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Guardian of the Sun


Chapter Ten

Lounging across the small cushioned love seat in the study with her legs dangling over one of the arm rests, Benihime was focused solely on the scroll in her hands, reading up on some of the advanced tracking techniques her boyfriend's parents had collected in the past. Apart from her red thong, she was dressed in only a baggy over-sized black hoodie with orange along the sides of it and orange cuffs, the hooded jacket's interior lining being made of fluffy orange faux fur; it used to be Naruto's, but he didn't wear it anymore, so she claimed it for herself. The faux fur lining simply felt way too good on her bare skin, almost addictively so, and it was big enough on her that it went half-way down her thighs.

Standing in the doorway and leaning against it with his arms crossed over his chest, Naruto went unnoticed by his girlfriend as he watched her with a smile on his face, the young woman idly kicking her long bare-skinned legs as she read the scroll in her hands. The jacket was only zipped up to just below her large breasts while her hair had been pulled forward over her left shoulder, the hood tossed up over her head while only her fingers could be seen sticking out of the sleeves. Despite the size of her breasts filling in some of the space, she was still just five and a half feet tall, making the jacket look far bigger on her than what it really was. In his opinion, he found it kind of cute how she was already raiding his old clothes and wearing them around the house.

Having returned from Wave Country just the day before, he and Team 7 had been given the week off after everything that had occured back on the small island nation. For once, he hadn't gone straight back to training like he would have just a short three weeks ago, having chosen to actually relax and spend more quality time with Benihime. She had been thrilled to find out about that part and had kept him confined to their bed all afternoon and night yesterday, having kept her unspoken vow to 'get back' at him for what he had put her through just a few days ago.

Then again, old habits died hard. While he himself wasn't training, he had a team of clones at a nearby training field working on a few things while a couple others had been sent into the village to run some errands for him. Thinking about one such errand, Naruto reached into his pocket to retrieve the item he'd had his eye on since he took Benihime shopping that one day. It was a simple black leather choker that had two small aquamarine gemstones about the size of his thumb nail that had been cut into the shape of fangs set into the leather on either side of where the wearer's throat would be and outlined with silver metal. It hadn't been all that expensive, it wasn't too fancy, it was made of relatively durable materials so it wasn't going to get ruined easily, and because of its design, it wouldn't get in the way during a fight or anything. Practical, yet pretty.

He knew it was kind of a sudden thing, getting her jewelry and such when they had only known each other for a few weeks so far, but Naruto didn't really care about that. He'd never cared much for what others thought of him or what he did, but Benihime...He couldn't pin point it, but she had stirred something within him that he hadn't ever felt before. Prior to taking that mission to Forest Country where he'd first met her, Naruto had lived...an honestly boring and predictable lifestyle despite six years of traveling the world with Jiraiya. Now, though, he never knew what the next day would bring or what he'd be doing...and, surprisingly, he was starting to really like it. It kept things interesting.

He was just scared about whether or not Benihime would actually like it...

"Stop being such a wuss and just give it to her, you idiot." The Kyuubi growled out at him, catching Naruto off guard and making him jump ever so slightly in surprise. "It's pointless worrying about how she'll react if all you do is stall."

"Yeah, like you're the best source for relationship advice." Naruto sarcastically retorted through the link with a roll of his eyes, a quiet growl soon echoing around in his head in response. "Just go back to sleep, furball."

Sighing as the link was disconnected, Naruto took a breath to calm his nerves before doing like the Kyuubi had suggested anyways. Walking over to where Benihime was without being noticed, Naruto leaned over from behind her and captured her lips in a kiss, the red head mildly startled by his sudden appearance. Melting into the kiss and returning it whole heartedly, she set the scroll down in her lap before reaching up to run her fingers through Naruto's hair, momentarily ignoring what his hands were doing around her neck as his tongue slipped past her lips and into her mouth. Moaning softly a few seconds before they finally separated, Benihime opened her teal eyes again, catching a glimpse of her boyfriend's sapphire irises before he pulled away completely.

"What's this?" Benihime questioned curiously as she sat up, her hands going to the object that had been placed around her neck. Seeing the somewhat awkward smile on Naruto's face as he rubbed the back of his neck, the Akajuu gave him a look of half-hearted suspicioun while undoing the item's clasp in the back. When she actually saw it, however, she gasped in shock before looking back up at him. "Oh, Naruto. You shouldn't have...This is beautiful."

"Y-Yeah...I saw it a while back and thought you might like it." He admittedly a bit hesitantly, blushing slightly out of embarrassment as he looked off to the side awkwardly. Smiling warmly at her boyfriend, Benihime carefully set it back around her neck and secured the clasp. She wasn't usually a fan of jewelry, but it had been a gift from Naruto and it was obvious to her that he was nervous about the whole thing.

"Thank you, Naru-kun." Benihime finally said as she reached over and grabbed his hand before pulling him down onto the love seat beside her. Tenderly kissing him on the cheek, she snuggled up against him with a beaming grin. "I love it."

"Y-your welcome, Hime." Naruto mumbled back in response before kissing the top of her head, getting a quite laugh out of the young woman. As she adjusted her position so that she was leaning back against Naruto's side with her legs dangling over the arm rest again, Benihime went back to reading her scroll. Interlacing her fingers with Naruto's, she held his hand and squeezed it lovingly as she nuzzled his shoulder. With every day that passed, she could feel her love for him growing stronger and stronger because of the little things he was always doing for her; as awkard as he could be, he was such a sweet-heart. How he hadn't already been 'claimed' by a girl before they'd met was beyond her.

'Oh, well. Too bad for them, 'cause he's all mine now.' Benihime thought to herself cheerfully, kicking her legs once more as she leaned into Naruto's side a little more heavily, his arm wrapped around her waist and her head leaning against his shoulder and chest.

"Told you so...Stupid brat." The Kyuubi grunted out, making Naruto pout slightly while the fox's presence receeded back into the depths of the seal. Glancing back down at Benihime and seeing how much happier she looked, though, Naruto couldn't help smiling again. Kissing the top of her head again before resting his head against hers, Naruto closed his eyes and relaxed, listening to Benihime as she quietly hummed to herself. Deciding to take a short little power nap while he was 'stuck' on the love seat, he figured he might as well enjoy their little moments together while he could before he had to get back to his duties...


A few days later, Benihime found herself staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror again, clad in only her usual red thong, her black short-shorts, the hoodie she had 'stolen' from her boyfriend...and the choker he had given her earlier that week. Having left the hoodie unzipped and parted, she tenderly fingered the black leather item clasped around her throat with a small, loving smile. It made her think of a collar, as if Naruto had claimed full 'ownership' of her; it was a thought that actually pleased her. Her Alpha 'owned' her now. She had rarely taken it off over the past few days, removing it only when she had to or when she got in the shower.

'He seemed to really enjoy it last night when I kept it on while we were having sex.' Her loving smile turned sultry at the thought, recalling her beloved's reaction and behavior when she had stopped him from taking it off her amidst their usual foreplay. He'd been especially aggressive and dominating with her because of it, though he was just as loving and caring of her as always. She just might keep it on every time now that she knew how differently he acted because of it. Finger tips trailing down her collar bone and along one of her breasts, Benihime smiled a little more seductively as she thought about waking him up in a certain way, the blonde currently sleeping on their bed just beyond the bathroom door.

His week off was finally coming to an end and he would be returning to his duties as a Tokubetsu Genin the next day, so she figured it was her best chance to get one last day alone with him. He'd certainly enjoy it, she knew for sure. Even as she grew a little more excited, Benihime's smile became more tender and somewhat shy as her cheeks were tinged pink; he'd been such a gentleman the past few days, going out of his way to spend as much quality time with her as possible without coming across as being 'clingy'. She thought it was kind of cute and it made her feel special. No, not special...It made her feel wanted. Her Alpha was finally opening up to her more.

'Yeah...He's getting some special treatment today.' The Akajuu princess mused with a small smile as she stepped out of the bathroom, making her way over to the bed where Naruto was sleeping before wiggling out of her tight-fitting shorts. Pulling the covers aside to reveal her boyfriend wearing his usual baggy black sleeping shorts, Benihime carefully climbed into bed and stradled him before leaning down until her bountiful chest was pressed against his. Shivering slightly as their bare warm flesh touched, Benihime moaned quietly before gently pressing her lips to his, slowly rocking her hips against his. Feeling his body reacting to her actions, her lips quirked into a smirk as she turned it up a knotch to start waking him up.

Lightly dragging her nails down along his side, Benihime slid her tongue into his mouth while using her other hand to ran her fingers through Naruto's golden locks, gently grazing his scalp with her claws. Groaning quietly as he slowly started waking up, Naruto's hands found their way to her thighs while he started returning the tongue-filled kiss, though lethargically. Feeling one of his hands slowly move up her body under the hoodie, Benihime let out another soft moan as he cradled the back of her neck, deepening the lip-lock a little more as he lightly squeezed her thigh just below her rear. Pressing their hips together more firmly and grinding against him a little slower, Benihime enjoyed the sensation of feeling his member stiffen fully beneath her while a third gentle groan of pleasure escaped her.

Finally becoming aware of everything as he woke up, Naruto moved his hand from her thigh to her rear as he pushed her hips lower, squeezing her butt cheek a bit rougher than he had her thigh. Savoring the low groan of approval she let out in response, Naruto slowly dragged his nails down her spine, making her shiver and spasm with another moan that was louder and hornier than before. Without breaking the kiss, Benihime reached down between them to pull his shorts down low enough to expose his member, only to pull the crotch of her thong aside enough to uncover her own sex. She didn't care that he didn't have a condom on. It was kind of a special morning for her and she had started taking an herbal medication for birth control the other day anyways.

"Mm!" Benihime moaned a little louder as she slowly lowered herself on him, Naruto's nails digging into her rear as his other hand returned to her neck, kissing her far more passionately than before. As he was fully buried inside of her, Benihime finally broke the kiss with a saucy smirk, lightly tugging on his bottom lip with her fangs as she sat up. Groaning deeply for several long seconds with her hands braced against Naruto's chest, Benihime smiled down at her Alpha. "Mm...Good morning, love."

"Good morning to you, too." Naruto returned with a small smirk, his hands resting on her hips as she rocked back and forth a little bit. Finally shedding the hoodie she had been wearing the whole time, Benihime never broke eye contact with him. Using the claws on her thumbs and a hint of chakra, she then promptly cut the straps to her thong before tossing the scrap of cloth aside; she had plenty more to do away with one of them. Now, wearing only the choker he had given her, Benihime leaned back down with her chest thrust out a little bit, purposefully drawing his eyes down to her breasts and her choker as well. While he was distracted for the moment, she rolled her hips just right to cause them both the most pleasure possible at the moment, getting a quiet groan from her blonde lover while she moaned deeply next to his ear.

Slowly biting down on his shoulder where his mark was, Benihime kept repeating the same action over and over again, her moans steadily growing louder and more sexually desperate as she intentionally tortured herself in order to please her Alpha as much as possible. She could feel him stiffen and twitch inside of her as her inner walls tightened around him, all while his nails slowly dug into her hips and his jaws clamped down on her own mark. It took only a couple minutes before it became too much for her, releasing his shoulder and moving her hips faster than before, her actions becoming a little more forceful. Letting out a soft whimper with every gasping breath she took, Benihime could feel herself nearing the peak of her first climax that morning.

"Oh! N-Naru!" She cried out breathlessly, Naruto's mouth still firmly latched on to her shoulder; he wasn't letting go this time. "H-Harder, baby! Please!"

Almost immediately, Naruto's grip on her hips tightened before he started amplifying her pelvic gyrations. Eyes rolling back, Benihime's whimpering moans started growing louder with each thrust, fisting her hands in his hair as her body started to tense up from head to toe because of the heavenly level of euphoria that filled her. Sinking her fangs back into Naruto's shoulder where she had first marked him, Benihime nearly screamed into his shoulder as her first orgasm tore through her body, making her shake and shiver almost uncontrollably. Even as Naruto kept going, it took Benihime almost a minute to finally let go of his shoulder, her cheeks flushed red as she gasped for breath.

Hooking a foot under Naruto's leg and keeping her grip on his hair, Benihime gained a slightly wicked grin as she leaned to the side, pulling him with her. As they rolled over, Benihime helped her beloved discard his shorts fully before forcing him to look her in the eye. Neither said a word as she stared into his eyes with such an intense amount of lust in her gaze. She didn't have to say anything for him to understand that she wanted everything he had to give this time. There weren't going to be any breaks or taking it easy or holding back; she wanted it all. Pulling him back down and aggressively smashing their lips together, Benihime was quite pleased to be forced into total submission within seconds, a loud whimpering moan dragging itself out of her as her Alpha started thrusting again, only harder and deeper than before.

He didn't know what had gotten into her that morning, but whatever it was, Benihime wasn't going to let up until she got everything she wanted. He wasn't about to disappoint her. Releasing her shoulder, Naruto put a little more force in his thrusts as he speed up a bit, wrapping his lips around her left nipple in the process. Benihime only started whimpering in ecstacy even more as she fisted her hands in his hair again, holding his head against her chest as he started sucking on the erect nub of her tit. It didn't take long before her legs were fully wrapped around him and her ankles locked together, her whimpers soon turning into full-blown cries of euphoria as he did everything he could to please her.

"Oh, god! Y-Yes! Yes!" Benihime manged to cry between gasping breaths, her back arching and head tilting back as Naruto started grazing the ultra-sensitive flesh of her tit with his teeth. Her hold on him tightened as she felt a second orgasm already starting to build up within her core. It all felt so good, even better than any other time they'd had sex before. In the very back of her mind that was still remotely functional, Benihime decided to keep up with her new herbal birth control because it felt so much better without a condom; for both of them. Her cries of ecstacy suddenly became a gasping whimper as her breath caught in her throat, having just had her G-spot jabbed hard enough that the ripple of pleasure that followed caused her body to freeze up, clinging to Naruto with a full-body death grip. Her second orgasm was triggered immediately after with Naruto's following thrust, hitting the same spot harder than before. "O-oh, god! A...Again! Do that again!"

Grinning against Benihime's breast as he moved his attention to her other nipple, Naruto did as she begged of him, thrusting even harder and faster than before. If she wanted everything, she was going to get it...and he was going to make sure she was damn near comatose by the time he was finished with her...


Leaving the administrative building after collecting the pay from another simple D-rank mission one of his clones had just finished a short while ago, Naruto just barely avoided literally running into Karasu, of all people, as she and her team arrived to request a mission of their own. For the first few seconds, it was quiet and Kakashi was not oblivious to the tension between the two long-time friends...

"Karasu." Naruto 'greeted' rather coldly, something that caught the Uchiha kunoichi off guard. Sensing the coming storm, Kakashi didn't hesitate to usher his other two students inside, leaving the pair to their business.

"What's with the attitude all of a sudden?" Karasu growled out, scowling slightly. Naruto's eyes narrowed sharply in response, the blonde currently outfitted in his full set of armor with his metal face mask set in place.

"Don't play dumb with me, Karasu. I know what happened between you and Benihime back in Wave Country." Naruto retorted, barely keeping his temper under control. Now that he had finally started opening up and bonding with Benihime, he had grown quite protective of her and now, a week after returning from the island nation, his mood concerning the Uchiha's behavior towards the Akajuu back then had soured considerably. Hearing his response, though, Karasu instantly winced with a slight grimace and he noticed it immediately. "I thought you were better than that."

"Better than that? Who the hell do you think you are?!" Karasu suddenly snapped back angrily, glaring right back at him. "I've known you since we were kids! Ever since you came back, you've been acting like a completely different person, Naruto!"

"That tends to happen when you're gone for seven years, Karasu!" Naruto snarled back, the fierceness of his tone making her flinch back. "That's what happens when you grow up!"

"No, that's what happens when you let some bitch you don't even-" Karasu didn't get to finish her retort. For the first time in his life, Naruto was livid, his eyes blood red from subconsciously drawing on the Kyuubi's chakra in his anger. For the first time in his life, he was visibly shaking with anger. For the first time in his life...he had struck Karasu, a female, outside of combat; out of anger, at that. Unable to do anything other than stare at Naruto with wide eyes in her shock, Karasu held her reddening cheek in pain after being back-handed by her old childhood friend, the power behind it having thrown her back and knocked her to the ground. All around them, the few people that had been in the area watched everything unfold with bated breath...

"Never...call her that again. Am I understood, Karasu?" Naruto growled out; he was aware of what he had done and he was not proud of it, possibly even disgusted with himself for it, but it had already been done and apologizing would only make things worse. Then again, his temper and his pride would not allow him to apologize for it, even if he truly wanted to. Without even waiting for a response, he turned to leave, but he paused for a moment, glaring at her over his shoulder. "If you want to continue this discussion later, you can find me at Training Ground Seventeen...I'm going to be there for the rest of the day."

'He...He hit me.' Was all that ran through Karasu's mind as she watched him leave, completely oblivious to the shocked expression on Kakashi's face, who stood in the now-open doorway; he'd come out to try to calm things down when he heard the two start raising their voices towards one another. She was almost completely unresponsive to her sensei as he tried to pull her back to her feet, his words going unheard as she blankly stared off in the direction Naruto had gone...

When did she lose her friend?


"GUAH!" Naruto heaved out as he was struck in the stomach by one of his many clones, the power behind it sending him flying back before crashing into a house-sized boulder. Smashing into the rock and nearly becoming embedded in the stone, Naruto's snarl didn't leave his armored face, his eyes still burning a furious crimson. With a simple flex of his arms combined with a 'small' push, he launched himself from the boulder and charged back towards the small army of armored clones he had pitted himself against.

It had been two days since his encounter with Karasu and he had yet to leave Training Ground Seventeen. He had yet to even notice how long he'd been going or that he had gained a small audience...

"He hasn't stopped, has he?" Hiruzen inquired of the jounin present as he calmly walked over to them, his hands clasped behind his back. Having been among the first jounin to hear about what had happened the other day, Asahi and Arashi were present, standing off to the Sandaime's left. Arashi watched with his usual cold and expressionless stare, his arms crossed over his chest, while the Hyuuga woman beside him was worried for Naruto. With them was Mitarashi Anko and an ANBU wearing a Tiger mask.

"No. When he thins their numbers out, he just makes more and keeps going." Tiger answered, currently crouched on a branch above the Hokage. He'd been keeping an eye on Naruto the longest, mostly watching him through the night, but the way the boy just kept going...Tiger didn't know what to think about him, knowing his true identity as the Kyuubi no Kitsune's jinchuuriki. Naruto's drive to keep going was...unstoppable. He simply didn't run out of steam, he just kept going and going, smashing through whatever was in his path. However, he had seen the boy and how he interacts with others around him. As powerful as he was, Naruto was practically a 'gentle giant', tending to others before himself...but it seemed that even Naruto had his limits, considering what had happened between him and Uchiha Karasu two days ago.

"No...He's starting to tire out." Arashi spoke up, correcting the ANBU without taking his eyes off the all-out brawl they were witnessing from a safe distance away. Nearly a couple hundred copies of Naruto were battling the one original, who was easily picked out of the horde by the old and fresh blood stains splattering his armor from various wounds he had suffered and healed from since he started the fight roughly fourty-eight hours prior. "He's been using the Kyuubi's chakra to kept himself as strong as possible this whole time, but his body won't be able to take it for much longer. It'll give out before his resolve will break..."

"Kid got a deathwish or something?" Anko mumbled with a slight frown. Before anyone could continue the conversation, the battle they were watching suddenly came to a close...or so they thought.

"Jishin Shoutotsu!" Naruto bellowed as he dropped down in the middle of the horde, having jumped into the air after readying the technique he was using. Keeping his legs bent as if he were crouched, he waited until the very last second to fully extend his legs in a double-kick that hammered into the ground with the force of an asteroid, his chakra surging out in a deadly pulse through the ground. Immediately after, the earth ruptured in a rolling circular wave that radiated out from where he landed, the sections of dirt and soil smashing through his clones as if they weren't even there.

Standing at the center of the massive, though shallow, crater was the original Naruto, hunched over slightly and gasping for breath as sweat dripped off his head. Arms hanging at his side, Naruto lifted his head to find the one person he didn't want to see at the moment...

"Sorry I'm late. I lost track of time." Karasu growled out as she kept walking towards him, her eyes narrowed with contained anger that had been bubbling up inside of her since he struck her two days ago. Grasped in her right hand was a sheathed guardless chokuto with the Uchiha fan symbol decorating the slender wooden scabard near the opening. Just as she moved to draw her sword, Karasu's eyes went wide while her Sharingan flared to life when she found Naruto already within striking range of her, his right fist already cocked back.

"Go...AWAY!" He roared as his fist made contact with the center of her chest, the impact having enough power behind it to completely obliterate the log she had replaced herself with at the last possible second. Eyes still burning red with the Kyuubi's chakra, Naruto growled loudly in anger as he turned around to find Karasu already in mid-lunge. Grabbing the blade of her sword with his left hand, Naruto shifted her aim so her stab sailed harmlessly over his left shoulder even as the blade shrieked and sparked from grinding against his armored palm. Fanged teeth bared beneath his mask, Naruto kept his furious gaze locked on Karasu's as he reached out with his free right hand.

Hacking slightly as her throat slammed into his palm, Karasu came to a full stop instantly while suspended in the air by Naruto's hand, which was wrapped around her neck. Before he could try anything else, Karasu kicked him as hard as she could in the chin, cocking his head back and causing him to let her go. Before she could follow it up, the blonde juggernaut slammed his foot into her chest, rocketing her back while her sword was left in his grasp. Hitting the ground nearly fifty feet later, Karasu tumbled and rolled for another twenty before finally sliding to a stop, only to start coughing and gagging, trying to refill her lungs with oxygen while resisting the urge to puke up the contents of her stomach in the process.

"If you value your life, I suggest you get as far away from me as you can right now." Naruto snarled, still glaring heatedly at the kunoichi as he lowered his arms, only to tighten his grip on the blade in his left hand. Karasu, finally regaining the ability to breath properly, looked up and visibly flinched when the blade to her chokuto suddenly shattered in his hand from him squeezing it so tightly. She also started losing her anger, fear slowly creeping up her spine after hearing Naruto's warning; he wasn't playing around.

Gritting her teeth, Karasu started glaring back at him again, having thought she'd give herself the upper hand by waiting him out and letting him wear himself down...She'd never been so wrong in her life. Even after fourty-eight hours of intense fighting, he was still too far beyond her level of skill to handle at the moment. She didn't know why his eyes were blood red and she had no idea how he was still so strong after exerting so much energy, but he was on a totally different level than her...

'How is he so damn strong?!' She mentally hissed as she shakily forced herself back to her feet, wobbling slightly for a moment before stabilizing herself. 'It's like that night all over again! I'm just as powerless against him as I was against Itachi! It's not right!'

Growling animalistically again as a burst of steam rushed out of the vent-like slots in his mask, Naruto started walking towards Karasu, his hands balled up into tight fists and his arms shaking slightly from the tension in them. The Uchiha kunoichi frozen in fear from the suffocating miasma of killing intent that now flooded the area, Naruto barely reached the half way point between them when he was suddenly blocked off by a couple jounin he recognized and the Sandaime Hokage himself. Glancing from one to the next, Naruto fixed his enraged gaze back on Karasu for a few seconds before turning around on his heel and marching off in the opposite direction. As the killing intent faded, Karasu sucked in a desperate gasp of air while falling to her knees, visibly shaking in fear and drenched with a cold sweat.

"Asahi-san. Please tend to Karasu." Hiruzen instructed while starting to walk after Naruto. "I'll handle him from here."

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Hokage-sama?" Tiger inquired, only to recieve no answer as Naruto disappeared via Shunshin, the Hokage following immediately behind him.

"Tempermental brat, isn't he?" Anko remarked to Arashi, only getting a quiet grunt front the jounin before he turned to assist Asahi with calming down and checking on Uchiha Karasu; if they hadn't interfered, Karasu just might have lost her life to Naruto in his blind rage. It was obvious to them that he did not register her as an ally in his current state...


Whining quietly, Benihime didn't slow and stop in her restless pacing in her room. Two days. She hadn't seen her beloved in two days and had been told nothing about his condition or whereabouts; not even the Hokage gave her answers last night or that morning. If he had been out on a mission, she would have at least been told as much, but no one knew anything. Or so they said. It was driving her up the wall with worry and anxiety. If something had happened to him, she didn't know what she would do...

Already, she was having trouble keeping a level head. Without Naruto beside her last night, she'd been terrorized by nightmares of her clan's extermination, which was only compounded upon her fear and worry. The lack of answers was only making things worse. If no one was going to help her, she'd find the answers she wanted on her own. As that thought shot through her mind, Benihime was already bolting for the armory to gather up her armor and equipment.

Wearing the casual-dress outfit she'd gotten on her first 'date' with Naruto, Benihime had her bracers strapped on under the baggy sleeves and her greaves strapped to her shins under the leggings of her pants. A pair of kunai holsters were strapped to either of her thighs, an equipment pouch was set behind either of her hips, and hidden under her kimono-like top was a set of standard ANBU-style body armor that she'd found. Leaving her scarf behind, her choker left in clear view, Benihime rushed out of the house, already channeling chakra into her nose as she sniffed the air for any traces of her beloved Alpha's scent.

One way or another, she was going to find her lover...and nothing was going to get in her way. She was not going to lose him like she did her family...


"Boy, this is my last warning." Kyuubi growled from within his mind, recieving no response from Naruto as the blonde simply stalked deeper into the forest. "Stop drawing on my chakra right NOW or I'll make you regret it."

"Naruto." Hiruzen called out firmly, though calmly, as he stopped just ahead of Naruto. Finally halting in his walk, Naruto huffed out another small burst of steam as he flexed his armored hands, but he remained where he was. "You need to calm down. I can understand that you're upset, but right now, I need you to relax. Can you do that for me?"

Letting out a quiet, throaty growl, Naruto seemed to get aggitated for a moment before taking a deep breath. Sharply exhaling one last gust of heated air that rushed out of the vents of his mask, Naruto squeezed his eyes shut and focused as much as he could, slowly flushing the Kyuubi's chakra out of his system. A moment later, he opened his eyes to reveal his natural blue irises. Just as the Sandaime was relieved to have made progress with the boy, Hiruzen immediately snapped into action when Naruto blacked out, collapsing to the ground in a boneless heap...


Jishin Shoutotsu- Seismic Collision

A/N: Alright, it started off with some fluff and a little smut, but I feel that this chapter showed just how strong of a bond the two have been developing. Also, a little more action-packed than the previous chapters...Naruto's issue with Karasu's behavior has come to a head and things are growing a little more hectic; how will things play out, I wonder? Not only that, but a little more insight into Naruto's temper problems...I know you guys can't see it, but I've got such a big shit-eating grin on my face right now because I know where this is all leading...and you don't! God, I wish I could see y'alls faces when this particular 'arc' comes to a close. (I'm enjoying myself WAY too much right now... XD)