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Chapter 1


As I run on the treadmill, I'm looking right in the mirror. I like to know what's going on all around me, it goes with the territory. A man in my position needs to have eyes in the back of his head, stay alert, and stay alive.

I'm twenty-eight-years-old, and I own my own gym. I work out almost daily, which means I'm in top physical condition. My wild, penny-colored hair, always present light scruff, and my multitude of tattoos, add to my hard-ass personality.

I'm a fair man and always make sure I have my facts before jumping the gun, but still I am the type of person you don't want to piss off.

One of my regular customers passes behind me, but just gives me a raised hand to say hi as he passes. I return his wave with a slight head nod.

I move from the treadmill to the weights as Emmett – my brother, walks in.

"Yo," I call out, so he knows where I am. "Good timing, Emmett, spot me," I say curtly and start curling the bar with four, fifty-pound weights on it.

Emmett smiles broadly at me.

"I take it you got laid last night?" I ask curling the bar for the twentieth rep.

"My date went well," he replies with a roll of his eyes.

"I didn't say it didn't go well, what I said was you got in her panties."

Emmett frowns at me a little as I move to the bench press.

"Come on, Em, it was what, the eighth date after all?" I ask as I set the bar to hold three hundred and sixty pounds.

"Ninth," he answers with a hint of a blush appearing on his face. "I really like her, Edward."

I bring the weights down and push them back up locking the weights above me. I do a total of fifteen reps before resting the bar and sitting up to look at Emmett.

Emmett may be bigger than me in height and build, but he's my younger brother. Even being twenty-six, he still has a boyish look and attitude to him, which I both love and admire.

"What's going on, Emmett?" I ask him, knowing he seems to be more worried about this mysterious girl.

"I'm worried that you, Dad, Mom and Alice will not be happy when you find out who I'm dating," he says avoiding my eyes.

"I really don't care who she is, if she has three eyes or even an ex of mine—"

Emmett glares at me cutting me off. "She's not one of your few ex's. What would make you even think that, anyway? I mean really, I hated them all when you dated them, why the hell would I subject myself to dating them?" Emmett grits out.

"That's good because that shit would be awkward. Whoever she is, she has my approval because she makes you happy."

"I'll call and set it up?"

I nod at him, but my own cell rings garnering my attention. I look at the screen and let out a sigh.

"Hold that call, Em, its Aro," I say showing him my cell. "Give us a second," I say into the cell, by way of answering.

Em and I walk out of the main part of the gym and into the office. I close the door doing a quick sweep around the room, before putting on the speaker of the cell.

"Emmett and I are here, Aro," I say.

"Edward, Emmett, my boys, how are you both?"

I swallow a little, there's a part that just wants him to tell me why he's calling. I want to know what it is we need to do, but there's another part that knows whatever it is, there will be a risk. I'm not excited to find out what that risk is or how big it may be.

"We are both good, thank you. How are you?"

"I'm not so good; there seems to be a new seller on the University of Chicago grounds. I know that with the college at the minimum for the summer, he will not have many customers. However, I would still like him to learn that there's a route that one must take in these matters."

I let out a small breath grateful that it's nothing big. As Aro keeps talking, I thank my lucky stars it will be an easy job.

"And, I wanted to tell you all, I'll be in town next week. I thought I could stop by for some of your mom's lovely cooking."

"You are always welcome, Aro, anytime."

"That's good, I will see you all next week. There will be much to discuss. Arrivederci."

Before I can inquire what he has to talk about, he ends the call.

This is a part of the hard line of being born into a Mafia family. My mother's father's, father—who I'm the namesake of—Edward, was best friends with Aro's father Anthony. My great grandfather, along with two other families, the Kings and the Denalis, all stated to help Anthony. Together they built his Mafia world up in the United States, and intertwined our families.

To the outside world we are known as the Cullen family, but within the Mafia world we are known as the Masen family. Masen was my mother's maiden name.

I sigh and rub my face. "Em, call James, and Riley, tell them to pick us up in twenty. I'm going to take a shower."

I take a quick shower and get dressed before calling my dad and mom. I need to let them know what's going down, and also about Aro's pending visit.

We arrive at the college grounds and without much work, we spot our target. As soon as he see us, he starts to walk off at a fast pace. He looks at us from over his shoulder, as he walks, and I hold back my chuckle as the fool falls down the stairs.

"We would like a word," I demand as I loom over him.

"I'm not saying shit until I get my lawyer."

I look at Emmett, who looks amused.

"I hate lawyers, and this meeting needs to be done now."

The guy just looks at me. "Great, I get the fuck-up cops."

I pull him up by the scruff of his neck. "We are not cops."

He looks at me frowning as Emmett tapes his mouth shut.

"Let's get him to the warehouse," I say throwing him into the trunk of the car.

"Shit," James says as we drive off.

"What?" I ask not looking his way.

"I forgot I had Paddie riding in the trunk earlier. He got a little excited and went, and I never got a chance to clean it."

"What did he do?" Emmett asks with a grin.

"Both," James says just holding back his laughter.

"Make sure you clean it after we deal with the package," I order.

James nod as he keeps driving.

By the time we get to the warehouse, I've had to roll down my window because of the stench that is coming from the trunk.

I walk inside the warehouse, as James deals with bringing the package in. I put on gloves, because I never like to leave any visible marking on my hands. I watch as James sprays him down with the ice cold water.

"Name?" I demand as Emmett rips the tape from him mouth.

"M … i … ke," I am just able to make his name out over his sobbing.

"Mike, what?"

"Newton," he bawls out sniffling.

What a fucking pansy; I haven't even hit him yet.

"Why are you selling shit on our turf?"

There's a new smell along with a dripping water noise. I look down to see that Mike has now pissed himself.

"I need to make money, and I've never seen anyone selling there before."

I roll my eyes at him.

"Who gave the drugs to you?"

"I made them in my parents' basement."

"We are going need it all."

Mike just looks at me.

"Take it this way, you'll give it to us and it will lessen the beating you're about to get."

I only hit Mike a few times before he passes out. After calling him a pansy again, I leave him with James, to take his ass home, and collect our new drugs.

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