Hi everyone...this is my first Charmed story so sorry in advance for all grammar mistakes 'cause English is not my first language.

This story starts at the end of the episode "Witch way now" (season 4 finale) so everythig that happened in the show 'till this point is the same, but from this point on,some things will be changed. This is the first entry in the story and from here I'm rewriting (maybe not all) episodes from season 5 to (I hope) season 8. R&R

Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed or anything that's related to the show! If I did,Charmed would probably still be on :D

-Well, still ready to retire? - Angel of Destiny asks the girls

-Actually, - Phoebe says - I don't think so anymore. We saved someone and it felt good, it felt right. Besides, I got a little taste of what life would be like without my powers and I didn't like it at all.

-What about you? - Angel of Destiny asks Piper

-Majority rules, right? Might as well make it unanimous. What can I say, we're masochists - Piper says

-We are? - Paige asks Piper confusion evident in her question

-Yeah, sometimes - Piper chuckles and Phoebe and Paige join her - But Phoebe's right, this isn't a choice we have to make, it's who we are.

-You realise you won't get this opportunity again - Angel of Destiny asks them

-We understand - Phoebe responds in the name of all three of them

-Very well - Angel of Destiny says and suddenly closes his eyes and positions his head upwards. The girls look at him with expectation. The Angel of Destiny opens his eyes again and looks at them

-The other Angles of Destiny and myself agreed to reward you for fulfilling your destiny which was vanquishing the Source of all Evil. After all, you did that three times in a row - Angel of Destiny says

-What's the reward? - Phoebe asks.

Angel of Destiny smiles at them and waves his hand. There is a swirl of white light and Prue appears.

-Prue?! - Piper asks with wide eyes, her voice filled with disbelief.

-Yes, Piper it's me - Prue responds with wide smile on her face.

Both Piper and Phoebe run to her and hug her tightly.

-Oh my God, Prue I missed you so much - Piper and Phoebe say at the same time

-I missed you too, and I can't tell you how hard was for me leaving you - Prue says and turns toward Piper - I hurt you the most because by me leaving you had to take all the responsibility, the weight of protecting the family was all on your sholuders and for that I'm so sorry, and - turn to Phoebe - I forced you to fill the role of the mediator all too sudden and for that I'm sorry too...but I had faith in you, I knew you can do it and, oh, I love when I'm right - Prue says to Phoebe and all three of them laugh.

Paige stands alone, feeling awkward. Prue sees her and goes to her.

-Paige, when I first found out about you I was furious at Mom and Grams for hiding your existence and separating you from us, but now I know that it was meant to be like that as it was my destiny to die only for you to take my place as a Charmed , I'm sorry, you didn't take my place, you made your on place in this family...you are the glue that kept this family together and you did so much good in the past year and I'm so proud of you - Prue says

-Y...you are? - Paige asks

-Of course I am - Prue says and turns around to look at Piper and Phoebe - I'm proud of all of you - she smiles at them and they return the smile, then turn toward Paige again - In fact..I know that we don't know each other, other than hearing stories about one another or, in my case, a look from Heavens here and there, but...I love you Paige.

-I love you too - Paige says, her voice filled with strong emotions. Prue pulls her into a much needed hug. Piper and Phoebe look at them with smile on their faces,tears running down their faces.

-I hate to break moment but..are you here for good? - Paige asks Prue.

-Is she? - Piper asks Angel of Destiny

-Of course she is, that's your reward for choosing the right path, for staying on Destinys' course...only your destiny will change a bit now, and she knew it - Angel of Destiny says and points on Prue.

The three sisters look at Prue with raised eyebrows.

-I knew that if you choose right I'll be back, which is why I also negotiated a reward for myself - Prue says

-What do you mean - Piper asks her.

Prue smiles at them and looks at Angel of Destiny and nods. He nods to her and waves his hand. Again there is a swirl of bright light and Andy appears. He hugs both Piper and Phoebe, happy to be reunited with them again and introduces himself to Paige.

-Hey umm...Destiny dude, what did you mean by "our destiny changing a bit" part? - Paige asks

-From this moment on, the Power of Four is created - Angel of Destiny says - the mortal world will have no memory of Prue and Andy dying, so they are to resume their lives as if nothing happend..only the magical community will have memories of past events..and of course all the people who knew your secret prior to this moment. Also, we can't let that you two - Angel of Destiny points on Prue and Paige - have the same power because that would probably affect both your individual and collective power...and not in a good way so - Angel of Destiny looks at Prue - as the eldest Charmed one you get to keep power of telekinesis - he says and Prue nods, he then looks at Paige - and you will get a new power..."power shield", which, given to your half-whitelighter heritage will be known as "orb shield"...you would have gained that power eventually, in time...this way, for everyones' sake we are making it your primary power - Angel of Destiny says and Paige nods. He prepares to leave. He stops beside frozen Leo - By the way, thought you'd like to know, neither decision would've affected yours and Leos' personal destiny - he says to Piper

-What? - Piper asks him

-You'll find out soon - he says and glances down at her stomach

-Oh my god - Phoebe says, realization hitting her and looks at Piper

-What? - Piper asks her still not knowing whats going on

-Don't you get it? - Phoebe asks her

-What? - Piper asks her

-Don't you get it? - Phoebe asks both Paige and Prue. Paige just shakes her head, while Prue also realises what's going on

-She's pregnant! - Prue and Phoebe both shriek at Paige

-Who's pregnant? I'm pregnant? - Piper asks no one in particular

-Phoebe, Prue and Paige scream in excitement and hug Piper

-Hi baby - Phoebe says to Pipers' tummy

All four girls giggle. Andy watches all four of them with wide smile and joy in his eyes. The Angel of Destiny smiles and disappears out the front door.