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"Hiccup! Hiccup!" I exclaimed, still trying to wake Hiccup by shaking his shoulder, but when I didn't get any response it made me worry even more. Toothless nudged him but like me the dragon didn't get any response either.

The others arrived, "what happened?" asked Snotlout trying to hide the worry in his voice and failing to do so. "Help me get him up!", I said ignoring his question, "…he needs a healer, I'm taking him to Gothi. Snotlout, twins go tell Gobber to manage things for a while in the village until Hiccup gets better, Fishlegs you come with me since you are the only one here who can read what Gothi writes". It took a while for everyone to register what was going on and what they needed to do. Fishlegs helped me to get Hiccup on Stormfly since he was in no condition to fly Toothless and no one else knew how to. I sat behind Hiccup holding him tightly so his head rested on my shoulder and so he wouldn't fall off the dragon midflight. After that Fishlegs and the other dragon riders mounted their dragons and took off except Toothless who was following us, running as fast as he could.

It took us remarkably short amount of time to get to Gothi's abode. The old women were attending another sick Viking when me and Fishlegs got there, but what got the old women's attention was the limp and unconscious form of their soon to be chief. She gestured us to lie him on one of the sick beds while she gave some medicine to the other villager who took it and left the abode. He either ignored us or didn't notice us because he didn't even bother to look at Hiccup, Fishlegs or me.

Snotlout and the twins found Gobber in the forge, as usual, and told him everything that they knew, simply getting a nod as an answer. Then they went to the plaza and helped other villagers solve their problems.

Gothi examined Hiccup carefully, looking for any sign of injury on his head, chest, feet (that is to say foot) and hands, but when she touched his left hand he stirred a little but relaxed when I stroked his hair. Gothi started scribbling something on the sand which was lying on the floor. Fishlegs and I exchanged glances and then Fishlegs started to read what was written on the floor, nodding and shaking his head while I continued to comb Hiccup's hair with my fingers which relaxed him. I looked at him and thought how weak he was.

"Astrid?!" I was brought back from my thoughts by the call of my name, "are you okay, Astrid?" asked Fishlegs worry evident on his face, I replied with a quick nod which didn't quite reassure the boy but I couldn't have brought myself to care about that now. Then he started telling me what Gothi told him "she says his left shoulder is dislocated and his wrist is broken and he has a slight concussion". For some years Fishlegs has been getting better at reading 'Gothi's scribbling', at least better than Gobber, I suppose. "He will wake up in an hour or two". When Fishlegs paused I took the opportunity to ask the question which was on my mind all along, so I asked "So, there's nothing to worry about, right?" Fishlegs continued, "not so fast, she also says that he is sleep deprived and mal nourished, so he has to take it easy for a bit and rest. Gothi prefers a week's bed rest"

'Well that's going to be easy' I thought to myself. As I recalled Hiccup is NOT very keen on staying in one place for more than five minutes and he DEFINITELY hate being bed ridden, I found that after he woke up from the coma he was in after the battle against the Red Death. As he constantly tried to get out of the house. I was once again jerked from my thoughts when I heard a loud banging on the door, as if someone is trying to break in, as if some DRAGON is trying to break in, and then I remembered that when we came in we left Meatlug, Stormfly and Toothless outside because Gothi had a really strict 'no dragons in her house' rule.

As reluctant I was I stood up and began to walk towards the door, when I got outside I saw Meatlug and Stormfly curled up on each side of the door and Toothless trying to get inside "No Toothless you can't go inside Gothi doesn't like dragons in her house remember?" but that didn't stop the dragon from trying. I hold his face firm and looked him in the eyes and said "hey, Hiccup's fine, okay? there's no need to worry he's gonna wake up in an hour or two and when we move him to his house you can stay with him for as long as you like, alright? ". He relaxed just a fraction but his, oh so, expressive eyes, just like Hiccup, failed to hide the dragon's concern and worry for his rider.

Toothless and Hiccup were a lot same, they both were concerned about everyone BUT themselves, which I admit was annoying to some extent, they both cared about everyone, they both tried to hide what they were feeling, and they both had the same emerald green eyes which failed them every time to hide something, after all they were best friends and they were willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones they cared about, and they made it clear in the battle against the Red Death.

We moved Hiccup to his house after a while and Toothless stayed by his bedside. I left Toothless alone with Hiccup for a while. I have been sitting on the rocky stairs which led to Haddock residence for a few hours along with Fishlegs, waiting for Hiccup to wake up, the others came a few minutes later asking how Hiccup was and apologizing for the stupidity which caused this. "It's not your fault", I said, well technically it was their fault but I wasn't going to say that, "Its Hiccup's fault too, you know, he should have been careful. He is always like this, he gets himself in danger and leaves everyone else to worry about him! why can't he just think about himself for once! I mean look at him he is so busy trying to 'chief' us all that he doesn't even sleep or eat properly! I am so tired of this behavior of his!".

Everyone was looking at me with shocked faces "What?!" I asked angrily, but didn't get any reply and then I realize that I have been shouting the whole time "I'm so sorry guys I didn't mean to shout at you I'm just worried that's all" I said, my gaze fixed at the ground and then there was silence for a few moments. "It's okay, Astrid", Fishlegs was the one to break it first, "We know you are worried, we are worried too, but you have to put yourself in his shoes,(that is to say shoe) it's not easy being chief, I mean the responsibility of whole Berk is on him, he's just freaking out, but he can't show it as the chief and all, I'd be freaked out too" I nodded.

'Fishlegs was right' I thought to myself, and with that I stood up and started to ascend the hill which lead to Haddock residence. I entered the house and close the door behind me.

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