking his shoulder, his eyes cracked open and the first thing he registered was a blurry image, "Astrid…" he wheezed, "axes not good…" and with that unconsciousness took him over.

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