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Astrid ascended the stairs to Hiccup's loft and found him the same way he was when she left him, only Toothless was lying in such a manner that his head was on Hiccup's bed and the rest of him on the floor. She crossed the room and sat at the edge of the bed looking at Hiccup and rubbing the back of her hand on his cheek, he leaned and then his eyes flickered "hey", he said in a low voice, Astrid smile, happy to see him awake replied, "hey yourself", she was also talking in a low but calming voice, not many people knew she possessed. "How are you feeling?" He tried to sit up, with a little help from Astrid, leaning against the headboard, "I-I've been better, clearly, but i-it's not that bad, I've been worse too, you know" he said gesturing towards his prosthetic foot. Astrid smiled again and he smiled too. "So what exactly happened?" he asked, a little confused. "Someone left a weapon cart in the middle of the plaza, when we were calming the dragons.", she said, "Everyone was panicking and I… guess, it fell which startled the dragons and the next I knew, you were unconscious, I figured an axe fell on you, since it was lying next to you and you were bleeding a little-".

As she was talking to him, he was looking more and more pale, well paler, and exhausted. She noticed it and asked him, "Are you okay? you look a little-" before she could even finish her sentence he waved her off with his good hand which she assumed meant that 'I am fine' and asked, "What Gothi said 'bout this", he gestured to his broken arm and the bandages on his head.

Now it was Astrid's turn be confused, "I just told you what Gothi said, are you sure you're okay?" she said, then waited for an answer but when none came she told him again, "… so you'd be resting for a while then". Hiccup had been quite the whole time while Astrid was talking, looking down as if guilty of something, she looked at him and hold his chin, making him look in her eyes, but then again he looked down, as if trying to avoid her gaze. "What's wrong?" she asked in a sweet but concerning tone. "I messed up, Astrid, I messed up, again", he said without even averting his gaze. Astrid got a bit confused by his statement, again, so she simply asked, "What do you mean?" not knowing what else to say.

"Dad trusted me with the responsibility of the village, he made me acting chief because he 'trusted' that I would do a great job…", he said saying each word as if he was trying really hard to explain it to her, he continued, "…that I would be as good as him, but look at me I couldn't even manage to control a single dragon, let alone the whole village". She kept on looking at him sympathetically not even once taking her eyes off of him, she knew why he was guilty, and she recalled what Fishlegs told her that 'he's just freaking out, but he can't show it as the chief and all' now she really understood what he meant and it really made always wanted to be like his father strong and sturdy and in a way he was and as he was the heir of Berk so he had to be like his father who was also a great chief.

She suddenly realized that Hiccup was looking at her, like waiting for an answer, but she didn't know what to say, so she settled with another question, "What are you trying to say, Hiccup?", she couldn't believe that she was at a loss of words, The ASTRID HOFFERSON was never at a loss of words. He looked back down again, "I am saying that… what am I going to do when he decides to retire from his chieftain duties, I mean I'm not ready for that all", he said not even once looking at her. "You are going to do great, Hiccup and who told you that you aren't doing a good job at running the village", she said, "you're not letting anyone down, Hiccup if you are thinking about it", he looked at her and smiled then said, "thanks, Astrid I think I needed to hear that", she smiled in return and hold his hand, "hey, that's what I'm here for, right?", she said, squeezing his hand a little in reassurance.

Toothless's ears perked up and the dragon's head shot up after a second, and then he finally woke up from sleeping, yawning cooing happily at his rider, Hiccup patted his head, "nice to see you too bud, I take it you were worried about me too weren't you?".

"Astrid!" Snotlout and the others shouted in unison and then frantic sounds of footsteps were heard. Hiccup and Astrid looked at each other with an alarming look, Astrid got up and saw Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut standing on the entrance of the room. They all looked like they were being chased by a Typhoomeraang, they all were panting looking from her to Hiccup worriedly, "what happened?", she asked plainly, "Astrid…came…boat…dead…sorry", they all said at once panting heavily.

She glanced back at Hiccup who was trying to get up and the minute he did, he would've face planted on the floor haven't Astrid gotten to him first and hold him, he mumbled a quite thank you, he was still too weak and exhausted from the previous events, so she offered him to lean on her and he accepted, she put her one arm around his shoulder and other around his waist to balance him, slightly hesitating.

Another sound of opening and closing of the door was heard and then after a few seconds Gobber came in view with a very familiar cloak and helmet in his hands. Hiccup recognized it instantly and looked at Gobber worriedly, "Gobber wha-what is th-that?", he asked, panic evident on his face and his voice, although he wasn't the one who would show you if he's worried or panicked or anything else that falls in that category. Gobber and the others looked at him taking their helmets off of their heads, "I…I'm so sorry Hiccup", said Gobber speaking each word carefully, like trying to pick the suitable words to tell the boy that his father is no more, "this is what's left of your father", he said handing him the helmet and cloak but Hiccup didn't took it , he didn't even acknowledged it, "the ship your father and other Vikings took was attacked on the way back to here, we don't know who attacked it but it seems like they only came for one thing… and they succeeded", said Gobber lowering his gaze.

As they all listen the story of their fallen chief, tears welled up in everyone's eyes. Astrid watched as Hiccup's eyes grew wider, twice their size and he shook his head mumbling something no one could make out not even Astrid, who was standing right next to him. He stumbled back and almost fell on Astrid, "whoa whoa, easy there, Hiccup?", she said in a concerning tone. As more of his weight shifted on her, his legs ready to give up any second, Gobber handed the cloak and helmet to Snotlout and immediately held Hiccup's good arm in order to steady him.

Not aware of his surroundings, he jerked his hand away from Gobber and started mumbling, "N-no no no no ", he constantly repeated himself, shaking his head like trying to wake up from a nightmare, he ran his hand through his hair, "N-No i-i-it-it's not p-possible, h-h-h-he c-can't be… he can't leave me like this, th-there must be s-some kind of m-mis-misunderstanding", he said in a pleading tone, his voice breaking so many times. He stumbled quite a few times trying to get out of Astrid's hold, "Hiccup, it's okay. Hiccup, hey look at me, we are all here for you, I'm here with you", said Astrid.

Gobber helped Astrid calm Hiccup while the others stood frozen in their places, helplessly watching their friend break down over the death of the one who raised him. Toothless was also by his rider's side obviously sensing the tension in the room, his ears flat, cooing and nudging his rider sympathetically, but Hiccup was in a condition that he didn't care about anything. Astrid took Hiccup's hand and hugged him, it broke her heart to see him like this, he didn't even acknowledge her and just stood there, his hand limply hanging at his side.

Gobber and Astrid calmed him a fraction and made him sit on his bed so he wouldn't pass out from exhaustion. Astrid kept him in a hugging position, his head resting on her chest and she rubbed his back and stroked his hair to keep him calm. She nodded to the others and they left telling Hiccup 'stay strong' and 'keep himself together' and 'we are here for you', but it looked like Hiccup wasn't even aware of his surroundings. Gobber patted his head, ruffling his hair in the process and said, "I'll be back Hiccup, I promise", he nodded to Astrid and left to tell the village the disturbing news of their fallen chief.

As Hiccup and Astrid sat their Hiccup finally let a tear slip down his cheek.

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