Music From Another Room w/ The Mummy Characters

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~~~Begin story~~~

In a nice upper-middle class house a family was buzzing, preparing dinner, not a simple plain ordinary dinner they have every night, but a Thanksgiving Dinner, but mind you, it's not any ordinary Thanksgiving Dinner, this year, friends were coming over! Mrs. Melody Carnahan was rushing about, as fast as she could for she was pregnant, finishing a trifle, while her husband, Mr. Howard Carnahan stood nearby not doing anything, and her three children sat at the counter in the kitchen, one of her children, her O'Connell, Jonathan ate a pumpkin pie. Mrs. Carnahan cuffed his ear, and scolded him saying, "Stop eating that pie, it's for after dinner! We're expecting guests in case you have forgotten!"

"I'm hungry!" Jonathan protested then continued to eat the pie.

"You don't know what hunger is! You ask the Russians, they'll tell you about hunger!" Mrs. Carnahan said getting some biscuits out of the oven, then set them off to cool and went back to the sink to finish dishes. Her husband leaned over to his brother.

"Melody has this thing about how the Russians are so poor," Mr. Carnahan said to his brother.

"Now, Jerome is bringing his son, so I want you all to be nice to him!" Mrs. Carnahan said. "He's a little shy."

"Why?" Mrs. Carnahan's daughter, Mary asked.

"Because he is!"

Howard leaned over to his brother again, "His mother, Constance died. She was murdered. And he, the son, found the body."

"I told you he was a retard," Jonathan said, then put a piece of Pumpkin Pie in his mouth.


A Jeep pulled up outside the Carnahan residence, and a tall man with brown shaved hair stepped out, he was dressed in an army suit, no, not camouflage. It was a suit used by military personnel to wear to formal occasions. He walked to the other door and helped his four-year-old son out. His son looked like him. He too had brown hair, though it was more toward spiky; he was a little darker than his father though. He had a sad look on his face as he carried a pink box with a pie in it to the house.

"Now, Richard, this is a nice family. The mother was a friend of your mother in High School. She has kids, so there'll be plenty of kids for you to play with," the man said, patting his son on the back.

Richard traced the brass Egyptian Eye above the doorbell then rang the doorbell. Mrs. Carnahan answered, the family behind her. She opened her arms and pulled Rick's father into a hug.

"Oh! It's so good to see you again, Jerome!" She said, and then she looked down to Rick and smiled. She knelt down. "Hello. You must be Rick!"

Rick nodded and gave her the pink box. "Oh, is this for the dinner?" she asked. Rick nodded again, not at all smiling.

"Well, come in, come in! Dinner will be ready soon!" Melody said and Jerome and his son, Rick stepped in.

~~a little later~~~

The Football game was on TV and the screen hazed a little, for it was a very old TV, plus, this is like 1977 here.

"You moved!" Jonathan said.

"Don't move!" Mary sighed exasperatedly.

And there stood Rick, holding the TV antennas with a dull look on his face.

After dinner was over Rick wandered into another room, and took off the shelf a photo album. He flipped through the pages glancing at photos till he got to a certain one. It was one of his father and mother together, the day of their wedding. The corners of his mouth curled up to a little smile, as he remember his mum, but disappeared after remembering the last time he saw his mom. He took the photo out of his place and held it.

In the kitchen, Melody was washing dishes when she turned to see the game, all of a sudden she felt a gush of water between her legs, and she dropped her glass plate.

Back in the room that Rick is in. He sat there; still holding the photo when the door opened, and Mr. Carnahan, his wife, and Rick's dad came in. Mrs. Carnahan had a pained look on her face. Jerome and Howard sat her down on a couch.

"Children, just go outside and play! Go on! Outside!" Howard yelled to his kids. Rick hid behind a chair.

"Okay, Melody, don't push, just don't push, wait until the medical team gets here," Jerome said, trying to calm Melody down.

"I have to push!" She said.

"Where the hell is the ambulance??" Howard roared. "We need a doctor!"

"J-Jerome's a doctor!" Melody said.

"Yeah, but I'd rather have one that's sober!" Howard said.

"Thanks for the extra boost of confidence, Howard," Jerome said, taking off his jacket and placing it aside, as he grabbed a blanket and put it under Melody.

"I can't keep this in!" Melody said.

"What?? What?" Howard asked.

"She means, this baby has to come out now," Jerome said. "Okay, I'm going to have you push soon, wait a sec…okay, push!"

Melody pushed, squeezing her husband's shirt. She held her breath.

"Okay, Melody stop, and breath, now push again!" Jerome said. Melody nodded and did so. "Oh no, I think there's something wrong."

"What? What? What do you mean wrong? Can you fix it??" Howard asked.

"I think the umbilical cord wrapped around the babies neck," Jerome said. "I can't reach in and get it, my hands are too big."

Rick's head had stuck out more from behind the couch and Howard nodded, "You, get out of here!"

Jerome turned around to see what Howard was talking to. Jerome nodded and said, "D-do what he says, son."

Rick nodded and got up to go to the door, when then Jerome stopped him, "no, wait. Help me here."

Rick nodded and stood next to him, waiting for instructions.

"Now, there's a baby in there," Jerome said, receiving a puzzled look from his son, "I'll explain it later. But I want you to reach your hands up in there, and I want you to find the baby. When you feel it, feel for the umbilical cord, it's around the baby's neck; I want you to unravel it from the baby's neck." Rick put his hands up Melody, and searched. "Can you feel the baby?" Rick nodded. "Okay look for the umbilical cord, it feels like a rope, a wet rope like when we rigged that little ship, remember?" Rick nodded. "Okay, feel for that." Rick did. "Can you feel it?" Rick shook his head. "Can you now?" Rick nodded. "Okay, get unraveled from the neck." Rick worked. "Did you get it?" Rick nodded. "Alright, great, now keep your hands there, and pulled the baby, Melody, now PUSH!"

Melody pushed, Rick pulled, and finally the baby came out, Jerome took the baby and wrapped it in a blanket near by, "Hey, it's a girl!"

Rick gave Melody the child; Melody smiled, through her tears and red face, "Evelyn, her name is Evelyn!"

Jerome, patted his son's back with a placenta-covered hand, and smiled proudly at his son. Then Rick, the quiet shy boy said, "I'm going to marry her."

Melody smiled and laughed a little. Rick just looked at the child fondly.

~~~25 years later~~~

Rick looked out the bus window at the passing buildings of London. He saw on a wall written, 'I don't want the whole world, I just want your half' Rick smirked to himself. Rick had grown over the 25 year, standing at 6'3" and having a tad longer hair, though in a bowl cut. He had been away to Italy for a year to train for being a tilest.

The bus stopped at his stop, he got off and walked down a few blocks to where his girlfriend's apartment was. WAS. As Rick approached he saw a moving van, his happy face changed to one of confusion, as he saw his girlfriend loading the van with the movers. He himself ended up helping.

"I thought we were going to live together!" Rick said, helping her carry a box to the van.

"Really?!" She said, annoyed. "What made you think that?"

"Probably when you said that when I came back we'd live together."

" I wrote you not to come!"

"Oh you did? And where was I? On the road coming here! What's in Glasgow?"

" William, now could hurry up please? These people charge by the hour!" She said, angrily. Rick walked up behind her, disbelieving that he was being dumped.

"What? William, William of Glasgow?! I thought you loved me!" He said a tad sarcastic though more angrily.

"Really?! What made you think that?"

"Probably when you said 'I love you.'"

"That's sweet, really it is Rick. But you take thing to literally, it's a great quality, don't lose it," She said then walked back into the apartment.

"What am I going to do now? Where am I going to LIVE, Sara?"

"I don't know. I'll tell you what, I'll sell the apartment to you."

"For how much?"


Rick's eyes widened in disbelief, "A month?!"

"Yeah," She said like it was common knowledge. "Okay, 1530, but I can't go any lower. Take it or leave it, I have a waiting list like a mile long."

"I won't," he said, taking another box. She just nodded her head, ignoring him. He scowled, as he walked over to the van, he turned to Sara, who wasn't standing there. Then he slammed the box onto the van, and shouted, "I am never ever going to fall in love again!"

The box turned out to have 'FRAGILE' written on it, a Spanish worker bent over and picked it up and said to Rick, "Good luck amigo."

Rick just looked at him then picked up his trunk and walked off, after giving an angry kick at a bush.

"But, Mr. Laveny said that I give you the letter you give me the job," Rick said, walking in a museum type place with a fat short man dressed in paint stained clothes with a curled mustache wearing an "artists' hat"

"Well, he was mistaken. Listen, I have 15 others to apprentice too. I'd hire you if I had the money, but I don't! I'm sorry," The man said.

"But I'm the best Mr. Nary!" Rick said.

"The best?" He repeated, looking Rick over, not sure. He looked up at the painting he was restoring. Then he said, "Call me in a week." Then he walked off. Rick just stood there a moment that was bad luck incident number two. Then he walked off. He walked to streets of London looking for a place to stay. He then saw a sign in the window of Krammer's Bakery that said, 'Room for Rent please inquire within.' Rick smiled the week was looking better! He crossed the street and went inside the Bakery.

The old man, Mr. Krammer walked him up to the room and said in his old voice, "The way you speak, where are you from?"

"I'm from here," Rick said. "Well, I was born on an air force base outside of town. I've lived in America most my life. My dad die a year ago while I was in Italy, training to be a mosaic."

"A mosaic?"

"Yeah, I mean, I repair mosaics."

"Oh, is there a call for that?"

"No, not enough. They use computers to design mosaics now."

"Ah, yes, it's like baking, it's all plastic now, plastic covering, plastic containers," Mr. Klammer got out a key and unlocked a door and stepped in side a room. It wasn't a small room, nor big, it was medium size. It had a bed at one wall, a window, a couch, a mirror near the closet; it had wooden floors (for this was an old building) with a throw rug. "This is it. No smoking, no parties. The girl before you, she had parties."

"Oh, it smells nice," said Rick cheerfully. Mr. Krammer gave him the key.

"Do you ride a bicycle?"

"Yeah, I ride bikes, why?"

"If you do delivery, the rent goes down," Mr. Krammer said.


Rick rode a bike with a basket that held a pink box tied in twine down a street in the upper-middle class homes. He held a sheet with an address; he looked at the street signs at the intersection. He was lost! He saw a couple getting out of a mini van. "Excuse me, could tell me where Olmstead Street is? Olmstead Street," Rick said. The couple just ignored him. Rick sulked and waved lazily and said, "Thanks for your help."

Rick got off his bike and walked it up to a house. He was just going to go against men's pride and actually ask for directions, he didn't think that asking the couple that ignored him counted. He got the box, out of habit of delivery though this wasn't the house and he looked at the doorbell. It had a brass Egyptian Eye with 'Carnahan' written on it above the doorbell, the memory came back to him of that day, and he rang the doorbell. He looked around, it looked the same, he looked up at the house… yep it was the same. He immediately turned around, when the door opened.

"Who is it?" a woman asked, she didn't seem to look straight at him. Rick could tell she was blind. Rick walked back up. He looked at the paper.

"Could, you help me, I'm looking for Olmstead Street."


"No, it's alright, I can leave."

"We're leaving now!" a woman shouted into the house as she exited, she was tall, had dark brown hair, and blue eyes. She was thin, but not to thin.  "Come on, I thought you were coming."

She held the blind girl's arm. The Blind girl yanked her arm out of her sister's grasp, "No, I changed my mind."

"Oh, come on, don't be silly!"

"I'm NOT being silly, I can't skate."

"Yes you can. Anyone can skate, I bet he can skate," she said gesturing to Rick. "Can you skate?"

"Uh, Yeah, yeah I can skate," Rick said, being pulled out of his thoughts.

"See? Now, come on, Nicole."

"I don't want to."

"Fine," the girl said then turned and then noticed Rick still standing there. "May I help you?"

"Oh, this gentleman is looking for Olmstead Street," Nicole said stepping forward a little.

"Oh, okay, you go up until you reach that stop sign there, then you take a left and go down until you reach the drugstore, then go right," the girl kept talking but Rick wasn't really listening, he was looking, remembering what he said, and falling in love.

The girl, Evelyn, finished speaking and Nicole turned to Rick, "Did you understand all that?"

Rick was pulled out of his train of thought again, blinking from the sunlight, he nodded, "Uh, yeah, yeah, I got it. Thank you." He got on his bike and left.

~~~End Chapter~~~

Jester: Okay, I have to see the movie again; it's not exactly totally line for line. Okay? So, I was just watching it because Jude Law is in it, and I thought, what a great story this would make! So, I got to thinking and presto! So, hope you like it! Tc!