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Okay, so let's start off with a little bit on the Maiden views I expressed last chapter: I'm not fond of the maidens, I don't think they fit particularly well, but this is just my opinion. If you disagree, that's fine. If you agree, that's fine. All opinions in this story are mine, or that of the characters doing in-character opinions.

Second, if you guys want the Servant idea, you can have it. I just made it up to explain why Jaune was so inhumanly attractive, I don't really put any stock into it. Hell, it was mostly to explain why the males in RWBY seem so… Well, let's face it, they're ridiculously hot. Even to the other characters. I probably won't use the Servant thing again, but this "Men are hot" thing, oh my yes… it will return. I even have a thought for another omake… Mwa ha ha.

And yes, a Glynda/Jaune Omake is in the works. Still working out a few plot points before I'm willing to commit to it.


Professor Arc Omakes

Chapter 13

Witness Ruby

Behind the cool silver eyes burned a raging inferno.

They were conspiring against her, they all were.

Look at them, she seethed, acting like they don't know, flinging themselves at him!

They each professed that no, they had other things to do, that they didn't want his attention, but she was too smart for that! Look at how Velvet put up such a fuss about being on Pyrrha's team? Obviously the more she struggled, the more he'd see her. Blake pretended that she wasn't enjoying spending time in 'detention' with him, but she always came back with a little secret smile, like she knew something. Weiss? Tried to hide her porn stash, she did, but Ruby was too clever! She even found the stories Weiss was writing about a beautiful, lonely heiress and her handsome tutor! She might be terrible with people, but she wasn't completely clueless. Only a fool could miss the glances that Ms. Goodwitch shot him. And Yang…


Yang. Nothing more needs to be said, truly.

And now, out of the blue, comes this mysterious, exotic teacher claiming her sempai? Daring to lay coral lips onto his, with her stupid, revealing dress, and legs that went on forever, and perfect breasts, and hair that was so smooth and silky that you just wanted to-

NO! She roared in her own mind, shaking her head in the real world as she lay in her bed, GAH! I like boys! I like Jaune!

Doesn't mean that you still wouldn't-

"Stupid Sexy Cinder," she muttered to herself, blushing.

But that's beside the point, she continued mentally, if even I'm noticing these things… how will He notice me!

She let out a growl of frustration, drawing a raised eyebrow from Blake across the room, but this was ignored as Ruby stared at her stomach. It's not fair! I drink milk, lots of milk! I rush in to save the day! I'm a hero! I'm mature!


It was then that Yang exited the bathroom, wearing only a sports bra and a pair of boyshorts. Ruby's eyes widened at Yang's… Yang-ness.

That's it! I've been too subtle about the whole thing. I'm going to have to be… obvious, if I want him to notice me.


The next morning, Team RWBY and three-quarters of RVNN were eating breakfast with Professor Arc (Velvet choosing instead to eat with Team CRDL, and sitting oddly close to the leader as she did so).

Ruby kept shooting glances at her teacher over her toast. Today, she thought, it begins. Him noticing me, then we begin talking, and then spending time together, and then… well, one did not grow up in the presence of two Xiao-Longs without learning a thing or two about how mature adults spent their time…

And then eyes the color of a summer's day turned towards her, and her heartbeat sped up…

"Hey, Ruby, can you pass the milk?"

"Sure thing. Here you go, Jaune."

After she handed the milk to him, the table returned to the silence that had enveloped it earlier.

Say something, she thought. Say something say something saysomethingsaysomethingsaysomething!

She didn't say anything.




It was Tuesday, time for Ruby's detention with her sempai who still wasn't noticing her damn it, but Ruby had a plan.

"So you seem pretty busy," she stated as nonchalantly as possible, batting her eyes at him.

He nodded once in acknowledgement. "Yes, well, taking care of students who decide to go hunting terrorists in Giant Robot Suits isn't one of those things you can rush."

The barb stung her, but she shook it off. Had she not received plenty of wounds when learning how to operate Crescent Rose? Had she not suffered greater humiliation and admonishment when she accidentally pinned herself to a billboard? Pain was temporary, but the rewards… so very worth it.

"Well, I was just wondering… and thinking… what if there was a way to free up some of your time?"

A quirked eyebrow was his response. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well," she began, "I do know what your day is typically like," and here, unnoticed by Ruby, Jaune stiffened slightly, "And I did once take over your duties, so I know I can do at least some of the things you can."

Left unspoken by the Reaper was that that particular day was as punishment for nearly getting him killed via Roman Torchwick, and that less than half a day doing his job had left her as a barely-awake shell, but she forced those thoughts out of her mind.

"Furthermore, if you delegate these tasks to me, well…" she dropped her hands into her lap and looked downcast for a moment, "I'm trying to be a leader… but it's hard. Blake still keeps secrets, Weiss judges everything I do, and Yang…"

"Yang I understand," he interrupted. Then paused, before continuing, "Actually, I don't understand Yang, but I understand enough to know that if I did understand, I would go mad."

Ruby giggled. "Best description I've heard for her. But if you were to give me some work, it could help me work alongside the other wonderful leaders of this school," she continued, laying it on with a backhoe, "And then I'd be able to see how they work and get better myself!"

"So… something like extra credit?"

"Yeah! I'd be grateful to work alongside all the great leaders-" you specifically, "at this school!"

Jaune leaned back in his seat, stroking his chin, deep in thought. It's working! He's thinking about it!

"You know what? That's a fairly good idea, Ms. Rose." Yes!

"I think we can arrange something." This is the best idea ever!

"Peter will be happy to have an assistant to help him prepare for classes."

I've made a horrible mistake.



Ruby stumbled back to her dorm, barely making it to her bed before collapsing face-down.

"How was Professor Port?" asked Blake idly, flipping a page on one of her novels.

"Gmpffhlmp," Ruby eloquently replied. Zwei let out a concerned whine and licked her hand, leading to Ruby scratching his ears.

"Did he have you testing his speeches this time, or organizing his collection of trophies?"


Weiss winced. "Both?"



"Well," Yang said, and Ruby could hear the grin in her voice, "You better get enough sleep for tomorrow."


"Don't tell me you forgot!"

Ruby finally lifted her head. "Little bit, yeah."

Yang raised her arms in glee, "Field trip with Port and the Professor to study Grimm in the wild!"

"Professor…?" Weiss led.

Yang snorted. "Jaune, duh. Only teacher around here I respect enough to call Professor."

"What about Glynda?"

"There's a difference between respect and terror, Blake," Yang shuddered. "Besides," she whipped out a hanger, "It'll give me the perfect opportunity to try out this little outfit for him."

Blake's eyebrow rose. "That's… that's an empty hanger."

"Exactly, and it'll go well with this," she held up a bottle of baby oil.

"… How is it that I was a member of a group whose stated goal was humanity's extinction and yet I'm still not the craziest person in this room?" Blake asked the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Ruby's mind was racing. This was it! She might not be good with… she paused, tapping a finger to her chin, well, people, or emotions, or talking… or anything involving normal interactions between individuals…

Where was she going with this?

Oh, yes, she might not be good with people, but when it came to fighting, there were very few who could be as good as she was. Unfortunately, those individuals were mostly on her team (and Pyrrha Nikos, but that's just splitting hairs). So she'd have to stand out extra hard to get noticed.

Her eyes caught a glint of light off of her partner's hand, and silver eyes caught the tiny brush apply perfect amounts of nail polish to pale, slender fingers.

Of course! Paint! Bright colors and shiny things draw the eye! Ruby realized, eyes practically glowing with inspiration. But I can't paint my fingernails, Weiss is already doing that. Can't paint my toes, no one in their right mind would wear non-closed footwear into Grimm-infested areas… Ruby squinted slightly as Blake tried desperately to convince her partner to actually wear clothes the next day, well, no one except my sister… wait! If everything else has been done before, what about face painting!

No, that wouldn't work, I couldn't just paint myself before it, then the others would see me doing it, realize my utter brilliance, and copy me! So I'd have to do it during. And face paint will take too long to dry…

Her fingers dangled off the side of the bed, briefly brushing against a can she had bought for a potential tune-up of her baby. Her eyes widened.

Brilliance! No one will see this coming! But what do I say! The last two times I tried to talk to him I screwed it up! Wait, I was trying to talk like me. But Jaune hangs out with Professor Port! He must like something that Port does… and I do know how his speeches go…

Ruby Rose let out a sinister smile as her plan came together…


The plan to stealthily observe Grimm in the Emerald Forest with Professor Port had, predictably, gone catastrophically wrong.

While Ruby had managed her sister to actually wear clothes to the stakeout, and Blake had promised to reign her boisterous partner in- physically, if need be- and Zwei had been walked and fed before they left, there was still an unpredictable factor that said that things would quickly turn bad.

This factor's name was Peter Port, who had determined that an Ursa Major had been "Challenging his Manly Prowess to a duel," and had charged across the clearing straight at it, roaring at the top of his mighty lungs.

The clearing, which was filled with dozens of Ursas and Beowolves, not to mention a sleeping Deathstalker.

Things had deteriorated rather quickly after that.

Team RWBY and both Professors had quickly been surrounded, and were at risk of being buried under a black tide.

Ruby knew that it was the perfect time to put her plan into action.

A few bursts of her Semblance, and she was next to the target of her affection. His face was locked in a determined scowl, his jacket billowing slightly as he twisted this way and that to dispatch another Ursa… he was truly magnificent. She took a deep breath as she fired a few bursts from Crescent Rose.

"Oh, what a day!" she declared loudly, ducking under a Beowolf's strike, "What a LOVELY day!"

"I'm- ugh," Jaune grunted as an Ursa's paw skittered off his shield, "Glad you think that, Ruby… could do with a- unf- few less Grimm, but I guess it's okay…"

"By your hand," she loudly continued, "I will rise from the ashes of this world!"

Jaune turned to face her.

"Ruby, what are- wait, no, stop-"

Ruby had whipped out a can and began spraying herself in the face. When she turned back to him, her face was as reflective as a mirror.

"I FIGHT FOR GLORY, SHINY AND CHROME FOR YOU!" she screamed, before inhaling deeply in the face of Jaune's slack-jawed confusion.

"SEMPAI!" she roared, extending Crescent Rose into its scythe mode, before leaping into the thickest concentration of Grimm in front of them, "NOTICE MEEEEEEEEE~!"


Ruby cracked her eyes open.

Everything hurt.

She groaned.

"Oh, good, you're awake," came a welcome voice. She winced. Well, perhaps not that welcome. Ow.

"W… what happened…" she groaned as Jaune moved his chair to the side of her bed.

"Well, you started commenting on the weather before you went crazy, huffed chrome spray paint, and then tried to body-slam a group of Beowolves. I was sort of hoping that you could tell me."

"I… uh… " LIE! LIE DAMN YOU LIE! "I don't remember…"

"That could be the head injuries you suffered."

"Why can't I feel my arm and leg?"

"Broken, Kitsune pumped you so full of painkillers it's kind of amazing that you're awake right now."

"Oh…" Ruby mused. "That might explain why you have a third eye in the center of your forehead…"

"You're a tad cross-eyed right now."


Jaune rubbed his forehead. "Look, Ruby… you were my first friend when I came here to Beacon." He reached down and took her hand that wasn't in a cast. "You… your friendship means a lot to me." Jaune either ignored or didn't notice how Ruby's face flushed at that. "If you're having a problem… like not being able to sleep, or huffing paint… or apparently going crazy on the battlefield for no adequately explained reason…" he hesitated, "I'd like to think you can talk to me about this sort of thing, all right?"

Ruby mutely nodded.

"I'd like to see you for two hours this next week, make sure that you're feeling all right, understand? Just a precaution…"

Ruby nodded again, her heart beating at a million miles an hour.

"I'll let you get some sleep," he smiled at her, patting her hand before walking away.

And then Ruby was alone.

Her face roughly the same color as her cloak, wrapped in a hospital gown with two of her limbs in casts and her aura deep in the danger zone, on enough painkillers to knock out a rhino… and yet she smiled.

"I… I did it… Sempai noticed me…"

This was the best day ever.



Sithking Zero: Okay, if you ever wanted to know why "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Professor Arc" should never be crossed over… wonder no more.

I'd like to say that I'm sorry that we're losing a great story; "One Good Turn," Coeur's first fanfiction and the story that introduced me to Professor Arc (which got me back into writing) has just ended. It's an excellent story, and everyone should read it. It's Blake/Jaune written realistically, and it's absolutely wonderful. I love it so much, but it has just ended. I will miss it.

But fear not, for Coeur has already started on the next romance story, this one Lancaster (Ruby/Jaune) about a world where Remnant runs on RPG mechanics. It's called "Forged Destiny," and it's already out. Check it out, because Coeur is amazing.