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Finally meeting Frankie Jr! and since i made you all wait so much I'm throwing you a special guest aperance.. yes the Muse returned for a final scene in the form of a very appropriate craving for dried strawberries.. What can I say the muse is not subtle.

Meeting Frankie

Bass woke from his slumber with the distinct impression of being watched... and as soon as he opened his eyes he was greeted with a huge eyeball staring into his shell. OOOOH the audacity! To invade one's privacy like that! He took a deep breath " Sir will you kindly step out and allow me my privacy?" But the damned thing just keep staring at him.. "Very well then, since you leave me no choice, this means war!" In all his agitation he had forgotten that whoever it was couldn't possibly understand him. "I tried to reason with you as a gentlemen but alas.. en garde!" he summoned all the bravery of his species, reminding himself that some of his kin had met Napoleon himself! He gave a deep hiss and threw his head fully towards the attacker that seem to try and scramble off to late - he got his head out in pursuit and snapped before retreating to his defence position. "s'noffa bi.." it yelled in pain before a , by now familiar, shriek "Frankie Jr! Don't you dare use that language! And what are you doing to poor Bass?! Leave him alone!"

Frankie, still clutching his nose, spoke in a nasal and offended voice "Mhaaaa! Dhat dhing bit me! And youu are debending it?!" That earned him a slap on the shoulder "Not it, him! Bass is Maura's pet and he is very nice so what did you do to him?" Only his mother to side with a huge turtle.. " I didn't do nothing! I was just looking at i..him!" Angela just kept glaring at him in disbelief "i swear ma! HE attacked Me!" and it was his rotten luck, that on that very moment Jane walked in to break yet another verbal rizzoli rumble.. "Ma, Franky what the heck is this about?!" And before Franky could do anything to shush his mother Angela declare "Jane your brother upset Bass and he bit him" Jane froze, this.. was... perfect.. well this.. with a wicked smiled she declare "Bass the turtle that kicked Franky's as.." but before she could finish "tortoise! Jane tortoise" Maura exasperated sight came in as she approached and tried to check Frankie's nose.. "he doesn't seem to have pierced the skin.. still you should put and ice pack on it for a while to prevent swelling" Jane just bawled with so much laughther that she fell backwards onto the couch. Maura ignored her and admonished Bass "Bass really! You shouldn't do such a thing!" But Bass simply shrugged " it was an invasion of property i was perfectly within my rights" still he looked up to Jane, who was after all, the arm of the law ,but since she was still laughing he assumed he was safe.. after she calmed a bit she tried very hard to look serious "still doctor Isles I advise you to seek counsel for your reptile, after all, assaulting a police officer is a very serious offense" that earn a disconcerted grumble from Frankie and a wry smile from Maura. Meanwhile Angela reached for a pack of frozen peas from the fridge and handed it to Frankie "here that will do.." and though as a mother she could keep from laughing she couldn't quite contain her smile.

The day passed by with no more incidents, although Frankie did his best to keep closer to Jo Friday than to Bass. Every time Bass snuck his head out to peek at Frankie, Jo would mockingly say "calm down tiger!" and he would simply huff mildly miffed at the whole situation.. he was a toirtoise of science not of war.. and the whole event had been a little disconcerting.. Mother was a bit upset with him still, she didn't like aggressive behavior - apart for some specific bedroom situation it seems - he thought wryly and then shook his head... Jo's bad influence was clearly rubbing off.. oh mammals!

It was a good thing Mother couldn't stay mad at him for long, soon they were all sitting in the living room with Frankie placing a plump strawberry in front of Bass as a peace offering. Just as it was about to get to what Bass could call a quiet evening Jo Friday gave him the heads up "get ready man, here comes company" and as if on cue.. the doorbell rang. " Hi guys watcha doin' " said Tommy holding Tommy Jr on its lap. The two brothers turned to him "fine! As he said it yet?" Tommy laghed "nah.. but any day now!" Tommy Jr was due to say his first word and there were several bets on the table.. .Tommy was rooting for "papa" his wife for "mama", Angela was hoping for "nana" and both Frankie and Jane were set on "Sox!" much to Angela's dismay...

Jo raced to greet him and he spotted Bass "Wow! Is that Maura's? I saw it on Ma's facebook but it's much bigger than it seemed " Jo winked at Bass "look at that you're famous!" Bass once again was thankful that he couldn't blush he put himself on display to look even bigger stretching his paws and neck, "show off" Jo joked , "oh shush" he replied enjoying his moment of glory. "Yeah he is the biggest turtle I ever seen" said Frankie, "he is a tortoise" Maura interjected. Jane smiled teasing at Maura "C'mon Maur... do you think he minds being called a turtle?" nudging her playfully Maura couldn't help a smile "that's not the point, he is a tortoise". Jane's eyes lit up "Ooh and he bit Frankie's nose! Soo that makes him.." Frankie just rolled his eyes as his siblings sing-sang "Bass the turtle who kicked Frankie's..." Maura started "he is not a turtle he is a.. ", "toi'toise!" they all looked around amazed to the little voice and waving arms to get to Maura's lap. She picked him hugging him with teary eyes "That's right honey." Amid "damn!", "I can't believe it!" and "how am I going to tell Lydia" which made everyone erupt in laughter. And Bass couldn't feel more proud looking at the little human and around at the new additions to his family "mammals" he though they can be messy but they did make life interesting for Mother and for him.