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"Hiccup?!, what are you doing up so late, at this hour?", asked Stoick as Hiccup was sitting on a chair across from his father's and seemed to be lost in thoughts. "Huh? Dad, when did you wake up? You should be resting", he said. Hiccup stood up and walked to his father, "do you need anything? Are you okay? Do you want me to get Gothi for you?" Stoick remained still as his son bombarded him with questions. "Calm down son take a breath", said Stoick half chuckling at his son's enthusiasm for taking care of his father, "I'm fine son, I just needed a glass of water". As he said that Hiccup immediately grabbed his father's mug, filled it with water and gave it to him.

After downing its contents Stoick put the mug aside and looked at his son, "Hiccup, you look terrible, you should rest you look exhausted too", said Stoick earning a shake of head from his son, "I'm fine dad, you should sleep now, stop worrying about me", said Hiccup, smiling weakly. Stoick knew his son was as stubborn as he was and he wouldn't rest until he makes sure that his father was well rested and he knew something was wrong.

"Hiccup, come on spill it out, I don't think a simple fracture would be bothering you that much", he said gesturing to his fractured hand, "I noticed you've been acting strangely ever since I broke my hand", he was now concerned about his son as he was constantly avoiding his gaze like trying to hide something. "It's nothing, Dad", said Hiccup tiredly. Stoick glared at him, demanding to know what's bothering his son so much that he's not eating or sleeping properly. Hiccup sighed and then said, "It's just…I-I'm sorry dad, I know it's stupid but I'm afraid", he looked down but he continued, "I'm afraid of losing you, I'm sorry, I can't help it, but… w-when that pile of wood fell on you I thought I'd… and I know it's selfish. But... I want you to stay with me because I-I don't know what I would do without you, without you, I'd be lost. You are the only one I've and… I don't know what I would do without you".

He blurted everything out that was bothering him for all these days since a pile of wood fell on Stoick and he was unconscious for a day Hiccup stayed beside him not leaving his father alone in fear of losing him. Stoick was shocked to hear this, he didn't know what to say. He was also shocked as his son opened up to him, he remembered last time Hiccup was this scared was when he found out about Valka being taken away by dragons. Hiccup wasn't the one to express his feelings to anyone but the fact that he just did astounded Stoick. Not knowing what else to do he hugged his son and held him as tightly as he could and Hiccup didn't protest, he flung his hands around his father's neck and returned the hug whole heartedly.

Stoick soon felt his neck getting wet, the indication of his son crying. "Oh Hiccup! Why didn't you tell me this before? I'm here with you don't have to worry about me being gone", Stoick said to his son and held him tighter. "Promise me you won't leave me; I don't want to be alone. I can't take it, the thought of you not around. After mom I don't think I'll be able to handle losing you too", said Hiccup, his voice hoarse from all the tiredness. Stoick pulled away and looked at his son in the eyes before saying. "I promise son; I'd never leave you".


It's been a whole day since everyone found out about Stoick's death. Astrid was returning from the Great Hall with Gobber, Snotlout had insisted that he would come with them too as they were on their way to check Hiccup. Astrid hoped he was 'okay' because no one's seen him since yesterday since he asked her to leave him alone for some time.

When they reached the Haddock house, now living only one in it, Gobber knocked in case Hiccup was sleeping or busy with something else. After getting no response, he opened the door only to find Hiccup slumped in his dad's chair leaning against the headboard, holding a helmet in his hands, Stoick's helmet, and with a tired expressing on his face as if he is desperately trying to keep himself together.

The three of them approached him gently, putting her hand on his, Astrid called his name, "Hiccup? Hey look at me", he didn't respond. She then put her hand on his forehead only to retrieve it quickly, "Oh my Gods, Hiccup you're burning up!", she looked at Gobber for help, the man then limped his way to his apprentice and observed the situation, "he's in shock and he has a fever, Snotlout go get Gothi, hurry!", said boy ran out of the door and mounted his dragon to get the healer, for once without any questions.

Astrid and Gobber tried to get any response from the boy but to no avail. They then, helped him to get up and brought him up to his loft, carefully watching his injuries, so he can rest in his bed. Hiccup didn't seem to have the energy to even take a step by himself so Astrid and Gobber half dragged him to his room. All the while Hiccup didn't loosen his grip on his father's helmet but only tightened it.

When they reach the loft they found Toothless waking up from his nap, as soon as he saw his rider he bounded his way to him but stopped when Astrid shook her head, said dragon understood the command and slowly made his way to his best friend and nudged him. While Gobber went to get some supplies to bring Hiccup's fever down Astrid stayed with him slowly caressing his cheek and stroking his hair.

Hiccup kept his unfocused gaze at the ceiling as if he was alone. It broke Astrid's heart to see him like this, so broken, never in her life has she seen him like this except for the time when they told him about Stoick's death and the time when he found out about Valka, but that time no one really comforted the boy except his father, but now he was gone and he had no one left to come home to and share his problems and tell them about his day, 'No! No, I will not think like that. I will be there for Hiccup I'll help him go through all this, everyone's with him. He has us, he's not alone', she thought to herself. "Hiccup, babe please look at me, you're not alone, you have us, please talk to me", she said to him softly, after getting nothing she sighed.

The sound of opening and closing the door and footsteps met Astrid's ears and she immediately turned to saw Gobber, Snotlout, and Gothi crossing the room. Gothi shooed every one out of the way so she could check the boy and after some time she gave Hiccup something to drink and then his eyes closed and he fell asleep then she started scribbling on the dirt she threw on the floor, "She says that she gave him some herbs for his sleep and fever but she can't do anything for the shock for that we have to make him cry, bottling up his emotions is not good for his health especially when his body need strength to recover from the fever and his previous injuries", Gobber translated after Gothi finished writing.

Astrid kept looking at the sleeping form of Hiccup so peaceful, so relaxed dead to all the worries and problems in the world. Gothi left after some while and instructed bed rest for the sleeping boy. After an hour Snotlout left saying that, he had to do something but Gobber and Astrid stayed beside Hiccup in case he woke up and needed something. As they sat on both sides of the bed, Toothless stayed at the end of Hiccup's feet, well, foot and prosthetic. As time went by the day passed but Hiccup didn't wake up both Astrid and Gobber constantly put small wet clothes on his forehead to bring his fever down and as the night came both of them were tired and exhausted, they closed their eyes and let sleep claim them.

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