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Ch. 6 Mission in Leanbox, Part 3

Naruto was currently cheering and whistling from the posh room he was in. 5pb, as well as another girl named Aria, were singing together on a stage. Apparenly, Vert had used her privileges to get him, Saya and herself box room seats for the concert.

"Fufufu...5pb-chan has the cutest voice in all of Gamindustry and Aria-chan has the most beautiful. This duet between the two was a brilliant idea from Chika, whom even went as far as organising the event and helped free up their schedules. She even financed the construction of a new stadium for them to perform and shelled out 75,000 credits on new wardrobes for the two songstresses. All of this was done so Saya-tan could have the best birthday ever as a thank you for all her hard work." Vert said as she stroked the ears and tail of the girl in question, earning a moan from the twin tailed blonde whom also developed a deep blush and looked at the floor in embarrassment.

"It's such a shame that so much paperwork has piled up that poor Chika had miss out on the concert." The blond deity added with a chuckle.

Naruto sweatdropped as he stopped whistling and cheering, turning to look at Vert.

"So basically you're too lazy to do work and you force Chika to do it? I'm guessing this happens a lot. I thought Tsunade-baachan was bad..." He commented with an eyebrow raised, Saya merely nodding before Vert could deny it.

"...Based off what Noire has told me about Neptune, I can say with certainty that you're 3 times lazier than her." She replied.

Vert pouted as she picked up Saya and put her on the floor, before scooping up the other resident blond and squashed him into her bountiful busom.

"Chika DID agree to it...And I may have promised she would get one of my special massages for a hour as a reward. So no teasing or calling me lazy Mr. Not-Jiraiya-san." Very answered him in a teasing tone as Naruto wrenched himself free from his fleshy prison (Lucky Bastard...) with a gasp, noticing an extra seat.

"What's with the extra seat? Someone else coming?" He asked, his cat eared doppleganger's mood dropping slightly.

"Th-that's for my Onee-sama. I hoped sh-she would be here as she is coming back from h-her S-class dungeon quest today, b-but she hasn't arrived yet." She replied sadly.

"YOUR SISTER DID AN S-CLASS MISSION?!" Naruto blurted out in shock, the girl now beaming with pride.

"Yep! Her name is Falcom, a famous hero who ended the 300 year long Goddess War." She replied with a sunny smile.

"...Eh..." Naruto muttered, at a complete loss as to what she was talking about. When Vert saw Naruto's confusion she decided to speak up.

"We Goddesses have been fighting each other for 300 years with no end in sight. Saya-tan's sister just showed up on the battlefield out of the blue 1 year ago, fought all four of us by herself and...well..." Vert trailed off, clearly embarrassed.

"Onee-sama kicked the shit out of them for acting like children and made them stop the war by knocking out all 4 goddesses without a single scratch! After they came around, she promised she'd do worse if they knock it off. In doing so, she freed them up so they could do something about the OTHER problem." Saya cut in before Vert could make something up, like saying Falcom only beat them in a fighting game or something like that.

Naruto was about to ask what the other problem was when the door opened and and Aria, one of the performers, came into the room. She had long silvery tresses pinned up in twin tails with purple bat bows, hot pink eyes and wearing a purple/white dress that looked like some kind of dress/school girl outfit combination.

"Ah ...we have a...break for twenty...minutes before...we sing...again." She sighed out as she slowly crawled onto the closest, most comfortable thing she could find...Naruto's lap.

At first, he showed absolutely no reaction what so ever to this strange girl who seemed to just secrete words instead of speak them crawling into his lap as if it was the most natural thing in the world, but after a quick re-boot, Naruto OS Ver. 1.53 once again resumed function.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL?!" Naruto bellowed, causing Aria to moan and wiggle around.

"Ahh...tired...wanna sleep." Aria mumbled out, snuggling deeper in Naruto and began to sleep.

"That...Looks nice...Gonna sleep too..." Saya yawned as she spread out on Vert's lap, the Goddess stroking her ears and tail in a soothing manner as she did so.

Naruto was left more confused than before as he tried to figure out what he should while Vert was quick to take advantage of the situation, pulling a camera from her cleavage and began taking pictures like a demented papparazzi. One option he had was just waking her up and get her off, but that might cause Aria to get grouchy and she might not perform anymore. On the other hand, having this obviously cute girl on his lap was...Doing things to him. Not at all unpleasant, but it was making things a tad uncomfortable and with his reputation, that could lead to very bad things in his future...Especially if a certain Tsundere Goddess were to hear about it. However, before he could further ponder his precarious situation, he felt her sit up slightly and slip her deceptively strong arms around his neck, pulling him down.

"Ahhh...hungry..." She mumbled in sleepy voice before he felt a sharp pain in his neck.

Aria had bit his neck! The next thing he knew, he heard loud gulping sounds then the environment around him began to shift and swirl as he began feeling faint and drained. Aria eventually pulled away, her lips now deep crimson red which she licked clean, then she looked him dead in the eye.

"So full...goodnight." Aria murmured as she fell asleep against Naruto's chest, snoring softly.

"What...The actual Hell just happened?" He asked no one in particular, still in shock as to what just happened.

Before Naruto could shakily move his hand to where Aria bit him, Vert moved in and wrapped a blue cloth with a silver bat insignia on it around his neck tightly. Not enough to strangle him, but tight enough to stop the bleeding.

"Don't worry hun...Aria-chan is a Dhampyr, a child born of a vampire and a human, but she needs blood to survive. She has never fed from anyone before, so she must like you." Vert explained to him as he began to calm down. However, he still seemed to not comprehend what was going on, she she further extrapolated on the subject.

"Vampires are blood suckers that hunt other species for food, but the Dhampyr only feed on close friends or people they feel as though they can trust." Vert added in an attempt to calm her guest as Aria mumbled something in her sleep.

"Ahh...was he praised...or called a meal...I do not know..." Aria muttered as she snuggled further into Naruto's chest.

"My new...pillow comfy." She added as her girp tightened, causing Naruto's eye to strat twitching in irritation as he quickly stood up and knocked Aria off of him.

"Ask before you turn someone into a pillow or your personal juice box." He said before he grew dizzy and fell back into his seat, still woozy from the blood loss.

"That was...mean...not letting me...sleep." Aria before she climbed onto his lap and went to sleep again. Vert began to giggle uncontrollably while Naruto's right eye began to twitch again.

"Ok fine...Go ahead and use me as a pillow or whatever!" He grumbled in irritation, but he loved her music and she put on a really nice show. If she wanted to sleep, he would let her as it looked like she was pretty tuckered out.

Vert's response to this? She just giggled some more as she took more pictures, which she was planning to send to the other goddesses.

"She's more than just a idol, you know. She's also the best doctor Leanbox has. She has cured some previously incurable diseases and came up with anti-toxins to poisons once thought to be impossible to treat. However, she refuses to show us how she does any of it and refuses to have people help her, but that's a small price to pay for her medical accomplishments. She is known as the Great Dhampyr Miracle Worker." Vert informed him as the door opened once again to reveal Aria's Manager.

She had short brown hair, wore a business suit like Lastation's Oracle Kei, topped off by a hair clip that looked similar to a flag clad in red, blue, green and yellow squares. She started tapping on Aria's shoulder to wake her charge from her slumber, but her only reply was for Aria to wrap her arms around her new pillow and hold tight.

"No...Sleepy." Was all she mumbled before her manager began to assert herself with a little more authority.

"Aria-sama...We have to go backstage and get ready for the next number, biru." She grunted in obvious effort as she began to tug harder.

This only made Aria cling to her pillow even tighter and inhaled deeply, loving the sweet taste coming from the neck of said pillow, the thought of taking another drag making her drool in anticipation.

"Too continue...wanna sleep." She whined.

'Okay...THAT was pretty cute.' Thought her pillow...I mean Naruto.

"You've already had 17 naps today, you've slept enough Aria-sama, biru!" She exclaimed in exasperation, finally tugging hard enough to pull Aria out of the chair, but she also pulled the spiky haired boy right along with her since Aria refused to let him out of her iron grip. With a final sigh of frustration, she then proceeded to drag her and the boy down to the stage.

"SAYA-CHAN, VERT! HELP MEEEEEEEEE!" He cried out, his voice fading as he was dragged out of earshot. Vert was now laughing so hard, she fell out of the chair, gripped her sides while tears rolled down her cheeks.


Where was Saya during all of this?

"Nya...Vert-chama..." The nekomimi blond mumbled in her sleep as she fell to the floor, completely undisturbed by everything that had happened since Aria came in.


Back down on the stage, the elevator platform rose up and all the fans started screaming excitedly as they prepared to hear more beautiful music from their two idols...At least that's what was supposed to happen. Instead, shock rose from the crowd and all the girls squealed out in girlish delight.


Not everyone was enthusiatic as the lady folk, though. Every male in the crowd screamed promises of pain and bloody murder as they saw a spikey haired blonde boy on the stage, their lovely Aria sitting in his lap with a big smile on her face as she sang.


The amount of Killing Intent rising from the crowd was enough to remind him of Orochimaru of all people.

'Does God just hate me or something?' He wondered as he began to cook up various plans for escaping the most probable death mob that would be out for his blood after the venue was over.


After her number was done, Aria had switched from Naruto's lap to his back, getting him to carry her to her changing room as the concert was over. Once inside, Aria suddenly displayed extraordinary flexibility and dexterity, somehow pulling off a handstand from his shoulders and then slowly lowered herself in front of him as she twisted around, wrapped her legs around him and embraced her hands around his neck.

'That was kinda hot...' Naruto thought as she did that. He then saw Aria blush and avoid his gaze.

"Ahh...I was praised." She murmured demurely.

"...I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but what the hell just happened?" He asked no one in particular.

"Aria is unique." Her manager said as she came in, explaining further as she closed the door.

"Vampires enslave the first human they feed from, but Dhampyrs don't need blood until the feed for the first time. After that, they have to feed periodically every ao often to avoid becoming mindless beasts. But unlike Vampires, Dhampyres gain any special abilities the owner of the blood had and also gain a mental link to them. Aria's first feeding was from medical blood packs and claims to have gotten a ability from them, but won't say what. But...Since she apparently liked you as a pillow, she fed from you which makes you the first person she has ever fed from. Now, she sense when you're near as well your location, even read your mind. It won't matter if there is any seal that suppose to keep people out of it, since she can now enter it at will too as she shares your blood." The woman stated as she switched gears.

"Vert-sama always kept a Dhampyre cloth in case Aria-sama ever bit someone. It is a tradition amongst Dhampyrs to bestow one upon the first person they bit so other Dhampyrs would know not to feed from them." She finished.

'Great...From a wanted pervert, to a walking juice box...I gotta get outta here before that mob finds me...' Naruto thought as he sat down. While he wasn't as dizzy as he was before, he still didn't think using chakra was a good idea since it was still hard to stand. He would have to wait until Aria got off him to make a run for it.

"Ahh...he plans when I...get I'll get...dressed while...I'm on his lap Manager-san." Aria stated.

"WWWWWHHHHAAAAATTTT?!" Naruto screamed.

Aria began to slowly remove her clothes, starting with her shirt. As she pulled it off, her black lingerie bra which had a rose flower the front was in full wiew. She blushed deeply as Naruto felt his mind running a mile a second, showing everything he's ever seen his whole life to her surprise. Then his mind came screaming back to the here and now just in time for her remove the bra as he watched as more of her silky skin was shown. It was milky white and so smooth, it was like it was carved out of marble. He saw her small but perky B-cup breasts come free from the confines of her lingere which barely did anything to hide it in the first place. One thought floated to the front of his mind...

'I wonder if it tastes as good as it loo-'

"Naruto-kun no hentai." Aria whispered/spoke as she slowly wiggled her hips against groin as she slid down her skirt, her black lace panties with a light pink rose right where her "flower" was on full display.

'Jesus tap dancing Christ...Who is that anyway? Agh, screw that. Noire's gonna KILL me once she finds out.' Naruto told himself, that collar around his neck a grim reminder of what could and probably will happen to him if news of this got out as he tried to will Lil' Naruto into it's resting state with little success.

This only seemed to incense her even more as she turned up the charm. Her scent was also intoxicating; It was as if her body, her scent, and even her voice. Everything about her seemed as if she soley existed to make him happy. Beautiful pink irises filled with cute tears, long hair, adorable bubble waist...Yeah, you get the idea. Our vertically challanged shinobi tried to hide his more...NSFW thoughts and thought he was managing to do that when...

"Onii-tan...hentai." She told him in a shy, sultry manner

Naruto literally choked on air in shock as hs mind began to function once again. After that, he realized everything was too perfect. She knew his name but he never told her. She even knows how he always wanted a lit-

"Little sister...Naru-nii-tan." She said with a gentle smile.

"I used...recollection magic to...make you remember...everything, even...your very first had. I now know...everything Onii-tan." Aria clarified for his as his finally functioning mental faculties once again flew its fuses.

"Garrg." He blurted out as he got a near catastrophic nose bleed, nearly passing out.

"Manager-san, please...leave for...a moment." Aria said as she snuggled her back into him not caring that she was half naked. The manager simply nodded and left as Naruto was left with one final thought before darkness claimed him.



(Lime removed)


After finally recovering from that debacle, Naruto once again wondered how he got into this mess while walking down the streets of Leanbox with Aria riding piggyback and snuggling into his neck.

"Mmmmm~...smells nice." She murmured into his ear.

"Remind me why I'm your mode of transportation again?" Naruto asked as he carried her.

" said you...wanted to...have you...pick out gifts...for Saya-san...but I'm too walk." She responded as she smuggled in more and began to lightly pull the neck band to the side and slowly began licking his neck.

"Hungry..." Was all she said before playfully nipped as his neck to tease him.

"Hungry yet...Naru-kun?" She teased, as they went looking for clothes shops to pick out a dress for Saya, while he awkwardly tried to hide Lil' Naruto rising to attention.


Kushina was giggling as she searched through all the dresses and costumes the store had to offer. This was a store that she, her daughter Falcom and husband invested in by giving the owner, who was a former maid for them, the overhead to open the shop. The owner's dream was to become a citizen of Lowee and serve the Lady White Heart, but if you couldn't offer the goddess you were leaving or goddess you plan to join something of great value, then you can't move to the other country...That is until the peace treaty is signed.

So before the peace treaty became a reality, they invested a metric shit ton of capital into her clothing store to get her off of the ground and hopefully earn enough to move to Lowee. This had a few perks, such as the ability to get clothes from her for free. As if only to sweeten the deal, she designs and creates some of the most beautiful clothes in the Hyperdimension. She was even the one all four Goddesses asked to design the dresses they would wear for the peace treaty ceremony coming soon, as well as the dresses for the oracles and candidates.

Who is this woman, you ask? Her name is Financier, sporting golden sand colored locks and gleaming amber colored eyes. Hearing the door open, she turned to see whom had walked in and bowed to Kushina upon seeing her.

"Lady Kushina! What brings you into my shop today?" She greeted then asked excitedly as she rocked on the balls of her feet. She had just finished the outfits for the Goddess this morning and had a nonstop stream of customers come to shop just to see the dresses on the display behind the register.

"Financier, darling...It's been a while. Saya's birthday is today and I wanted to buy her some cute new clothes." She said, the mother squealing in delight as she remembered how Saya was when she came home yesterday.

"I heard she's got cat ears and a tail now due to one of Lady Chika's inventions. Well...It's a good thing that I have a entire collection for Neko girls that come over as refugees from the PC Continent." Financier suggested as she led Kushina to the Neko area, resplendent with ribbons, bells,cute dresses and shirts of all types she designed for the Neko race.

Kushina squealed with unrestrained glee as she saw the cuteness of each outfit and plethora of accessories as she grabbed some of each that were colored orange or light blue, as those were Saya's two favorite colors.

"I'll take these!" She exuberantly cheered as Financier rang her up, opened the door and bowed politely.

"Please come again Kushina-sama. I hope you find out who that boy your look for is and if he really is your idiot husband's illegitimate child." She bade farewell to Kushina as she walked out the door, when just a few moment later, the door opened again causing the bell to ring.

"Ahhh, where...I get my...clothes custom...made." Financier smiled as she turned around to greet another of her favorite customers.

"Aria-chan, it's" Financier's voice dropped, her eyes nearly bulging bigger in shock as she saw the very illegitimate child she had just been talking about waltz right in carrying Aria.

"Namikaze clothing ...strange name...that's my..." Aria began to explain when another voice cut her off.

"Welcome! How may I help you?" She said as she bowed respectfully as she regained her wits, though her smile twitched every so often.

"Ahhhh, new...singing outfit...been finished yet?" Aria inquired as she climbed off the young man's back and went to the counter.

"Yes. One moment, please." The woman replied as she bent down under the counter to get the box she put her new outfit in.

"Why is this place called Namikaze clothing?" The boy asked in puzzlement to her consternation as she face planted.


"This store was financed by the Namikaze family, so out of respect for Kushina Namikaze-sama and Minato Namikaze-sama, whom I used to serve, I decided to name my store after them." She replied, but the raction she got certainly wasn't what she expected.

The boy clenched his hands with enough force that Financier could see his nails cut into his hands and draw blood. He was obviously very upset by the somehow.

"...Do you have any pictures of what they look like?" He asked, trying to remain calm as Financier grabbed one of the photos she had. It was a photo of Kushina and Minato standing in front of the Hokage monument that they told Financier was after their wedding day. It was one of the few pictures they had left after they left their original home.

The boy took it and began to pour over it, only to be shocked and confused by all of the inconsistencies that popped up.

"Why aren't Saru-jiji or dad on Hokage Monument?" He said as he pointed to the third and fourth faces on the monument.

"Who's jiji?" Financier responded with a question of her own, as she too pointed to the third and fourth faces on the monument.

"That's the Third Hokage Biwako Sarutobi and the Fourth Hokage Kushina-sama." She explained to him as he visibly deflated.

Naruto began to think hard about what he was just told. He tried to figure out what was going on, he then remembered about the notes in his parents journal, particularly about jumping to different branches.

"I see...So that's it, they're not mine. They're from a completely different reality, not mine." He said, shaking off the heartbreak before he turned to Financier.

"Where can I meet and talk to them?" He asked in all seriousness. He felt that if they could use the same Fuuin Jutsu that got him here, they could send him back.

"W-well...Kushina-sama is looking for presents for Saya-tan and Minato-sama is getting the cake at the bakery that Kushina-sama ordered." She answered him, his sudden shifts in mood jarring her, as well as certain aspects of his personality oddly reminding her of Kushina herself while his facial expressions were almost dead ringers for Minato.

"Great, bye!" He exclaimed, pulling another jarring 180 as he ran out while Aria chased after him.

"Ahh...wait up...Naru-kun." She called out as she glomped onto him and rested her head on his shoulder then falling asleep.

"Great..." He sighed in defeat as he simply adjusted her weight and ran off.


In lastation, Noire was currently dusting the walls and counters, cleaning the windows and dishes, all the while cooking up a hefty meal while Uni helped. After all, it's not often the guest they were about to receive shows up. The girl coming was known as Kanon, the first and only person Noire performed the Celestial Ritual on. In blessing Kanon with in the manner as well as due to the nature of the ritual, resulted in she and Noire becoming engaged.

Kanon herself was raised by Noire since she was 6 after her parents died during the Goddess Wars. Her father a human, but her mother a special breed of wolf yokai. Because of this unique blending of DNA, she gained the ability to instantly dissolve food in her stomach with a hyper charged metabolism, giving her gastric system unparalleled efficiency while allowing her to maintain a body all girls are jealous of without the threat of getting fat. Though as this ability creates energy instantly, the only time her species gets hungry is when they're tired and lack magic in their bodies. But when they eat, THEY EAT.

Kanon was raised alongside Uni, whom looked up to Kanon as another older sister. Kanon treats Uni like a kid sister, yet developed a habit of calling Noire her mother.

After the Goddesses made the oath to uphold the Friendship Peace Treaty, they formed a new regiment to enforce their new policies and rules, as well as to suppress any of the radicals who believe the war should continue.

Just as they placed the food on the dining room table and all the maids and knights that guarded the basilicom arrived, the doors flew open. A blur of red and black raced over toward Noire like a lightning bolt and scooped her up.

"Mama! it's soooooo gooooood to see you again.~" The red and black aura said before it also scooped up Uni.

"You too, Uni! You grew sooooo muuuch.~" "The wolf girl cheered as she swung the poor Candidate around like a rag doll.

Uni's eye twitched as she saw that Kanon had indeed grown A LOT, particularly her breasts, but her own only grew by a centimeter since they last saw one another.

Kanon's tail and ears popped out as she sniffed the air.

"Smelllls goooooood~" She drooled as she picked them both up energetically and carried them to the table, plopping Uni down in the chair next to her, however she sat Noire onto her own lap. She began to dig in like there was no tomorrow, inhaling everything she got her hands on then washed it down some strawberry juice, her tail wagging like mad.

"It'sh show goo, mama..." She mumbled through a mouthful before Noire gave her a gentle bop on the nose.

"No talking with your mouth full." Noire admonished as Kanon continued to stuff her face with unrestrained abandon.


Uni's eyes were comically wide as she looked at the table that had food for 35 people. Had. It was now spotless, almost surgically so as the wolf girl was cleaning her teeth with a toothpick. Uni steamed with jealousy at how much Kanon could pack away and not gain a single pound.

"This is sooo unfair..." Uni muttered in jealousy.

Kanon finished cleaning her teeth and cuddled up to Noire.

"So when am I going to be introduced to Noire's blonde, spikey haired boyfriend?" She asked as she began to rub her hands up and down Noire.

"H-h-he's not my boyfriend!" She barked, Tsundere mode in full effect.

"Well...Kei-chan said he was and she said she was gonna have him take the God Eater entrance exam. Abbadon is on a plane to Leanbox right to give him the exam. I'm so excited to see the man that will turn our threeway into a fourway!" Kanon chirped cheerfully.

"KANOOOOOON!" Noire screamed as her face went atomic red. Uni did as well, although she was used to this kind of thing. Kanon was Noire's future wife but Abbadon is a succubus that serves Kanon in both battle and bed with Noire. She also knew how Noire was a major masochist, that she would scream for the whole basilicom to hear, begging Kanon and Abbadon to spank, whip, then bind her up more. She knew her sister was a massive pervert, but she would never admit it out loud. All the workers in the basilicom knew but never said anything because for one, Noire doesn't realise how loud she is during their lovemaking and two, they didn't want to make her cry and hide from embarrassment. But Kanon, Abbadon, and Noire and wanted a boy in it as well as they were all bisexual.

"Just b-b-b-because you're also not a v-v-virgin doesn't mean you can show your l-lewdness anytime you want!" Uni stuttered out with her face aflame.

Kanon's ears twitched as her smile brightened.

"Both Noire and myself are virgins. We have never had sex. When we did that ritual, it released our hidden feelings, that's all. Noire wanted to be spanked because she wanted someone else be in charge of her life for once, my feelings were the opposite as in wanting to be in control for once in my life. So, all I did was spank her like the masochist she is, but we never had sex. But...I couldn't help but notice you said 'also'." Kanon stated as she rounded on Uni with a Cheshire grin.

So...Who took yours,Uni? Do I know them?" The wolf girl inquired wth a teasing tone.

Uni instantly regretted her poor choice of words as she blushed a shade of red that would put a tomato to shame while looking away, unable to meet their gaze,

"N-no...Y-you don't." She squeaked out, but that wasn't enough for Kanon as she jumped on Uni, snapping her into a tight embrace and began to twirl her around like a centrifuge.

"Come on...Tell Kanon onee-chan who it is! Tell me, tell me!" Kanon pressed as she spun faster.

Noire was shocked by this recent revelation. Uni? She got her cherry popped before HER? Inconceivable! However, business needed to be attended to first, coughing into her hand to get Kanon's attention.

"Not trying to be rude... While I'm glad to see you again Kanon, but I didnt expect to see you until PC Continent was taken care of. Why are you here?" Noire asked.

Kanon stopped twirling Uni, releasing the now nauseated Candidate to look at Noire as she smiled.

"I thought I told you already...We had a suggestion to add your boyfriend into the God Eater Regiment by one of the goddesses. So I'm here to see you while my partner Abbadon goes to Leanbox to test him." Kanon replied.

"H-HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Noire screamed while her face was lit up like a fireworks display.

"WHO THE HELL APPLIED HIM TO ENTER THE REGIMENT?! IF HE GETS ACCEPTED, I WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE HI- I mean I won't be my money maker for Lastation anymore!" She blurted as she tried to cover up her slip of the tongue while Kanon patted Noire's head in an attempt to comfort the girl who just couldn't admit her feelings.


Meanwhile, in the gentle, forever snowing, calm, peaceful country of Low-

"YOU FUCKING BRATS! YOU DREW ON THE GODDAMN MASTERPIECE OF MY NOVELS!" An angry Blanc screamed bloody murder as she ran after her twin sisters.

"Uh oh, Rom...Big sis really flipped out this time!" Ram laughed as she grabbed her sister's hand and ran for their lives. They would have gotten away if it weren't for that buzzkill Mina and her ice magic. She blocked them off in a corner with an Ice Wall, effectively corralling them.

Blanc stomped up to the cornered twins and with the blood red eyes of a demon that promised death, she grabbed the two girls and dealt out their punishmemt, three spankings apiece. After their light thrashing, the irate Goddess sent them to their room. However, since she somewhat knew why they did it, she had Mina use magic to make it snow in their room so they can play in the snow without having to go outside. It's what she always did to get them to stay in their room and play for a bit while behaiving and staying out of her hair for a while.

Now...One would point out that having snow inside would cause a lot of water damage and you would be correct...But this is fiction plus it's Gamindustri. Take your reality somewhere else. To offer somekind of explaination here, there was a seal in their room which both kept them from getting too cold as well as preventing the snow from melting. Once they were done playing, water from the melted snow would evaporate instantly then go to the ceiling to make more snow next time.

"Owie...That kinda hurt..." Rom whimpered through teary eyes while Ram just giggled and rolled around in the snow on their floor, completely unfazed by what just happened.

"Yay! It worked like a charm!" Ram cheered as she opened their window.

"Onee-chan and Mina will steer clear thinking we're just playing while use this to sneak out. After we get out of here, we can go play with ninja Onii-chan." Ram figured.

The twins used their bedspreads, pillows and old clothes to make a rope for them to climb down from their balcony. After they slid down a good distance, they let go and their soft fluffy shoes landed in the snow, beginning their trek away from the basilicom as each step let out a soft crunch, the frsh snowfall being pushed down as they stepped in it.

As they knew it, every 3 days a shipment of meat and gems would be secretly shipped from Lowee to Leanbox. They knew Blanc had a crush on Vert and vise versa, but they they went to great lengths to hide it from everyone, especially the other Goddesses. Even so, Vert and Blanc met twice every month like clockwork. The first time they would stay at a small cottage in the snowy Lowee forest for 2 days. The second time was at a hotel their Onee-sama kept saying was a special hotel, telling the hotel owner each time that they were something called "Goddess Cosplayers".

Why would two 10 year old girls know this? It was because Rom and Ram followed them to those places and would hear weird moans and sometimes screaming. They may not have known what they were really doing, but they knew one other thing for certain; Without Lowee, Leanbox wouldn't last long and without Leanbox, Lowee would fall. While Lowee was a beautiful nation blessed with great mineral resources and gems, schools plus wild game, Lowee lacked the money and gold to pay for the expenses for people to work for these things as well as the oil to power their mining machines on top of a lack of technology. Leanbox has lots of gold plus a much higher level of technological advancement than Lowee, but they lack education materials, gems and wild game for meat for the citizens.

Mina told them Lowee and Leanbox had started this secret underground trading between them behind the the other 2 goddesses backs in secret 300 years ago and began to have these "Meetings" as Mina calls it about 20 years after that. Mina also said that they are to call Vert their Onee-chan when only Vert and Blanc are present an alone but to never if others are around. It was thanks to this underground secret trade agreement that they crept into one of the shipments bound for Leanbox.

"This is gona be great, nin-nin!" Ram whispered excitedly, her whole face covered except for her eyes using her pink scarf.

"Wiggle, wiggle, excitement...infiltrating, nin-nin." Rom replied, her verbal tic of saying what she is doing or how she is feeling coming out in her happiness and excitement.

They had found a big box filled with styrofoam packing and climbed inside it, giggling as the squirmed about and cheering as they figured seeing ninja Nii-chan was worth any punishment they would definitely get. They closed the box over themselves and quieted down when they started moving so that they wouldn't get caught.

"Here we come, Nii-chan!" They whispered in unison.


While running around the city, Naruto remembered when he around Saya, she would shirk off her duties to play games and she would usually kick his ass at them. Howver, there was a game she kept saying she wanted.

"Hey, when is World Break Online coming out? I hope my Okaa-sama gets me World Break Online for my birthday. Hey pervy ninja-san...If you get me World Break Online, I'll give you both Nee-chan's and my own bras and panties that we have worn this past week."

Yeah...It was pretty obvious that she wanted this game.

This is what drove Naruto to sprint around Leanbox like a loon searching for game stores whom carried it. As Financier told him earlier, Kushina was looking for gifts for Saya, so if he found the game and bought for her first, then he could use it as a bargaining chip to talk to Kushina. From what he heard from Saya, she loaths the very air he breathes, so without it he would never get to speak to her beyond the woman trying to kill him on sight.

Eventually, he had gone through every store that sold games in the city but one, which is where he just arrived, still carrying a sleeping Aria. This huge store, called WalVert, had a naked picture of Vert in her human form with only censor lights blocking the most important bits with script next to her:

You won't find special products bigger or cheaper anywhere other than here!

Under the picture in much smaller script, which went unread by most including our blond hero, which read :

Picture donated by our oracle Chika and prices of our products will get a drastic increase upon reaching the registers.

He charged in and ran to the game section, where he saw they only had one copy left for 1,500 credits. He wasted no time and rammed his hand through the protective glass, ignoring people telling him to wait to unlock it. Just as he did this, so did a red haired woman with piercing violet eyes. She looked pretty pissed off too, seeing as she slapped him in the face with her chakra chains, snatched the game he dropped and ran.

"I WON'T LET THE CHILD OF A SLUT MY CHEATING HUSBAND BANGED STEAL MY DAUGHTER'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" She bellowed as she took off like a bullet, charging for the front registers.

Naruto dug into his pouch and took out some ninja wire. Using his chakra to control it, he snagged Kushina around her legs and made her fall, dropping the game. Naruto ran up and grabbed the game, but when he tried to make a break run for the register, Kushina grabbed his ankle and pulled him down, but jarred Aria awake in the process. Kushina scrambled back to her feet, snatched game from him and tried to run off, but Aria now plenty pissed that her nap had bee cut short, seeing as she summoned a horde of adorable bats to rip off every last stitch of clothing off Kushina.

With an ear splitting scream upon finding herself in the buff, she desperately tried to cover herself as every male in the store, even gay dudes, broke out into catcalls and cheers...Before their girl/boyfriends elbowed them in jealousy. Naturally, Kushina dropped the game in favor of cover herself before glaring at him with hatred unbound.


"Holy hell, she's pissed!" Naruto whimpered as he snatched the game, grabbed a bunch of clothes that he ran by and tossed them back at Kushina.

"Sorry, but I didn't do that!" He called over his shoulder to her as he bolted away.

After weaving in and out of a sea of shoppers, he finally reached the register, pretty much thrusting the game at the cashier.

"SCAN SCAN SCAN!" He cried out in panic as he looked at the pure anger and rage exploding from where they left Kushina and it was slowly getting closer. After a moment, the price came up.

"500,000 CREDITS?! BUT THE PRICE WAS 1,500!" Naruto nearly screamed.

One of the guys from the game department slowly peeled off the 1,500 price tag to show a brand new 500,000 tag under it.

"Sorry sir, but if you read the fine print outside under the picture as it says all items get a drastic increase at the register...Actually, this comes with the season pass, so..." Next thing Naruto knew, it went up to 1,000,000 credits.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, MAN?!" Naruto yelled, but as he turned around, he saw that the beyond livid woman was at the next isle, her glare promising a horrifying death should she get her hands on him.

"HOLY SHIT!" He yelled as he quickly pulled out the metal strip card thing Noire called a Credit Card that was apparently linked to her own account and said he could use it to buy stuff in an emergency.

'THIS IS DEFINITELY AN EMERGENCY!' He thought as he swiped the card like Noire showed him and ran out the store.

"Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your WalVert experience, please come again!" The cashier lady called after him devil horns and a tail having sprouted from her as she reveled in having just fleeced another customer.


Naruto managed to make it back to the Leanbox basilicom and began his search for Saya to make a deal with her for the game. He finally found her eating lunch with Cave but as he approached, Cave raised a eyebrow then gave a small cough. On this signal, all special task force members grabbed their skirts and held them down to hide their panties, every one of them glaring death at the blond.

"Oh, come on...I'm not a pervert like my sensei, honest!" He exclaimed in exasperation that they all thought that low of him.

Snapping out of his funk, he tapped Saya on the shoulder and pulled out the game she desired. No sooner than he had whipped it out, she stood up, grabbed his hand and yanked him away from the cafeteria. She led him into a nearby bathroom and locked the door behind them.

"What the hell are you doing?" He questioned, beginning to get a bit freaked out.

"Shut up! This is going to be embarrassing enough." She hissed as she began to slowly removed her clothes very slowly starting with her shirt.

Pulling it slowly over her head, it brushed past her cute cat ears which twitched and caused her to sensually moan at the sensation, making Naruto flush instantly. Her perfect C-cup breasts slightly bounced within their silky pink and orange floral lingerie confinement. She then slid her skirt down to her ankles and she stepped out of it, revealing her panties to be of the same design. She blushed an even deeper red as she used her tail to pull off her panties while her hands undid her bra, thrusting both objects into his hands before rushing forward and hugging him.

"I'm sorry...I couldn't g-give you Nee-chan's as I said s-so to make up for it, I p-played with myself while wearing those earlier and decided to let you hold me w-while I'm in my birthday suit. I-I hope this is still a acceptable." She barely managed to stutter out, her adorable cat ears and tail drooping as if she expected him to call it off. If she had been looking, she would have seen an expression on his face that screamed WTF.

"...And you all call ME a pervert...I was gonna to offer you a different trade where I give you the game. In exchange, you convince your parents to have talk with me without ripping my spine out so I can explain some things and ask some questions." He replied in a deadpan voice.

"EHHH?! W-what...But...I..." She sputtered looked down, her face now atomic red. Her eyes grew teary as she realised her bare C-cups were pressed against his chest and one of his legs was between her thighs.

'I just stripped down to my birthday suit and damn near dry humped this guy for NOTHING?!' She ranted mentally as the only response she could come up with at the time showed itself with a vengeance.

"HENTAI!" She screamed as she went Hulk-Smash on his face with enough force to send him clean through the door.

"WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!" He bellowed as he sat up, but the look on her face was enough to flash freeze Hell itself.

"You will never speak of this to anyone, understand?" She demanded as she put her panties and bra back on.

Naruto nodded rapidly, looking like a bobble head in the process. However, Aria chose that moment to step out from the shadows that she used to conceal herself, a cheshire grin on her lips.

"Ahh...I promises."

Saya's only response was an ear-splitting scream.



Naruto was currently sitting down, relaxing on the gentle, soft and cozy chair he was chained to.

'Well...At least the chair's kinda comfy...' He thought as Kushina rounded on him, her eyes promising a sheer agony should he piss her off even more than she was now.

"Well...You wanted to talk, so talk you little shit. If I'm not satisfied, I'll lop your balls off and shove 'em down your throat, whore spawn." The woman growled, her blood red hair rising into what he believed were tails...Nine of them.

Naruto gulped loudly as he cast a quick glance over to Saya with his best WTF look, but her response was less than encouraging.

"Sorry, but this was the best I could get her to agree to. At least she hasn't brought out her old tools...Yet." She stage whispered to him.

'Holy crap...Was MY mother this psychotic?!' He thought as he took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Look lady...I'm not YOUR husband's son, but I AM in another dimension. You came from Konoha just like me...Just not MY Konoha. In mine, Minato, your husband and my dad, was the Yondaime, and you were his aide." He said as calmly as he could with a katana just millimeters away from his junk. He even tried to explain the journal he found and experimented with, how authored it and how it brought him here in the first place, but the woman holding the implement of death looked as if she was only a hair away from slicing him into shinobi sashimi, so he tried a different approach.

"I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out! My version of you guys died sealing the Kyuubi inside of me to protect the village by making me the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. But if you're both alive along with your daughter. that means that you still have your Kyuubi, don't you? Just look at my seal and it'll prove I'm telling the truth! You and your husband aren't my parents but you ARE another version of them. I came to show this to you so you would stop torturing him for something he never did. My seal is on my gut, check it if you need proof of what I'm saying." Naruto explained quickly as it looked like her patience had nearly run out.

"A bold claim for a fappy little turd like you, but I think I will check it, thank you very much." Kushina huff as she cut his shirt off and channeled chakra into him to force the seal to appear.

'If he IS telling the truth, it should show up if a shove some chakra into it.' She reasoned as she did so and to her shock, a seal appeared, one with signatures practically identical to her husband and her own chakra.

'Eight trigrams, four element seal, traces of the shinigami's chakra was used, too. This can't be...' She then forced the signatures to come to her instead of doing what the seal designated them to do. Once she did, her mind was assualted by a torrent of memories that were similar to her own yet different. She bore witness to the memories of the Kushina who bore this child she has hated for weeks now; How she carried him, loved him, his birth, the attack...Everything.

"I'm so sorry..." She whispered as she pulled back with an apologetic smile.

"Saya-tan, come meet your new little brother!" She called out to her daughter cheerfully. Her terminology took a moment to process...

"...LITTLE BROTHER?!" The newly proclaimed siblings screamed in syncronized shock.

"Yep! Now...Falcom is with your father getting your cake Saya-chan, but we won't eat till tomorrow 'cause I think it would be best if you and your new brother got to know each other." She said as she grabbed both of them with her chains, hoisted them into the air and dragged them upstairs while all the maids that served the Namikaze family bowed in respect for Kushina and to show they now recognise a new master in the household.

Upon clearing the stairs and walking down the hall, Kushina then threw them into a sapphire colored room. It was MASSIVE inside. He could create 100 shadow clones and still have room to spare. As he looked around, he saw that the bed was covered in bright orange covers with a black sheet and was covered in fox and cat plushies. He guessed it would take a good 30 steps to get from the door to the bed. A massive 95 inch TV was on the wall oppisite the bed, with dozens of game consoles all around it too. The bath was also in the room but the tub and shower was covered in all sorts of seals that Naruro recognised as barriers seal to prevent water from leaving the tub. It was a old seal that was recreated by his mom, but she never shared it with others so when she died the night of the attack, the seal did too.

It would not let any water leave the tub at all, even on ones skin. As soon as they passed through the barrier, every drop would be pushed from their body back into the tub, drying them instantly. This way, Saya didn't ever have to worry about making her floor wet despite the tub and shower being in her room.

Upon further inspection, he spotted five different dressers that were two times taller than Naruto and each labeled differently. One was bras, another was skirts, another being shirts, then one being panties, the final one saying booty shorts.

'That's oddly specific...and that's an ass load of clothes. I wonder if Sakura-chan or Noire-chan had this much clothes, too...Like a girl thing or something...' He noted mentally as his quick inspection of his new surroundings continued.

There were 4 different closet doors and...A bath that was constantly boiling water, labeled as a hot tub. It was after this, he finally spoke up.

"Whoa...This room is over ten times bigger and better than my craptastic apartment by itself..." Naruto muttered in pure shock. As awed as he was, he was sadly dragged back down to earth he bolted when Kushina slammed the door shut, seals appeared to keep Naruto and Saya alone in the room.

"HEY...WHAT THE HELL?! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SEALING US IN HERE, LADY?!" He bellowed as he fruitlessly pounded on the door until he heard Kushina chuckle from the other side.

"In both your homeworld and mine, the Uzumaki are near extinction. So, it's only natural for 2 of Uzumaki bloodline, brother and sister in this case to start re-populating the clan!" She explained with a bit too much glee in her voice for his liking.

"ARE YOU ON CRACK, LADY?! YOU WANT ME AND SAYA TO DO THE NASTY AND MAKE HER HAVE MY KIDS?! WHAT IF WE DON'T WANT TO, HUH?!" He bellowed in response, trying to get Saya to back him up...but his luck since coming to this world was running true to form.


"Who the hell told you that crap story?!"


'That BITCH!'


"I think my soul just died a little..." Naruto moaned as he turned around to face Saya.

"Otouto...Saya Onee-chan loves you." She purred, her ears and tail flitting about in excitement. Saya pounced on him before he could even blink, a massive blush on her face as she began to lick him all over his neck and face desperatly like a frantic cat in heat.

"Otouto...Otouto...My~ Little~ brother~ Nyaaa~." She panted as Naruto kicked her off, only for her to jump on him again. Her claws sliced through his clothes with disturbing ease, leaving him butt naked. Saya, drooling like a deranged pervert and making a face that would make that old pervert Jiraiya proud, sprang out her clothes and began to chase her new brother around the huge room.


Did Saya catch Naruto and screw his brains out? The world may never know.

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