Title : Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

Main Pairing : Miyusawa


What if Sawamura never went to Seidou to visit and never met Miyuki there. what if Sawamura rejected the offer and met Miyuki in a different way. Sawamura Eijun never went to Seidou and attended at school in Nagano where he grew up with his friends and family. His high school that he attends didn't have a baseball team so he made one with the help of his friends, they even found themselves a coach that knew alot about baseball. Things go around when they get a match with Seidou in Tokyo the school that Sawamura had rejected. How will the meeting be with with the players in Seidou.

Chapter - 1

Sawamura was in his room studying for his big test when he heard footsteps coming toward his room and it wasn't just one. The brunet turned to stare at his door when he opened and seven of his friends appeared. They were panting hard was almost out of breath.

"What are you guys doing here?" Sawamura asked.

"Ei-chan, we heard that you declined the offer to Tokyo." Shimizu Aiden said.

"That's why you guys seem like in a panic." Sawamura smiled at his friends like it was nothing to worry about.

"Well Tokyo is a big place and I'm sure that you could have been better there." Hasegawa Arai said.

"That could have been your chance." Inami Kai said.

"Sometimes you really are stupid." Akihiro Hyuse said.

"Why you decline the offer?" Wakana asked.

"Because I wanted be with everybody and play baseball with you guys." He smiled. The friends felt touched but also mad that Sawamura decided this on his own.

"This doesn't mean that I won't be able to go to Tokyo. I'm sure our team will go there when we have to ever play a game there."

"Eijun, I made some snacks for your and friends and you." Tsurara, his mother called from downstairs.

"Okay." Sawamura yelled. "Come on let's go."

The friends followed Sawamura downstairs and had the snacks his mother had made. His father was watching some television while his grandfather was reading his daily newspaper. Even his family were shocked that the brunet decided not to go to Tokyo.

Sawamura didn't regret his choice. He wanted to be with his friends, plus he didn't want to be in such a stuffy environment. Being with his family and friends was the best for him. His grandfather would sometimes lecture him how stupid he was to not take the offer while his parents didn't care as long as their son was happy.

And his friends were thinking that it was their fault that Sawamura decided to stay behind. Their team wasn't a good baseball team. It was small and their coach was their only teacher since the place they lived at was pretty small so they didn't have much chance to play many new teams but now they were entering high school, things might be a bit different.

The friends chatted about their junior high years as they had their snacks. It was just like the usual. Having friends that he got along well with was great, and Sawamura enjoyed the company of his childhood friends.

It was getting late and his friends decided to leave. Sawamura watched them leave as they headed out the door.

"See around."

In Tokyo Takashima Rei was sitting on the bench while letting out a sigh, a first year student saw this and sat beside the assistant coach.

"Rei-chan, is something the matter?" Miyuki Kazuya asked in his playful tone of voice. Of course Miyuki didn't really care much what happened but he asked anyway to kill some time before practice started.

"I went to Nagano yesterday." Takashima said.

"Why did you go all the way there?" Miyuki asked a bit surprised.

"I went to watch a middle school baseball game. The team that I was watching lost but the pitcher had amazing throw."

"And this got you upset."

"That's not it. The problem is that I asked that pitcher to come to Seidou but he refused."

"Wow. He sure got guts to refuse a famous school like Seidou."

"I also offered to show him around so that he could look around and see how things are."

"He also refused that, did he?" Miyuki said.


"Why did he refuse anyway?"

Takashima then told Miyuki everything that happened that day.

"Nice to meet you. You must be Sawamura Eijun." Takashima introduced herself. "I'm the assistant manager of the Seidou High School baseball team. My name is Takashima Rei. We would love to have you on our team.

"Seidou High school." Sawamura said.

"Hey! Seidou High School is an extremely famous baseball school that's been to the national and numerous times." Sawamura Eitoku, his grandfather spoke.

"Is that supposed to be amazing to something?"

Not just Takashima but also his own family were shock by Sawamura's comment.

"You play baseball, yet you've never heard of Seidou?" Eitoku said.


"There are tons of pros on TV that graduated from Seidou." When his grandfather said that Sawamura started to laugh,

"Its way more fun to play baseball then watch it on TV."

The conversion then turned how Sawamura's family wanted him to go. But the next time the boy said was.

"I don't want to play in such a stuffy environment."

"Do you know what you're saying?"

"Do you know how amazing this offer is?" His father Sawamura Kenjirou was the next to say something to his son.

"Seriously! This is your best for High school." His mother said.

All three were trying convince Sawamura but it didn't look like it was helping.

"It's true that it's much easier than testing in some school. But I'll be chasing the same dream wherever I go. So I'd rather do it with the teammates I have here at home."

Everybody in the room were shocked by the brunet's words."

Miyuki couldn't help laughing after Takashima had finished her story.

"He thinks this place is stuffy, huh."

"It's not that funny." Takashima said.

"What's so funny?" Kuramochi Youichi came with couple of first and second years. Takashima then old the same story to them as well.

"I even tried to get him to come visit." Takashima sighed.

"Don't get so down. Plus you manage to bring us here." Kuramochi said.

Still this story made Miyuki a bit curious. He wonder what kind of guy would turn down Seidou just like that with couple of words that even Takashima couldn't say anything.

"What's the guy's name that turned you down?"

"Could you not say it like I was dumped by a guy?" Takashima had fire burning in her eyes.

"Sorry, my bad. I mean the one who declined the offer."

"His name is Sawamura Eijun, a brunet with a strong personally. His team lost the match yet that didn't make him depress for long."

"I kind of want to meet him."

"It's too bad though. How can you possibly meet him now?"

It was the middle of Sawamura's first year of high school. His team baseball team were having baseball practice. The high school didn't have a baseball team at first but that changed when the brunet decided take matter to his own hands and made one come to life. They didn't have much players since their school wasn't that big. Compared to Tokyo it was a lot smaller. They only had ten players but that didn't stop them from having a baseball team.

"Pitching practicing is next." Their coach Izumi Riou said. Izumi came from Tokyo and was supposed to just be a normal teacher but that changed when he saw the baseball team and how hard they were practicing. Even though the team was small he didn't care, he wanted to train this kids.

"Coach Izumi." Wakana came running toward the field.

"What did they say?" Izumi asked.

"It's a go." She smiled.

Izumi clapped his hands together and all attention went to the coach.

"I have some good news." He smirked. The team didn't like it when the coach did that, it always meant bad news to them. "We have a match with a team in Tokyo."

"Tokyo." Everybody said.

"Seidou High School."

"Isn't that the one school that you were offered to go to Ei-chan?" Inami said.

"Is it?" Sawamura couldn't really remember since it happened a while back.

"Stupid! It is." Wakana yelled.

"You were offered at Seidou." Izumi said.

"I guess."

"And you rejected their offer. Boy, you got guts doing something that. And I like that." Izumi smiled.

"When is the match?" Hasegawa asked.

"Tomorrow." The coach smiled.

"What! Everybody said in panic.

"Izumi is too crazy. He always does things like this and plus we haven't even had enough practice to play a famous school like Seidou. Not like I'm complaining but he really should think sometimes."

"So let's practice and be ready for the match." Izumi smiled, never fading.

In Tokyo Coach Kataoka Tesshin had announced the same thing. Unlike Sawamura and his team the team were ready to take on any team that came their way even if it was a practice match.

"The team is from Nagano and they will also be staying for a few days."

"Why are they staying for a few days?" Kuramochi asked.

"It seems their coach wanted them to look around Tokyo." Takashima said.

"I never expected that teenager would also be coming to Tokyo. Miyuki did say he wanted to meet the boy who rejected Seidou."

The team went back to practice after that announcement. In the field the players couldn't stop thinking about the much since it was an unknown school and they from Nagano.

"I wonder what kind of players they have from Nagano." Haruichi said.

"I hope they have strong players." Furuya said.

Once practice was over Miyuki and couple of second and third years had a meeting. They were thinking what they should do in the practice match. Since it was just practice they didn't think they should care much. Then again they didn't want to think they thought lowly of the school from Nagano.

"Nagano? Isn't the place where Takashima-san told us about her visit?" Kuramochi said.

"You're right." Everybody said in union.

"I heard that Nagano don't have that much school with baseball team." Chris said. "But I hear that they have a huge baseball stadium."

The meeting turn into chatting about the Nagano team. They didn't have any data on the team so didn't know what kind of plays the team would have. It was the first time that they didn't have data on a team.

"We'll find out when we play them." Miyuki smiled. He was actually excited about this match.

The day of the match arrived but the problem was the school from Nagano were not at Seidou yet and it was getting late.

"Why aren't they here yet?" Furuya didn't like waiting and he was running out of patient. He wanted to be on the mound and play as soon as possible.

"I just got a call from their coach saying something came up and we might have to postpone the match."

"What!" Everybody didn't like the sound of that.

"What happened?" Coach Kataoka asked.

"It seems there was a bit of an accident on the way to Tokyo." Takashima said.

"Are they okay?"

"Yes. Nobody were hurt but to make sure Coach Izumi took the players to a nearby hospital. They will be arriving later tonight."

"Why are they coming tonight?" Haruichi asked.

"Oh. I forgot to mention that players from Nagano will be staying with you guys in your dorms."

Just as promised the players arrived and they got assigned to the room they were staying in.

"Where's Sawamura Eijun?" Takashima asked Izumi.

"You know Ei-chan." Izumi said.

"Yea sort of."

"Are you the one who tried to scout him?" The coach wasn't like any other coaches that Takashima had met before. He really says what is on his mind and he's playful and he's calling his player by his nickname.

"That's me." Takashima said.

"He said that he would catch up later. He wanted to see the stars since its out and all."


Sawamura sat down on the grass. He looked up at the sky up about. There were many stars, he could see more here than he saw in Nagano.

"So this is Tokyo."

"Are you Sawamura Eijun?" Sawamura turned around and saw a guy glasses and a cap that went sideways on his head.

"How do you know that?" Sawamura asked.

"The coach was saying his player was looking at the stars. Since I'm nice and all I went to get you since you're rooming with me." Miyuki smiled.

"Miyuki Kazuya."

"Now, how did you know my name?"

"I saw you in a magazine. Since my grandfather yells at me for not knowing anything I decided to my homework. On your first year in Seidou you became a regular."

"You know your work. I'm honor that you have so much interest in me."

"I don't have any interest." Somehow this guy was annoying Sawamura, makes him want to smack the guy in the face but he couldn't do that.

"It's good to meet somebody somewhere besides Tokyo."

"Are you Stupid?"

"Why thank you?"

"That wasn't a compliment."

Miyuki sat down beside the brunet, like it was the natural thing to do. Sawamura didn't really mind since he just met the guy and this was Tokyo and the guy could do whatever he wanted.

"I heard a lot about you." Miyuki said.


The sudden story that Takashima told Miyuki came back to him. He chuckle just thinking about. This was the guy who rejected the offer to Seidou.

"What's so funny?" Sawamura asked.

"Nothing." Miyuki replied.

"This guy is weird. To think this is the catcher on the magazine that I read about. He's nothing like what they said in the article. Then again nothing in paper are always right."

"Are you thinking about me?"

"I am not!" Sawamura yelled.

Miyuki shown the brunet to his room that he was sharing with him that's when Miyuki noticed that not only Sawamura but the other players also had a suitcase in their hands. Weren't they just staying for a few days?

"You're thinking about the suitcase. Aren't you?" Sawamura said when he notice the stare that Miyuki was giving him.

"You caught me."

"Coach Izumi is a bit strange. We had planned to just stay for the day but he has his crazy ideas to do some exploring even though he is from here. He also thinks that we need to experience the life in Tokyo."

"I feel like I've seen your coach somewhere before."

"Is that so?"


"Is something the matter?" Miyuki asked when he notice the boy was a bit red in his face.

"Can you not sit so close to me and talk to me like that?"

"Why don't you like being close?" Miyuki teased.

"Of course not!"

Miyuki couldn't help tease the country boy. Miyuki felt that the days would be more fun now that Sawamura was around.

"What's all this noises I'm hearing?" Miyuki's door flew open and annoyed Kuramochi entered the room. He wasn't pleased from the expression he was showing. "I can hear you guys from downstairs."

"I didn't think we were that loud. Sawamura you have to quiet down or people will hear like Kuramochi here."

"Don't talk like we're doing something else." There was a blush on the brunet's face.

"Are you one of the players from Nagano?" Kuramochi asked when he finally noticed the brunet sitting beside the catcher.


"There something I want to ask you." Kuramochi pulled the brunet away from Miyuki and whisper to him. "That girl manager that you have. Is she single?"


"Is this about Wakana?"

"Is that her name?"

Miyuki was getting annoyed now, he was being ignored so he grabbed the brunet from Kuramochi.

"What's the big idea?"

"That should be my line. I was talking to Sawamura first so don't butt in."

"What?" Kuramochi looked confused. "Whatever, anyway let me know next time?" Kuramochi directed those words to Sawamura and left the room.

"Sawamura, come sleep with me."

"Are you thinking straight? Why would I want to sleep in the same bed as you?"

"That's cruel to say such things to your senpai." Miyuki changed his voice to a tone that sounded like he was hurt by Sawamura's comments.

Sawamura pushed the catcher off the bed but Miyuki kept on coming back. The brunet was annoyed but he stopped because he was getting tired and his eyes closed.

"He's pretty cute." Miyuki said as he watched the brunet fall to sleep on the lower part of the bed.

"I found something interesting."